What Would It Take?

We’re learning in a serendipitous Civics Lesson brought to us by the insane antics of Donald Trump just how powerful The Office of The Executive really is. The President these days is effectively already an Autocrat. The person who occupies The Oval Office can pretty much do as he/she pleases because, as we’re learning, they are above & beyond The Law of the Land. They can hire & fire at will. They can determine what is classified information and what isn’t. They don’t have to explain themselves and they can lie with impunity and never be held to account. There’s much more the POTUS can do I’m sure, and I’m also sure we’re going to find out all those things the POTUS can do in the months and years ahead with Trump navigating this Runaway Train we call America.

It’s obvious the laws of this land we call America don’t apply to the POTUS. The POTUS is above and outside of The Law. Trump could rape a young child in The Oval Office on National Television and The Lamestream Media would inform us it’s all perfectly legal because the POTUS gets to determine what is rape & pedophilia and he’s just learning on the job and his braindead & indefatigable supporters will continue to cheer him on. They are this INSANE. This entire Surrealistic Spectacle that is The Trump Presidency is this INSANE. And yet no one really sees it, except me and a few others, and the only response to it is to continue to play politics which is what gave us Trump to begin with.

Every day Donald Trump creates a New Normal. He is normalizing INSANITY. He is testing and pushing every limit of rationality. He is the living embodiment of The Singularity. And the entire Establishment is not only feckless in the face of it, they’re actually enjoying incredible ratings so they all, collectively & privately, hope The Gravy Train of Insane Spectacle that is Donald Trump never ends. The Apprentice — FOR REAL. It’s all about The Ratings.

It’s not funny, but that’s the way it is. It’s this absurd. I truly believe Donald Trump will test every limit there is and what we’re finding out is, there are no limits if you’re POTUS. You can pretty much do anything you like.

During their visit to The White House last week, Lavrov and Kislyak were laughing their asses off at Trump. So too am I and I’m laughing in disgust at all of his braindead supporters who think they’re so smart. They’re Chumps just like Trump. Trump’s Chumps.

In the following photo from a Russian State News Agency, the only media given permission to cover Lavrov’s & Kislyak’s meeting with Trump at The White House, Lavrov & Kislyak are looking at one another and laughing as if to say, “can you believe how stooooopid this numb nuts is? He doesn’t even know he’s our’s — that’s how dumb he is. This is too easy. Like taking candy from a baby — even easier.

Dershowitz had it right yesterday evening on CNN when he excoriated Democrats for turning Trump’s latest Insanity into Politics As Usual. He implored them to focus on this one event and the implications and ramifications of it rather than conflate it with all their other political machinations because what Trump did is that SERIOUS. Needless to say, they’re not listening and in fact, Hillary and The Dems, for political & personal gain only and not out of concern for America or The World, are well on their way to co-opting and usurping any organic, natural Resistance that may have manifested in reaction to Trump’s Insanity — an organic, natural Resistance that could have resulted in True Change for the better.

America is collapsing, I believe. Many don’t see it because The Lamestream Media and The Unholy Merger of Politics, News & Entertainment has Hypermormalized that which is INSANE. See the Adam Curtis documentary below for clarification & elaboration. Trump is The Dead Canary in the Coal Mine foretelling The Collapse of America. Considering that, how ironic his feigned concern for American Coal Mining.

You know America has Jumped the Shark when A Freak like Trump ascends to The Presidency.

There’s no going back — not even to Obama or anything like him at this point. Dream On, Hillary. This is Uncharted Territory and there is no map to get us back. We’re LOST.

Trump’s not only The Dead Canary In The Coal Mine, he’s also a One Man Wrecking Crew. The guy can’t even tie his own shoes. I bet he doesn’t even know you can’t put metal containers in microwave ovens because he does so metaphorically every day. That should be prerequisite knowledge, a litmus test of sorts, for anyone aspiring to be POTUS.

We’re getting a lesson in just how powerful The Office of the Executive really is. Trump could give The Nuclear Codes to Russia and The Establishment still wouldn’t be able to extricate him from office. It’s as though everything the POTUS does is perfectly legal. The Executive is above The Law, or so it seems.

It may take a Military Coup — one that the majority of The Nation would support at this point. Don’t laugh. Increasingly this appears as though it will be the only solution. I’m feeling it. I’m not endorsing it. I stare at goats and this is what I see. Look closely. You’ll see it too.


One thought on “What Would It Take?

  1. You may be right, but what’s nagging me is that IT, meaning The Deep State, let this happen. No one steps right up as The Donald has done without ITS blessing, so to speak. So, Donald is serving some purpose for The Deep State. What?

    My thinking is, the purpose could very well be the need to further restrict even the semblance of freedom considering the pressing issues of resource constraints and habitat destruction to include climate change. The Pentagon knows the peril that’s ahead, so why wouldn’t The Deep State want to get out in front of it and put measures in place to start dealing with it now rather than later when it’s too late to do anything?

    Donald Trump is the perfect pretext, considering. And if that’s the case, The Deep State has to give him/it more time to percolate. Kissinger once warned that a strategy to defeat America would come from the inside and would involve creating an environment so unstable and perilous, Americans would beg The United Nations to intervene. Perhaps that’s what’s going on right now — a permutation of that, and what do you know, Kissinger is right there at Donald’s side as one of his advisors.

    If so, The Donald as pretext for Martial Law and a REAL Police State still needs time to ripen. Pence won’t be part of The Coup. It will be someone much worse as The Titular Head. Someone more than a politician and someone who is not a fool like Donald Trump.

    We’ll see. I hope I’m wrong and what I think is a goat that I’m staring at is really a monkey.

    Yet Another Impetus for a Coup?

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