Partisanship Paralyzes

It’s imperative in forming The People’s Party that it exclude all those who have been active in Political Parties past & present. They are the Sycophantic Enablers of The Rich and will be Deported just as The Rich will be. They are Poisoners of the Well, so it’s crucial we keep them from it.

That’s more of a challenge than you might think at first glance. These Shitbirds are everywhere and they are Vermin of the Worst Sort. They’re The Little Eichmans who directly & overtly keep The Little People in chains for The Rich.

The People’s Party is a Clean Slate that must be bereft of The Poisonous Wormwood comprised of past & present Politicians and their Political Hacks & Apparatchiks.

When I say The People’s Party is The Party to end ALL Political Parties, I mean just that. As part of The People’s Party‘s mission, we will put an end, once and for all, to the Plutocratic Oligarchy/Oligarchic Plutocracy and the Partyocracy that supports & enables it by neutering & incarcerating the incredible Human Potential of The Little People.

The following is what the Poisonous Dart that is The People’s Party, aimed at the Dark Heart & Nerve Center of the current System, will eviscerate & replace. It will be an end to Politics As Usual, and that necessarily means the beginning of True Liberation.

Plutocracy and Partyocracy: Oligarchies Born of Constitutional Interpretation