Legal Murder


As a result of investigating my daughter’s recent traffic accident where she was run over as a pedestrian by a vehicle, I have uncovered a foolproof way to murder someone without any legal or financial repercussions. Not that I’m interested in murdering anyone, because I’m not thank you very much, but no doubt there are more than a few of you out there who are, and this is the way you can get away with it. It’s Guaranteed or Your Money Back even though you paid nothing for the advice.

Heretofore, I always thought pedestrians had the right of way and vehicle operators were required to proceed with caution and yield to pedestrian traffic. For all these years I was being presumptuous. That’s not the way it is or the way it works in America. America is a Car Culture and The Car is King. Just ask anyone who’s been struck by one, especially if that person was Jaywalking.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, if you are Jaywalking in America, you are Fair Game and Open Season can be declared on you for anyone hellbent on bringing harm your way. So, if you get that itch to kill someone, and many Trump Supporters in that Basket of Deplorables get that itch quite often, searching out a Jaywalker and running over their ass is the way to go. The Law allows it. According to The Law, if they’re Jaywalking, whatever comes their way Serves ‘Em Right. You can even text or be asleep when you mow down the Jaywalker and it doesn’t matter. You won’t be held to account. Because the person was Jaywalking, you have a Free Pass to take their life or paralyze them for life. So do your Patriotic Duty and get out there and help Cull the Herd by eliminating yet another pesky Jaywalker.


Before I proceed any further in proving the title of this blog post and proving my daughter’s case, let me make something perfectly clear. My daughter fully admits to Jaywalking. She admitted it to one of the witnesses at the scene (dazed & confused, my daughter whispered in the woman’s ear, “this is what I get for Jaywalking,” to which the Good Samaritan woman said, “no sweetie, nobody deserves what just happened to you — don’t say that, honey.”) — the saint of a woman who came to her aid immediately and consoled her and held her during her time of psychical need. This saintly woman was the only person at the scene who showed any compassion towards my daughter and, in fact, there were others at the scene who actually not only didn’t show any compassion, but did the exact opposite and abused her further, namely Campus Security who commandeered the accident scene and proprietarily took control of the investigation of it. I’ll get to all of that later because it’s quite a story. I feel, and my daughter and wife do too, like we’ve entered The Twilight Zone. I heard or saw the term Gaslighting mentioned lately, and I’ll be damned if this incident with my daughter doesn’t resemble Gaslighting in every conceivable manner.


My daughter is not trying to conceal her contribution to the accident by virtue of being guilty of Jaywalking. It’s true, she conveniently didn’t tell me she was Jaywalking for the first several days after her accident, but when I pressed her, she came clean and at first I was livid and said “Jesus Christ, you were Jaywalking? Shit! If you were Jaywalking, you’re screwed. You’ll never get his insurance company to pay your medical bills.” Of course, I was impulsively emoting at the time and I was talking out of my ass without thinking first, but I’ll be damned, for talking and thinking out of my ass impulsively, I was pretty damn prescient because as it turns out, I was spot on in my assessment as you will soon see & realize.

Also, before we go any further, Jaywalking is a traffic violation. We have no quibble with that, but The Law surrounding Jaywalking needs to be understood and clarified. Jaywalking is a traffic violation and there is a law against it in most states & locales because it is meant to insure a pedestrian’s safety. It is not intended or meant to exonerate the driver of a vehicle who strikes a Jaywalker with his/her vehicle. Not all Jaywalking is created equal just as every case is different and unique and must be resolved upon its own merits. In some cases, Jaywalking cannot be foreseen and foreseeable by a Responsible Driver, and in those cases, the Jaywalker is fully responsible for the outcome. But other Jaywalking cases where the Jaywalker is struck by a vehicle are not so clear cut. You would think that the measure in any case where a vehicle strikes a pedestrian is that the driver of the vehicle has a duty & an obligation to yield to pedestrian traffic regardless of whether a person is Jaywalking or not. If that’s not the standard and benchmark, it sure as hell should be, otherwise, as we’ll soon see, The Law is effectively advocating Legal Murder if someone is inclined to use this method rather than a gun or a garrote.


There on the scene a few witnesses told me what they saw.

Deplorable Trump Redneck (Witness # 1) said that he was driving a GMC Yukon in the straight lane and traveling west on Make America Great Again Way toward Build That Wall Lane and came to a stop behind a white Ford F150. He said that he saw Cold’s daughter on the left side of the street rubbing her eyes as if she was still half way asleep. Deplorable Trump Redneck said that Cold’s daughter waved at him and then she walked out into the street across one lane and then into his lane between his GMC and the Ford. He said that she darted across into the turning lane and was struck by a white Dodge Neon. Deplorable Trump Redneck said that the driver had no chance to see her in time or enough to stop. He said that the impact flipped Cold’s daughter up to about 5 to 6 feet in the air sideways and part of her body hit the back of the Ford F150 in front of him as she landed on the street. Deplorable Trump Redneck said that surprisingly Cold’s daughter sat up on her own.

I spoke with Knaat PaYhing Ahten Shen the driver of the white Dodge Neon and he said that he was driving down Make America Great Again Way in the right turning lane when Cold’s daughter darted across in front of his car and he hit

Third Reich College (TRC) student Hannah Clueless Waffler ( Witness # 3) said that she was stopped on Make America Great Again Way facing Build That Wall Lane when she saw Cold’s daughter standing in the grass beside the street (Gas Showers Building). She said that she saw Cold’s daughter casually cross the street and once she got behind her vehicle she said that Cold’s daughter darted over into the next lane in front of the white Neon and was “knocked” into the air. Hannah Clueless Waffler said that part of Cold’s daughter’s hand hit the tailgate of her truck and she thinks that her head may have hit the bumper as she fell head first to the street. Hannah Clueless Waffler said that there was no way that the driver could have seen Cold’s daughter with the SUV next to him. She said that there was no way that he would have had a chance to stop without hitting her.

Suzanne Saint ( Witness # 2) said that she was driving a Honda Civic and stopped on Make America Great Again Way in the lane behind the SUV (Witness # 1). Suzanne Saint said that she saw Cold’s daughter cross the street in front of the SUV and then she darted into the path of the white Neon in the right turning lane. Suzanne Saint said that the driver was not speeding at all but there was no way that he could have seen her or stopped in time without hitting her. Suzanne Saint said that she went over to Cold’s daughter as Cold’s daughter sat upright on her buttocks in the street and held her in her arms. Suzanne Saint said that Cold’s daughter told her “that’s what I get for jaywalking.”

Cold’s daughter was checked out by the Paramedics and after their assessment they told her that she needed further treatment. Cold’s daughter agreed and walked over to the gurney to be transported by ambulance to the America Will Be Great Again Medical Center.

Above, as you can see, I’ve provided a snapshot of the scene (use the zoom feature on your browser for a closer look if you can’t see it too well) of the accident with overlays and the exact alleged Witness Accounts (names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty) directly from the Accident Report prepared by Third Reich College’s Campus Security Department — the Freaks who proprietarily commandeered the Accident Scene and tyrannically took charge of the Farcical Investigation.

Police Reports Are Not Gospel

We need to get that straight before we proceed. Police Reports, or in this case Accident Reports since Campus Security is not officially The Police, are, or can be, valuable as a reference and starting point in drilling down into the investigation of an accident or incident, but they are in no way Gospel or the Final Say. In fact, they are often erroneous & misleading if used as the first & last stop, and, on occasion, they can be purposefully & duplicitously false. Keep in mind, if you happen to be the victim of a duplicitously falsified Police Report/Accident Report, it is extremely difficult to legally attain Justice because the American Legal System almost always, without fail, sides with The Police and gives them the benefit of the doubt that they would never lie. Of course, we know that’s unequivocal BULLSHIT!! The Police not only can lie but they do lie and more often than Head-In-The-Sand Braindead Dipshits care to admit.

Before we go any further, let me add, we are currently determining if Campus Security knowingly filed a largely fictitious Police/Accident Report and if there are any legal remedies in our State of Residence. There is legal remedy in California, but I’m guessing there is no such legal code in our State, so if we pursue legal recourse, at least as it relates to this dimension of the case, it would have to be handled via civil versus criminal litigation. If that is indeed true and there is no legal code to protect citizens against falsified Police/Accident Reports in our State, don’t think these Crumb Bums don’t know that and don’t realize they can write fiction with impunity. Give an Authoritarian license to lie & cheat, and that Authoritarian will lie & cheat — ten times out of ten or a hundred times out of a hundred.

As well, for reference, here’s a YouTube compilation of people getting struck by vehicles for those of you incapable of envisioning the violence of the act. Warning — it may be graphic and disturbing for some, and yet, for others — the sadists amongst us and they are more than a few — it may excite them and cause an erection and subsequent ejaculation. FYI, some of the pedestrians in this video compilation weren’t too swift if you get my drift, so it’s not meant to simulate specifically my daughter’s accident, but instead to show you in a palpable & visceral way how shocking & horrifying such an accident is.

First Impressions Mean Everything

Okay, maybe not everything, but First Impressions hold a great deal of weight and like concrete, they solidify quickly and once they’re set, it’s near impossible to alter the perception. In this respect, as an objective, independent investigator & analyst you have to use considerable restraint in giving too much weight to the Police/Accident Report. You have to take care not to allow the Police/Accident Report to form an indelible perception of the case. You have to resist the stultifying pull & power of First Impressions.

This is a perfect case to prove that point. Reviewing the Witness Statements above lifted from the Police/Accident Report, an unwitting, undisciplined person casually, quickly & dismissively reading it would believe it’s a Slam Dunk, Open & Shut case. It reads like my daughter was Jaywalking and there was no way the driver of the vehicle that struck her could have seen her or stopped in time and therefore my daughter is completely at fault and the driver is exonerated of any wrong-doing and, in fact, my daughter is lucky to be alive and she’s fortunate Campus Security   beneficently didn’t give her a ticket for her traffic violation. Right? That’s how I read it when I read it for the first time, but I didn’t read it casually, quickly & dismissively. I read it, then I read it again and then again. And each consecutive time I read it, the report took on another form and that other form is, for lack of better term, a fiction.

I’m going to prove as we move along in this discussion just how much of a fiction this Police/Accident Report is, so let’s get started. First of all, an immediate Red Flag, one of several, that waved at me is the fact the report listed the speed limit as 35 mph. This is inaccurate. It’s also very telling, when combined with all the other Monkey Business, as we’ll soon find out. Truth be told, the speed limit is 25 mph. Remember, my daughter could very well have been killed in this accident. In fact, it’s miraculous she wasn’t. That’s how violent it was. It was so violent she still has nightmares about it. She has a mild form of PTSD, I believe, but only Big Brave Soldiers & Police Officers get PTSD and deserve our mercy, not pesky College Coeds still in High School looking to improve themselves and expand their intellect. No, instead, they deserve to die violent deaths in Donald Trump’s New & Improved America.

This Is A Screen Capture Of A Section Of The Original Police/Accident Report. After Informing, Per Our Phone Conversation, Campus Security Of The Incorrect Speed Limit, They Informed Me It Was Changed On The Report (The Only Thing That Was Changed). I’m Illustrating It Here Because Campus Security Are Proven Liars And No Doubt They Will, Or Would, Lie About Ever Listing The Speed Limit As 35 MPH.

Terminology, on the other hand, does mean everything. How you word or phrase a narrative to an unwitting and receptive audience is paramount in manipulating perception and don’t think Campus Security didn’t know this and have it in mind when they crafted this report. I will isolate some examples below from the Witness Statements above for your edification.

1.)    He said that he saw Cold’s daughter on the left side of the street rubbing her eyes as if she was still half way asleep….

2.)    She said that she saw Cold’s daughter casually cross the street….

3.)    He said that she darted….

4.)    ….when Cold’s daughter darted….

5.)    ….she said that Cold’s daughter darted….

6.)    ….and then she darted….

7.)    ….the driver had no chance to see her in time or enough to stop….

8.)    She said that there was no way that he would have had a chance to stop without hitting her….

9.)    ….the driver was not speeding at all….

10.)  ….there was no way that he could have seen her or stopped in time without hitting her….

Some time and effort went into crafting this Police/Accident Report, as crude as it is. It was meant to Paint a Picture, and it succeeded. In Art, it’s called Impressionism and whereas the artist who crafted this Impressionistic Police/Accident Report isn’t Rembrandt, he, or they if it was a team and I believe it was, is/are no Slouches. It was by the Common Man for the Common Man.

As we’ll see, It’s All Lies. Why am I not surprised? I mean, it’s not like I have a blog devoted to it or anything. It’s not like The Egregore doesn’t deliver me packages every day that when I open them, they pretty much write themselves at this venue. Except this time, the package was from The Unabomber and it almost took my daughter’s life. The Egregore isn’t happy with me. Too fucking bad — I don’t live to make The Egregore happy. I live to destroy it, and if I don’t succeed at least deny & defy it, until the day I die.

This duplicitous joke of a Police/Accident Report was not crafted for an intelligent audience that would take the time to read it and interpret it conscientiously. It was crafted by duplicitous Rubes for gullible and apathetic Rubes. For any intelligent person who does happen to read it, and the Witness Statements above are the nucleus of it and representative of it, there is a glaring contradiction within the fabricated narrative. It’s an internal contradiction easily spotted by the witting & intelligent observer. Did you catch it? I did. Right away. How is it that all three witnesses were able to clearly see my daughter crossing the road and yet the driver of the vehicle could not see her? Do the witnesses have some sort of special vision? Is the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter Mr. Magoo? Note the carefully selected wording to emphasize this. “The driver had no chance to see her in time.” Yet, Deplorable Trump Redneck (there’s a reason he’s Witness # 1 on the report as we’ll find out later) saw my daughter so well he was able to ascertain in very descriptive language that my daughter, descending from the parking lot to the sidewalk beside the road, was “rubbing her eyes as if she was still half way asleep.” Seriously, how is it all three witnesses (there were more witnesses as we’ve come to find out, but Campus Security did not include their accounts because they were contrary to these fabricated witness accounts) could see my daughter Clear as Day and yet the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter couldn’t see her AT ALL?


When the description of an incident based on actual events is crafted/fabricated into a fictitious narrative by Rubes for Rubes, you will ALWAYS be able to parse the contradictions as I just have, but that’s just the Tip of the Iceberg. There is so much more to come and you’ll soon find out why this feels like a Gaslighting Operation and why we feel like we’ve traveled to the deepest depths of The Twilight Zone.

