Do You Believe In Magick?

Well, do you? I know I do if Magick is the word to describe that which cannot yet be explained by Science. Let me explain.

This past Friday, in proximity to posting the blog post entitled Leviathan’s For Real here, and particularly the material in that blog post to include the information about Corporations as Egregores, I experienced what I can only describe as Magick.

I retrieved the mail from the mail box mid-afternoon and included was the signature Netflix DVD envelope. I was curious which movie it was because I’ve been hankering to see Nocturnal Animals and I thought the latest delivery from Netflix might be it. So, I brought the mail inside, placed it on the table and proceeded to open the Netflix DVD envelope. For those of you not familiar with this process, here’s how it looks and how it’s done.

I did exactly as is shown in that video, as I’ve done at least a hundred times before with the exception I/we don’t remove the final perforation like he does until we’re finished with the movie and I/we place it back in the envelope to seal it up and mail it back to Netflix. We remove the first two seals to be able to remove the movie nestled in its sleeve inside. So, true to form I broke the first two perforated seals and removed the sleeve containing the DVD Disk and it turns out it wasn’t Nocturnal Animals but instead Sex And The City Season 1 Disk 1 per the description on the sleeve containing the DVD. I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t Nocturnal Animals but my wife & I have been watching Sex And The City and enjoying it so I wasn’t entirely despondent. She challenged me to get outside of my box and watch something that’s considered “girly” since she watched something considered “boyly” with me, Entourage, which we also both enjoyed by the way.

Anyway, I removed the DVD Disk from the sleeve because I was curious what episodes were on Disk 1 because we had already watched the first six episodes on Comcast On Demand which is for some reason not working properly. A review of the actual DVD Disk and the description on it after removing it from the sleeve provided no further information about which episodes were included so I assumed it might be the entire first season.

I usually put Netflix DVDs in a closed cabinet adjacent to the television, but since it was Friday, I knew my wife & I would be watching Sex And The City later in the evening after sharing a bottle of wine, great conversation and great food. So, I placed the DVD Disk back in its sleeve and the sleeve back in the Netflix envelope, and then placed the Netflix envelope in the basket that sits on the coffee table adjacent to the couches we sit on to watch television.

Later that day, around 6pm, as my wife was opening and pouring the wine, she asked if a Netflix DVD envelope came that day and I explained that it had and I explained that I opened it and it was Sex And The City and that I put it in the basket on the coffee table for us to watch later that evening. I also expressed that it was labeled as Season 1 Disk 1 and it didn’t indicate what episodes were included. She asked to see it so I went to retrieve it and when I picked it up out of the basket I noticed that the second perforated seal, which I had broken to get the DVD sleeve and the DVD Disk out, was now sealed again.

I kid you not. I am not lying. It was sealed. The perforations had not been broken. I was flabbergasted and dumbfounded. I told my wife on the way back to the kitchen and she started to freak out as well. At first she didn’t really believe me so I told her to look for herself and gave her the Netflix DVD envelope and just as I asserted, the second perforated seal was sealed, not broken, so I told her to go ahead and break it and watched as she did. She then proceeded to remove the DVD sleeve and then the DVD Disk from the sleeve. The DVD sleeve and the DVD Disk itself looked exactly as I remembered it.

But how can this be? Perforated seals do not seal again once broken. There is no glue, so it’s not as if residual glue remained and when the envelope was folded over the glue sealed it up again. Science cannot explain this. As well, it’s not me imagining I opened it because there was no way for me to know what was inside — and yet I did to the point of putting it in the basket to watch later that night which I never do. I knew what was inside precisely down to the most minute detail and yet the second seal was never broken indicating the DVD sleeve and DVD Disk itself could not have been removed for viewing. I don’t think it’s a coincidence this happened in proximity to me writing the blog post referenced above.

Do You Believe In Magick? I do. This proves it as if I haven’t had enough proof already. Maybe it’s yet one more sign, besides Donald Trump as POTUS, that The Singularity has arrived where anomalies become so ubiquitous they’re the rule and not the exception to it and we’re at a loss to describe the epidemic inundation of anomalous phenomena with our previous heretofore increasingly irrelevant & useless Mental Models.