A New Search Engine

We need a new Search Engine to serve as an alternative to the censorious Google, and no, the other Search Engines such as Bing & DuckDuckGo & Yahoo, to name a few, are not adequate because the majority of them are Meta Search Engines meaning they rely on Google‘s results for their own results.

Some of the other Search Engines out there differentiate themselves in regard to anonymity, and that is a positive feature that should be incorporated in this new Search Engine I’m proposing, but what’s equally as important, or actually more important, are the results the Search Engine produces. If there’s to be any filtering, it should be done by the user of the Search Engine, not the developer and/or proprietor of the Search Engine. Therefore, this proposed Search Engine, let’s call it the Mother Of All Search Engines (MOASE) or The People’s Search Engine, will incorporate a feature that allows the user to filter their own results rather than The People’s Search Engine‘s staff doing it for them. The name can & will be decided at a later date, but for now, let’s get on the same page and agree that We The People need an alternative to Big Brother Google’s Search Engine that is highly filtered by The National Security State per my blog post entitled Be Evil here.

Increasingly, the only results returned by Google‘s highly censorious Search Engine are innocuous, benign, mind-numbing & mind-destroying Mainstream News Sources that recycle and regurgitate propaganda about The World We Live In. There is a veritable ocean of intelligent, highly-informative, evocative, provocative, rock-your-world content on the World Wide Web waiting to be tapped and returned in results but is being either ignored and/or filtered out by Google and the other Search Engines, and no, I’m not talking about porn. I’m talking about intellectual content that challenges your/our Reality and persuades you/us to adapt your/our Worldview. We cannot truly understand our World if we do not have access to a diversity of information and opinion, and that diversity of information & opinion exists — we just need to tap it and allow it to show in results returned by a non-censorious Search Engine that believes you can, and should, do your own thinking. Google, sadly, does not provide that diversity. Google is in the Perception Management Business, and believe me, it is a business and it’s Big Business.

If you’re a nascent programmer, let me know via the comments section if you’re interested in compiling a team and getting this project off the ground. As well, for all the rest of you, I’m providing a poll to gauge your sentiment about a new Search Engine to serve as an alternative to Google. Please participate. This Search Engine will not be yet another imposter Google Knock-Off. It will be a Game Changer.


2 thoughts on “A New Search Engine

  1. interesting in the 20 years of google, no serious startup competitor. hell, semiconductors did lots better spawning many startups to gobble slices of the big pie. what does this sole ownership of what has become an innocuous tool tell us? big money is worried about loss of control of big data.

    • Since the “disinformation and propaganda act” was incorporated and FUNDED in the NDAA obomba signed in December 2016, Google’s parent corp, Alphabet, owners no longer conceal their alliance with globalism and using the data search tool for political purposes.

      The current defunding, blocking, reordering, delisting by Google search, Google’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are not in favor of “big money,” they are the implementation of Poindexter’s “Total Information Awareness” finalized by the complete merger of the corps and government, aka fascism.

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