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor


And yet so many do. You have to laugh at The Ten Commandments. Don’t get me wrong, The Ten Commandments are a great idea. If everyone lived by them, The World would be a much better place. The problem is, or the irony is, success in this Societal System we live in and under called Civilization requires you to break all of them. Breaking the Ten Commandments is the recipe for wealth, power and status in Civilization. So, if you abide by The Ten Commandments, it pretty much serves as your chains so long as others aren’t abiding by them and aren’t held to account for breaking them.

Sure, fine, but how does that apply to this case? It applies to this case because Witness Statements are a highly unreliable form of evidence. Our Legal/Law Enforcement/Justice System relies entirely too much on Witness Accounts and that is a tragedy and a travesty. Don’t misunderstand me, Witness Statements are not completely valueless, however, in the hierarchy of evidentiary value, they reside somewhere near the bottom. They can be directive & directional, but Witness Accounts should only ever be supplemental and never The Bedrock of a Case. This case, and many cases I have investigated, thoroughly proves this assertion.

Like Jaywalking, not all Witness Accounts are created equal. There are some Witness Accounts, very few admittedly, that are highly accurate, but the vast majority of them are rather muddled and inconclusive. Taken in their entirety if you have a bevy of them, Witness Accounts can be instructive but they can also be befuddling and obfuscatory if that’s all you have as evidence.

As an example, anyone who has investigated the JFK Assassination can tell you what a Mind-Blowing Rabbit Hole all the various Witness Accounts, taken together in their entirety, is. You cannot make Heads or Tails out of the JFK Assassination if Witness Accounts are the only thing you consider. Thankfully, in that case and many cases there is Scientific Forensic Evidence to support your ultimate conclusions and the Witness Accounts may or may not be validating to that Premier Evidence. In my book, Science/Forensics always Rules the Day. Witness Accounts that validate Scientific Forensic Evidence are Icing on the Evidentiary Cake.

Another example is the Hae Min Lee Murder Case which I have covered extensively at this venue. In fact, it’s a great example because that case is bereft of Scientific/Forensic Evidence. The conviction of Adnan Syed was based pretty much entirely on dubious, dodgy, circumstantial Witness Accounts. Jay Wilds, anyone? How about “Kathy” with her “Adnan was acting really strange that night.” It reminds me of Deplorable Trump Redneck’s “….she was rubbing her eyes as if she was still half way asleep.”

I could go on & on with examples, but I’m certain by now the intelligent reader, if there are any out there, gets the point.

Deconstructing Cold’s Daughter’s Witness Account

Before we dive into, and deconstruct, the three Witness Accounts on the Police/Accident Report, let me first provide you with my daughter’s Witness Account, because, afterall, she was not only the victim but a witness as well. Not surprisingly, my daughter’s Witness Account is not provided on the Police/Accident Report. In fact, it wasn’t even solicited. Campus Security was too busy barking at her and ordering her around, like she was a Jew in a Nazi Concentration Camp on her way to the Gas Showers, to bother to ask her for her Side of the Story that contradicts the Witness Accounts on the Police/Accident Report. I suspect they knew it would and that’s why they didn’t bother. What do you think?

Keep in mind, I’m a tough interrogator. I pressed my daughter on this to evince The Truth. I didn’t Waterboard her, but I didn’t coddle her either. I impressed upon her the importance of being forthright — that Lying is for Losers. I believe her account is as factual as it can be considering the general limitation of varying individual perspectives & perceptions.

According to my daughter, and for this part you need to use the image of the accident scene above, my daughter proceeded from the parking lot down The Grassy Knoll to the sidewalk. Her path, and the path of the other Jaywalkers (there were many), is indicated by a white line periodically punctuated with arrows. Once at the sidewalk parallel to Make America Great Again Way, my daughter looked both ways and proceeded to cross the roadway ten to fifteen feet behind a blond female in front of her taking the same approximate route. As well, a male was following close behind and to the right of my daughter. There was, quite literally, a streaming cascade of Jaywalkers crossing the road on the route my daughter traveled like a column of cows crossing a rural road in North America.

These Cows Are Jaywalking

As my daughter approached Deplorable Trump Redneck’s GMC Yukon she waved to him in a gesture to get his attention and acknowledgment from him that she was there and he would let her pass in front of his vehicle without him running her over. My daughter indicated he had been stopped in the spot he was in for quite some time and there was a significant gap between his GMC Yukon and Hannah Clueless Waffler’s Ford F150 directly in front of him. The gap, according to my daughter, was at least two car lengths. My daughter thought it was odd that he was stopped for so long and such a significant gap had opened up between the GMC Yukon and the Ford F150. My daughter indicates Deplorable Trump Redneck acknowledged her wave with a nod of his head or a wave of his hand, she’s not sure which or whether it was both, so she proceeded in front of his vehicle until she reached the far side of it where she stopped and looked before stepping out. It was at this point, when she first stepped out from in front of the GMC Yukon that she was struck by the white Dodge Neon almost immediately.

My daughter advises that she was neither “casual” nor nonchalant in her gait nor was she ever overly-hurried or rushed. According to my daughter, she never ran and she certainly never “darted” as ALL the Witness Accounts on the Police/Accident Report indicate. Further, according to my daughter, the claim made by Deplorable Trump Redneck that she was “rubbing her eyes as if she was still half asleep” is unequivocal BULLSHIT and an outright lie. Why that lie is in the Police/Accident Report is an excellent question — one that needs to be answered under oath.

My daughter was not half asleep as Deplorable Trump Redneck characterizes her that fateful morning and she did not rub her eyes. As a semblance of proof, later that day when her friends gathered around her to offer her comfort & support after this trauma, they remarked how flawless her Eyeliner looked. They even went so far as to Tweet about it.

This is something most males know nothing about. I know I didn’t know it. There is such a thing as No Run Eyeliner and my daughter was wearing it that day. That’s why her friends were able to make that observation — that her Eyeliner looked flawless, because even though she had been crying off & on all day since the accident, her Eyeliner performed as advertised. Had she been rubbing her eyes as Deplorable Trump Redneck indicated, she would have smudged the Eyeliner all over the place including in her eyes because even though it’s No Run it’s not No Smudge. According to my daughter and my wife, who wears it too on occasion, women who wear Eyeliner know NEVER to rub their eyes.

BUSTED!! Deplorable Trump Redneck has shown himself, in the body of the accident report, to be a LIAR. And Campus Security has shown itself already, but believe me there is so much more, to be complicit by including such a defamatory statement on the Police/Accident Report yet excluing other Witness Accounts altogether and denying they even exist.


Deconstructing Deplorable Trump Redneck’s (Witness # 1’s) Witness Account

So, as for Witness # 1, Deplorable Trump Redneck, we have established he is a liar just from parsing his Witness Account per the Police/Accident Report. But there is further evidence he is a Serial Liar. I spoke with this Scumbag on the phone and let me say, he was extremely hostile from the get-go even though I was calm & diplomatic with him initially. Once he continued with his hostility and insults, I took the gloves off and lit into him. This Deplorable Miscreant showed his True Colors during our phone conversation. He further lied when he told me my daughter didn’t wave to him and he never acknowledged her even though it’s on the Police/Accident Report.

I challenged him on the statement he made about my daughter “rubbing her eyes” and looking “half asleep” and he did not recant it and instead zealously reiterated it. He then, after getting really heated, told me that my daughter deserved what she got because she was Jaywalking — that it was all her fault and there was no way the driver of the vehicle that struck her could have seen her — that the driver was just a young guy trying to get by, that “he didn’t do nothin’ wrong so don’t try to blame him for nothin'” He told me my daughter ran across the street the entire way and never once looked for cars coming and never stopped. He said, “you need to talk to your daughter, buddy! She was Jaywalking. There’s nothing else to say. She messed up.” He told me “at least I went to check on your daughter at the hospital. Where were you? You weren’t at the hospital. Do you even care about your daughter? If you do, how come you weren’t at the hospital like I was?” No lie, this is what he said or something very close to it as far as I can recollect. UNBELIEVABLE!!! And finally, he said, “your daughter kept saying ‘this is what I get for Jaywalking.’ Everyone heard it. She can’t deny it.”

And finally, I asked Deplorable Trump Redneck what the speed limit was. In fact, I said, “do you even know what the speed limit is since you’re convinced the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter wasn’t speeding?” He responded, “of course I know what the speed limit is — I worked at Third Reich College for ten years and traveled that road every day.” I said, “alright, what is it then?” He replied, “it’s 10 mph.” No shit, he said that. So, the Police/Accident Report indicates 35 mph, the actual speed limit, because I verified it onsite, is 25 mph, the Lead Investigating Campus Security Officer, when I confronted him on campus about this, told me it was 45 mph and he allegedly completed the report, and now Deplorable Trump Redneck tells me it’s 10 mph. Incredible!!

But you know what? Considering the spot where my daughter was struck is approaching the crosswalk at the intersection and it’s a college campus with a perpetual ubiquitous ebb & flow of pedestrian traffic, a reasonable speed by a Responsible Driver should have been 10 mph or less, so Deplorable Trump Redneck was serendipitously & contradictorily (meaning a contradiction for him considering his adamant stance the driver is without fault) correct and that was only possible by getting him off balance and emoting angrily. As we’ll soon see, via Forensic Science, the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter was traveling much faster than 10 mph and also faster than 25 mph.

For the record, my daughter has never denied Jaywalking, but what’s most interesting & telling about Deplorable Trump Redneck asserting she kept saying “this is what I get for Jaywalking” is, it’s yet another lie in a Sea of Lies. How do we know it’s a lie? Because I spoke with Witness # 3, Suzanne Saint, and she indicated my daughter whispered it into her ear when she bent down close to my daughter to sit her down and console her immediatley subsequent to my daughter being struck and coming to rest. See, my daughter was, apparently & understandably, in shock and people who are in shock will engage in odd behavior.

The Good Samaritan

My daughter, after being struck and coming to rest, stood up and this is when Witness # 3, Suzanne Saint, approached her after rushing out of her vehicle to help. Suzanne was concerned my daughter could have a spinal injury that could have been exacerbated with further movement and she was concerned that my daughter might pass out because her eyes were “rolling back in her head.” Suzanne didn’t want my daughter, obviously in shock, walking out into traffic like a Zombie and getting struck by yet another vehicle. This Suzanne Saint, aptly named by the way because she truly is a Good Samaritan and the only person who showed any compassion to & for my daughter other than the Paramedics when they arrived, informed me she remained with my daughter the entire time. She said my daughter was obviously traumatized and was clinging to her for security. She indicated my daughter asked her not to leave her alone and to keep holding her. Suzanne indicated my daughter said “please don’t leave me.” It was during these initial tender moments of affectionate consolation & compassion that my daughter whispered the comment about Jaywalking into Suzanne’s ear.

I asked Suzanne if Deplorable Trump Redneck heard my daughter say it or if anyone else did or if my daughter said it out loud to anyone else. Her answer to all three questions was an emphatic no. Suzanne said she was with my daughter the entire time until she was placed in the ambulance and she is the only one who could have heard my daughter say it. In fact, Suzanne indicated that Deplorable Trump Redneck never got out of his vehicle until Campus Security arrived on the scene and even then, he didn’t get out to check on my daughter, but instead to talk to Campus Security.

One final note about Deplorable Trump Redneck’s Witness Account before we move on to the other two Witness Accounts. As I mentioned earlier, Witness Accounts are not entirely without value. There is some accurate factual value inadvertently embedded in Deplorable Trump Redneck’s Witness Statement and his statement is valuable in its entirety taken as a whole, coupled with the details of my phone conversation with him, in the sense that it proves him to be a Serial Liar. Deplorable Trump Redneck said, “the impact flipped Cold’s daughter up to about 5 to 6 feet in the air” and “surprisingly Cold’s daughter sat up on her own.” Both these statements when taken together help confirm the violence of the accident. It was substantially more than a “knock” (the wording used by Hannah Clueless Waffler to describe the contact between my daughter and the vehicle that struck her) as one Witness Account dismissively and diminishingly described it. Why was Deplorable Trump Redneck surprised to see my daughter sit up (actually, according to my daughter and Suzanne Saint, my daughter miraculously stood up, not just sat up as he indicates)?

When you combine Deplorable Trump Redneck’s “surprise” with his description of how high my daughter was “flipped” in the air, the answer is obvious. Like Suzanne Saint indicated to me, he too thought the accident was so violent that my daughter surely would have been fatally or nearly fatally injured. She was like Lazarus rising from the dead. He and Suzanne Saint were both in utter disbelief that my daughter survived the violence she had just experienced. So let me ask you, as a reasonable, intelligent person, was the driver going 10 mph when he struck my daughter? Of course he wasn’t. In fact, he wasn’t even going 25 mph — he was going much faster, like, let’s say 30-35 mph per the Paramedic’s estimation based on his cursory Scientific Forensic estimation when he arrived at the scene per his experience with pedestrian accidents in his career thus far as an Emergency First Responder (EFR).


Deconstructing Hannah Clueless Waffler’s (Witness # 2’s) Witness Account

Deplorable Trump Redneck’s (Witness # 1’s) Witness Account was insulting enough, but now we have the equally fabricated & perjurious Witness Account of Witness # 2, Hannah Clueless Waffler. See, Hannah saw & witnessed nothing. NOTHING. And yet she went out of her way to voluntarily render a fictitious Witness Account incriminating my daughter & exonerating the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter where she states emphatically that she saw the entire ordeal from the time my daughter approached Make America Great Again Way from the parking lot until she was struck by the speeding white Dodge Neon — and yes, it was speeding despite what any witness says, including my daughter.

Keep in mind, this same woman, who told me over the phone she was studying to be a nurse, never showed one bit of concern for my daughter. She never approached my daughter to see how she was but instead went out of her way to bear false witness against my daughter. Make America Great Again. I don’t know about you, but if this woman ever does become a nurse, God help, if you believe in a God, her patients if this is an example of her compassion. I have always been under the impression that a mandatory character trait for nursing candidates & graduates is a sense of compassion and an unflagging impulse to alleviate suffering rather than adding to it. If Hannah is an example of the next wave of nursing graduates, you would be well advised not to ever get sick & injured and you better hope you die a quick, almost instantaneous death, otherwise, you’re, we’re, screwed.

