Deport Greg Gianforte

He's that, Hank, but first & foremost, he's a Penis Face. Look at him. His face is a penis — uncircumcised & chronically embedded with Smegma. Not only Gianforte, but all his Rich Friends as well. Consider this blog post a specific addendum to my Deport The Rich blog post here. I think they all … Continue reading Deport Greg Gianforte

This Is Inhuman Refuse

I say Inhuman because these creatures are surely not Human, or if they are they are a degraded form of Humanity gone terribly wrong. They are Fecal Matter. They are Violent. They are Bullies. They are Cowards. They are Traitors. They are Treasonous. They are Rich beyond your imagination. They are your Enemy. They must be … Continue reading This Is Inhuman Refuse

Do You Believe In Magick?

Well, do you? I know I do if Magick is the word to describe that which cannot yet be explained by Science. Let me explain. This past Friday, in proximity to posting the blog post entitled Leviathan's For Real here, and particularly the material in that blog post to include the information about Corporations as … Continue reading Do You Believe In Magick?