Funny, That

Have you noticed, and if you haven’t you’re Braindead, all the Terrorist Attacks attributed to Al Qaeda & Daesh over the past decade or more are always directed at the most innocent amongst us who don’t have the capacity to defend themselves? These Terrorists Attacks are never directed at The Head of the Beast. When’s the last time, or the first time, you heard a report of Al Qaeda and/or Daesh attacking The Rich? Never, that’s when, because no such Terrorist Attack directed at The Head of the Beast, The Rich, has ever happened. Funny, That. Curious, that. Telling, that. In fact, it says one of two things to me.

1.) Daesh and/or Al Qaeda is/are comprised of Cowards who couldn’t win a real fight for the life of them, so, they murder defenseless women, children and men and in doing so, unwittingly serve the purpose of The Rich (Disaster Capitalism at its finest because The War On Terror is an Industry) in enacting Draconian Measures curtailing Liberty & Freedom to keep the The Little People enslaved. This hardly seems like a very bright strategy if you’re Al Qaeda and/or Daesh, but it sure works out great if you’re The Rich because it gives you the pretext you need to keep The Little People enslaved & sheltering-in-place while you suck the last drops of blood from their anemic, collapsing veins.

2.) Daesh and/or Al Qaeda are creations of The Rich to serve the purpose described in 1.) above.

I mention this because, as an Analyst, if Daesh and/or Al Qaeda are For Real, and not a creation of The Rich, it stands to reason either organization would endeavor to kill The Dog by removing its head instead of wagging The Dog by its tail. The G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany is an opportune venue to do just that, but I guarantee you there will be no such attempt to go after The Head of the Beast. As an adroit & astute Analyst who gets paid nothing for my value, I guarantee you there is nothing to fear from The Terrorists at The G20 Summit. All the various Leaders and their Burgeoning Entourages have absolutely nothing to fear — not that they’re fearful in any way.

Why is it then that we, The Little People, are supposed to fear The Terrorists and yet The Rich don’t fear The Terrorists at all? Do The Rich know something we don’t? Don’t you think it’s time The Little People know what The Rich seem to know — that perhaps The Terrorists work for, and on behalf of, The Rich in The Rich‘s effort to consolidate their wealth & power entirely.