Moon of Alabama Blog

Hey Dildo, do you take Feces as well? If so, I’d like to send you some because that’s all you deserve.

Seriously, why not ask Putin or Trump for donations since you’ve been carrying their water and wiping their asses for years now?

I despise you. You are Human Waste. You and your Commentariat are Scumbags Extraordinaire. In fact, I’d love to know who many of your Commentariat really are. I’m betting quite a few work for Western Intelligence Agencies and some for Israeli Intelligence Services. And that makes them even bigger Scumbags.

You and your Man Crush Trump have a lot in common. Neither of you know how to spell Counsel as in Special Counsel. And, if you’re going to use the excuse that you’re German then I will take that excuse and throw it back at you by saying you have no business whatsoever running a blog articulated in English dealing with such sensitive & controversial matters. Personally, I think you’re an Imposter & a Provocateur. You’re a Troll and an Asshole. You’re Less Than Zero. You’re a Lonesome Loathsome Loser yet you still keep on tryin’.