The Hypocrisy, The Hypocrisy

Have you heard the Good News? He has Risen. Really, he has. Isn’t it obvious? Just look around or turn on, & tune in to, The News. Take in all the LOVE. It’s for ALL OF THIS that he died. Surely it was worth it. All of this overwhelming LOVE, everywhere you look, in honor of his sacrifice. It brings a tear to my eye — and Chuck Shumer’s, that Old Crocodile‘s, too.

GET REAL you fucking hypocrites and get out of my face with your Faux Indignation & Concern. You make me sick and I see right through your highly fabricated, opportunistic Controlled Opposition which is no opposition at all. If Google is involved, you know it’s BULLSHIT and anything but sincere. I didn’t need Google to be involved to tell me that, but Google being involved, as it is in most everything regarding information and perception management, is The Tell.

What am I talking about? It relates to the latest Brouhaha regarding Trump’s Executive Order (governing by Dictatorial Fiat — a precedent set in motion by Mr. Hope & Change himself, Obama).

Maybe you’ve heard, or perhaps you haven’t, but I’m going to tell you regardless. Google, as well as quite a few other Silicon Valley companies, has taken a keen Concern Troll interest in this Immigrant/Refugee Brouhaha Trump has stirred up (don’t think he doesn’t love this shit, because he does). Silicon Valley, especially Google, is out in front of this Spectacle to the point it’s donated a significant amount of money to The Cause. What Cause? That’s the question, isn’t it? And, of course, The Devil is in the Details of the answer to that question.

But before we dive further into the details, let’s get something straight. Trump’s Official Decree Executive Order banning immigrants specifically relates to Refugees. In the majority of the countries listed under the ban, America is directly or indirectly responsible for the destabilization of those countries and it’s also very telling other notable countries that inculcate and/or harbor alleged “terrorists” are left off the list and those countries left off the list happen to accommodate Trump’s business interests, so already we’re seeing Emoluments potentially in play. There is going to be so much of this while Trump is POTUS, I don’t think there will be ample time, resources or motivation to investigate it all effectively.


This is a chance for those entangled in the quagmire of the Left/Right Binary Political Bind to come clean and have an across-the-faux-aisle honest discussion about Refugees. As part of that discussion, or better yet one of the takeaways of that honest discussion, should be the mutual agreement by all that the best way to resolve a Refugee Crisis is not to have one, meaning, America should NEVER AGAIN destabilize a country/nation via Regime Change or any other method. America should never fail a state/nation again, because when America does that, it creates a Refugee Crisis. It’s obviously wrong on so many levels to destabilize and fail a state/nation — the creation of a Humanitarian Refugee Crisis being just one of the many reasons it should never be done. As you can see though, and if you can’t you’re FUCKING BLIND, The Mainstream Media will not report on this as part of their Propaganda they call Coverage and that’s why it’s Propaganda and not Coverage. It’s at The Root of the matter, and if you can’t strike at The Root, you’re wasting your time unless it’s Propaganda meant to distract & confuse people so they never consider striking at The Root — which it is, of course.

So much hypocrisy, so little time. The Silicon Valley companies adamantly profess that the Refugees are vitally important to the American Economy. Think of all the latest & greatest Apps & Social Media Platforms & Search Engines we’ll miss out on if we ban the Refugees. Silicon Valley‘s love over-floweth, does it not? Its sincerity is so palpable it’s breathtaking. It wrenches my heart to see such an outpouring of concern & love. But what does it say for all of US who are already American citizens? Are WE Free Cheese or Leftovers or entirely Worthless? That’s the implication. Silicon Valley implies the American Economy will suffer because there is no Homegrown Talent that can be cultivated as the next latest & greatest innovators. The only entrepreneurial innovators are immigrants, especially Refugees. Let me see … [Destabilize A Nation-State] X [A Flood Of Refugees Resulting From The Failing Of The Nation-State] = [A New Crop Of American Entrepreneurial Innovators]. That formula is as enlightening and scientific as the Theory of Relativity. It’s Tried & True. The rest of you, including me, can go SUCK BALLS. Has Beens. You and I have been digested and shit out. We’re fertilizer now. Accept it. Embrace it. It was always our destiny to nourish & improve Dwight Schrute’s crop yield as our Final Act.


