Glossip Watch

Considering how flawed the American Justice System is, even though it’s better than some, it has no business whatsoever putting prisoners to death because when it does, it stands the chance of executing an innocent person, and even if the prisoner is not innocent, two wrongs NEVER make a right.

Ever heard of Lead by Example? What the hell kind of example is Capital Punishment except to say to The Citizenry that killing is an acceptable reaction & punishment hence America boasts, demands even, between 15,000 to 20,000 homicides per year. As a symbolic measure, it diminishes the sanctity of all Life as a symbol of evil. It’s tantamount to a Blood Sacrifice without the Mayan Pomp & Ceremony. The callous, detached, dispassionate & bureaucratic manner in which the process progresses from sentence to execution serves as witness to The Banality of Evil. Eichman would be pleased. It’s that methodically detached from any form or notion of Humanity. The people who directly & indirectly participate in it lose their metaphorical souls if they had one at all.

Sadly, Hannah, The Lesson Was Not Learned. Lessons Seldom Are.

I’m bringing this up because I recently saw an excellent documentary about a human being (yes, a human being), Richard Glossip, who is about to be executed for a crime he clearly did not commit and had nothing whatsoever to do with. He just happened to be the wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time, meaning, he was poor working in a poor section of Oklahoma City where a murder, of his employer Barry Van Treese, occurred at Glossip’s place of employ and the scumbag detectives and scumbag prosecutor went quite literally way out of their way to pin it on him even though they had the guy, Justin Sneed — an obvious psychopath, who did it in custody and that person,  Justin Sneed, confessed to it and there was no doubt he committed the murder because of all the forensic evidence coupled with his confession. For some reason, this was not good enough for the scumbag detectives & prosecutors, no, they had to implicate someone else. Why? Because they are evil, that’s why, and they’re not alone. Local Law Enforcement all across America is inundated with Evil Shits just like these two detectives, Bob Bemo and Bob Cook, who framed Richard Glossip and Dirtbag Prosecutors like Robert H. Macy.

I can’t find photos of Bemo & Cook but here’s Macy. He is Pure Evil. He’s dead, thankfully, but no doubt there are, and were, many ready to take his place and have. He had the reputation of being one of the deadliest prosecutors in the country. He had an evil bloodlust and he managed to satiate it via Legal Murder. I spit on your grave you piece of shit. If his body is in the ground and he wasn’t cremated, it should be dug up and his DNA should be destroyed so it never has a chance to commingle with & poison any other form of life on this planet. That’s how hideous this creature is.

Remind me never to move to Oklahoma or even pass through it. Shit, come to think of it, there are so many states in America just like Oklahoma there’s really no escaping these Grim Reapers. Richard Glossip’s nightmare is standard operating procedure all across this great land. Adnan Syed, anyone? That’s Maryland. Thanks to Gov. Martin O’Malley, as of 2013 Maryland no longer has the Death Penalty but it’s still putting a substantial number of Defendants away for Life who are innocent of the charges brought against them, and as we saw with the Adnan Syed case, there are still Frame-Ups being perpetrated that are going unacknowledged and unpunished.

Following is the link to the excellent documentary covering Richard Glossip’s saga. Richard has exhausted all of his appeals and more than likely he will be executed. The State, once again, will have murdered, and it is murder, an innocent man on behalf of a somnambulant, clueless Public that is essentially Under Occupation by Psychopaths running the Justice System. You better hope you never win this most unlucky of lotteries. You better hope no one ever accuses you of a crime you never committed. Because once you’re in the grasp of these Demonic State-Sanctioned Murderers, and you don’t have sufficient funds to defend yourself, you’re fucked. That’s American Justice. It’s something to be proud of, isn’t it? Is this what the Terrorists hate us so much for they feel a need to murder over 3,000 Americans with several hijacked jets? The Terrorists hate us for the impeccable System of American Justice? And here I thought it was for our Freedom that the Terrorists hate us. What Freedom? Talk to Richard Glossip about this vaunted Freedom and the countless others incarcerated, and some of them murdered, for crimes they didn’t commit or for violations of laws that are unjust, immoral and unethical.

Arkansas Is Doing Its Best To Help America Catch Up To The Other Four. Nobody Beats America Dammit!!! Donald Trump’s America Does Not Lose At Anything!!

As you’ll see in the following documentary, because Richard Glossip was poor he could not afford adequate & effective representation. The Lawyers he was assigned, with the exception of one who was cleverly & strategically dismissed by The State, ALL sucked. And the Lawyers for the prosecution were corrupt beyond the pale to the point of being overtly sadistically evil. I wrote about Lawyers ( and my observation applies to prosecutors as equally as it does to defense attorneys) in my recent blog post Legal Murder here. This is what I said. No doubt Richard Glossip, for the most part with a scant few exceptions, would agree. The Jury in his case, and the Juries in the appeals to it, were manipulated & hoodwinked by the evil & corrupt prosecution and the Judges enabled it making them equally culpable & corrupt. In A New System of American Justice, we’ll need a fresh set of Judges & Lawyers to replace the current jaded crop plying their wicked trade in, and for, an increasingly corrupt and beyond reproach System of Justice.

These Sleazebag Lawyers love Trial by Jury though, so I don’t expect it will ever change. The Sleazebag Lawyers love Witnesses and Jurors because they can manipulate and exploit both so easily, but it’s not easy to manipulate and exploit an intelligent, independent, objective, critically-thinking Judge. Keep this in mind the next time you take a good, hard look at America’s Legal/Justice System. It’s not about finding and/or rendering Justice, you Silly, it’s about creating a bizarre, ineffective (for anyone searching for Justice but not ineffective at making money if you’re a Sleazebag Lawyer), exploitative and misrepresentative process whereby Sleazebag Lawyers can thrive. It’s about Industry, not Justice.

Anyway, enjoy the documentary, or maybe, on second thought, enjoy isn’t the right word. Hopefully it bequeaths you with some measure of validation & enlightenment. We’re sorely in need of a new System of Justice. Those who comprise the current pitiful rendition are increasingly unethical and immoral and the laws they are enforcing are increasingly unjust, immoral and unethical. It has to change, and that change can’t come soon enough.

FYI, I’ve been sharing emails with a local prosecutor, this one specializes in traffic violations, and it’s the same mentality Richard Glossip has had to face for the last twenty some years. They simply don’t care about morals or ethics at all. They’ll engage in lying & cheating without batting an eye and they’re happy to enforce unjust laws and they get each others’ backs like they’re a Band of Brothers. I’d say they’re more akin to a Band of Crooks & Butchers. They don’t police each other, and instead defend one another no matter how heinously they behave. I will have a blog post up shortly about my email debate with this scumbag prosecutor. It’s yet more inexplicable & nauseating Grist for the Grist Mill.

A Teaser

One more thing. I titled the blog post Glossip Watch because Richard has miraculously escaped the Hangman’s Noose three times now. He is the only prisoner ever on Death Row to receive three Last Meals. I don’t think he’ll get more than four, and that’s tragic, but as I’ve noted on many occasions, it’s nothing new. This Is The World We Live In. This is America. We need to change it. Won’t you join me in that endeavor? It’s time for us to evolve, and to start that process, you, we, must refuse to comply.

Killing Richard Glossip (the link is behind this title — it’s worth the look & see)