My wife & I had an interesting discussion last night over great wine, great music and great food. We are reaching The End of our Rope as far as giving this System a chance, and we’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that we don’t belong. We are, quite literally, Castoffs and we know we’re not alone. There are Countless Others like us out there. Maybe you’re one. But to know, you have to be brutally honest with yourself, and most people are incapable of that kind of brutal honesty.

As it stands, my wife & I are teetering on the precipice of destitution. That good wine and good music and good food we enjoyed last night, as well as the roof over our head, may be no more in a few short weeks or months or within the next year or two. We’re both intelligent, well-educated people who have always possessed amazing potential and boundless passion & intensity, but sadly, this System we live in and under considers these traits loathsome & anathema and therefore not only does not select for it, but actually punishes those who possess such attributes. This System has quite literally locked out people like my wife & I. We can’t even do Good. We can’t even be Altruistic. Leviathan simply won’t allow it and Leviathan has made it clear we are not welcome and wishes us gone. So perhaps we’ll oblige, but on our terms, not its terms.

Pursuant to that, even though we were discussing this half-heartedly and with our tongues ever so loosely in our cheeks, we have developed a Loose Plan. If things continue to deteriorate at the current pace, this Plan we discussed will become more formalized and Set in Stone. Think it, and nurture it, and it will ultimately come. Our own prescribed Death on our terms , that is. It will come easily for us. Success, not so easily. In fact, as far as Success is concerned, not at all for us. It was never in The Cards. Calvin may have been right all along. There is such a thing as Destiny, perhaps, and our Destiny is to be Castoffs in an unrelenting & merciless Planet-Murdering System that will exploit everyone & everything until there is nothing left to exploit. What decent person really wants to be part of that and that’s what this increasingly is? It’s sick. It’s tragic. It’s the society we’re living in and it’s getting worse and I doubt it will ever reverse course and get better, so our Half-Hearted Plan for now, will most likely become a more Formalized Plan sometime within the next several years.

The Plan is this. In 2035, if we’re not destitute already and have no means to implement The Plan, we sell what assets we have, which are very few admittedly, to include the equity in our home if there still is any, and use the proceeds to travel Europe for a year or so. After this long, wonderful, extended Final Vacation, we return to America and Die With Dignity in each other’s arms after we’ve concomitantly swallowed the Lethal Dose of Pentobarbital Liquid (10g) preceded an hour beforehand by Metoclopramide to prevent vomiting.

Our thinking is, this System doesn’t want us anyway. For it, we’re a Nuisance & Dead Weight. From our perspective, The World is increasingly a horrible place to live. What most people are doing isn’t really living anyway in the truest sense of that word and concept. We don’t want to be reduced to Impoverished Slaves and we don’t want the Healthcare Racket to use us as a Revenue Stream in the last year of our lives spent in a hospital with tubes shoved in every orifice of our bodies as our children helplessly & torturously watch us slowly die little by little each day.

The Status Quo Is Ridiculous
So Let’s Deprive The Rich Of Us
The Rich Will Be No More
Without Us Lowly Poor
So Help Us Crush The Upper Crust

It’s tantamount to our own personalized, self-administered Logan’s Run. We’re pushing our own Off Buttons. Voluntarily. With no regret & no remorse. It’s The Right Thing To Do. To deprive The Rich of their Juxtaposition. Without The Poor, The Rich are not Rich, so if we can’t convince the majority who are not The Rich to Deport The Rich, than we can deprive The Rich of the essential ingredient that allows them to be The Rich, Us. If enough people sign up for 2035.org and pledge to exit this World in 2035 concomitantly en masse, we can deprive The Evil & Wicked Rich of their status. Joy is meaningless without Sorrow. Up means nothing without Down. Wealthy is meaningless without Destitute. There is more than one way to skin a cat, just as there is more than one way to remove The Rich from The Realm. By removing ourselves, we also remove The Rich. The Ultimate Sacrifice. What a way to go. You, We, will Die with Dignity and the satisfaction in knowing that You, We, are depriving The Vampiric Rich of their Lifeblood — US.