Wake up, people. Educate yourselves, and then, maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll be worthy of Silicon Valley. Many of you don’t know but you should, Bill Gates, similar to Navin Johnson, was born a poor Somalian Child. Don’t let the skin-tone fool you. Gates has the same dermatologist Michael Jackson had. Yes, Bill Gates was/is a Refugee. Same for Jack Dorsey, the Founder of the Social Media Platform, Twitter, that enabled Donald Trump to become POTUS. He was born a poor Yemeni Child and like Bill Gates, was/is also a Refugee. Not all Middle Eastern people and/or Muslims are dark-skinned, you know. Quit being a racist and judging people by the color of their skin like Silicon Valley that believes brown-skinned and yellow-skinned people are intellectually superior to the loathsome and mentally-challenged white-skinned people who currently rule The World.


How appropriate is that quoted lyric from Tom Petty’s song Refugee? It’s right out of the CIA Propaganda Playbook, Chapter 5 Verse 3, related to destabilizing and ultimately failing Nation-States. It’s what they tell the War Criminals (they call them Rebels) they recruit to fight for The Cause (remember The Cause from earlier — we’re getting closer but I won’t specifically say what it is. You have to deduce it or connect the dots.). Everybody’s Had To Fight To Be Free. How convenient — for those leveling this Maxim. For those who believe it — it’s not so convenient and in fact, quite the contrary.

I’ve mentioned on several occasions in the last few blog posts that I’m reading an excellent book by the Pulitzer Prize winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen entitled The Sympathizer. It really is both enlightening & validating. Read it. You won’t be disappointed — especially the part about The Squid. I’m using it again as reference and illustration because it underscores the point I’m about to make. Recently, as in the last day or two, The Mainstream Media has had numerous “guests” on their Cable News Network shows who have disseminated the scripted National Security State meme that America has always offered Refuge & Sanctuary to those who have fought with and alongside America in its struggle against The Evil Du Jour (in the past it was The Russians and now it’s The Terrorists whoever the hell they are or might be and I think the few smart ones amongst us know who they are without having to spell it out — I know I do.) as a pretext for destabilizing and failing Nation-States thus providing the necessary fertilizer, or manure if you will, for huge Bumper Crops of Refugees.

America In Laos Traces The Militarization Of The CIA — from NPR’s Fresh Air (more aptly in this case, NPR’s Dirty Laundry)


The Real-Life version of The Sympathizer, and this is why this excellent book is non-fictional fiction, is the one and only, the incomparable, Tony Poe (Anthony Poshepny) of Laos Fame and his faithful War Criminal sidekick, Vang Pao (the Opium General who did business with Santos Trafficante — Hmong Friends). Both of these creatures and their fellow minions and followers were absolute Psychopathic Killers trained, armed, encouraged & supported by the American National Security State and they are referred to within the Intelligence Community as Warriors. Jane Hamsher could produce the sequel to Natural Born Killers and these two, or actors playing them, could be the stars, although, Urban Legend has it Coppola’s Colonel Kurtz was fashioned after Tony Poe, but Francis Ford denies it.

Tony Poe In His Latter Years Ravaged By The Effects Of Alcoholism And Missing A Few Digits — And Marbles. I Take Your Milkshake. There Will Be Blood.
Tony Poe In His Latter Years Ravaged By The Effects Of Alcoholism And Missing A Few Digits — And Marbles. I Take Your Milkshake. There Will Be Blood.

Tony Poe and Vang Pao the Opium General are just the Tip of the Iceberg that comprises The Cause of Perpetual War & Chaos and the Order that never comes from it because it’s its own Order of sorts — for some. Vang Pao, and many of his men and some of the women & children, were/are Refugees. He became a successful businessman (imagine that) and leader of the Laotian & Hmong People in America. I have no doubt Vang Pao murdered on American Soil and got away with it, many times no doubt. Like the Godfather, Don Corleone, he no doubt had many Buffers to insulate him from legal responsibility & accountability. FYI, Vang Pao was honored by the American National Security State with full honors befitting a Military Officer and is buried at Arlington National Cemetary. Nice. Isn’t that Special!!

Liberals, since the CIA has put on a Liberal Mask (one of its many) in the past several decades, believe shit like Tony Poe and Vang Pao doesn’t happen any more — that America was just going through an Evolutionary Phase and now it’s evolved into a more enlightened, humane and benign entity that doesn’t have to resort to such nakedly aggressive & sadistic barbarity. They’re (The Liberals) lying to themselves and everyone else who listens to them — something they do frequently. In fact, with as much frequency as they masturbate, or more, which is at least daily for many of them if not all. America still does shit like Tony Poe and Vang Pao, it’s just much more sophisticated in covering its tracks. Wait fifty years when the records are finally released via a FOIA Request, if America and The World survives that long which is dubious, and you’ll see what I mean. Or, you can do what I do and interpolate and extrapolate. You’ll get the same result and my method is much more timely.