How do we know Hannah Clueless Waffler saw NOTHING? Because my daughter distinctly remembers her saying, when she exited her vehicle, that she didn’t see the accident but she heard and/or felt my daughter hit the rear of her F150. My daughter indicates that she did not hit this woman’s F150 — that the notion is preposterous considering the gap between Deplorable Trump Redneck’s GMC Yukon and Hannah’s Ford F150 in front of him. Deplorable Trump Redneck, and my daughter corroborates this, even indicated in his Witness Account that my daughter was catapulted sideways after being struck, not forward and to the left towards the F150. Yet, even despite Deplorable Trump Redneck indicating the direction in which my daughter was launched after being struck, he, like Hannah Clueless Waffler, contends she hit the back of the F150. Forensic Science doesn’t support Deplorable Trump Redneck’s and Hannah Clueless Waffler’s adamant assertion that my daughter hit the back end of the F150 because my daughter has no injuries indicative of striking Hannah Clueless Waffler’s vehicle. Why this is part of the report is an important question though. The answer to it underscores that this Police/Accident Report was crafted to Paint a Picture.

Common Sense coupled with Forensic Science supports my daughter’s recollection of what Hannah Clueless Waffler said about the accident when she exited her car — that she didn’t SEE IT but she did HEAR AND/OR FEEL IT. If you review the screen capture image of the accident scene above take note of the position of Hannah Clueless Waffler’s F150. In order for Hannah to have seen the entire ordeal from the time my daughter descended The Grassy Knoll from the parking lot to crossing the street and being struck by the white Dodge Neon and then coming to rest where she eventually did, Hannah would have had her head turned around one way at first, to the left and back, and then turned to the right and back for the second half of my daughter’s journey across the road because my daughter approached the road and crossed behind Hannah Clueless Waffler’s vehicle. My daughter was never in Hannah Clueless Waffler’s direct line of sight. Hannah would have had to irresponsibly go out of her way to observe my daughter for that length of time or any length of time. I find it highly unlikely Hannah would admit to reckless and irresponsible driving on her part. See, if Hannah was truly observing the near entirety of my daughter’s Tragic Pedestrian Odyssey, she would have had her head turned around and therefore not watching pedestrian and vehicular traffic in front of her like a Responsible Driver.

When I questioned Hannah Clueless Waffler via telephone about the Witness Account she gave to Campus Security, she was not forthcoming at all and in fact rather Squirrelly. She stood by her statement though and recanted nothing. I asked her, “did my daughter cross the street alone or were there other people crossing the street as well?” She responded, “I only remember seeing your daughter cross — I’m pretty sure she was alone.” I said, “so, you didn’t see a woman cross directly in front of her and several people before that woman and you didn’t see a male crossing directly behind her?” She said, “no, there was no female or male crossing with her.” I said, “but Hannah, my daughter distinctly remembers crossing with a wave of people. If you saw the accident and my daughter crossing before it, how could you not see them?” She said, “I don’t know why. Maybe I saw the female, but I wasn’t paying attention to her, I was paying attention to your daughter so I don’t know what happened to the female.” I think that says it ALL, don’t you? This exchange is pretty convincing & telling. Hannah Clueless Waffler fabricated her Witness Account based on what transpired during the dubious & deceitful investigation following the accident. Why would she do this? Why would Deplorable Trump Redneck also lie? Great questions. Shortly, I’ll provide a plausible and probable answer, but for now, let’s analyze the importance of Hannah hearing and feeling (versus seeing) my daughter allegedly striking the back of her F150 during her free-fall from six feet to the road below, and keep in mind, when I called Deplorable Trump Redneck & Hannah Clueless Waffler, even though I was cordial & diplomatic, neither one of these witnesses showed any concern for the welfare of my daughter. Neither person inquired as to how my daughter was faring. Make America Great Again. Yeah, right. I don’t think so — not with people like this you won’t, if America was ever great.


Hannah Clueless Waffler’s adamant & emphatic assertion that she heard and/or felt my daughter hit the back of her F150 does have valuable significance. Even though via Forensic Science we know my daughter didn’t hit the back of Hannah’s F150, it is highly likely what Hannah heard and/or felt was the impact of my daughter on the roadway directly behind her vehicle. Having never experienced a person forcefully striking the ground from a suspended height, Hannah wouldn’t have possessed the perceptual experiential benchmarks to assimilate the sensorial experience, so her unwitting unconscious searches for an explanation in vain, hence her adamance that my daughter struck the back of her F150. This is significant because it speaks to the violent force of the accident. My daughter was struck by the white Dodge Neon and catapulted at least six feet in the air sideways, flipping more that 360 degrees and miraculously landing on her shoulder rather than her head thus narrowly avoiding death or brain damage and/or paralysis. What Hannah heard and/or felt is the very basic Scientific Fact that the vehicle that struck my daughter was most assuredly, and I’d say most definitely, traveling much faster than 10 mph and faster even than 25 mph — meaning, of course, that the driver was speeding and therefore driving recklessly & irresponsibly without proper care & concern for pedestrians.

Finally, to the question as to why this adamant assertion that my daughter struck the bumper of the F150 is included in the Police/Accident Report since it seemingly has no relevance, I submit it has to do with Painting a Picture that incriminates my daughter and exonerates the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter. Without a diagram and visualization of the Accident Scene, and I believe it’s telling that Campus Security didn’t provide one, it’s much easier to manipulate First Impressions by presenting the Accident Scene, via an indirect narrative description, as being wall-to-wall cars jam-packed together thus underscoring the obvious deceitful, misleading statement forced through every Witness Account on the Police/Accident Report that there was “no way” the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter could have seen her and there was “no way” he could have stopped in time.

Of course, he wouldn’t have been able to see her or slow down under such conditions, but those conditions were not the conditions or the context at the time of the accident or directly beforehand. Traffic was light at the time of the accident. In fact, the traffic pattern was pretty much precisely what is indicated in the screen capture of the accident scene I provided above. Without that visualization, you wouldn’t have a clue. Here’s (the following video) what Campus Security wants the reader to believe what happened. The only thing that’s similar to my daughter’s accident is the violence of it. In fact, my daughter’s accident was even more violent than this one, but the setting & context and my daughter’s actions were very different. In this video, The Police, because of the wall-to-wall traffic, could not have foreseen this woman Jaywalking. She quite literally darted out in front of the police car from between cars that were packed together in a traffic jam. That’s why it’s important for Campus Security to include this statement about my daughter hitting the F150 — because they want to give the impression that the cars are packed together in a traffic jam pattern. As I have thoroughly described & presented above, my daughter’s Jaywalking, considering the context and facts on the ground, was foreseeable by a Responsible Driver (more on this is coming shortly). A Responsible Driver could have and should have seen not only my daughter crossing but also the wave of other Jaywalkers crossing before and after her. Why is Campus Security hellbent on presenting the accident as though it transpired like the following video? Good question, once again. I think I know the answer but I’m saving it for later when I wrap this blog post up.

Deconstructing Suzanne Saint’s (Witness # 3’s) Witness Account

Above, Suzanne Saint’s Witness Account has already been partially deconstructed. I have spoken with Suzanne on the phone several times now, and each conversation provides more insight about what transpired that fateful day in January when my daughter, as a pedestrian, was struck by a vehicle on the Third Reich College campus. Suzanne informs that the Witness Account provided in her name on the Police/Accident Report is largely fictitious & misleading and she is livid about it. For example, she claims she never used the word “darted.” In fact, in our conversation she described my daughter as “stepping out” from in front of Deplorable Trump Redneck’s GMC Yukon, not “darting” as the other two witnesses attest. She further explains, and in doing so corroborates what my daughter has always contended, that my daughter neither hurriedly or “casually” crossed Make America Great Again Way, but instead proceeded deliberately & conscientiously making sure to stop and wave to Deplorable Trump Redneck before proceeding in front of his GMC Yukon and making sure to stop at the far end of Deplorable Trump Redneck’s GMC Yukon before “stepping out” and being immediately struck by the white Dodge Neon.

As well, Suzanne Saint is livid that Campus Security included in quotes what my daughter whispered in her ear without including what she said in return to my daughter. Yes, my daughter said to Suzanne, “this is what I get for Jaywalking.” Suzanne is apoplectic that they didn’t indicate on the Police/Accident Report that my daughter whispered it to her whilst her eyes were rolling back in her head and that she replied to my daughter, “no sweetie, nobody deserves what just happened to you — don’t say that, honey” as she was holding my daughter and consoling her in the aftermath of a traumatic and nearly fatal tragic shock.

In my phone discussions with Suzanne Saint, she remains adamant in her statement about the driver not speeding and him not being able to see my daughter and stop in time. I will cover this in depth shortly, but to reiterate what I introduced earlier, the component of the Witness Accounts dedicated to what the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter could or could not have done or seen or not seen is mere opinionated conjecture not based in scientific and common-sensical fact. Why it’s on the Police/Accident Report and consistent across all three Witness Accounts is telling in that, once again, it’s a largely fictitious narrative that Paints a Picture.

Before I proceed further in deconstructing Suzanne’s Saint’s Witness Account, let me expound upon something she told me during our phone conversation that has me utterly bewildered. When coupled with all the other bizarre manifestations that emanated from this traumatic tragedy that could have been much worse and could have resulted in my daughter’s death, it’s what makes me say that this has all the hallmarks of a Gaslighting Operation and that my wife, daughter and I feel like we’ve traveled to the deepest depths of The Twilight Zone.

This Good Samaritan, this Saint of a Woman, who consoled my daughter and showered her with compassion & security in my daughter’s greatest time of need in her short life thus far, also went out of her way to convince Campus Security that the driver of the vehicle was completely innocent in all of this — that he in no way was speeding and that there was no way he could have seen my daughter and therefore there was no way he could have stopped in time. As I just said, we’ll cover this more in depth later, but I did challenge Suzanne on this. I asked her, “Suzanne, how can you say that? Were you the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter? Like the movie Being John Malkovich, did you and the other witnesses listed on the Police/Accident Report slip into the driver’s body and mind so that his perspective was your perspective? Did you even see the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter or even see his vehicle at all before it struck my daughter? If not, how can you state adamantly as fact that the driver couldn’t have seen my daughter and stopped in time or that the driver wasn’t speeding? Isn’t your statement an uninformed, unscientific opinion rather than a scientifically-based fact?”

Her answer? “There is no way he intended to hit her. I don’t believe that.” Seriously, that was her response. In no way did I imply that with my questioning. It’s rather bizarre that this would be her take-away from that questioning. Did it ever occur to any of these witnesses on the Police/Accident Report (they’re not the only witnesses, fyi, they’re the only witnesses per the report, and that’s two purposely different things) that the driver may have not been paying attention, either to the road and/or his speed? Did it ever occur to these hyper-motivated witnesses that the driver may have been distracted — that perhaps he was texting and running late? Why are these witnesses so zealous in their defense of the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter? How could Suzanne Saint be so zealous in her defense of this person after seeing my daughter nearly perish right in front of her after being struck so violently by the driver’s vehicle? It’s a significant contradiction, especially for Suzanne Saint, to go out of her way to exonerate this guy based on a misinformed and biased opinion rather than science & common sense.


According to Suzanne Saint, after my daughter was placed in the ambulance by the Paramedics, she overheard the Lead “Investigator” (there were at least five Campus Security personnel on the scene taking Witness Statements and one Military Officer in full combat gear including gun on his hip and a bullet belt) and several other Campus Security personnel discussing with some witnesses not on the report the distinct possibility that the driver of the vehicle was speeding. Suzanne informs me that when she overheard this, she ran over to them and emphatically impressed upon them that there was no way the driver was speeding and there was no way he could have seen my daughter and stopped in time. Interesting. Ironic. A contradiction. A huge Red Flag. Something is not right. Something does not add up. So much about this does not add up.

Beyond her Witness Statement on the Police/Accident Report, Suzanne Saint, during our phone conversations, underscored & validated what my daughter mentioned to me in the recounting of the aftermath of the accident when Campus Security arrived on the scene. My daughter informed me they were incredibly tyrannical, demanding, unsympathetic and callous towards her and Suzanne Saint. In fact, they went so far as to order Suzanne Saint away from my daughter and to the curb to make way for the Paramedics who still had not arrived and wouldn’t arrive until at least five minutes later.


Thankfully, Suzanne Saint refused their order and informed the Thugs with Badges that they would have to arrest her & physically restrain her to get her away from my daughter. She indicated to me, and my daughter corroborates this, that she yelled at them and told them that they didn’t know what the fuck (she used the word fuck while hollering at them and she used it with me during our phone conversations — You Go Girl!!) they were doing — that this young woman had nearly been killed and they had no clue about the violence that was just visited upon her. She informed them that my daughter could be seriously injured and not know it and she informed them that my daughter was traumatized and in shock and their treatment of my daughter and their treatment of her was unwarranted and unprofessional. She referred to them as Mall Cops — that they were not legitimate police and it showed. This woman is not only a saint but she’s a Feisty Fighter too who doesn’t back down regardless of who’s pressing on her. I, obviously, greatly respect that. Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe, but I do — I respect a Feisty Fighter who stands up for what is right especially when you stand up to Clueless Authoritarian Bullies scrambling to cover their asses and obscure and eliminate/limit Third Reich College‘s liability.

Suzanne, and my daughter corroborates this as well, informed me that, quite simply & bluntly, Campus Security was awful to my daughter, the victim who had just been traumatized and was being traumatized again by those who had taken an oath to Serve & Protect. She indicated that they kept barking at her to get her license and student id out of her backpack and that my daughter couldn’t process their request mentally & emotionally because she was still not fully stabilized and still in shock. Suzanne said it infuriated her because Campus Security kept persisting and kept barking orders at my daughter who obviously was in no condition to comply with their Tyrannical Demands. I’ll tell you here and now, I’m not a violent person by nature. I am a Feisty Fighter like Suzanne, but, if I was there at that moment and witnessed how Campus Security was treating my daughter, I might have lost it. To treat my daughter, or anyone for that matter, like a dog considering what had just transpired is the act of Cowardly Bully Thugs and I have no qualms whatsoever about getting up in the face of Cowardly Bully Thugs who think they can treat humans, because they’re not (the Cowardly Bully Thugs), like trash.


