The Saudi Elephant In The Room

Hello Donald, where are you on this? Just the other day I heard you tell CBS‘s John Dickerson that the most important issue facing The American People was the NSA wiretapping us all — including you. I think that’s certainly an important issue, but in no way THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE. North Korea isn’t the most important issue either and neither is Syria, although they are important issues. Destroying Obamacare and your yuuuge proposed tax cut for The Rich, whilst I’m sure it’s the most important issue to those you TRULY represent (The Global Oligarchy), are also not the most important issues for The American People. No, the most important issue for The American People, at least according to Washington D.C.,  is America’s National Security.

America’s Safety is paramount to all else. And yet, what I’m about to reveal indicates you don’t really think it is and none of your predecessors do, or did, either. How can that be? Do they, do you, not love & serve America? If you do, how could you let what follows go unaddressed? We want answers. We want action. Until we get that, you, and all your rich friends, all your colleagues meaning the entire Political EstablishmentThe Lamestream Press, simply have zero credibility whatsoever. Resolve this NOW or consider yourself complicit. You now have the power to act on this and to ruin the careers of any politician who would dare to block or stymie a proper investigation into this aggressive & traitorous deception that goes well beyond a cover-up.

As many of you, if not all of you, already know, The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) was passed into law on 9/16/2016 after years of arduous, painstaking effort by the families of the victims of 9/11. It was arduous & painstaking because there were, there are, many within The American Government who were/are dead set against this legislation. The excuse the various detractors gave, and still give, for opposing the legislation was, and still is, that it would/will open the door to similar lawsuits against America for its military adventures abroad and hence would somehow inexplicably make American soldiers less safe. It’s a lame excuse that’s been addressed and accounted for nonetheless. Here’s a link to an article from PASSJASTA.ORG that explains why the objections are not, or in some cases are no longer, valid. The bill was refined numerous times to address & reflect the legitimate, because some concerns were legitimate, concerns of a broad cross section of critics. It’s final version, the version that passed despite Obama’s curious & telling veto, is squeaky clean and ready to roll.


The article addresses every concern raised by a broad cross section of politicians & citizens alike. Here’s a list of resolved objections. Click the link behind the title for the details.

  1. JASTA provides no basis for a claim against individual foreign officials, who retain immunity from suit under common law doctrines.
  2. In addition to the fact that they enjoy immunity under common law doctrines, JASTA’s substantive cause of action is not available in a suit against an individual employee or official of a foreign government for acts undertaken in the scope of their office or employment.
  3. JASTA does not apply to military activities of a foreign state.
  4. The enactment of reciprocal legislation poses no risk to our military personnel.
  5. The United States has a program in place to compensate foreign citizens who suffer injuries as a result of noncombat activities of our military personnel abroad.
  6. The United States Already is Subject to Claims Abroad for Civilian Casualties of Drone Strikes and Pays Compensation to Unintended Casualties of Those Strikes.
  7. In the unlikely event some rogue state might authorize suits against U.S. personnel abroad, the United States is well equipped to defend them in any such action.

When I initially heard about this bill, I shared some of the same concerns but after investigating the matter more thoroughly, I’m convinced these concerns have been suitably addressed. I support this legislation now because I believe if it’s allowed to proceed unhindered, and that’s a tall order, then it can only help to shed further light on the Black Hole that is 9/11. It’s an official way to investigate 9/11 more thoroughly and with the authority & weight of the American Government as support without its onerous & censorious containment measures. The 9/11 Commission Report was woefully inadequate in this regard.

Already, some interesting information is coming to light (Greg Sheffield‘s previously suppressed FBI Report about strong Saudi Royal Family ties/links to the Hijackers). As well, the actions of those who are resisting this, FBI Director Comey for example and his unwillingness to cooperate, are very telling. Why do so many in The American Government, Obama included, have so much to hide? Why are so many so resistant to this legislation and the lawsuits that will result from it, but most importantly, the greater transparency that will result from it if these detractors don’t stymie & hinder the process in perpetuity? The answer to these questions follows. In short, let us just say these detractors are compromised. And because this issue involves the most prolific attack, historically, by foreign interests on The American Mainland, compromised equals traitorous. The problem is, when the Traitors occupy the highest offices in the land, who’s going to prosecute them? Therein lies the rub. It’s a conundrum. One way or another, we have to figure it out because there can be no progress without Justice. And who doesn’t want progress? Who indeed!!

Let’s get something straight. 9/11 is not irrelevant. 9/11 was, and still is, a significant event, a New Pearl Harbor, that served as a catalyst for all the draconian bullshit that’s occupied its prodigious wake since that tragic day in September nearly sixteen years prior. A full & complete understanding of 9/11, a proper accounting, is absolutely mandatory because of the significance of 9/11 as a Turning Point. There has effectively been no True Justice for the True Perpetrators of 9/11 and their many victims, and in fact, there seems to be some dispute about who the perpetrators are, but we won’t travel to deepest depths of that Bottomless Rabbit Hole because it’s a trap.

