The Dems Are Dead

This Is As Good As It Gets. For Now. Maybe Forever. It’s Up To You & You & You & You & You & You & You & You & You & You & You & You & You………….

Put a fork in The Democratic Party because The Party Is Over. Good Riddance!!! The Republicans, from here on out until they are no more and before the majority of them are deported to Russia, will be referred to as The Russians and The Republican Party will be referred to as The Russian Party.

What this means necessarily is that Democracy in America, or the feigning of it since it was never really a Democracy yet has pretended all these years to be one, is over. Done. Finito. Bye Bye. Thank God — the God I’m inventing. Because I hate pretending.

The Republicans Russians and The Republican Russian Party are running their Victory Lap after last night’s Special Elections in Georgia & South Carolina but they are celebrating a hollow, Pyrrhic Victory. The Democratic Party was the best thing for, and that ever happened to, the former Republican Party now The Russian Party. Without The Democratic Party, The Republican Russian Party is naked, exposed and extremely vulnerable to a Populist Revolution. A Revolution that will bury their Rich Asses for good, metaphorically speaking. This is going to happen within ten years. Mark my words. I’ve been Spot On about so much else and I’m Spot On about this. My own personal experience has been the Canary in the American Coal Mine that’s about to blow. The Democratic Party was, because it is no more, the Rusty Wire that held the anger in. The Rusty Wire has disintegrated and the anger is gushing out as we speak & type.

Karen Handel is a fat, hypocritical, lying, thieving, gluttonous PIG. She fawned over Donald Trump in her Acceptance Speech last night. She wants Minorities, to include all Poor People even though in pure raw numbers they are a majority collectively, to have as many children as they possibly can, because she pulled Planned Parenthood Funding which helped control the Pet Population, so Donald Trump and all her wealthy male friends and colleagues can rape & sodomize and otherwise exploit in all manner possible these vulnerable Minority Children left to their own devices amidst increasingly broken homes & communities created & enabled by Republican Russian Policy.

I do not condone the following. As I have stated many times at this venue, violence is not the answer. The Rich, and Karen Handel is The Rich, can be dealt with non-violently. Their response to that will be violent, I assure you, because they are truly the violent ones. Systemically, they administer violence every day. They live by and for violence and that is one of many reasons they need to be deported to their Country of Origin Sentiment, Russia.

Take note that were this to have taken place in a poor part of Atlanta, Law Enforcement wouldn’t give a shit. That should tell you all you need to know. It should tell you who the Local Police work for. It should tell you who the Alphabet Agencies work for. I’ll give you a hint. They don’t work for you. I’ll give you another hint. Even though you will non-violently deal with The Rich, the aforementioned will deal violently with you because that’s what they do. They protect The Rich and that protection includes violence if necessary even when they’re not confronted with violence. Remember, The Rich want you to be violent. When you are, it justifies their violence. It justifies the Strangle Hold they have on you, me, and all Humanity. Don’t give them that justification. Expose them for what they are — Genocidal Maniacs.

Take a look at the Rich Motherfucking Pig in the Aviator Glasses in the video at the following link. He’s a typical Rich Privileged Southern Prick I’ve encountered so many times in my half century. He is a Treasonous Traitor like all The Rich. He is a Republican Russian. He is loyal to Putin. He belongs in Russia, and hopefully will have a chance to return to his Country of Origin Sentiment before he dies. The Rich Prick with the Aviator Glasses says, starting at the 1:49 mark in the video, the following:

You’re wondering what’s happening to the country….and, is anybody home?

You, Cocksucker. You are what’s happened to the country and no, you are not at home until you are in Russia where you belong, you Clueless Fuck.

FBI Joins Investigation At Karen Handel’s House


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  1. Putin’s Sitting There He’s Smiling
    As The Rich Enable His Beguiling
    The Time Has Come
    For The Poor As One
    To Send The Traitorous Rich Packing

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