Once the Paramedics arrived and completed their initial evaluation of my daughter and determined she required further testing & treatment at the nearby local hospital, Suzanne Saint informed that my daughter asked her not to leave her alone. Suzanne asserted to the Paramedics she wanted to travel with my daughter in the ambulance to the hospital but Campus Security ORDERED her not to go. Not the Paramedics, but instead Campus Security refused to let Suzanne travel with my daughter to the hospital and continue to provide her with compassion & security. Suzanne indicates she argued with Campus Security about it and they informed her that once the ambulance arrived at the hospital, she would not be allowed back into the Emergency Room for legal purposes. Suzanne told Campus Security she would drive to the hospital and find out herself and they ordered her not to do it, that she might get in trouble and the hospital would not allow her access to my daughter once she was in the Emergency Room.

It’s noteworthy Campus Security prevented Suzanne Saint from accompanying my daughter to the hospital when you consider what my daughter related to me and Deplorable Trump Redneck corroborated in our phone conversation. My daughter informed me that Deplorable Trump Redneck somehow miraculously made his way past the multiple layers of security back into the Emergency Room when she was at the hospital. He just appeared Out-of-the-Blue and told her he was visiting someone at the hospital and he thought he would stop by to see how she was doing. My daughter indicates that she got an extremely creepy feeling from this Stalker. She indicates that he seemed like a Stalker and he most definitely appeared to be stalking her, and she further informed she was not the only one who felt this way and was not the only one taken aback by this Scumbag‘s unannounced, unsolicited and highly inappropriate and more than likely illegal intrusion. The Paramedic, and the Emergency Room Staff attending to her, felt the same way. The Paramedic is a saint as well (we’re up to two saints now). He stayed with her for quite a while during her several hour ordeal in the Emergency Room, offering her comfort & security, and he offered to stay a bit longer after Deplorable Trump Redneck, creepy stalker that he is, showed up and left just in case he showed up again. Compared to Campus Security and Deplorable Trump Redneck, the Paramedic, along with Suzanne Saint, are honorable, decent Human Beings. They deserve medals, whereas Campus Security deserves to have their badges & authority taken away and kicked to the curb, and Deplorable Trump Redneck deserves to be behind bars. Campus Security and Deplorable Trump Redneck are Despicable Cowards who are no better than criminals as far as I’m concerned.

FYI, in my phone conversation with Deplorable Trump Redneck, this Miscreant informed me his purpose in showing up unannounced & uninvited in the Emergency Room was because he was gathering information about the status of my daughter’s injuries to report back to Campus Security. I’m not lying, he actually offered this information up in our phone conversation. Wrap your head around this. Campus Security orders Suzanne Saint not to accompany my daughter in the ambulance or travel to the hospital at all because the hospital will deny her access to my daughter for legal reasons and yet they send this Clandestine Emissary to the hospital instead to lie his way back into the Emergency Room and spy on my daughter so he can report back to them the extent of my daughter’s injuries. It’s obvious what they were doing. They were treating my daughter as a criminal. They believed, and maybe still do believe, my daughter “threw” herself in front of the white Dodge Neon for a Payday. There can be no other explanation considering they never once showed an ounce of compassion or concern for her well-being then or anytime thereafter. So, Deplorable Trump Redneck was not there as Campus Security‘s emissary out of concern for my daughter’s welfare. He was there to provide information back to Campus Security so they could evaluate how they would proceed in covering their asses and eliminating/limiting Third Reich College‘s liability. Serve & Protect. Yeah, right. As if.

See what I mean about the deepest depths of The Twilight Zone. There’s a reason I call Deplorable Trump Redneck, Deplorable Trump Redneck. It’s because that’s what he is — quite literally. See, when he appeared out of nowhere in the Emergency Room, he was donning the infamous Donald Trump Make America Great Again Ball Cap. I’m not shitting you, he really was. This is what Make America Great Again really means. This guy, as much as anyone, represents The Face of Donald Trump’s America. This sadistic, cruel, callous, heartless, punishing, woman-hating COWARD is the epitome of a Trump Supporter and his behavior that day is an example of what Make America Great Again really means. Nice. It’s going to be really really great. Don’t you agree? With Creatures like Deplorable Trump Redneck now emboldened to take their dysfunction mainstream, what could possibly go wrong? If you haven’t seen the movie The Reader, I suggest you do. What is the Key Ingredient if you’re cooking up a Genocide? That’s right, Unenlightened Simpletons who are given Authority. They will, quite literally, do anything you ask of them no matter how heinous or horrible.


Remember what I said earlier about Deplorable Trump Redneck and Hannah Clueless Waffler? They showed no overt concern for my daughter whatsoever after she was nearly killed. Deplorable Trump Redneck had a Bird’s-Eye View of the entire traumatic tragedy and in fact he had his part in it since he allowed a two-car gap to form between his vehicle and Hannah Clueless Waffler’s vehicle directly in front of him and the fact that he acknowledged my daughter when she waved to him and let her pass in front of his vehicle. If he really did see the white Dodge Neon approaching from behind the entire time and also saw my daughter passing in front of him the entire time, a seeming contradiction, then he is a Sadistic Criminal who lured my daughter into a Death Trap. Either way, he’s a Scumbag. You’re a Scumbag if you don’t agree and instead try to rationalize & justify his lack of concern & compassion after witnessing someone nearly killed right in front of him and yet he did nothing.

Or did he do nothing? As I’ll discuss shortly, it may be that he did do something, and the something he did was to punish and further traumatize my daughter. I truly believe that this Miscreant is an Evil Women-Hater. I truly believe he took pleasure in the violence inflicted upon my daughter and I believe that precisely because of his action and inaction that fateful day and the totality of his behavior in the aftermath of the accident. I believe that if I were to hire a private investigator and dig into this Creature‘s past, we would find a history of abuse. I believe we would find that he has abused females and he has a hard-on for seeing women punished and if he can take part in the punishing, it’s all the better. He is the Quintessential Donald Trump Supporter and I sure hope my wife’s family reads this write-up because I want them to look in the mirror and see their reflection. This Creature is their reflection. This is who they are in league with as Trump Supporters — a Criminal Miscreant who took pleasure in the violence that was inflicted upon my daughter they claim to love so much.

One final note before I wrap up this lengthy section about Witness Accounts. During my phone conversation with Deplorable Trump Redneck, as I mentioned earlier, this Scumbag indicated he worked for Third Reich College for ten years. Couple this statement with the fact he went out of his way to clandestinely slip into the hospital Emergency Room as a spy to illegally obtain my daughter’s health information and then report back to Campus Security the extent of my daughter’s injuries. It’s a huge Red Flag in a sea of them. It tells me that this Creature had a relationship with Campus Security. I asked him in our phone conversation if he knew the Lead Investigating Campus Security Officer. He was dodgy in his answer. He told me he knew of him — that he had “seen him around.” I asked him if he had a personnel or professional relationship with anyone at the accident scene to include any of the witnesses or the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter or with anyone employed as a Campus Security Officer. He said he didn’t, but I don’t believe him. Gee, I wonder why I don’t believe him. Maybe it has something to do with him being a proven Serial Liar, what do you think?


Witness Weirdness — The Final Word

As I stated at the outset of this section involving the deconstruction of Witness Accounts, witnesses are highly unreliable as this section has proven. In fact, Witness Accounts are not only unreliable, they’re often downright bizarre for a myriad of reasons and motivations. Witness Accounts are not Premier Evidence and rank near the bottom of The Hierarchy of Evidentiary Value, but despite that basic fact, it’s not an opinion, our Law Enforcement/Legal/Justice System relies far too heavily on Witness Accounts in arriving at Trial-By-Jury Verdicts as the following article from Scientific American underscores.

Why Science Tells Us Not to Rely on Eyewitness Accounts

Eyewitness testimony is fickle and, all too often, shockingly inaccurate

By Hal Arkowitz, Scott O. Lilienfeld on January 1, 2010

IN 1984 KIRK BLOODSWORTH was convicted of the rape and murder of a nine-year-old girl and sentenced to the gas chamber—an outcome that rested largely on the testimony of five eyewitnesses. After Bloodsworth served nine years in prison, DNA testing proved him to be innocent. Such devastating mistakes by eyewitnesses are not rare, according to a report by the Innocence Project, an organization affiliated with the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University that uses DNA testing to exonerate those wrongfully convicted of crimes. Since the 1990s, when DNA testing was first introduced, Innocence Project researchers have reported that 73 percent of the 239 convictions overturned through DNA testing were based on eyewitness testimony. One third of these overturned cases rested on the testimony of two or more mistaken eyewitnesses. How could so many eyewitnesses be wrong?

Eyewitness identification typically involves selecting the alleged perpetrator from a police lineup, but it can also be based on police sketches and other methods. Soon after selecting a suspect, eyewitnesses are asked to make a formal statement confirming the ID and to try to recall any other details about events surrounding the crime. At the trial, which may be years later, eyewitnesses usually testify in court. Because individuals with certain psychological disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder and substance dependence, are at high risk for criminal involvement, they are also at heightened risk for false identifications by eyewitnesses.

Surveys show that most jurors place heavy weight on eyewitness testimony when deciding whether a suspect is guilty. But although eyewitness reports are sometimes accurate, jurors should not accept them uncritically because of the many factors that can bias such reports. For example, jurors tend to give more weight to the testimony of eyewitnesses who report that they are very sure about their identifications even though most studies indicate that highly confident eyewitnesses are generally only slightly more accurate—and sometimes no more so—than those who are less confident. In addition to educating jurors about the uncertainties surrounding eyewitness testimony, adhering to specific rules for the process of identifying suspects can make that testimony more accurate.

More at link behind the title.

Is that article, coupled with the proof I’ve provided in this Witness Account Deconstruction Section, not enough to sway your opinion about Witness Reliability? Do you need something more authoritative to be thoroughly convinced? Okay, fine. I can do that. What’s more authoritative than the Department of Justice — you know, the department the new Attorney General, Jeff Make America Great Again Sessions, is now tentatively & perilously commanding? What does the Department of Justice have to say about Witness Accounts & Witness Reliability? Of course, like Jaywalking, not all witnesses are created equal. Their all-too-often unreliable Witness Accounts are unreliable for a myriad of reasons and motivations and the following categorical witness characterization from Moritz Law is just one such, but not insignificant, characterization. I think the characterization most definitely applies to Deplorable Trump Redneck and that’s why the Scumbag is listed as Witness # 1 on the Police/Accident Report and Suzanne Saint, in comparison, is listed as Witness # 3.

The Cooperating Witness Who Lies—A Challenge to Defense Lawyers, Prosecutors, and Judges

According to the United States Department of Justice, many cooperating witnesses are “outright conscienceless sociopaths” who will do anything to benefit themselves, including “lying, committing perjury, manufacturing evidence, soliciting others to corroborate their lies with more lies, and doublecrossing anyone with whom they come into contact.”1

Nevertheless, prosecutors commonly encourage and use cooperating witnesses, and, not surprisingly, this practice has resulted in a significant number of wrongful convictions.2 One career informant boasted that in more than a dozen cases in which he had been imprisoned for crimes, including robbery and kidnapping, he had earned his release by falsely testifying against someone else.3 To paraphrase a famous query, ‘Where were the prosecutors, the defense lawyers, and the judges while this was happening time after time after time?’4

More at link behind the title.

For all the witnesses who don’t fit the characterization provided by Moritz Law above, there’s this explanation from Psychology Today that covers pretty much the entirety of the remaining myriad of motivations for unreliable & inaccurate Witness Accounts.

The Psychology of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News”

Why are these pedestrians so easily fooled?

1. Authority: People tend to respect authority, even if the authority at hand is questionable. Cialdini cites the 1960s Milgram experiments as an example of how people are more likely than not to obey a person in charge, despite conflicting with their conscience. In Kimmel’s segment, the “reporters” play the authority figure. Although the interviewee may not be familiar with the topic at hand, the reporter is asking in such a way that implies that they should. Not knowing any better, the interviewee feels they must go along with it.

2. Social Proof: People will do things that they see others doing. Cialdini describes an experiment in which one or more people look up at the sky, and unsuspecting bystanders were observed to follow suit. An individual who thinks they’re on the news— prompted by a serious, unsmiling reporter asking them to discuss a flag-burning event featuring a Tuskegee Airman and the Wu Tang Clan—is likely to give a serious, unsmiling response, no matter how ridiculous the story.

3. Commitment and Consistency: If people commit to an idea, they’re more likely to honor it so as not to muddy their self-image. People don’t like to back down. “Have you heard about that?” Of course I have! Hasn’t everyone? “Are you excited for it?” Well, yeah. You’re asking me about it because it’s an exciting news story after all, right? We don’t want to look like idiots, especially if we’re being filmed for the local news. (Little did they know…)

There you have it. I’m done with Witnesses and their Witness Accounts. Let’s move on to Forensic Science and Common Sense to analyze responsibility & culpability, shall we?


Forensic Science & Common Sense Analysis

Analyzing any case using Forensic Science & Common Sense is, in my opinion, the Gold Standard for proper resolution and the attainment of Justice. We have already concluded that the physics of the accident, i.e. my daughter being catapulted at least six feet in the air and approximately ten feet sideways whilst flipping more than 36o degrees (450 degrees, actually) and pounding the pavement with enough force to splinter her Clavicle, indicates the driver of the vehicle, considering my daughter’s weight & height and the Dodge Neon’s weight & bumper height, was traveling at a speed of 30 to 35 mph, and I believe closer to 35 mph. The saintly Paramedic estimated, correctly I believe, the speed from the information he gathered while he was on the scene. His opinion holds greater weight, in my opinion, because he’s a Seasoned Professional, an Emergency First Responder, who has seen his share of Pedestrian Accidents whereas the Mall Cops (Campus Security) and the Witnesses lack the professional capacity and objectivity to make such a determination.

If need be, I have no doubt a qualified Physics Professor could run the numbers and calculate the speed and I believe he/she would come up with a similar result. In fact, the Physics Professor might put the speed even higher, but we don’t have the funds necessary to contract a Physics Professor to undertake this analysis. This is where a Lawyer, if there were any decent honest ones out there interested in Justice rather than maximizing their ROI and I don’t think there are based on my half-century of experience with them thus far, would be beneficial. We tried this route, meaning we spoke with several attorneys, and let me tell you, what a bunch of Two-Bit Hucksters they ALL are. It is NOT an honorable profession. To any of you in Law School reading this, please, take what I’m saying into account and when you graduate, get out there and prove me wrong. Be the first to accomplish that. Be the first Lawyer to be truly interested in Justice and not The Bottom Line.