And now, for the final hypocrisy related to Trump’s Executive Order banning Refugees from seven Muslim countries. I find all the Faux & Feckless Protesting and Concern Trolling Media Coverage and Crocodile Tears from Opportunistic Scumbag Politicians, nauseating & sickening to say the least. The Propagandistic PR disseminated by Silicon Valley is equally hypocritically disgusting. They trot out their Pet Success Stories but no one ever talks about the failures. No one talks about what’s to be done with the Refugees once they arrive. The Refugees, and I know this from first-hand experience, are left to their own devices, meaning they’re dumped off in a part of town where no White person dare go, especially Crocodile Tears Scumbag Politicians and Silicon Valley Prima Donnas, and left to fend for themselves in the The Land of Freedom & Opportunity. Nice. All these Grandstanding Opportunistic Do-Gooders bask in the Self-Righteous Limelight of the Reactionary Spectacle created by Donald Trump, but when it comes time to integrate and assimilate the Refugees, the Hard Work, these same Self-Righteous Opportunistic Do-Gooder Pricks are no where to be found. They run & hide, or better yet, they move on to the next Opportunistic Reactionary Spectacle and use it as Free Marketing in the form of Public Relations to show the world how great & wonderful they are. GAG ME WITH A FUCKING SPOON!!! Choke me in the shallow water before I get too deep!!

“So,” you say, “tell us what you and your’s have done, or have been doing, in this regard, Cold.” Well, don’t mind if I do. And, I will preface it by saying it’s many times more than anything most, if not all, of you have ever fucking done, so shove your Arrogant Taunting Unwarranted Indignation up your asses, you Hypocritical Provocateurs.

My wife has opened a Montessori School this past January, the mission of which is to assimilate & integrate Refugees into American Society. The way you do that is through effective education, and no, our Traditional Education System is not effective education. Why do you think Silicon Valley keeps looking elsewhere for increasingly Rare Talent — it’s because the Education Complex combined with the Infotainment Complex to include News as well as all the various Social Media distractions delivered via Smart Phone Apps is turning the current generation and all future generations to Mush. I observe it every day. There can be no Revolution, let alone an Evolution, considering the incapacity of the current neutered generation and the generations to come so long as the sadistic & inhuman Social Engineers remain in power plying their trade.

She, my wife, is now up to six Refugee students but she is yet to enroll any full-paying non-Refugee students. Why? Because she doesn’t have enough funds for marketing and the competition for paying students is stiff in the area where she is located which is a more wealthy area adjacent to the part of town, one of the many Ghettoes for all practical purposes, where the Refugees have been dumped and reside. Actually, truth be told, the area where many of the Refugees reside is one of the few areas that has opened its arms to the Refugees, but, as you can imagine, it’s an extremely poor area of town resembling a developing country.

My wife’s Montessori School has been fortunate thus far in receiving the funding it has, as inadequate as it is, due to the magnanimous generosity of a Muslim man who owns a restaurant in the same building where my wife’s Montessori School resides. The location is not ideal. It’s not aesthetically appealing, and my wife believes, and I do as well, this is part of the problem in enticing parents of students who can pay full tuition. As sad as this is to say, if parents who can pay full tuition are going to enroll their children, they need superficial aesthetic validation that they are getting something of substance in return for the tuition fee. Appearance means everything, and whilst my wife has taken great pains to ensure the classroom looks as aesthetically pleasing as it can considering her meager budget, she can only do so much. Her hands are tied due to lack of capital. Her business model is sound and self-sustaining IF she can secure enough initial funding to get the business off the ground, and that initial funding would cover items such as marketing and building & furniture.


The way the business model works, and why it’s self-sustaining after an adequate infusion of donated initial capital, the student mix will be approximately one third Refugee to two thirds non-Refugee. The one third Refugee will receive financial aid, and for most of them this means a free education. They will still have to pay a small amount, which isn’t small to them since they have nearly nothing, because my wife and I believe it is important for them to have a vested interest in their children’s education & future and the best way to ensure that is via a financial commitment, no matter how diminutive that commitment may seem to the average American. These people are Dirt Poor so the small amount they commit is not diminutive to them. It allows them to have Skin In The Game (something The Colonel, who has bragged to me via email that he has lots of money he can use to sue me with, says he has) and to feel proud that they are contributing to their children’s education & future versus getting on the Poverty, Inc. train (the Diabolical Purview of Liberals the World Over).