With that said, do you have it within you to engage in the Ultimate Protest? The only form of Protest that will ever get any True Results? Let us know. If so, we may just create a website and organization where millions and maybe tens of millions and hundreds of millions pledge to do this in unison as a Final Fuck You to Leviathan and its Chosen Few. If enough of us commit to this, we’ll need some Chemists to make the Euthanasia Drugs described above and if enough people commit to doing this, there is no doubt The Rich will do everything in their power to prevent it and that is why and how you know that It’s The Right Thing To Do, because for The Rich to take violent measures to prevent You, Us, from doing this, it can only mean that The Rich know they need You, Us, to be Rich or exist even. Without our Lowly Selves for them to juxtapose themselves with, they are NOTHING. Let’s make The Rich NOTHING once and for all.

The Suicide Tourist From PBS’s Frontline


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  1. reminds me of gore vidal’s messiah.

    i already promised myself to go off like some old cats and other animals do when they know its time. no doctor is going to profane my flesh by hacking at it in vain attempt to prolong life. and no bloody mortician is going to profane my body with embalming chemicals. rather i intend to donate my carbon footprint to nature somewhere away from urban collectives. i own my life, not others who buy the “call the suicide hot line” utter nonsense and system propaganda. arthur koestler has my respect. and you too, mr. catcher. for sanely broaching the subject of timely death, something this crazy t.v.society that calls itself usa can’t/ won’t do. idiots at the joo teats.

  2. fwiw, topeka ks has 2 beautifully preserved 2 story carl ossmann designed mid-century modern 14 unit apartment co-ops at 13th & fillmore. dirt cheap — $10K +- $5K stock price gives the tennants longterm lease rights to the 2 bedroom units. and monthly rent $200-$300. can’t do much better than that. and one, park plaza apartments is 55+ community.

  3. The Tibetan People in the mountains surrounding Everest practice a Burial Ritual where they leave the body on a cliff for the animals to consume. It’s another perfectly natural and wonderful way to return to nature what is nature’s. Of course, in Large Scale Civilization such a Ritual cannot perpetuate because when we’re living on top of one another, it’s rather unhealthy to be commingling with dead bodies lying all over waiting to be consumed by the Wildlife.

    I saw a movie many years ago about a German Jewish couple who fled Germany during the early years of Nazi Rule. They fled to Africa. They couldn’t convince their relatives to flee — their relatives thought Hitler was very much like Trump at that point, that he was all bluster and a joke and didn’t really mean what he and The Nazis were saying, but of course, this couple knew better.

    Anyway, this couple had to live side by side with the Tribal Folk residing in the locale in which they settled and it was quite a Culture Shock, to say the least. Initially, the woman was resistant and wanted to return to Germany despite The Nazis and the man convinced her it was vital they stay in Africa where even there they weren’t 100% safe from The Nazis. Eventually, the situation reversed and the man became disenchanted with Africa & The Africans and the woman fell in love with Africa & The Africans. The transformation of each took the entirety of the movie and was a major component of the plot.

    As part of that transformation, the woman had to confront her Western Sensibilities in regards to many Cultural Behaviors & Rituals. One such Ritual & Behavior was how The West treated their Dead & Dying versus this African Tribe. The culture of this African Tribe was for the Dead & Dying, especially The Elderly, to just wonder off somewhere out of the way and lay under a bush or tree until they take their last breath. This German Jewish woman when she first encountered this Ritual tried to intervene and brought an Old Woman back to the village and scolded The Tribe for their atrocious treatment of her and the Dead & Dying. They were furious with her, including the Old Woman, and nearly skinned her alive. She ultimately came to understand the Ritual and respect it.

    At the end of the movie, the husband wanted to return to Germany and I think she refused and he left her. Something like that and if it wasn’t, it should have been.

    It was a great message. What is good for the goose is not always good for the gander. The West’s “Ritual,” or various “Rituals” which are all very similar is/are not superior to the Rituals of less industrially developed peoples, and in fact, may very well be inferior.

    On The Road To Modernity, much Wisdom & Knowledge has been lost and replaced by the cold, banal theorizing of Science & Systems. The irony is, the Science & Systems may deliver us back to the days before their manifestation and we will have no Old Ways to fall back on — all of that Pre-Science & Pre-Systems Knowledge & Wisdom will have to be acquired all over again over multiple generations and millennia.

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