As I asserted above, Witness Accounts are not completely valueless. When they validate a Scientific Forensic & Common Sense Analysis, Witness Accounts can be valuable as Icing on the Premier Evidence Cake. In this case, both Deplorable Trump Redneck and Suzanne Saint, via their Witness Accounts, hint at the violence of the accident as I’ve outlined in the deconstruction of their Witness Accounts above. Both of them were amazed my daughter sat/stood up immediately after the accident because of the violence of it. They were amazed she wasn’t killed or maimed for life because the accident was so violent. That kind of violence denotes significant physical forces. Significant physical forces when it comes to a vehicle striking a pedestrian means speed. The driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter was speeding. Deplorable Trump Redneck even indicates in his Witness Account how high my daughter was flipped in the air. That estimation validates and underscores the Scientific Forensics. I’m surprised Paul Blart & Company (Campus Security) included it in the report and didn’t see the inherent contradiction it posed for their highly crafted, misleading and largely fictitious narrative. I believe they heard the Paramedic, the only Professional on and at the scene, estimate 30 to 35 mph and that’s why they put the incorrect speed limit of 35 mph on the Police/Accident Report — because they wanted to set First Impressions and someone not reading the report diligently would take it for granted the driver was not speeding when he in fact was speeding. How could Campus Security not know the speed limit? They should have known it. They had to have known it. I think they did know it and they purposely put the wrong speed limit to cover their asses and obfuscate Third Reich College’s liability. What liability, you ask? Be patient, I’ll cover that shortly.

With the Scientific Forensics aside to determine the speed of the white Dodge Neon that struck my daughter, let’s turn to the Common Sense Analysis to determine if the verity of the Witness Accounts claiming the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter could not have seen my daughter and therefore there was “no way” he could have stopped in time. As I mentioned in the Witness Accounts Deconstruction Section above, I consider the Witness Claims about what the driver could have seen or not seen and claims about his speed to be purely uninformed and unsupported opinion. How could they, The Witnesses, possibly know what the driver could or could not have seen if they weren’t the driver, if they weren’t in the driver’s head and shared the driver’s perspective? Why is it they ALL saw my daughter so clearly (even though there’s no way Hannah Clueless Waffler saw my daughter at all), and yet the driver of the white Dodge Neon couldn’t see my daughter at all let alone clearly? It’s a contradiction, and when too many contradictions gather in one place in proximity to one another, well, Houston — We Have a Problem.

I took the liberty of visiting the Accident Scene and taking various photos as though I was the driver of the vehicle that struck my daughter and the photo represents what the driver could have and should have seen looking out through his windshield at the Lay of the Land ahead. The various consecutive photos unequivocally reveal what the driver could have and should have seen if he was a Responsible Driver and paying attention, especially when you consider the context. What context? The context is, this is a College Campus with multiple Pedestrian Crosswalks as you travel on Make America Great Again Way. The context is that the driver of the white Dodge Neon is a student at Third Reich College and therefore is privy to, and has experienced many times, the perpetual ubiquity and ebb & flow of Pedestrian Traffic on campus and in proximity to the campus. This isn’t 90-year-old Grandpa visiting from Canada who has never traveled this road before and doesn’t know it’s a College Campus. The following Slide Show of photographs with descriptive overlays is a Responsible Driver’s Perspective. It’s what the driver of the white Dodge Neon should have and could have seen. For greater clarity, use your Browser’s Zoom Feature for a Closer Look.






See what I mean? This simple but tedious-to-compile Visualization is pretty damning when you compare & contrast it with the emphatic Witness Testimony about the driver of the white Dodge Neon’s speed & perspective. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to consider this and figure it out. It’s Common Sense, something sorely lacking in Today’s Hyper-Connected and Hyper-Distracted World. Once again, I have to ask, why were all of these Witnesses so zealously adamant about protecting the driver of the white Dodge Neon that struck my daughter and why did each & every one of them fervently go out of their way to try to exonerate him of any culpability? Witness Weirdness, as discussed above, that’s why.

And speaking of the driver of the white Dodge Neon that struck my daughter, I know he knows this. I know he’s a liar and a coward. He never once overtly showed any concern or compassion for my daughter after he struck her with his vehicle. Like Deplorable Trump Redneck, he remained in his vehicle until Campus Security arrived and approached it and requested him to exit to determine his identity and get his side of the story. What an Asshole. Who the hell are these people? This is America, folks. This is Donald Trump’s America. Isn’t it great? Can’t you see why so many from all over The World are clamoring to get here? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the known fact that America is easy to rip off. Nah, people come here from all over The World because Americans, like Deplorable Trump Redneck & Hannah Clueless Waffler and the driver of the white Dodge Neon and Campus Security so aptly proved with their actions that fateful day in mid-January, are so kind & compassionate.

The Vehicle That Struck My Daughter. Thankfully, It Wasn’t Deplorable Trump Redneck’s GMC Yukon, But If You Think About It, The Yukon’s Excessive & Prodigious Bulk Contributed To The Accident Because It Obstructed My Daughter’s View Entirely To Where She Could Not See The White Dodge Neon Until It Was Too Late, And That’s Not Any Less Of A Fact Even If My Daughter Would Have Been In The Crosswalk

Here’s the scary part. I could show this analysis to the Witnesses listed on the Police/Accident Report and I firmly believe they couldn’t wrap their tiny little heads around it. They would deny what they are seeing and stick to their Witness Accounts and their zealous affirmations that the driver was not speeding and there was no way he could have & should have seen my daughter or the streaming cascade of Jaywalkers well in advance of actually hitting my daughter. And, as you’ll find out shortly, as I have come to find out in researching my daughter’s accident, juries aren’t interested in the application of a Scientific Forensics & Common Sense Analysis to solving & resolving cases. No, juries, sage collectives that they are, prefer good, old-fashioned Witness Accounts because, afterall, everyone loves gossip and a great story. Witness Accounts are much more entertaining & dramatic than boring Science & Common Sense. Trial By Jury — it’s tantamount to Professional Wrestling except the stakes are much higher, meaning it can and often does end in a sentence of Death in one form or another. Justice isn’t the goal — Expedition is and a hell of a Return on Investment for unscrupulous, clever Lawyers (what Lawyer isn’t unscrupulous & clever?) who adroitly Work the System.

Before we move to the next section of this Anatomy of an Accident, here’s yet another example of why my wife and daughter and I feel we’ve traveled to the deepest depths of  The Twilight Zone and why this entire experience is reminiscent of a Gaslighting Operation. In the aftermath of the accident, my daughter distinctly remembers someone, but she can’t be sure who, asking the driver of the vehicle, when he finally stepped out of his vehicle to talk to Campus Security, if he was alright. Unbelievable!! One person out of two dozen who were in proximity to the accident when it occurred showed appropriate compassion and concern for a Human Being who had just been violently struck by an automobile and nearly lost her life. As you’ve learned, the only other person or persons who showed compassion & concern for my daughter was/were the Paramedic(s) when he/they finally arrived. The remaining people failed the test of what is mandatorily required to be considered a Human Being. And yet someone had the nerve, had the ironic and audacious temerity, to ask the driver of the white Dodge Neon if he was okay. Where the fuck are we? The Twilight Zone, that’s where. If this is what Great Again means, none for me, thank you very much.


The History of Jaywalking — Criminalizing Pedestrians

A consistent & predictable judgmental pattern has developed concerning my daughter’s accident. That predictable pattern is what appears to be an almost automated response from anyone with whom we discuss this traumatic incident with the exception of a very rare few. That predictable, patterned response is, “well, she was Jaywalking. What do you expect? She should know better. She was stupid. If she wasn’t Jaywalking, she wouldn’t have gotten hit by a car.” Or something to that effect. The wording may not be precise in all instances we encounter this prevailing attitude, but the sentiment is precise.

It’s an ignorant, judgmental, shallow, punishing, callous attitude that reflects poor character. Not to mention, it’s factually incorrect as we’ll soon see. My daughter would have been no safer had she been walking in the Crosswalk and not Jaywalking. She would have had more legal recourse if she was in the Crosswalk when she was struck by the white Dodge Neon, but she would not have been safer and walking in a Crosswalk in no way assures your safety and immunity from culpability as a pedestrian. The facts back me up. The facts do not support the idiotic ignoramuses who blame the victim like the majority of people do in rape cases. My wife & I have taken note that this very much resembles how rape victims are treated by the American Law Enforcement/Legal/Justice System. The rape victim is assaulted and traumatized over & over again and the victim is often the first to be blamed. The implication is, the sentiment is, that the victim did something to contribute to the violent act inflicted on them. “She shouldn’t have dressed like a slut — she was asking for it.” “She shouldn’t have been flirting with him — she invited this upon herself.” This is America, folks. It’s a Nation of Laws and if you’re wealthy and/or a clever criminal and many times those two things are one and the same, you can always find a Lawyer (they’ll line up for you and knock down your door, actually) to help you evade those Laws. For all the rest of us, considering the legal inequity and disparity I just mentioned where The Law applies to some but not all, The Law serves as our chains as those who legally avoid it run circles around us and laugh in our faces. In the face of what I just mentioned, to say braggingly that America is a Nation of Laws is laughable considering the intent of the statement.

Let’s take the law that makes Jaywalking illegal as an example. How did this law come about? Does anyone have any clue about the history of this law? Most people don’t and that’s a shame because if you investigate the history of Jaywalking as an illegal traffic violation, you soon realize it was a conspiracy by the Automotive Industry (to include Auto Insurance Companies) to criminalize & hamstring pedestrians and produce an environment where The Car is King. The Automotive Industry is an incredibly powerful Special Interest with immense lobbying capacity & potential. It has had a significant hand in shaping both American Law and American Culture, for better or for worse, and I’d say the verdict is now in, it’s been mostly for the worse.

This article from Salon sums it up nicely. It’s time to take back our streets, especially since we are fast approaching the end of The Age of Oil. The streets should be Public Spaces that are Pedestrian Centric, not Private Spaces that are Vehicle Centric. Urban Planning and Traffic Laws will follow the Culture so long as Special Interests (like the Automotive Industry) with immense lobbying capacity & potential don’t interfere & meddle & mitigate that which is obviously naturally organic and right.

The Secret History Of Jaywalking: The Disturbing Reason It Was Outlawed — And Why We Should Lift The Ban

“Jaywalk.” The word seems better suited to a dance craze than criminal infraction. The jitterbug, the lindy hop, the jaywalk. Some trace the origins of the term to Syracuse, New York; others to Kansas City (home briefly to a bar called Jaywalkers). One of the earliest references to the practice is in an article in the Chicago Tribune: “chauffeurs assert with some bitterness that their ‘joy riding’ would harm nobody if there were not so much jay walking” (April 7, 1909). The quote reflects a mind-set of entitlement among the motorist class, a readiness to allocate blame to the lowest tier of traveler. In early America “jay” was a pejorative used to denote a rube or rustic, someone unacquainted with the niceties of urban refinement. To be called a jay was to have called into question your very sense of belonging, your right to exist within the city proper.

Before the proliferation of automobiles streets were shared by all manner of traveler. Crosswalks had not yet been established (the first one wouldn’t appear until 1911) and pedestrians had just as much right to the road as streetcars and carriages. Cars, in their earliest incarnation, were seen as interlopers, an unwelcome addition to the urban milieu. Traffic fatalities were not looked upon kindly by the general public. Angry mobs were wont to drag offending drivers (kicking and screaming, one would presume) from the comfort of their cars. According to the Detroit News, upwards of 60 percent of automobile-related fatalities in the 1920s were children under the age of 9. “One gruesome Detroit article described an Italian family whose 18-month-old son was hit and wedged in the wheel well of a car. As the hysterical father and police pried out the child’s dead body, the mother went into the house and committed suicide.”

By the close of the 1920s, automobiles had claimed the lives of more than 250,000 children and adults in the United States. In New York City, temporary memorials were erected in Central Park to commemorate the dead, as if casualties of combat. Automobile drivers were uniformly painted as villains in newspaper editorials, a menace to civic well-being. Cartoons depicted them in full reaper regalia, armed with sharpened scythes. The phrase “jay driver” prefigures its more common counterpart, appearing in print as early as 1905. (A 1907 headline in the Albuquerque Evening Citizen reads “Jay Drivers Imperil Life Each Hour in Albuquerque.”) The growing tension between motorists and pedestrians had larger class implications. While motorists tended to be men of means, the pedestrians they sought to displace were largely working-class. Andrew Mellon, during his tenure as secretary of the treasury, instituted a landmark tax reduction strategy, lowering the top marginal rate from 77 percent to 24 percent. The combination of lower taxes, flourishing markets and weakened unions led to prodigious levels of inequality. The chasm between rich and poor reached its pinnacle in 1928, with 23.9 percent of all pretax income channeled to the top 1 percent of families. Even with improved methods of production, automobiles were still out of reach for millions of Americans. As James J. Flink writes in “The Automobile Age,” “The automobile trade journals were agreed in 1923 that ‘illiterate, immigrant, Negro and other families’ were ‘obviously outside’ the market for motorcars.”

In 1923, Cincinnati residents pursued an ordinance that would require motorists to outfit their cars with mechanical devices called governors. The governors would switch off car engines if vehicles exceeded speeds of 25 miles per hour. Local automobile dealers mobilized to strike down the measure. Over the next decade the auto industry pursued aggressive action to take sole possession of public roads and, in turn, reshape the conversation around cars. The American Automobile Association, or AAA, sponsored safety campaigns in schools, educating students on the dangers of crossing the street in unmarked zones. Boy Scouts handed out cards to pedestrians, warning them against the practice of jaywalking. Mock trials were conducted in public settings to shame or ridicule offenders. The National Automobile Chamber of Commerce persuaded politicians and journalists to shill for their cause. The Packard Motor Car Co. went so far as to construct tombstones engraved with the name Mr. J. Walker. In Buffalo, beachgoers were treated to a public performance by the National Safety Council, in which a jaywalker was arrested, handcuffed and fitted with a sandwich board that read “I am a jaywalker,” and then ushered into a police wagon plastered with anti-pedestrian slogans. (“Hell is paved with good intentions, but why crowd the place? Don’t jaywalk.”) By the 1930s, jaywalking had been adopted as common law in most major municipalities. The term was near ubiquitous, and opposition to the automobile had softened to scarcely a whisper.

