Lock Him Up!!

Does that incantation sound familiar? Of course it does. It was one of Donald Trump’s most famous campaign slogans & promises — to lock Hillary Clinton up when he became POTUS and he was quite confident he would be POTUS when hardly anyone else was with the exception of The Insiders.

Of course, True to Form, The Donald reneged on his taunting Campaign Promise and effectively preemptively pardoned Hillary & Bill Clinton even before any formal DOJ Investigation was, or could have been, initiated. I, for one, wanted to see The Clintons properly investigated for receiving Deferred Emoluments for Pay To Play Access from Despotic Dictators around The World. So yeah, Lock Her Up, I agree. Lock Them Up. Lock Him Up. Criminals take care of their fellow criminals when they belong to the same Crime Syndicate.

Here’s an excellent documentary from Zembla, a reputable Dutch investigative reporting outfit, underscoring Trump’s Dirty Dealings. Take special note that the American Government is In Bed with this. Comey’s FBI knows all of this and Felix Sater not only walks free, but the American Government has taken measures to seal his criminal record from prying eyes.

This is the same American Government that effectively framed the Tsarnaev Brothers and is now going to execute one of them without a fair trial and a proper investigation of The Boston Bombings. I’m telling you, Folks, the American Government is Rotten To The Core. It is Chronically Corrupt at this point.

This FBI Director, James Comey, has the audacious temerity to teach Sunday School at his Church. Can you believe this shit? Criminals teaching Sunday School???? This arrogant Smartass Motherfucker had the nerve to say how tough his job is as FBI Director and that he wished he never accepted Obama’s invitation to be the FBI Director. Shut the hell up, you asshole. Fine, you think the job’s hard & too tough, I’ll tell you what, let’s trade places you Scumbag. I’ll be more than happy to occupy the position of FBI Director and Clean House once and for all. I promise you, under my Watch, an army of Government Criminals are going to jail. Donald Trump, if I was FBI Director, would be going to jail as would The Clintons and many, many FBI Agents in Upper Management at the FBI. And I’d make the proceedings perfectly transparent with weekly and/or daily updates and Press Conferences because when I Clean House, I REALLY Clean House.

Without further adieu, here’s that excellent documentary I mentioned. The American Government is In Bed with this Endemic Corruption. We need to Clean House. There are so many corrupt & criminal people working in the American Government at this point, it’s effectively a Criminal Enterprise. They hide behind The Twin Tower Foils of Classified & National Security to keep matters opaque and in The Shadows where they prefer to conduct their Criminal Activity. We need, and we should be demanding, Total Transparency because those responsible for classifying these matters and claiming they are a matter of National Security are liars and criminals and cannot and should not be trusted. They have been sheltering Donald Trump from proper scrutiny and they helped get him elected by Hook or Crook. They are complicit.


2 thoughts on “Lock Him Up!!

  1. …to lock Hillary Clinton up when [he] became POTUS


    Glad to see you’re still alive, Cold

    Note, Hillary is a [she].

    • Yes, I’m alive — much to my detractors’ collective chagrin, and believe me, I have many detractors. I’m not sure why. I’m a friendly, fun-loving, amiable, gregarious individual, but apparently that’s not good enough. What can you do? It’s the society we’re living in.

      You need to read it again. He, meaning The Donald, promised he would lock up Hillary Clinton when he (The Donald) became POTUS. I’m still waiting just as I’m waiting for Regime Change on Saudi Arabia for attacking America on 9/11.

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