Putin’s The Winner

He is. He has played The American Establishment like a Strumpet. He’s used The American Establishment‘s Garrulous Greed, its Audacious Avarice, its Hedonistic Hubris as a weapon to hasten the destruction of anything resembling what America once was and what its Founders intended, or at least according to what The Propagandists tell us about the former and the latter.

This, and for many other reasons as well, is why Putin favored Trump. Because Putin knows Trump and his Ilk are representative of The American Establishment. Putin knows they are truly Monsters. He knows that Donald Trump would be a symbol to all The World reflecting just how despicable and rotten America is to its very core.

Think about all the Trump Supporters who have lent, and continue to lend, their Psychical Energy to this Creep in Chief. It’s perfectly fitting. This is America, Folks. I know. I’m an American and I see it and live it every day. America is this fucked up and I have to say, I owe Putin a debt of gratitude for showing The Entire World that America truly is an Idiocracy. An Idiocracy with Nuclear Weapons, enough to blow up The Planet a thousand times over.

My Mother and at least half my siblings support this Trashy Creep. My wife’s Mother and every one of her siblings support this Trashy Creep. We could show them this YouTube Recording coupled with all the other evidence I’ve compiled at this blog that’s a testament to the character of this Shitbird that’s your President (he’s not my President — he never was and he never will be), and they will still support him. Putin’s control of the GOP and all the Conservative Pundits has made Trump Supporters so recalcitrant, they would support Satan himself, and perhaps they are and have been.

There is no forgiveness for Trump Supporters. They’re DEAD TO ME. I mean it. DEAD. They have Sold Their Souls To The Devil, metaphorically or not depending on your beliefs. Vlad, do us all a favor and launch your nukes now and be done with it. America isn’t worth saving at this point. It’s been so thoroughly compromised and transformed from top to bottom, it can never change course let alone reform. But Vlad doesn’t need to use his nukes any longer. He’s defeated America using America’s own rope. He’s defeated America from within thus fulfilling Khrushchev’s Prophecy concerning America’s ultimate demise. America, within a decade or two, will be an obeisant & humble Russian Client State in both Fact & Appearance doing the bidding of Putin’s Replacement.


One thought on “Putin’s The Winner

  1. From New York Magazine. I’m not alone in my sentiment. There are a few, very few admittedly, who feel the same way. Read the comments to the article that prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the point the author makes in the article. The Idiocracy Idiots have no clue they’re proving the author’s point when he says the following. I differ from the author in that Partisanship is a Two-Way Street, meaning, The Democrats are just as guilty as The Republicans. The People’s Party to end all Parties is the only effective way to mitigate this. Well, The People’s Party and Deport The Rich, otherwise, The Rich will Poison the Well again and again and again and again.

    Vladimir Putin Has Already Won

    Most of all, the scandal around Russian meddling has presented a vivid picture of American democracy in disarray. During Monday’s hearings, Republican committee members ranted about the leaks that had brought conspicuous lies by members of Trump’s team to public attention and had little to say about the lies themselves — or the idea that a foreign power tried to turn an American presidential election. Nunes’s inappropriate and not entirely coherent media campaign to bail out Trump made a mockery of his role as chairman of the Intelligence Committee. Partisanship is a hell of a drug, says the political scientist Brendan Nyhan, and the hearings showed how far Republicans would go for a fix. (Not that their supporters will necessarily complain: Since reports of Russian electoral interference began, Putin’s net favorability among Republicans has spiked 50 points.)

    There is a myth that, in some golden age of American foreign policy, politics stopped at the water’s edge. That was never really true. Foreign policy, like domestic policy, has always been driven by political imperatives and wielded for partisan gain. But the myth took hold because there were generally accepted norms about just how far politicking should go. Politicians had to at least maintain the pretense of putting national interests over electoral ones.

    Ezra Klein has described our current system as a “partyocracy,” with “a quasi-strongman leader empowered only because the independently elected legislators from his party empower him.” As Klein notes, the prospect of such a development was one reason George Washington fixated on the “mischiefs of the spirit of party” in his farewell address. Among the consequences of “partyocracy” Washington specified: “It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions.”

    More than two centuries later, the warning is uncannily apt. Through those channels of party passions, the Kremlin has shown just how weakened the norms of American democracy have become. “The easiest covert-influence campaigns,” said Bush administration CIA director Michael Hayden after the hearings, “are the ones that try to reinforce preexisting fractures in a society rather than create a fracture.” Putin’s interference first exploited those fractures, and since then has managed to deepen them.

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