The criminalization of jaywalking may be in part justified if crosswalks were in fact safer, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Crosswalks that aren’t supported by traffic lights or stop signs are no safer than unmarked zones. One study published in Transportation Research Board of the National Academies found that the risk of injury inside the painted lines was the same as it was outside of them. On roadways with multiple lanes and high-volume traffic the crosswalk proved the more precarious option. A safety study conducted by NYU Langone Medical Center was even more decisive in its findings: Of those injured, 44 percent had used a crosswalk with the traffic signal on their side, while 23 percent had been struck crossing mid-block. In what can only be attributed to dreadful luck, 6 percent had been injured while on the sidewalk.

To compound the issue, most crosswalk buttons are nonoperational. Only 9 percent of buttons in New York City, the Department of Transportation estimates, are responsive to user commands. The remaining 91 percent, which are set to fixed timers, serve as placebos for Type A personalities or germ-laden playthings for restive children. In car-centric cities like Dallas, the number of functioning buttons is even lower. Many of these buttons worked at one point but have been deactivated to improve efficiency and flow. Explanations of this sort are par for the course. Efficiency has been the mantra of the urban planning profession for the better part of 60 years. However, by prioritizing efficiency above all other ideals, such as equity and livability, we strip pedestrians of their personal agency and demote non-drivers to the status of second-class citizens.

Here’s another article from BBC News Magazine and an accompanying choice quote that applies to my daughter’s pedestrian accident. Make no mistake, the Criminalization of Pedestrians is very much part of the ongoing Class War and as we have seen many times before and as we see below, there is no doubt Law Enforcement and the entire Legal/Justice System fights for The Rich against The Poor (soon to be all of us).

Jaywalking: How The Car Industry Outlawed Crossing The Road

“People in law-enforcement tend to identify with a motorist’s perspective”, he says. Wherever there’s a push to protect the rights of pedestrians, officials feel they also need to enforce limits on them.

I like this next article from The Washington Post because it folds the Criminalization of Pedestrians into a wider narrative, the theme of which is the increasing Private Encroachment upon The Public Commons.

How Jaywalking Became A Crime

Our ways of speaking, too, are telling. We say that the streets are “closed” during parades and outdoor festivals, even if all we mean is that cars can’t access them. We have come to accept it as natural that pedestrians are to be cordoned off to sidewalks and allowed in the streets only at appointed places, such as crosswalks. The streets are no longer thought of as public spaces, and even the exceptions underline the rule.

Most worrying is that the market’s encroachment on public space isn’t limited to our streets. Today, there is a growing number of privately owned public spaces, with corporate interests looking to become more involved in running even libraries, swimming pools and public schools. This will impede the ways we use them.

It is hard to imagine, for instance, certain kinds of political and social organizing in semi-private spaces; it seems doubtful, for instance, that opposition movements such as Occupy Wall Street will be welcome. But the point is even more general: Even if we’re not a part of such movements, privatized public spaces are more about furthering commercial interests than fostering viable political and social communities. Open to the public, after all, is not the same as owned by the public.

And finally, if this Grist article isn’t an example of Class War and how the Criminalization of Pedestrians (meaning the Criminalization of The Poor) isn’t a War Strategy, nothing is. Nothing surprises me any more, not even this. It’s to be expected. Wake Up, America!!!

When Design Kills: The Criminalization Of Walking

Bad design kills people.

That’s right. It’s not a matter of aesthetics, or of politics, or of opinion. It’s a plain fact: When you design streets solely for cars, people die as a result. The underlying conditions that are responsible for those deaths are rarely or never challenged. The victims often get blamed for their own injuries or deaths.

Don’t believe me? Well, let me refresh your memory about Raquel Nelson, the Atlanta-area mother who was recently convicted of vehicular homicide, second degree — but not for anything she did behind the wheel. No, she was crossing a busy road with three children when her 4-year-old son was struck by a car and killed.

Yes, you heard that right. The mother, who was also struck and injured, was charged with vehicular homicide, second degree, in the death of her son. Meanwhile, the prosecutor dropped vehicular homicide charges against the driver — who later admitted to having been drinking, was on painkillers, and was legally blind in one eye — allowing him to plead guilty simply to hit-and-run. Oh, and he had previously been convicted of two hit-and-runs that occurred on the same day in 1997 — one of them on the same road where he struck the Nelson family.

When the crash occurred, Raquel Nelson had gotten off a bus after a long trip with her three children, ages 2, 4, and 9. Here’s how Sally Flocks, president and CEO of Atlanta pedestrian advocacy group PEDS, describes Nelson’s journey the day her son was killed:

In April 2010, Raquel Nelson and her three children had gone out for pizza to on a Saturday afternoon to celebrate a family birthday. They also stopped at Walmart to buy a cake and groceries. The family had no car, so they used public transit to get home.

Their bus arrived at the bus transfer center just after the next bus they needed had left. Bus service on Saturdays is infrequent, and the next one arrived over an hour later. When that bus stopped across from their apartment building, it was the first time Raquel had to cross the high-speed divided highway with her children after dark.

Together with several other adults and children who exited at this stop, the family crossed two lanes and made it the median safely. When 4-year old A.J. Nelson saw one of the other adults attempt to finish her crossing, he broke away from his mother and ran into the road. Raquel followed, attempting to keep him safe.

As they crossed, a van plowed into them, killing A.J. and injuring Raquel and her 2-year old daughter. The driver, Jerry Guy, sped away.

It’s true that the Nelsons were not in a crosswalk when they attempted to cross the street. But the stop where Raquel Nelson and her children exited the bus is located three-tenths of a mile from the nearest crosswalk, the equivalent of three city blocks. No one would walk 1,500 feet to cross the street, so Raquel’s decision to cross where the bus let her family and neighbors off was hardly a “gross deviation from the standard of care which a reasonable person would exercise in this situation.”

But a jury decided otherwise. And so Raquel Nelson might face 36 months in prison. Sentencing is next week.

Campus Security — Going The Extra Mile

Seriously, Paul Blart & Company really went out of its way to “wrap up” the accident in a strategic & expeditious manner. Not “bad” for Mall Cops, wouldn’t you say? I guess it depends on what the definition of “bad” (versus is) is. If the definition of bad relates to devious & deceptive intent, then I would say Campus Security did an exceptionally “bad” job. If the definition of “bad” relates to Campus Security not doing what a reasonable person (an ethical & moral person, in otherwords) would believe is Campus Security‘s duty, to Serve & Protect the General Public, then Campus Security once again did a “bad” job in that it was contrary to what a reasonable/ethical/moral person would expect of it. It appears Campus Security did Serve & Protect, but not the General Public. Instead, it appears Campus Security was Johnny-On-The-Spot that fateful day in January, and perhaps every day, to protect Third Reich College‘s administration from any liability.

I’ve already adequately & proficiently proven above that the Police/Accident Report is largely a work of fiction. That it is meant to Paint a Picture. And, I believe that Painting is intended to obscure and mitigate liability. What liability? I will tell you in a moment if you haven’t already figured it out, but before we proceed, I want to discuss a couple of items that support the assertion that the Police/Accident Report is a work of fiction intended to cement First Impressions.

We, meaning my daughter, wife and I, know for a fact there were more witnesses and thus more Witness Accounts than the Police/Accident Report contains or reveals. Common Sense tells you there had to be. What about the cascade of Jaywalkers crossing the street before and after my daughter as though it was a Cattle Crossing? Are we to believe that none of them witnessed any of this and had nothing to say or add during Campus Security‘s investigation? Balderdash! What about the blond female who crossed directly before my daughter? Surely she saw the white Dodge Neon because the driver had to have barely missed her before he struck my daughter. Surely she had something to add. In fact, we know she did add something because she approached my daughter on campus the following week and informed that she gave a Witness Account at the scene and also informed that she later called Campus Security to lodge a formal complaint related to the Lead Investigator‘s treatment of my daughter and Suzanne Saint. See, this woman’s boyfriend is a Paramedic and she told him how revolting Campus Security‘s behavior was and he opined that it was completely atrocious, inappropriate and unprofessional. He instructed her to lodge the complaint, so she did.

My daughter is still young and naive so she didn’t have the wherewithal to obtain this woman’s contact information so we have been unable to get in touch with her. Isn’t it interesting how she was adamant that she gave her Witness Account at the scene and yet it’s not on the Police/Accident Report? Get this. When I called the Lead Investigator‘s supervisor and asked him for the blond female’s contact information, he said no such woman gave a Witness Account and no such woman ever contacted Campus Security to lodge a complaint. Yeah, right. Sure. Why would this woman lie? Why would she seek my daughter out and approach her only to pathologically lie? I don’t believe she would do that. She has no reason to lie. There is no incentive for her to lie. But there is plenty of incentive for Campus Security to lie, as we’ll soon see.

The Campus Security officer I spoke with via phone, he’s a lieutenant, let’s call him Lieutenant Dan, has lied numerous times. He reviewed and approved a largely fictitious Police/Accident Report so already he’s lying, but as I just revealed, he lied about there being more Witness Accounts and he lied about the blond female calling him to lodge a complaint. This blond female even told my daughter Lieutenant Dan told her he would ensure the offending Campus Security Lead Investigating Officer, Paul Blart, would receive training to address the matter and then he has the nerve to tell me this blond female never contacted him. In addition, during our phone conversation he informed me he was not at the accident scene. Another lie. Suzanne Saint indicates he was at the accident scene and it also says he was at the accident scene on the Police/Accident Report. Of course, he has no idea I’m the Catcher In The Lie, but even if he did, he’d lie anyway, no doubt.

What about the male following close behind my daughter and to the right? His view of the accident was as clear as Deplorable Trump Redneck‘s view and yet there is no Witness Account for him on the Police/Accident Report. Why not? I find it hard to believe this person would just slither away without any concern whatsoever. Surely he had something to say about what transpired, and yet there is no record of it, or at least no “official” record of it. It’s in a Landfill somewhere, most likely. An Open Records Request would more than likely prove fruitless because all Campus Security has to do is throw all the disconfirming Witness Accounts away and hope we never find the witnesses. So far, their gamble has paid off.

Lying appears to be a mandatory requirement if you’re seeking employment with Third Reich College’s Campus Security Department. Approximately two weeks after my daughter’s accident, I saw the Lead Investigating Officer, Officer Paul Blart, the one who took particular pleasure in degradingly traumatizing my daughter further after she was nearly killed, on campus flirting with a fellow minority female officer whilst on duty. Yes, they are both minorities and this fact is useful and instructive since Campus Security, per my research, was recently embroiled in a lawsuit where it was accused of favoring minorities over non-minorities and awarding promotions based on demographics versus merit. I believe the case was dismissed, but the effect no doubt has emboldened the minority officers and given the department as a whole a sense of immunity and impunity. It can do no wrong, or so it thinks. Its power is supreme because it is The Law and Third Reich College‘s administration to include its President who is military, have done nothing to mitigate this growing tyranny and instead wholeheartedly support it.

Third Reich College‘s administration and leadership is responsible for every manifestation of behavior that happens under its watch and purview, so it, and the President, are on the hook for Campus Security‘s atrocious behavior. As if it, and he meaning the President, care. Third Reich College actually has an Office of Student Integrity. No kidding. What a hoot. I didn’t see an Office of Administration Integrity. I wonder why? Maybe because they don’t have one because in a paternalistic hierarchy like Third Reich College, no one dares reproach or question the omnipotent and omniscient leadership. Even the school newspaper is in the Adminstration‘s pocket, meaning it’s nothing more than a propagandistic Administration Mouthpiece. I know, because I approached them with this story and they didn’t even have the decency to respond. Remember the days when Student Newspapers were cutting edge and rebellious by virtue of speaking Truth to Power and trying to keep it honest? Those days are long gone, obviously.

I approached the Lead Investigating Officer, Paul Blart, on campus and interrupted his flirtation with his female colleague. I asked him if he was Paul Blart and he confirmed that he was and then I proceeded to tell him the Police/Accident Report he filed was crap. That’s the word I used. I told him it was crap. He straightened up and took the amused smirk off his arrogant, cocky face after I said it. I made sure to maintain a four to five feet distance between us as I let him know how I felt about the Police/Accident Report he filed and how I felt about his behavior towards, and treatment of, my daughter. I kept my hands locked together behind my back so as not to appear physically threatening in any way. I never invaded his personal space and I never raised my voice or yelled. But I was blunt and to the point. Just because he has a badge doesn’t mean he is beyond reproach and approach, so long as you do so non-threateningly.

I wish I could say Paul Blart behaved mutually and was also non-threatening, but I can’t. He invaded my personal space and got up in my face trying to provoke me into a physical response. He put his face to within inches of mine and yelled at me saying, “you need to talk to your daughter! She was Jaywalking! There’s nothing else to discuss! Get a lawyer! What do you think you’re going to accomplish complaining to me about it? I just reported what the witnesses said they saw.” His face was not only inches from mine, but his hands and part of his arms were well past my head practically enveloping me. A lesser person would have been intimidated and would have lost their nerve, but I remained unflappable and unmoved. I held my ground and never averted my gaze from his eyes and never escalated with bodily gestures or tone of voice.

What was very telling about this conversation/exchange is that Paul Blart‘s words matched, almost word for word, what Deplorable Trump Redneck said to me during our phone conversation, as though they had spoken and got their stories straight. Come to find out, I believe that’s exactly what happened. Paul Blart informed me, just as Deplorable Trump Redneck did, that more than one person indicated to him at the accident scene that my daughter said “this is what I get for Jaywalking.” As was mentioned earlier, the only person who witnessed this and could attest to it was Suzanne Saint because she was the only one at my daughter’s side when my daughter whispered it in her ear as Suzanne Saint was holding her. Paul Blart is a liar and I believe he and Deplorable Trump Redneck conspired to lie as a team about my daughter and what transpired that fateful day in January.

