Morning Blow

Shut The Fuck Up with your Feigned Indignation and your Faux Concern related to Trump's Misogyny. The Freaky Trashy Creep has been this way his entire life. It's nothing new. And yet YOU, meaning The Establishment and The Rich it serves, enabled, in every conceivable way, his ascension to The Throne of this Idiocracy. When … Continue reading Morning Blow


Partisanship Paralyzes

It's imperative in forming The People's Party that it exclude all those who have been active in Political Parties past & present. They are the Sycophantic Enablers of The Rich and will be Deported just as The Rich will be. They are Poisoners of the Well, so it's crucial we keep them from it. That's … Continue reading Partisanship Paralyzes

Putin’s The Winner

He is. He has played The American Establishment like a Strumpet. He's used The American Establishment's Garrulous Greed, its Audacious Avarice, its Hedonistic Hubris as a weapon to hasten the destruction of anything resembling what America once was and what its Founders intended, or at least according to what The Propagandists tell us about the former … Continue reading Putin’s The Winner

My wife & I had an interesting discussion last night over great wine, great music and great food. We are reaching The End of our Rope as far as giving this System a chance, and we've pretty much come to the conclusion that we don't belong. We are, quite literally, Castoffs and we know we're … Continue reading


Pursuant to the previous blog post entitled The Kick Grandma To The Curb Act, I bring you this for those who have never heard of it. Pinkwashing. For me, it's validation and yet another example proving America is a Full-Blown Kleptocracy just as Russia is, except America has much better PR & Marketing that throws … Continue reading Pinkwashing

The Throw Grandma To The Curb Act

That's what The Republican Senate Healthcare Bill should be named once it's passed into law by July 4th, which it will be by the way despite the feigned dissent of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and Mike Lee. Ironically, or maybe not, The Republican Senate Healthcare Bill, crafted behind closed doors in cowardly sinister … Continue reading The Throw Grandma To The Curb Act