Calling Mr. Morality

Ah, you remind me of me in my Youth. But now, we are two very different people. Life does that to you. Don’t you agree, Jim?

Now is the time for you to shine, Jim. Really shine. In your God’s eyes, depending on who or what your God really is. This is The Real Sunday School and you’re the teacher. You can teach The Nation, nay The World, about Morality & Ethics. Lord knows, both America and The World At Large need a good lesson in both.

That means you cannot be a Coward. You cannot hide behind the foils of Classified & National Security and you cannot let The New York Times, partly owned by a glorified Mexican Cartel Maggot (Carlos Slim), defend you with unverified, unvetted Anonymous Sources (i.e. “Former FBI Agents”).

The following from The New York Times is Cowardly. It’s The Stuff of Cowards. Since the sources are unverified & unvetted, it is effectively Fake News & Propaganda. Speak For Yourself, or consider yourself a Coward because that’s what I consider you until you do.

In a Private Dinner, Trump Demanded Loyalty. Comey Demurred.

You need to speak for yourself and defend yourself directly, honestly and unabashedly, Jim. Tell us yourself, in your own unflinching words, because as you said in your recent testimony to Congress that you’re a Rock or something to that effect, that Donald Trump is lying. Tell us that you never told him he wasn’t under investigation. Tell us it wasn’t your idea to have dinner with him at The White House and that it was Trump who solicited you, and not the other way around. We don’t want to take the word of unverified, unvetted Anonymous Sources allegedly speaking to The New York Times (pretty much The National Enquirer these days) on your behalf.

If I was you, which I’m not of course and never would want to be or ever would be, I would do as I’m asking you, my career & reputation be damned. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do and the right thing to do is never popular and never rewarded except intrinsically. Look intrinsically up in the dictionary Jim, along with your fellow FBI Brethren, for the meaning. Intrinsic is the only worthwhile reward. Extrinsic is for Shallow Opportunistic Scumbags.

During your tenure as FBI Director, Jim, you could have presented the case against Saudi Arabia as the Mastermind & Perpetrator of 9/11. Instead, you stonewalled FOIA Requests into the matter and only until very recently, like just this year, refused to declassify The Sheffield Report and to add further insult to injury, you & your organization downplayed the report and said the FBI Agent who authored it, Greg Sheffield, was basically making shit up and yet Greg is still employed by the FBI. So, either the FBI is comprised of FBI Agents who make shit up or you and the FBI are lying about the pertinence of The Sheffield Report. Maybe next time you teach Sunday School at your local church, you can discuss the morality & ethics of what you & the FBI are, or were in your case, doing by covering for The Saudi Royal Family, who, imo, attacked America on 9/11. I, for the life of me, cannot fathom why you or anyone in American Governance would do that unless the people who are doing it are complicit with The Saudi Royal Family in attacking America that fateful day in September of 2001, and, of course, the consequences & implications of such a dastardly scenario if it is true and was ever exposed to The Light of Day would be tremendous, or at least a reasonable person would think so, but hey, in this day and age, with The World turned upside down, maybe no one would even care. Except me. I care.

Also Jim, during your tenure as FBI Director you could have Cleaned House at The Bureau and changed the way things are/were done. Employing a caste of sub-contracted Criminal Informants is not ethical & moral. It’s Criminal. Since no FBI Agent, or FBI Agents, was/were ever brought to Justice for fomenting out of thin air, and aiding & abetting, a Terrorist Act in an absurd & insulting, and criminal in my opinion, Entrapment Scheme per the following excellent HBO Documentary, I must conclude that the FBI is still engaged in such immoral, unethical and criminal behavior, and if it is, that makes it a Criminal Enterprise that is effectively beyond reproach. Explain the following HBO Documentary to your Sunday School Students and tell them what you did about it during your tenure as FBI Director. I can tell you what I would do about it if I was appointed FBI Director and that’s why I would never be appointed FBI Director.