See, Campus Security, just as it conveniently got the speed limit wrong in the appropriate direction for the fictitious narrative it calls a Police/Accident Report, meaning Campus Security indicated it was 10 mph more than it is, also conveniently (convenient for Campus Security, but inconvenient for anyone investigating the case) had incorrect phone numbers for Deplorable Trump Redneck and Suzanne Saint making it very difficult for me to track them down and contact them. When I spoke with Lieutenant Dan via phone, I informed him I needed the correct phone numbers so, after several days, he left a message for me on our voicemail with the correct phone numbers. How Campus Security had or found the correct numbers after not furnishing them on the Police/Accident Report is rather telling, I’d say. As it turns out, according to Suzanne Saint, Lieutenant Dan called her before I called her once I got her number. He reconnoitered her and the metaphorical landscape during his call and I have no doubt the same was done with Deplorable Trump Redneck hence Deplorable Trump Redneck‘s words matching nearly verbatim Paul Blart‘s words. They synced their stories. Suzanne Saint isn’t so easy since she’s a hostile witness (for them) and non-compliant with Campus Security‘s duplicity. This is incredibly deceitful & duplicitous. In my opinion, it’s illegal and especially egregious behavior for those who have taken an oath to Serve & Protect. Why would Campus Security go to these lengths to cover its ass? What is it protecting? What is it hiding?

Why did Campus Security go the extra mile in pinning the blame for the accident on my daughter? I believe because it’s covering up the fact Third Reich College has failed to provide pedestrians, meaning its students, with an adequately controlled intersection and safe crosswalk at the intersection in question. In fact, I firmly believe that if a thorough & comprehensive investigation were to take place, we would find that there have been numerous incidents involving pedestrians being struck at or near this intersection — that Third Reich College knows it’s a problem intersection and inadequately controlled and yet it has been negligent in addressing and remedying that deficiency and instead covers its ass any time another incident arises.

Suzanne Saint informed me during our phone conversation that Campus Security arrived at the scene very quickly, almost immediately. She thought it was odd how quickly they arrived and wondered if they had surveillance cameras and saw the accident on footage, but also she was surprised because two males who ran over from the parking lot where my daughter’s car was parked to where Suzanne Saint had asked my daughter to sit down had called 911 and asked for an ambulance and the county police to be dispatched so they thought, and Suzanne Saint thought, that the county police would be the ones handling the accident scene since they’re trained to do so. Instead, Campus Security arrives on the scene and takes charge quickly and commandeers it. Campus Security‘s behavior was aggressive and highly proprietary, as if to say, “this is our turf and we’ll handle matters that take place on our turf, not the county police.” Yeah, they handled matters alright — much differently than the county police would have handled the matter, I have no doubt.

Even though it’s a county road, I believe it’s Third Reich College‘s responsibility to provide safe & secure passage for its pedestrian students since it has basically usurped almost the entire area on all four corners as campus property. As well, considering Campus Security‘s proprietary attitude about incidents that arise at or near this intersection, they exhibit a sense of ownership. There is, quite literally, campus parking located on all four corners of the intersection. Parking lots and the traffic they contain quite literally envelop the entire intersection and yet even though there are multiple lanes going every which way as well as a perpetual ebb & flow of pedestrian traffic and a perpetual ebb & flow of local non-student vehicular traffic, the intersection is controlled only by a stop sign and fading pavement markings. There is no other signage and there are no traffic lights. Any reasonable person would consider this negligent, and I would say grossly negligent, on the part of Third Reich College. They should no better. I think they do know better, but instead of footing the bill and doing the responsible & professional thing by safely controlling the intersection, they have decided to use the funds elsewhere, like, let’s say, for their prodigious vehicle fleet or another dog for their K9 unit. Yeah, I’m not kidding, they really have a K9 unit (why is anyone’s guess) and I read an article where they intend to add another dog to it. Yet they have no money in the budget to provide for the safety of their pedestrian students at this perilous intersection. What wonderful & exemplary priorities. Not!!!

Here are some photos of that prodigious vehicle fleet. Notice the nicely equipped late model Ford Explorers — nothing but the best for these duplicitous & deceitful Mall Cops.

You have to admit, that’s a hell of a Campus Security budget for a rinky-dink, no-name college. I’d say they have a Nazi Complex, therefore my moniker for these Nazi WannabesThird Reich College. Screw the student pedestrians, these boys, Paul Blart & Lieutenant Dan & their colleagues, are armed & ready for the Muslim Invasion. Seriously, how does a small, rather insignificant college justify such a prodigious Campus Security Department? Is this yet more Post-911 Police State Bullshit and since this institution somehow has a relationship with the military, the Department of Homeland Security has alotted it funds to beef up its Security Apparatus? If so, the irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife. They’re looking under every rock and behind every tree for Muslim Terrorists while student pedestrians are fair game for anyone who wants to legally murder someone. Too funny — except it’s not. It’s ironic tragedy and completely unacceptable when you consider this institution receives taxpayer dollars.

Campus Security‘s purpose in incessantly repeating the charge that my daughter was Jaywalking is to underscore the mythological implication that if she wasn’t Jaywalking and was instead walking in the Crosswalk, she would have not only been legally protected but she also would have been safer. That simply is not true. Let me quote below from the article I linked to above. Crosswalks do not ensure a pedestrian’s safety. In fact, quite the contrary. A pedestrian using a Crosswalk, no matter how secure and controlled it appears to be, is likened to a sitting duck for irresponsible drivers and there is no guarantee that if you are a pedestrian in the Crosswalk and you’re struck by a vehicle that you will not be at fault. This System will find every way it can to make pedestrians the guilty party in an accident involving a pedestrian and a vehicle because in America’s Car Culture, The Car is King.

The criminalization of jaywalking may be in part justified if crosswalks were in fact safer, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Crosswalks that aren’t supported by traffic lights or stop signs are no safer than unmarked zones. One study published in Transportation Research Board of the National Academies found that the risk of injury inside the painted lines was the same as it was outside of them. On roadways with multiple lanes and high-volume traffic the crosswalk proved the more precarious option. A safety study conducted by NYU Langone Medical Center was even more decisive in its findings: Of those injured, 44 percent had used a crosswalk with the traffic signal on their side, while 23 percent had been struck crossing mid-block. In what can only be attributed to dreadful luck, 6 percent had been injured while on the sidewalk.Here’s the quote from up above in case you missed it or overlooked it.

In this case, there is no doubt about it, the Crosswalk is no safer than Jaywalking and maybe even less safe. It’s an abomination. It’s ridiculously unsafe. It’s improperly marked and improperly controlled. There are no traffic singles. Ironically, and I’d say fittingly, one of the stop signs is crooked just like Third Reich College’s Campus Security Department. Take a look again. To Serve & Protect — except student pedestrians because if you’re one, you simply don’t matter.

Did you notice something else from that photo? The prominent device measuring and displaying your speed. As you can see, I wasn’t speeding. Maybe it had something to do with me standing still and snapping the picture. Maybe, although I’m not sure any longer considering this experience. If this entire ordeal doesn’t make you question Reality and everything we’ve been taught to be right versus wrong, then you’re already too far gone for it to matter anyway.

That prominent speed measuring device was not there the day of the accident. In fact, it just appeared a few days before I snapped this photo but certainly after I called Lieutenant Dan one last time and told him I wouldn’t let this rest until he and Paul Blart were relieved of duty and their badges confiscated. Voila, what do you know, suddenly Third Reich College is concerned about people speeding precisely where my daughter was hit. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

The studly (because anyone who accosts a high school girl attending college who is hit by a car on campus is most assuredly a stud) Paul Blart, when I approached him on campus to discuss the piece of crap called the Police/Accident Report, told me, when he got up in my face and was yelling, my daughter had multiple Crosswalks to choose from so she had no business Jaywalking was, once again, lying. She only had one Crosswalk to choose from. To get to the other Crosswalk to which he was referring, she would have had to have Jaywalked, ironically. Hey Paul Blart, know what the hell you’re talking about before you make such emphatic assertions, especially since you’re a so-called Officer of the Law.

The following photo proves my daughter would have had to have Jaywalked to get to the only other Crosswalk to cross the road in this area. That Crosswalk is behind the white car about twenty yards. My daughter was descending from the parking lot to the top and right in this photo. You can’t see where her car is parked or the hill she descended since it is to the right and out of the photo, but what you can see, because I outlined it in yellow, is that there is no Crosswalk for her to cross to get to the other Crosswalk Paul Blart referenced. Since there is no Crosswalk, she would have been Jaywalking to access that Crosswalk, so Paul Blart is not only an arrogant asshole, he’s also an idiot and a liar. Not a great combination when you’re determining someone’s character. One has to ask, what kind of character assessment tools do they use when selecting officers? Whatever method they’re using, all I can say (actually, I could say a lot more) is, WTF!!!

Ironically, Note The Woman Jaywalking. It Is Ubiquitous On This College Campus And Probably All College Campuses.

I visited this intersection twice since my daughter’s accident and observed the traffic patterns & behavior considerably both times. Pedestrians, when crossing in the Crosswalk at this intersection, are truly running the gauntlet and putting their life on the line. It is that dangerous and many of the drivers of the vehicles I witnessed are that irresponsible & audacious. For example, the last time I visited the intersection to snap these photos, I observed for at least forty-five minutes and in that forty-five minutes I observed all manner of traffic violations to include Jaywalking. Many vehicles, when they came to a full stop which was rare, stopped in the middle of the Crosswalk. In the following photo, you can see a car making a right turn. Approximately 80% of the drivers making this right turn do not stop at the stop sign let alone before the  Crosswalk or the solid white line before the Crosswalk. Of that 80%, approximately 50% don’t slow down at all and just blow through the stop sign at speed. The other 50% slow down but never come to stop. The car I photographed, and it’s why I snapped the photo, is one of the drivers who never slowed down and blew right through the stop sign. I was flabbergasted. I kept shaking my head and these drivers would see me shaking my head and their expression was likened to them saying, “fuck you, I don’t give a shit what you think.”

Another driver blew through the stop sign traveling approximately 3o mph per my estimate in the middle lane that goes straight through the intersection. This is the disrespect vehicular traffic has for this intersection and anyone who has to make their way across this road, be it in the Crosswalk or otherwise. It’s like something you’d see in a 3rd World Country except we’re in America and were supposed to be better. Right? Isn’t that why everyone is clamoring to get here? Because America is better?

Another incident I observed was a pedestrian crossing in the Crosswalk with her headphones inserted in each ear and she made it about halfway across when a vehicle from the other side of the intersection, the side she was crossing to — the north side — made a left directly in front of her forcing her to come to an abrupt halt or she would have been struck. This asshole driver nearly plowed into her. No, he couldn’t wait for her to cross. By golly, he was going to beat her to the punch and in the process he nearly struck her as he traversed, in the wrong direction, the three lanes going west meaning he cut clear across them. It was ridiculously reckless. That was when I said to myself, “I have had enough.” It’s all the proof I needed to understand why Campus Security went out of its way to cover its ass and obscure Third Reich College‘s liability.

Campus Security and Third Reich College know all of this, I’m sure, and yet they’ve done nothing to rectify the situation and instead engage in unethical, unprofessional and I would say illegal behavior to cover their asses and blame any accidents that occur between vehicles & pedestrians on the pedestrians when Third Reich College hasn’t taken appropriate & effective measures to ensure the safety of those pedestrians.

Lawyers In Love

I’m not going to deny it and you shouldn’t deny it either. Lawyers are Sleazebags. They are! Don’t try to defend them because that would be likened to defending pedophiles. They pretend to be professionals and they portray the craft they ply as not only legitimate but also prestigious when nothing could be further from the Truth. I’ve yet to encounter an Attorney who was admirable in any way and not a Two-Bit Shyster looking to exploit this Nation of Laws we call America for their own maximized personal gain. I’m willing to be pleasantly surprised but I kind of doubt I ever will be. I’m more than half a century old now, and I’ve yet to encounter a Lawyer who treats their career as a vocation and is solely interested in the attainment of Justice — prestige, money, status and power be damned. For all of you in Law School, if you haven’t been completely tainted already, take heed and make it your goal to alter this equation and the stigmatized negative impression most of us Little People have of Lawyers.

Americans like to brag that America is a Nation of Laws. What does that even mean? So what, America’s a Nation of Laws, what’s the big deal? Nazi Germany was also a Nation of Laws. Everything the Nazis did was lawful because Nazi Germany was a Nation of Laws. To brag that you’re a Nation of Laws is an empty and meaningless gesture. What’s important and crucial is the nature of those laws and whether or not the laws are administered equally & equitably across the entire population. What’s important is that the laws, collectively and individually, have as their goal, without compromise, the notion of Justice and that all members of society have equal & equitable access to Justice as encoded in The Law.

When you perceive it this way, the right way, it should be clear to any sane, rational and reasonable person that America is far from perfect when it comes to realizing the aforementioned ideal related to The Law & Justice. And, when it comes to Jaywalking, America fails miserably and the results are no better than if we were residing in Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China or Hitler’s Germany. The Law (that renders Jaywalking illegal) is not a Just Law because it doesn’t apply equally & equitably to all people and instead singles out a class of people and curtails their freedom of movement at the expense of another class of people’s freedom of movement. The Raquel Nelson case above is an excellent example. As well, in America’s Justice System, if you’re not wealthy, you effectively have no legal redress and representation. Public Defenders are a Bad Joke and hardly a remedy. The sad fact is, in America, if you’re not wealthy, you cannot not afford to navigate The Law, so you’re at the mercy of it and at the mercy of those who craft it and contract others to administer it, and guess who those people are? That’s right, they’re The Rich. What a great gig — if you’re rich!!

When’s the last time you read or saw a story about a wealthy person being struck as a pedestrian? I’ve scoured The Net looking for stories of the fabulously wealthy and I can hardly find anything where a wealthy celebrity was struck as a pedestrian. There are a few minor exceptions. The Reese Witherspoon case comes to mind, but nothing about Donald Trump or his family being struck as pedestrians. Same goes for The Obamas and The Clintons. Gee, I wonder why? Do you think it has something to do with the fact that these people are hardly ever pedestrians in their daily lives? Nah, it couldn’t be because of that. Whereas, if you’re poor and without means, you have no choice but to be a pedestrian and for that, you have been criminalized if you step outside of the cage that is the Crosswalk & Sidewalk and you’re not even ensured safety & security & legal redress if you’re within that cage. The laws enacted to punish and criminalize pedestrians are part of a Class War — a war The Poor are losing as we all sit idly by and watch just as the Good Germans sat idly by and watched as their Jewish neighbors were abducted and shipped off to the Gas Showers and Crematoriums.

