The Throw Grandma To The Curb Act

That’s what The Republican Senate Healthcare Bill should be named once it’s passed into law by July 4th, which it will be by the way despite the feigned dissent of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and Mike Lee. Ironically, or maybe not, The Republican Senate Healthcare Bill, crafted behind closed doors in cowardly sinister anti-Democratic fashion, is actually more “mean” than The House‘s version. It’s actually more torturous because it injects more poison but injects it more slowly, meaning the ultimate cuts are greater and deeper but they transpire over a longer period of time. That’s tantamount to torture, in my opinion. A Slow Burn.

Rand Paul, whom The Mainstream Media trots out as a Magnanimous Maverick Rebel, believes The Bill is not “mean” enough. He wants it to be much meaner. He has called The Bill Obamacare Light. He’s mostly correct but for all the wrong reasons. He indicates that The Bill, like Obamacare, amounts to a Yuuuuge Subsidy for the Insurance Companies. That’s correct, but it’s a phase-out of that subsidization whereas Obamacare was set up to endlessly subsidize Insurance Companies to an ever greater tune year after year. Paul doesn’t want to torture Grandma, he wants to shoot her in the head right now and be done with it. In that sense, he’s marginally more humane than his Republican Counterparts who want to see Grandma flopping around in the gutter for a few years before she takes her last gasp of polluted air.

The Health Insurance Business Model is a failed endeavor and Obamacare, and now The Republican Senate Healthcare Bill that will become law shortly, is a way of keeping the Failed Healthcare Insurance Business Model alive so The Rich can continue to rake in exorbitant profits a little while longer. It’s Kleptocratic, in otherwords.

The 20,000lb Elephant in the Room here is Insurance. Healthcare Insurance isn’t really Insurance in the truest sense of that concept. It’s an unnecessary Troll Middleman that just adds unnecessary cost to an already overburdened American Healthcare System. It’s one of three components that have been precipitously driving up healthcare costs in America. The time is now for Universal Healthcare. The Zeitgeist is right, yet The Mainstream Media won’t even discuss it as the only viable option at this point. It won’t discuss it at all. Why? Because The Mainstream Media is The Mouthpiece of The Rich and The Rich are dead-set against Universal Healthcare even though the majority of The Little People are for it.

The following three factors have combined to make The American Healthcare System one of the most inefficient in The Developed World. America spends more on Healthcare per capita with the least effective outcomes than any Developed Nation. That’s a despicable statistic for a country that claims to be The Leader of the Free World. I have news for you in case you don’t already know. Unhealthy and In Hock, and being In Hock predicates Unhealthy whilst the reverse is true too, doesn’t equal Freedom. Quite the contrary.

A.   Insurance Companies are an unnecessary Middleman that creates complexity, and thus added expense, for Healthcare Providers who have to staff up to navigate all the various contracts and coding in order to get paid. Not to mention but I will, Insurance Companies require a sizable Return on Investment for their Shareholders and guess who those Shareholders are? That’s right, The Rich.

B.   Redundancy of Service created by insufficient Centralized Medical Information Systems. All these various doctors and hospitals and clinics and diagnostic facilities and labs don’t communicate with one another so when you go to receive medical care it’s as though it’s Groundhog Day all over again. This results in massive Redundancy of Service and that is a significant unnecessary expense. The way to remedy this is to have a Centralized Shared Patient Information System that ALL Healthcare Providers are required to use and update by law. This way, when you receive service from a Healthcare Provider they can review your medical information in the Centralized Shared Patient Information System on the screen in Real Time and know your status and what services have already been rendered and what medications you’re currently taking so as not to Reinvent The Wheel. I know some will say this is already being done. No it’s not. That’s a lie. I know from first-hand experience. It is not being done, and because it’s not, the antiquated process that is being used is ridiculously inefficient and unnecessarily expensive.

C.   Out of Control Technology. Technological Advancements in Drugs and Medical Equipment have led to an Inundating Tsunami of Innovation within The American Healthcare System, and when you couple the expense of this Inundating Tsunami of Technological Innovation with the factors discussed in A. & B. above, you get a Healthcare System that is one of the most inefficient in the Developed World. Is all this technology making Americans healthier? Not by a long shot. It does allow some, maybe even a majority, to live longer, but at what price? It doesn’t necessarily improve your Quality of Life, and in fact, a strong argument can be made that it diminishes your Quality of Life because these life-saving, cutting edge technologies are so expensive, you end up canceling out your savings and going into debt to live a decade longer in a physically diminished capacity. As an example, my wife’s brother, he’s in his early 60’s, one year prior was diagnosed with Multiple Myloma or Bone Marrow Cancer. The process to treat this is extraordinarily arduous, complex and expensive. My rough calculation is that the cost for everything is between $500,000 and $1,000,000. Here’s the rub. He’s completed the entire process and has been given a Clean Bill of Health by his team of physicians, but he’s effectively a dead man. He’s a desiccated husk of the man he once was. He’s unrecognizable. He’s mentally & physically devastated, and yet, on paper statistically, he is considered a successful survivor. That’s fucked up and if we really want to address our Healthcare Crisis, we need to address this and A. & B. above. We have to be honest with ourselves. Fat chance of that so long as The Rich pull all the strings. Know Thy Enemy, For Thy Enemy Knows You.

Let me leave you with yet another Limerick before I sign off on this post. Enjoy.

We’re Throwing Grandma To The Curb
Cuz The Needy Bitch Does Perturb
We’re Taking Her Savings
To Satisfy Our Cravings
She Won’t Be Saved With Feckless Words