Morning Blow

Shut The Fuck Up with your Feigned Indignation and your Faux Concern related to Trump’s Misogyny. The Freaky Trashy Creep has been this way his entire life. It’s nothing new. And yet YOU, meaning The Establishment and The Rich it serves, enabled, in every conceivable way, his ascension to The Throne of this Idiocracy.

When The People’s Party is ultimately victorious, Morning Blow & Donald Trump & The Republicans & The Democrats & The Corporate Media & the Too-Big-To-Fail Corporations & The Rich & The Little Eichmans who serve The Rich, will be no more. All of THEM will ultimately be deported to Russia.

See, Mika & Joe are not only Little Eichmans, but in fact, they’ve done so well for themselves Licking Rich Ass, they are actually also The Rich so they’ll be taking a long Boat Ride with their Misogynist Friend, Donald Trump, to Russia where they all belong.

Think It And It Will Come. It’s TRUE. If enough of US Think It & Say It & Think It & Say It, it’s like The Power of Prayer. It will manifest. It will come to be. It’s long overdue. WE can make this happen. WE have The Numbers and don’t think The Rich don’t know that. The Rich will pull out every stop, including Genocide, to prevent it. But THEY can’t stop what’s coming. That’s Vanity — and Mika & Joe are as vain as their Misogynist Friend Donald Trump.

The Democrats or The Liberals or whatever they refer to themselves as are all agog over Trump’s Latest Tweets about Mika & Joe. They’re all agog about Trump’s Tweets every fucking day for the next eight years. They love this Shit. They’re eating it up. I don’t even look at Trump’s Tweets. I only know about them because The Corporate Media won’t shut up about it.

Hey Motherfuckers soon to be in Russia with the Orange DayGlo Buffoon who is your Leader, you can always ignore what The Madman says and just report on what his Administration & The Republicans are doing, which is making The Rich even more fabulously wealthy than they already are. But you won’t do that because A.) it’s too much fun reporting on Trump’s Tweets & Outbursts and B.) you work for The Rich and The Rich demand you take The Little People‘s eyes off The Gorilla and keep them on The Balls.

Perhaps, if Putin is kind enough, he’ll let you work for Russia Today once you’re all deported to Russia while Trump builds Hotels & Golf Courses in Siberia & Peter Thiel goes to jail for being Gay.

FYI, my wife & I have been married for 25 years now despite Leviathan‘s campaign to destroy us entirely. Mika & Joe are on their second marriages. Scratch that, Mika is going on her second marriage and Joe is going on his third. It says something about their character, or lack thereof. It says they’re much more like Donald Trump than they are like my wife & I. It says they’re much more like Putin than they are like my wife & I.

Until Death Do Us Part. Yeah, right. Those words have no meaning any longer and yet they’re still used. A Tsunami of Hypocrisy. A Bountiful Harvest of it. What a World.


2 thoughts on “Morning Blow

  1. If anyone can explain this latest tweet flap (Mika’s bleeding face-lift face) to me, it would be you, Cold.

    Did this Mika person have a face lift done or didn’t she? Or was that just Trump’s way of saying “if she didn’t, she should have.” Note: I have never watched Mornin’ Joe and wouldn’t know Mika if I tripped over her.

    The thing is this, a couple of months ago I paid a pretty penny for my wife to get a face lift so she can feel really good about herself in September when we attend her 50th H.S. reunion. When the procedure ended I drove over to the doctor’s office to bring Bo (short for Barbara) home. She was still groggy from the anesthesia……….. the nurses were getting her dressed and ready for departure. She hadn’t seen herself in a mirror yet and asked me how she looked. I said “you look like you’ve been caught up in a Mexican street brawl.” Two of my 3 kids said “why Mexican, that’s so racist!”

    So, getting back to Mika…….. it is unlikely she would have been literally bleeding but she might well look like she had had the shit beat out of her.

    Please explain why there is a flap over this tweet.

    • The fact that this Freak Tweets the inanity he does as President of the United States should be the only flap — not actually what he Tweets which is effectively tantamount to Trolling. In my opinion, which, for me, is the only opinion that matters, I do not see this latest Tweet from him directed at Morning Joe as sexist since he also excoriates Joe calling him a Psycho. I see it as indicative of his Social Class. This is who & what they are and how they behave. They gossip about each other ad nauseum and stab each other in the back every chance they get, but they always get each others’ backs when it comes to them versus The Little People.

      Mika does admit she had a Chin Tuck Procedure at that time which may have involved stitches and she claims Trump’s the one who kept soliciting them to Mar-A-Lago until they finally relented because they wanted him to do an interview with them.

      The White House is now Kunstler’s Comments Section. Mission Accomplished. Putin couldn’t ask for anything more — but he will. Much more. Stay tuned. I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. This is all just a Warm-Up for The Big Surprise.

      Although, I will say, Trump does seem to equate Women with Blood and I believe it may be because, just as some Women have Penis Envy, The Donald has Menses Envy so he attacks Women with Bloody Epithets out of jealously & insecurity in his inability to menstruate and take a giant cock up another orifice other than his mouth or asshole. Get over it , Donald, and grow up or have a Sex Change.

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