The Dems Are Dead

Put a fork in The Democratic Party because The Party Is Over. Good Riddance!!! The Republicans, from here on out until they are no more and before the majority of them are deported to Russia, will be referred to as The Russians and The Republican Party will be referred to as The Russian Party. What this means necessarily … Continue reading The Dems Are Dead

The Real Pizzagate

As reference, it's important you read my blog post entitled Who's Afraid Of Virginia Roberts? here for more information & background on the following story from the Independent. The Pizzagate Story was meant as a ridiculous diversion from this story — The Real Pizzagate. I'm telling you, Folks, sooner or later you're going to realize … Continue reading The Real Pizzagate

A Few Good Men?

The American Government is inundated with Cowards & Traitors who are afraid to stand up to Donald Trump. What a bunch of Pussies hiding behind the veil of National Security. Are there no HONORABLE men and/or women any longer? I don't think there are. Prove me wrong, but I doubt you will. Soon enough, if … Continue reading A Few Good Men?

Does The FBI Work For Putin?

If this story about the NSA Contractor, Reality Winner, is to be believed, and I'm not sure it can be believed, then it necessarily means the FBI, and perhaps all the American Alphabet Agencies, are not only Gigantic Cowardly Pussies, but they have been compromised by Putin and The Russians and now work for him as … Continue reading Does The FBI Work For Putin?