The People’s Party

WE need a new Political Party to end ALL Political Parties & to end Politics As Usual. I’m serious, Folks. The Zeitgeist demands this. The Spirit of the Times calls for this. It’s shouting at YOU, at ME. It’s imploring US. WE must act before this Window of Opportunity closes because when it closes, it will be too late and OUR fate will surely be sealed.

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, it’s clear now that this System, let’s call it Leviathan, will not be reformed. It has to be replaced. It’s the only way to change OUR fate — the fate of The Little People. The current System has The Little People slated for massive exploitation, neglect, abuse, torture and ultimately genocidally murdered in a Class War initiated by The Rich against The Little People.

The Little People, YOU & ME, have The Numbers. The Rich can’t kill US ALL although they will kill quite a few of US either way, meaning whether WE act on OUR own behalf or lay down and let them run US over as though we’re pesky  squirrels crossing the street. Do YOU have the Temerity? Do YOU have the Fortitude? Do YOU have the Dignity? Do you have the Humanity? If, collectively, YOU, WE, don’t have any of that, then ALL is surely lost and ALL of US Little People are surely The Walking Dead just waiting paralytically for The Final Solution.

But if YOU, WE, do still have some metaphorical Fight & Spirit left in US, the time is now to unleash it but it must be channeled intelligently & strategically. Falling back into the clutches of The Democratic Party or The Republican Party is Sure Death. Both Political Parties in this Political Duopoly represent The Rich in this Class War, not The Little People. Their purpose, the purpose of The Democratic Party & The Republican Party or any Political Party that emanates from within and at the behest of the current System and doesn’t oppose the current System, is to pretend this System is a Democratic Republic. It is no such thing now if it ever was and I will provide convincing proof later it never was and certainly isn’t now. This current System is a Plutocratic Oligarchy or an Oligarchic Plutocracy, take your pick. In otherwords, it is a System by and for The Rich and at this point The Little People are no longer the useful Pets and/or Beasts of Burden WE once were, but instead Pesky Varmints that must be controlled and/or extinguished. It’s clear this is the intent of imminent Republican Senate Healthcare Legislation Trump will sign into Law before Summer’s End despite the Kabuki Theater of Feigned Defiance amplified & stage-managed by The Corporate Media.

WE know what WE have to do. It’s OUR Last Chance. This System isn’t broken and in need of fixing. This System is functioning exactly as intended. This System is designed, through Hook & Crook, to exponentially concentrate the wealth & power of The Rich at the expense of The Little People. We’re quickly approaching a point where technology & automation will render The Little People entirely worthless & superfluous. At that point, and I believe we’re at the very beginning of this process, The Little People, YOU & ME, are expendable. The Rich don’t need YOU, ME, US, as Beasts of Burden & Pets any longer, therefore, WE The Little People must be exterminated and the impending Republican Senate Healthcare Bill is a significant part of that process.

In order to replace this current System, that is by & for The Rich, with what should have been, we need to send a Poisonous Dart to the very Dark Heart & Nerve Center of it, the Nucleus of it, using its various Networked Systems to deliver the Fatal Toxin. This metaphorical Poisonous Dart is a new Political Party to end all Political Parties. The People’s Party. Its mission will be to travel to the Dark Heart & Nerve Center of this current System in order to shut it down FOR GOOD and replace it with a new System by & for The Little People, ultimately by & for ALL People, before it’s too late. Once the Poisonous Dart that is The People’s Party reaches its designation, it can begin the process of liberating The Little People to achieve OUR full potential. Our very first act will be to remove, once and for all, The Debilitating Plague that has stymied & sequestered OUR amazing Human Potential since the Dawn of CivilizationThe Rich. We The Little People who will be Little no more, will Deport The Rich to Russia where they belong. We will remove The Rich and all their Sycophantic Supporters & Enablers from The Realm to The Land of Oligarchs, Russia. And we’ll start that process with The Russians currently residing in America — Putin’s Sleeper Cells who are nothing more than Flesh & Blood Malware.

In many blog posts to come, I will lay out the many goals of The People’s Party. The Mission is clear. It’s imperative. The Universe demands it. It just needs to be articulated. It just needs to be enacted.

What do YOU say? Are you Game? Or do YOU prefer to continue to be beaten, neglected, abused and ultimately Put Down like the Bad Dogs you are?  Do YOU prefer the status of just another Useless Mouth To Feed? The choice is still your choice, for now. But it won’t remain a choice for long because this option won’t be an option for much longer and at that point, there will be only one option — Involuntary Acquiescence to YOUR fate that’s been determined by The Rich.

Here’s a great website about The American Revolution. As you can see, The American Revolution was never really completed. One Tyranny was replaced by another. The American Revolution was usurped & transmogrified by The Rich — YET AGAIN. It’s why The Rich have to be removed, via Deportation, from The Realm once and for all because if YOU, WE, don’t Deport The Rich, The Rich rise from the fire like The Phoenix every time. No fire — no Phoenix. Meaning, The Rich want Violence because Violence is their One True God and their Rebirth. WE The Little People will not oblige. This can be accomplished without US engaging in Violence because WE have The Numbers. Never forget that. It’s crucial. WE The Little People have The Numbers and We The Little People will not act like Puppets On A String and engage The Rich in Violence. The Phoenix that is The Rich will rise no more.

Completing The American Revolution

The first American Revolution was completed with the end of the Revolutionary War in 1781. The second American Revolution is seldom if ever taught in our schools. Because it would make clear just what kind of a country this is: a plutocracy–the rule of the wealthy. And it’s this second American Revolution which we must now complete. Only a few of its battles have been won and much work remains in our efforts to rid ourselves of the ideology and practice of plutocracy: predatory capitalism and political fascism.

“We see then, that in the context of the struggle for independence, the specific aspirations of common people put them into conflict with the people we think of as the ‘Founding Fathers’ or Framers. The Sons of Liberty, the Loyal Nine, and the Boston Committee of Correspondence and other such groups which the Framers organized were rooted in the ‘middling interests and well-to-do merchants’ and upper classes. They have been wrongly described as revolutionary. The truth is that they took great measures to keep the peace and defuse revolutionary tendencies. the Boston tea partyAs mass resistance to British policies mounted, for example, they urged, ‘No Mobs or Tumults, let the Person and Properties of your most inveterate Enemies be safe.’ Sam Adams agreed. James Otis urged, ‘No possible circumstances, though ever so oppressive, could be supposed sufficient to justify tumults and disorders . . .’ The Boston Committee of Correspondence actually did its best to contain and control the militancy of activists involved in the Boston Tea Party.”

Jerry Fresia, Toward an American Revolution, 1988