This Is Inhuman Refuse

I say Inhuman because these creatures are surely not Human, or if they are they are a degraded form of Humanity gone terribly wrong. They are Fecal Matter. They are Violent. They are Bullies. They are Cowards. They are Traitors. They are Treasonous. They are Rich beyond your imagination. They are your Enemy. They must be stopped. They are an infinitely greater threat to you than any alleged Brown Terrorists. They are The Terrorists. They are The Terrorism.

Montana is what I call a Company State. Remember in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, manufacturers and business concerns would set up shop in some remote location and create a town around their facilities and recruit their labor force and set it up in Company Housing and also provide a Company Store and then charge their de facto Slaves exorbitant rent and exorbitant prices for everything? Law Enforcement would be bought & paid for by the Business Owners, The Masters, and it would act in the same capacity as The Overseer on Slave Plantations in The SouthThe Workers who had no money or savings were effectively Slaves to the corporations under these conditions?

The Overseer Was Responsible For Ensuring The Slaves Behaved. Law Enforcement In Company Towns & States Is Effectively The Same Thing. Law Enforcement In Company Towns & States Serves & Protects, Its Motto, But It Doesn’t Serve & Protect You — It Serves & Protects The Company & The Rich Who Own The Company. Dream Of The Day They Will Walk Naked Where They Can No Longer Hide Behind A Gun And A Badge. Dream That Day Is One Day Soon. Think It, And It Will Come.

That’s Montana and Wyoming and North Dakota and South Dakota and so on and so on. It applies to many interior states in America that have sparse populations and are ridiculously overrepresented in the electoral process because of the archaic Electoral College that no longer serves the purpose it once did. Instead, the Electoral College is a mechanism for nationwide Corporate Rule. These interior states are ALL, without exception, Company States, meaning they vote the way the Corporate Commodity Regimes tell them to vote. Hence, Donald Trump’s Electoral College Victory despite being trounced in the popular vote by Hillary Clinton.

What This Cowardly Prick Did To The Guardian Reporter Is A Felony In My Opinion. The Sheriff Is In His Pocket And Is Therefore Also A Criminal Thus Only A Misdemeanor Charge. Nonetheless, This Criminal Will Be Elected To Congress. America Is A Mafia State And Considering Trump’s Ties To Putin And To The Cartels (Anyone Who Supports The War On Drugs Is A Supporter Of The Cartels And Is Doing The Cartels’ Bidding), I’d Say America IS Now A Russian Client Narco State.

Zinke and Gianforte and Trump & Sons are COWARDS. They’re PUSSIES. They are THUGS, and worse THUGS than Ghetto Thugs because Ghetto Thugs had/have no choice in the matter. Ghetto Thugs have only one option — if they don’t take it they die. These Rich Motherfucking Cowards, Trump & Sons and Zinke and Gianforte and their ilk, have had multiple opportunities, because of their silver-spooned privilege, to be anything they damn well wanted to be, and they chose to be Cowardly Bullies who couldn’t win a fair fight and they know it so they make sure never to engage in one so they will always win. They are LOSERS and they are MONSTERS.

My prediction based on an extrapolation of the Trend Curve that’s transpiring? Someone’s going to die. Not just anyone. Someone. Maybe even many of these someones. I don’t condone it and I don’t endorse it or welcome it just as I loathe what these Rich Motherfuckers  are doing and what & who they represent. They are making their bed and soon they’re going to have to sleep in it. They believe they are beyond reproach. They believe you are trash, or worse, they believe you are nothing. They believe you are wimps who can’t defend yourselves. They believe they can steal from you and lie to you and rape your sons and daughters and the planet and spit on you and defecate on you and you will do nothing but praise them.

How long can they continue to treat you this way? Until you all realize, collectively and cooperatively and collaboratively, that you are many times greater and stronger than them, and when you wake up and open your eyes and ROAR, THEY WILL PISS THEIR PANTS, I assure you. But for now, they have you fooled. The Democrats are not the answer to this. The political process in its current incarnation isn’t going to resolve this. Law Enforcement & The Military are on their side, but still, you have the numbers if you all get on the same page. They do not have what it takes to annihilate millions, nay tens of millions, of people, although they’ll try.

Surround them in massive numbers. Don’t fight them. Surround them. Overwhelm them. But do not engage in violence. Take their weapons and destroy those weapons. Strip their clothes off and make them walk & live naked as part of their atonement. Turn the tables. Take back your birthright before it’s too late. Or, prepare to be Serfs because that’s their plan for you in the Feudal World they are envisioning and trying to roll out.