Shadow Boxing With North Korea

Merkel’s expression, and the rest of the panelist’s expressions at that German Town Hall with Ivanka Trump yesterday or the day before, was priceless. Merkel may be a politician like all the rest, but in comparison to Putin & Trump, she appears at least halfway normal, whatever normal is these days, to their Batshit Insane, so, when she is in Putin’s and/or Trump’s presence, she has this look on her face that says, “this motherfucker is a lunatic — please, let this be over soon because I’m not sure how much more I can withstand.”

Merkel and her fellow panelists had that same expression yesterday, or was it the day before?, when Ivanka repeated the Batshit Insane trope that her father is, and always has been, a champion for women and families. Some in the audience booed her audacious, clueless temerity but Ivanka was unflagging in her defense of her indefensible father.

This brings me to another point. I think it’s appropriate that Trump’s Enemy Number One right now is Kim Jong-un and North Korea because actually, if you think about it, North Korea best explains and exemplifies Trump and his supporters. Trump is The Great Leader. His supporters are unwavering in their support, even after his abysmal first 100 days, of this Megalomaniac despite an overwhelming amount of evidence that he is a lying, psychotic con man who never saw a mirror he didn’t like.

Seriously, Trump & his supporters (envision the prolific, arrogantly ignorant, deplorable scumbag internet trolls Morongobill and S Brennan who will support Heir Trump all the way to Armageddon) are North Korea and if this psychotic onslaught of hypocritical contradictions they’re engaged in continues unabated, and I don’t really see any True Resistance to it on the horizon (The Democrats are a Sick Joke), then America soon enough will be North Korea too and never know it. Well, I’ll know it, and maybe a few others, but I sure wish I didn’t have to because it would be far easier not to know. It’s a Cult. It’s a Religion. It’s UNNERVING.

So the Face-Off/Stand-Off with North Korea is rather appropriate & fitting, I believe. It’s a form of Shadow Boxing because Trump & his supporters, by taking on North Korea and its Great Leader, are fighting their own reflection, but instead of gloves, it’s nukes.

Here’s a link to the German Town Hall video with Ivanka Trump & Angela Merkel. Watch Merkel. I love it. It’s my expression, on the inside, too. It’s a perfect German, or universal really, WTF!!

Ivanka made a point of chastising the criticism as Fake News conjured by a biased media. The Media is certainly biased, it is certainly propaganda, and Fox News is included under the umbrella term The Media as is The National Review & Breitbart and all the other conservative propaganda rags & outlets, but we don’t need the biased media, the propagandists, to tell us Trump IS NOT a champion of women and families.

The preposterous nonsense Ivanka is preaching is unequivocal, undeniable BULLSHIT!! Please, Ivanka, just SHUT UP and STOP IT!!!!! Or maybe she can’t. Maybe she’s like the North Koreans who have had to pretend their entire lives to the point they believe it. I think that’s it, and THAT is frightening. Cultists are running the country and they’ve cultivated a prodigious following and nothing will be done about it. Nothing. It’s just going to happen. It is happening.

Also during the German Town Hall Ivanka said, “when my father was in the private sector….” Ummm…..Ivanka, your father has broken new ground. You speak in the past tense inappropriately and erroneously. Your father is obviously still in the private sector considering his Real Time Emoluments that are too numerous to track & prosecute, and he’s in the public sector as well since he’s somehow POTUS.

Under Trump we have reached the Political Singularity where Public & Private have finally merged and become one. There is no longer any distinction. The precedent has been set. It was the direction for many decades. Now it’s a Done Deal and there is no going back.

Welcome to the Corporate State in all its glory.


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