In my more than half a century, a Lawyer has never once been helpful to me. Not once. Unlike Donald Trump and his ilk, I’m not wealthy and therefore I can’t keep a cadre (or I should say cabal) of Lawyers on retainer to pursue frivolous and unnecessarily punishing lawsuits like Melania Trump’s $150 million lawsuit levied against the blogger Webster Tarpley. Increasingly, this is what America’s Legal & Justice System is transforming into — a venue for The Rich to further criminalize, impoverish, punish and incarcerate their perceived Lessors via SLAPP suits. Peter Thiel’s SLAPP suit on behalf of Hulk Hogan against Gawker is yet another example of The Rich abusing and distorting the already significantly flawed American Legal & Justice System. All the while these SLAPP suits become increasingly predominant, True Justice, if it can be found at all, is practically an extinct species. But hey, America’s a Nation of Laws so it’s All Good, I suppose. Right?

We contacted several Lawyers as part of this process related to my daughter’s accident, and in fact met with one of the Sleazebags in person. My encounters transpired precisely as I expected they would. Not one of the Lawyers was in any way helpful and actually all of them were quite insulting. My wife made the statement that Lawyers are only beneficial to The Rich in helping them navigate and circumvent The Law and they’re beneficial to Savvy Criminals looking to circumvent The Law and avoid prosecution & incarceration. She’s right. I think this is Lawyers‘ only purpose — to aid & abet The Rich & Savvy Criminals in escaping Justice. See, The Law apparently doesn’t apply to those two groups which quite often overlap, by the way, meaning The Rich are often also Savvy Criminals. Every Lawyer I have ever known or known of fits this profile and character assessment. They’re in it to maximize their return on investment. They’re in it to make a name for themselves that will lead to status, fame, power and wealth. They most assuredly are not Lawyers because they possess an impulsive, perpetual urge to seek and attain Justice on behalf of others.

All three Lawyers I spoke with effectively evaluated my daughter’s case the same way. In effect, their approach is that it isn’t worth their time because they seek to maximize their profit per time & resources expended and my daughter’s case would require too much of their time & resources to prove to braindead jurors who prefer Witness Accounts versus Forensic Science & Common Sense Analysis. I will give them credit — they know the System well and consequently, they work the System well. They know that the legal precedent that has been set over the past half a century favors vehicle operators over pedestrians when it comes to accidents involving the two parties, and they know juries, especially when the pedestrian was not in the Crosswalk or on a Sidewalk, most always side with the vehicle operator when it comes to what the pedestrian says versus what the vehicle operator says.

The entire Legal/Justice System, Sleazebag Lawyers included, is stacked against you if you are a pedestrian struck by a vehicle outside of a Crosswalk or not on a Sidewalk. The System simply doesn’t care about the particular facts of the case — if you are struck by a vehicle and you were Jaywalking, you are guilty and at fault and you have no legal redress. This is Justice, American Style. And to think, we’ve been told Terrorists hate us for our Freedom. Oh, there’s Freedom alright. In America, you’re free to murder Jaywalkers and actually be applauded for your good deed. I think the Terrorists need to take a second look at this vaunted Freedom they despise so much and maybe recalibrate their perspective and methods. Uncle Sam is saying, in no uncertain terms, anyone, and it means anyone to include Terrorists, can murder American Citizens without legal, financial or social implications if the American Citizens, or anyone for that matter, are Jaywalking. America loves Loopholes, and this one’s so yuuuuge you can fit a camel, no, strike that, you can fit a caravan of camels through it. This is not The Eye of the Needle, no sir, this is An Open Invitation to Murder.

The last Lawyer I spoke with, Blowhard Moneybag, Esq., my daughter and I actually met with him in person after speaking on the phone. Over the phone, he was cordial and seemed genuinely interested in pursuing Justice. Boy, was I wrong about that. In hindsight, I regret meeting with this Douchebag Lawyer because the experience only served to further traumatize my daughter and made her feel even worse than she already did about our society and how it really works versus how she was taught it works. This Sleazebag Lawyer effectively represented the System and his interaction with my daughter effectively served to blame the victim yet again. Blowhard Moneybag, Esq. was not, is not, interested in Justice.  He was, he is, interested in maximizing his return on investment and apparently, I will add, interested in wasting my time and my daughter’s time by having us trek across town only to be insulted and my daughter further traumatized.

In our meeting with Blowhard Moneybag, Esq., we couldn’t move him off the largely fictitious Police/Accident Report and erroneous and misleading and deceitful Witness Accounts to the crucial, undeniable facts of the case. When I tried to discuss with him what I’ve discussed in this blog post thus far, he wouldn’t even listen to it or consider it. He kept saying that if my daughter was in the Crosswalk, she would have a stronger case but because she was Jaywalking and because the Police/Accident Report was so damning, despite a strong and even irrefutable argument to the contrary that I’ve provided in this blog post, a jury would take the word of witnesses over all else or all else be damned. He said that was his experience in practicing personal injury law for more than twenty years and he said any personal injury lawyer would tell us the same.

He’s right about that and I believe him about the jury or about juries. He kept telling us we needed to find more witnesses that were favorable to my daughter rather than to the driver of the vehicle that struck her almost as though the implication was to go find someone to lie on our behalf like Deplorable Trump Redneck and Hannah Clueless Waffler lied on the driver’s behalf. Sorry, we’re not going to do that. There is no reason to lie about any of this as I have shown above in this now over 22,000 word treatise on the subject. When you investigate it exhaustively as I have, when you open your mind and approach it without any preconceived notions, the Witness Accounts & the Police/Accident Report become a sick & sadistic joke.

But hey, Blowhard Moneybag, Esq. is correct, that’s what juries want. They want juicy, gossipy Witness Accounts because everyone loves a good story, don’t you know. Yeah, screw Forensic Science & Common Sense Analysis!! Witness Accounts rule — Justice be damned!! This should make any sane, rational and decent person question America’s vaunted Trial by Jury method of Jurisprudence. I don’t believe it’s all its touted to be and, in fact, I think there are much better ways to render Justice. Your fate should not be determined by braindead idiots who prefer subjective gossip and a good story and drama to objective Forensic Science & Common Sense Analysis. This evocative article from Cracked highlights the absurdity of a Trial by a Jury of Your Peers. These people are not my peers, firstly, and secondly, most of them don’t want to be there, and if they do, you should be even more concerned.

5 Stupid Juries That Prove the Justice System Is Broken

Due to recent events, people are once again wondering if this whole “trial by jury” thing is bullshit. On one hand, one of the biggest advantages of Western democracy is the right to be judged by a jury of your peers. On the other hand, your “peers” are a bunch of people who are missing work who are generally annoyed and/or bored with the process, and who may or may not be crazy. So it’s no surprise that this system goes wrong from time to time. It’s just surprising how wrong it goes.

# 5 — A Jury Consults a Ouija Board for a Verdict

Don’t get us wrong: If Ouija boards could actually be used to consult with the dead in the afterlife, they would be useful as hell for solving murders (or at least finding corpses). But their validity as a forensic tool is actually not recognized by modern science.

But don’t tell that to a jury in the U.K., which was having some trouble deliberating on the case of Stephen Young, who was accused of murdering a couple as part of an insurance scam in the ’90s. As is typical when a jury can’t reach a verdict, the judge had them sequestered in a hotel room overnight to sort their shit out. But at some point that night, they got a bright idea and whipped out a Ouija board, figuring they might get some answers if they just asked the murder victims directly.

In their defense (or not), they were pretty drunk — the jury took advantage of the “all expenses paid” component of the sequestration, and things started to go awry when somebody located the liquor cabinet. So it’s true that four of the jurors were absolutely OK with summoning the dead via Ouija, but they were so liquored up that they would probably have agreed to praying over some goat entrails.

For the other 4, click the title for the link to the article.

I’d take an intelligent, independent, objective, critically-thinking Judge over a Jury of Morons any day of the week, thank you very much. South Africa’s Justice System works this way, and I think it’s a much better way than America’s vaunted Trial by Jury. These Sleazebag Lawyers love Trial by Jury though, so I don’t expect it will ever change. The Sleazebag Lawyers love Witnesses and Jurors because they can manipulate and exploit both so easily, but it’s not easy to manipulate and exploit an intelligent, independent, objective, critically-thinking Judge. Keep this in mind the next time you take a good, hard look at America’s Legal/Justice System. It’s not about finding and/or rendering Justice, you Silly, it’s about creating a bizarre, ineffective (for anyone searching for Justice but not ineffective at making money if you’re a Sleazebag Lawyer), exploitative and misrepresentative process whereby Sleazebag Lawyers can thrive. It’s about Industry, not Justice.

Although, I Must Admit, Saul Is The One Lawyer I Actually Like & Respect Even Though He Is A Sleazebag.

It was impossible to get any of these Lawyers I spoke with to consider anything I revealed in this blog post. I couldn’t get that far. All of them, without fail, essentially told me to Talk to the Hand. They resisted and simply didn’t care. The Law had, and has, spoken when it comes to pedestrians and Jaywalking and no amount of Forensic Science and/or Common Sense Analysis was/is going to change that Dirty Little Secret that’s really not so secret but is so dirty, it’s putrified.

The last Lawyer we met with in person texted Suzanne Saint while we were meeting with him and while we were there, he was unable to get a response. We did not leave his sleazy office (a cross between the interior of a Steak and Ale and Captain Nemo’s Submarine, The Nautilus) amicably. I informed him as we left that he wasted our time by essentially reiterating and supporting the lies that were the Police/Accident Report and had I known that was going to be his position, I wouldn’t have come at all. Later that day, he emailed me as though I hadn’t said that when we parted ways and informed me he had spoken with Suzanne Saint and was suddenly more enlightened about the case. I emailed him back and I’m providing that email below for your edification. This is how clueless and slimy these Sleazebags are. I’m a person of conviction who lives by Principles. I say what I mean and mean what I say. What part of what I said when we parted ways with Blowhard Moneybag, Esq. did he not understand that he would have the audacious temerity to approach me again? Lawyers are sniveling, conniving, opportunistic little cowards. I’ve yet to find an exception but I’m willing to be pleasantly surprised, so come on assholes, surprise me with a miracle exception to my observed rule.

Concluding Remarks

So there we have it. For those of you looking for a way to murder and get away with it, running over a pedestrian with your Two Ton Vehicle is the way to do it. I have adroitly proven that the entire System, to include the Legal/Law Enforcement/Justice System and the Automotive Industry to include the Insurance Companies, supports and condones this form of murder. The System not only supports this form of murder, it also will go out of its way to further punish and traumatize the person you try to murder if you’re not successful for whatever reason. What’s not to like? America is Great!!! You can’t make something Great that’s already Great, so Donald Trump’s infamous campaign slogan makes no sense. Be smart. Take the coupon offered you at the beginning of this blog post and cash it in. It’s expected & supported. The System wants you to take full advantage of the perks it offers. Be a Great American and mow down a pedestrian today, especially if they’re a Jaywalker.

Seriously, this is the message and the takeaway from my daughter’s traumatic experience. I will add, there is little difference to a pedestrian whether the person who struck them with their vehicle is a so-called Terrorist or not. If you’re struck by a vehicle, it is sheer Terror regardless and that Terror-Filled Trauma has lasting effects, both physically & psychically. As I mentioned, my daughter had/has what can be described as a mild form of PTSD. She is terrified to cross the road anywhere now and the fact that it’s within a Crosswalk doesn’t mitigate or diminish the effect. As well, she is permanently disfigured as a result of the injury to her Clavicle. She has a pronounced knot, approximately three inches long by one inch wide on her Collar Bone, from the scar tissue formed via the healing process that can only be removed by surgery not covered by insurance.  She’s embarrassed to wear anything that reveals her once-beautiful shoulders and neckline so her days of wearing an evening gown that highlights this previous positive aesthetic quality are effectively over. As well, a broken Clavicle often poses physical repercussions later on in life resulting in loss of mobility and periodic resurgent pain.

I almost forgot to mention so I will now, the driver’s insurance company (I won’t mention the name but let’s just say, he’s In Good Hands) has yet to contact us about this accident claim except a letter in the mail saying they were evaluating it. I have no doubt they have not put in the time (nor had the inclination & motivation to) investigating this case like I have. The Sleazebag Lawyers who work for the Automobile Insurance Companies, and who consult them and defend them in Courts of So-Called Law, know the System stands firmly behind them in their denial of claims involving pedestrians, especially if the person making the claim was Jaywalking.

The Sleazebag Lawyers know what I have revealed in this blog post and yet they still do what they do, therefore, they are unethical, immoral Beasts. They are no better than The Islamic State as far as I’m concerned because they condone and are complicit in State-Sanctioned Terror. Striking someone with your vehicle is an Act of Terror and if you could have avoided doing so and yet you still struck a pedestrian with your vehicle then you are a Terrorist every bit as much as Khalid Masood who struck all those pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London with his vehicle this past week. The only difference is, Khalid Masood isn’t a hypocrite. He won’t deny he’s a Terrorist (because he can’t since he’s dead) and intended to strike all those pedestrians with his vehicle. In America, with the implicit and explicit support of the System, vehicle operators can strike pedestrians at will, especially if the pedestrians are not in the Crosswalk or on the Sidewalk, and they are not only not considered Terrorists, but they are actually protected and shielded from responsibility and held up as Heroic Victims after performing their Patriotic Duty of mowing down Lowdown Dirty Disgusting Pedestrians.

Wake the hell up PEOPLE and see this SHIT for what it IS. What it IS is what the System says it isn’t and what it isn’t is what the System says it IS. A Nation of Laws and The Rule of Law mean nothing, and in fact, can actually be worth Less Than Zero (meaning it is actually quite destructive & deleterious) if The Law is Unjust. Nazi Germany was a Nation of Laws that operated by The Rule of Law and look what it accomplished — its rather hastened demise, thankfully. Now collectively look in the mirror America and try to recognize the resemblance to Nazi Germany. If The Law is not Just, a Nation cannot and will not survive. It will devour and destroy itself. Consequently, America is in precipitous decline and Lawyers In Love have a significant hand in its demise. Spit on one today if you get a chance just as you would spit on a Nazi because they’re pretty much one and the same.