Does The FBI Work For Putin?

If this story about the NSA Contractor, Reality Winner, is to be believed, and I’m not sure it can be believed, then it necessarily means the FBI, and perhaps all the American Alphabet Agencies, are not only Gigantic Cowardly Pussies, but they have been compromised by Putin and The Russians and now work for him as does Donald Trump & his Administration. Are we Occupied? Maybe so. You Never Know. Stranger Things.

I’m not so sure this story is true, though. It may very well be Fake Fake Fake News. Fake News these days is a lot like Breaking News and many times they’re one and the same.

A blog for which I have no respect may have this one right. Moon of Alabama blog hopped right on this story because, and I agree, it Smells to High Heaven.

Do Not Trust The Intercept or How To Burn A Source

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If you read the more than likely Fake Fake Fake News Story as though it’s non-fiction versus fiction, you can’t help arrive at the conclusion that Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and the FBI Special Agent Justin Garrick are Cowardly Pussies who pick on Defenseless Little Girls while Donald Trump, America’s Criminal/Traitor In Chief, turns America into a Russian Client State. Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? Here they are — arresting Defenseless Little Girls while Arch Criminals invade & occupy America. Shameful. They are Shameless. They are Cowards. They are disgusting. They are not Honorable. They’re Puke. And most importantly, they are the ones who have shaken, nay eviscerated, Americans’ faith & trust in the American Government, not Reality Winner.

You, Matthew Cole, Are A Duplicitous Scumbag And A Bane To All Journalists Everywhere

If the Fake Fake Fake News Story happens to be true, which I highly doubt, the FBI went on a Fishing Expedition per the following Raw Story article and I wouldn’t put it by them to have set Reality Winner up and to have planted evidence. This is the way these Cowardly Dirty Birds work.
The Intercept Leaker Arrest Resulted From A Search Warrant For Podcast Transcripts — Not Classified Documents

Reality Winner, the U.S. government contractor arrested Monday for leaking top secret information to The Intercept, was picked up after a federal judge authorized a search warrant based on a request for a podcast transcript she had sent to media organization.

Once again, if this Fake Fake Fake News Story is true, people should be outraged and march on Washington D.C. and demand this woman’s immediate release and if the DOJ refuses, the crowd should march right in and release her themselves. Such an Injustice should not be tolerated if America still wants to feign being a Democratic Republic. This is Donald Trump’s Pussy Riot Moment (he is a Riot & he is a Pussy) and the DOJ is nothing more than a Russian Goon Squad.

If this Fake Fake Fake News Story is true, release this Defenseless Little Girl NOW or else arrest that Fat-Ass Criminal Putin-Ass-Licking Quisling Creature soiling the Oval Office NOW!!

Is this what’s going on? Is America compromised and occupied by Russia? Two years ago I would have laughed at the notion. Now, I’m not so sure. America could very well be under Occupation, and if so, it’s too late now to do anything about it. When you consider it from this perspective, the Bizarre Spectacle that is Donald Trump starts to make sense. This movie is instructive.


3 thoughts on “Does The FBI Work For Putin?

  1. I have never heard of a person, male or female, whose name, first or last, is Reality. What would her nickname be? Ree?, Ali,? Really?

    But unusual name aside, this young woman has a pair of trapezius muscles to die for. For all the shoulder shrugs I’ve done I should have such a set of traps.

    Is America compromised and occupied by Russia? I have no idea. I am more interested in your writing style characterized by the stringing together of hyperbolic vitriolic epithets: “They are Shameless. They are Cowards. They are disgusting. They are not Honorable. They’re Puke.” And why only before puke did you use a contraction? It’s a mystery.

    And I haven’t heard the term Dirty Birds in decades. It reminded me that back in the day a couple of pals bought a defunct bar and grill and resurrected it as The Rare Bird Saloon.

    Stop me before I go any further off topic.

    • Welcome to the New Reality where we’re all Winners all the time. As if. Only in our dreams and while I have rather positive dreams, never do I dream about being a Winner. My favorite dreams are when I’m flying — it’s the greatest feeling in the, or I should say my, World.

      It is a bizarre name — even more bizarre than Barack Hussein Obama or Josh Earnest.

    • I learned Dirty Birds from my Father. When we were acting up he would call us many names and one of them was Dirty Birds. If he was really pissed and ready to beat us he would call us Damn Dirty Birds. At other times, we were Jockstraps, Dirty Jockstraps and Damn Dirty Jockstraps. And then still at other times we were Jacknabbers but never Dirty Jacknabbers or Damn Dirty Jacknabbers.

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