The 9/11 Commission Report claims the perpetrators were, generally speaking, Al Qaeda but specifically 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were citizens of Saudi Arabia. Let’s take The 9/11 Commission Report at its word and agree that 9/11 was the work of Al Qaeda and its operatives and that these 19 hijackers are the ones responsible for the tragic events of that ignominious day. Don’t you think that Government Officials, if made aware that the hijackers had direct links and/or ties to the Saudi Royal Family, would take appropriate (appropriate by Official Decree only) action as they’ve done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria? If these Government Officials, and that list includes any Government Official who is made aware of this information, were/are made aware, wouldn’t you consider them traitorous if they didn’t act and take appropriate action against a foreign government that quite literally attacked America with the intent purpose of murdering innocents?

In fact, one can argue, and it’s a pertinent & cogent argument, that none of those aforementioned countries — Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria — had any links and/or ties with the people who perpetrated 9/11 with the exception of Afghanistan but that’s another chapter in this ongoing infamous novel, and yet they’ve been attacked and failed, and in the case of Syria it’s still an ongoing campaign, instead of Saudi Arabia. This is a HUGE RED FLAG. It implies that more than a few Government Officials past & present are complicit with, in bed with, those who conspired to attack America on 9/11. These Government Officials, ALL OF THEM, need to be brought to Justice and Saudi Arabia needs to be dealt with accordingly.

But that’s not going to happen any time soon if ever so long as TRAITORS, not just these Government Officials past & present, do the bidding of the Saudi Royal Family and act on their behalf as lobbyists in an ALL OUT EFFORT to neuter & undermine The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act.

There are two ways the Saudi Royal Family and their traitorous American Emissaries & Government Officials lobbying on their behalf are trying to accomplish their goal of stifling any Civil Law Investigation of 9/11. First, various governmental organizations, specifically the intelligence services, will stonewall any FOIA Requests and any information they do provide will be highly redacted. That’s already happening as I will reveal shortly. Second, they will attempt to repeal the law or amend it in such a way it is rendered feckless and harmless. That effort is underway also as I will reveal shortly. Needless to say, this is Dirty Business — as Dirty as it gets.

Let’s start with the stonewalling, by American Intelligence Services (all the various Alphabet Agencies), of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests. Have you heard any mention of The 28 Pages in The Lamestream Media? It’s been covered, but only just barely and only by a very few Mainstream Publications & Networks and even then only briefly. It certainly wasn’t Breaking News.

The 28 Pages are a fascinating & pertinent section of a report published in December of 2002 by The Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 co-chaired by The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Bob Graham, former Governor of Florida and United States Senator, who served on The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence at the time, was part of the Inquiry Team that authored the December 2002 report and ironically he initially opposed the formation of The Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 because he believed it would unnecessarily blame and malign the CIA. Once he acquiesced to it, he opened the door to the Bottomless Rabbit Hole that is 9/11 and stepped right in. Along the way he met Alice and a few of her friends. Even Governors and Senators are not immune from harassing chastisement if they fly too close to the flame that will ultimately burn us all. Here’s an intriguing article from WhoWhatWhy concerning Bob Graham and the FBI after Graham, in 2011, started a crusade to have The 28 Pages declassified and more specifically, a section I lable The Sheffield Report (an FBI Report authored by FBI Special Agent Greg Sheffield) that spotlighted direct, incontrovertible Saudi Royal Family connections to the 9/11 Hijackers via a Saudi family in Sarasota that presumably acted as Handlers and fled America abruptly just days before the attack leaving all, or most, of their possessions behind. Here’s the link & a snippet.


Back in 2011, when Graham began making public statements about the Sarasota Connection, he got the FBI’s quick attention. What happened next was the subject of a brief New York Times article that appeared earlier this month. But the story of Graham’s encounter with the FBI is so extraordinary that we thought it deserved more scrutiny, so we asked Graham to elaborate on it for WhoWhatWhy.

BG: I have a daughter who lives in Great Falls, Virginia, and my wife and I had flown up to Dulles to be with her for Thanksgiving. And as we got off the plane, a couple of FBI people met us, said they would like us to attend a meeting. So we went. The FBI has an office at Dulles, and there were two FBI people and an attorney from the Department of Justice. And basically, we spent an hour—with them trying to convince me to forget this, that it was a dead end, that all that was needed to be learned about it had already been learned. The phrase ‘get a life’ was sort of my summary of that conversation.

RB: Then it’s even a better story than the way Carl [Hulse of the Times] wrote it up.

BG: Yeah. And then, I had been able to read a couple of files of materials on Sarasota, and I pointed out where their public statement was not consistent with what was in their own classified files. And the FBI officer said: “Well, that was a matter of context, that there was other information which refuted the statements which were contained in the investigative officer’s report.”

So I said, “Well, can I see what that other information is?” And he said “yes” and we set a date for the week after Thanksgiving.

And when I went to the FBI office at the scheduled time, that same agent who [was at the meeting at Dulles] was there and he said: “Your meeting here has been canceled, is not going to be rescheduled, and incidentally, I know you’ve been trying to contact the agent who wrote the report, and I have told him not to talk with you.”

And that was the last time I met with a high-ranking FBI official.

RB: Now, without putting you too much on the spot, can you indicate how high a level we’re talking?

BG: Very high.

RB: Very high. Okay. So this might be a name that I might have heard of.

BG: You might have.

More at link behind title.

For a more thorough & comprehensive description of The 28 Pages than I care to recreate, here’s a screen capture from Wikipedia.

More to come.