James Comey Resigns

It’s true. Don’t listen to the Fake News. Comey wasn’t fired by Trump. He resigned.

How do I know? Because Fox News, the only Fair & Balanced media outlet on offer, told me so. And these people are Specialists, so they would know and wouldn’t lie or get the script wrong.

I love this country, don’t you? Isn’t America great? It is. It’s awesome. Behold Democracy in all its glory. Do you see this, Assad? How about you Saudi Arabia? All you despots out there, this, Donald Trump’s America, should be your aspiration and inspiration. This is the way you do Democracy Gangnam Autocracy Style.

Look. Even Lavrov knows Comey resigned. He’s telling you so in this video. FYI, for those of you who don’t know, Lavrov reads this blog regularly. He’s a very smart man — much more intelligent than The Donald.

My pick for FBI Director besides me? Giuliani. He’ll Clean America Up like he cleaned Manhattan up. Let the Brownshirting of the FBI begin as if it’s not the Brownshirts already. Under the new FBI Director, anyone who says anything negative about Russia will be tortured & thrown in The Slammer — Putin’s orders delivered by Lavrov to The White House today.

America Will Soon Have Court Cages Like They Have In Russia. Yee Haw — I Can’t Wait!!!

Like I said, Autocracy in America is inevitable. Either you, we, The Little People be it, or you, we, will be run over and ground into the dust from whence you/we came.

It’s being considered by those who have power & influence, and in fact, I believe with The Ascension of Trump, it is well underway. There is still time to get out in front and take the reigns of this inevitable Autocracy and make it By and for The Little People. An improbable likelihood no doubt, since those who are conjuring it control The Media and Education, but still possible, even if the chances are remote.

I don’t endorse the following article. I present it, or link to it, for your edification and to serve as an illustration that it’s being considered and discussed and perhaps it’s already underway and I think it is. If you bury your head in the sand and don’t join in making it your own, the Malevolent Forces will be the Autocracy and then you, we, will be truly good & fucked.

Autocracy In America — Republic: Democracy vs. Autocracy

Here’s one of Trump’s latest Tweets. He cares. He really does. He really, really does. Almost as much as Hillary. Almost, but not quite.

The Spirit & Prestige of the FBI? That should make The Liberals happy considering their feigned concern for “oppressed” groups. Considering the Agency’s Founder & Idol J. Edgar Hoover’s predilections, the FBI under Giuliani should, very soon, be instituting a massive recruitment process for Latent Homosexual Crossdressers if not Overt Homosexual Crossdressers. Latent/Overt Heterosexual Crossdressers will also be considered. In otherwords, Snowflakes are welcome, but they must also be Punishing Authoritarians, particularly Sadists. Afterall, isn’t Giuliani one himself? You tell me. The Brownshirts had a thing for each other too. Ernst Julius Günther Röhm & J. Edgar Hoover are a Match Made In Heaven. Or Hell, depending on your perspective. Funny that. I think there’s a lesson to be learned.

Here’s archival footage of J. Edgar Hoover at a dinner engagement. It’s touching. His FBI Codename was Jasmine Glit. I feel bad for J. Edgar Hoover. If he had only been born 80 years later, he wouldn’t have had to hide in The Shadows. Now that Comey is fired and out of the way, no FBI Agent will ever have to hide in The Shadows again. They can be what they are and not have to hide it like poor J. Edgar.