In Like Flynn

This focus on General Flynn at the expense of all else smells to me of Containment. For those of you who don’t know what Containment is, look it up. It’s the way the Deep State puts out potential Forest Fires by performing Controlled Burns.

More and more this Deep State Russian Election Meddling Probe for Public Consumption looks to be contained to the in voluntary (so far) Scapegoat, The Fall Guy, General Michael Flynn. Trump may get dirty, but his soiling will be presented as indirect. Flynn will take The Fall much as Oliver North did, and in a few years he, like Oliver North, will have his own show on Fox News and all will be well with The World as the next Containment Scandal hits the headlines and on and on it goes.

But all isn’t well with The World. Not by a Long Shot. At least not right with The World for The Little People. The perception The Deep State is engendering via their Containment Strategy is a false one. The fact of the matter is, where there is one Cockroach there are many, and despite the Deep State’s Containment Strategy, I believe it’s safe to say at this point that there are many like General Flynn, not just in the upper ranks of the American Military but permeated throughout the entire Deep State apparatus. I believe a not insignificant percentage of those who have been charged with defending America and upholding The Constitution, are compromised just as Flynn is. It’s rampant. And there is nothing you or I can do about it because these people occupy, or have occupied in the case of The Colonel, some of the highest offices and have considerable power & influence. If I was Putin & Russia, this is how I would do it — how I would take down America. I do it from the inside out starting at that top where you get the most leveraged bang for your buck.

The engendered perception is The Deep State is out to get Trump. I don’t think so. I think the Deep State is engaging in a Controlled Burn in order to avoid a self-immolating conflagration. It’s containing the fact that Russia has been, for quite some time now, compromising one American Establishmentarian after another and by exposing a minor portion of it to the light of day in a very tightly controlled fashion (the Twin Tower Foils of Classified & National Security). We The Little People only get to see the Tip of the Iceberg that is characterized as This Is All There Is To See Folks, So Let’s Get Through It And Move Along.

Of course, I would love to be wrong about this, so, to all my friends out there immeshed firmly in the Deep State who are keeping tabs on me, prove me wrong. Please. I implore you. I want to be wrong. So surprise me. You surprised me with the Trump Victory. I admit it. You got me. Now get me again. I double dog dare you.

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