Blowback Mountain

For all you Non-Americans out there, it really is this bad. America, and Americans, are this Fucking Insane. You should be very worried because, as the Radiolab Podcast linked to below indicates, this Impulsive Nutjob can wake up tomorrow and decide to Blow It All Up and there is nothing to prevent him from doing it. His Supporters will cheer him on. They are cheering him on. Wrap your head around this. The World may be no more before the end of 2017 and there is absolutely nothing you or I or anyone can do about it. It doesn’t get any more insane than this. Yeah, you may have won, Putin, but your victory will be short-lived. Soon enough, YOU, ME, EVERYONE, are going to go BOOM. Thanks, Dumbass!!

Nukes (Link To Radiolab Is Behind This Title)