This is about teaching people to fish, not teaching them to hold out their hands in perpetuity for fish others have caught. It’s about empowerment and all the small steps necessary to achieve it. And it’s precisely why my wife’s Montessori School will never be properly funded by so-called charitable, altruistic individuals and entities. Because those individuals don’t want to empower people, they want to create victims in perpetuity as Trophies to constantly & symbolically remind themselves and The World of their Saintly Beneficence. Empowering the Refugees would make them a True Threat, so The Rich, under the guise of Charity which is essentially incestuously donating to each others’ charities where administrative expenses (salaries & perks) siphon at least 70% of the funding, control the Charity Industrial Complex in order to ensure empowerment never happens.

Why is it important to consider what to do with the Refugees once they arrive? The answer to that should be obvious to anyone who’s sentient, but for those who are still struggling to understand, so long as America is accepting Refugees, it has, nay we have, an obligation to ease their transition into American Society as constructively as possible. Tossing them into ghettoes, that resemble developing countries by the way, with one another to stew in poverty for generations and be preyed upon by the most malevolent of forces to include those who would like to radicalize them for purposes of terrorism is not my idea of a constructive transition. The following Time article explains the issue as it relates to France, but it applies equally to any country that accepts Refugees from the Middle East or anywhere.

Muslims in Neglected Paris Suburbs Worry Conditions Could Produce More Terrorists

Just past the grandeur of postcard Paris, with its boulevards and old palaces, lies what seems like a different world: The banlieues, or suburbs, vast stretches of small brick shops and mosques, and crumbling high-rise apartment blocks, which were thrown up hurriedly 50 years to house the huge influx of immigrants from the French-speaking countries of North and West Africa, and now are home to hundreds of thousands of French-born Muslims.

Five decades on – and not for the first time – violent events are forcing the French and their government to grapple with the seemingly intractable problem of how to bridge the divide between two very different strata of French society: The powerful and the peripheral. France has about five million Muslims, Europe’s biggest Islamic popoulation. And it is within these low-income cités, or housing projects, outside Paris, where youth unemployment rates hover around 25%, that the Charlie Hebdo attackers, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, 34 and 32 respectively, spent years of their young adult lives before dying in a blaze of police gunfire on Friday. Amedy Coulibaly, 32, the gunman who fatally shot a policewoman on Wednesday and then seized control of a kosher supermarket on Friday before police killed him at sundown, also most recently lived in a Paris banlieue. In all, 17 people died at the hands of these three attackers, including eight journalists and three police officers.

As Parisians absorb the enormity of this week’s killings, residents in some of these banlieues say their areas need urgent changes – better education and more job opportunities – to reverse the growing drift of young Muslims like the Kouachi brothers toward radical groups bent on advancing their beliefs through violence. “These terrorists carrying out such attacks in the name of Islam tend to have lives marked by frustration and failure,” says Djemoui Bennaceur, 53, an Algerian-born resident in the suburb of La Courneuve, a low-income district situated just five miles from affluent central Paris.

More at link behind title.

Yes, integrated education, especially a Montessori Education where the child is motivated to learn and take an active empowered role in forming themselves rather than having facts authoritatively drilled into their unformed heads, is a significant dimension of a constructive approach to transitioning Refugees into any society. That’s what my wife is doing and she is receiving little to no support, save the altruistic Muslim restauranteur who’s been funding her so far.

Here’s the hypocritical irony. Google recently has announced it is donating money to the Refugee Cause, but how is this money to be used? I promise you, my wife could solicit Google for funding for her school and many more satellite schools around the country using her business model and Google would completely ignore her even though Google‘s founders, Larry Page & Sergey Brin, enjoyed a Montessori Education they have glowingly spoken about over the years. That’s pure, unadulterated, elitist hypocrisy at its finest. What’s good for Brin’s & Page’s Elitist Goose, is not good for the exploited Refugees’ Gander. It’s a hypocritical, elitist double standard and it’s why I say Google and the entire Liberal Establishment is/are a bunch of Hypocritical Scumbags using this latest Media Spectacle (it’s just one after another every hour on the hour these days) as Free Positive Publicity. They’re Grandstanders, and I despise them for it as any decent person should.

Google is Putting Up $4 Million to Help Those Affected by Trump’s Immigration Order

Joseph Hincks — FORTUNE

Jan 30, 2017

As part of the largest crisis campaign of its company history, Google (GOOGL, +0.23%) is expected to raise $4 million in support of people affected by President Trump’s immigration order, which was announced Friday.

News of Google’s campaign follows statements against the controversial ban by company CEO Sundar Pichai and the participation of its co-founder Sergey Brin in a protest at San Francisco International Airport, USA Today reports.

The $4 million—a composite of a $2 million fund put up by Google, and up to $2 million more in employee donations—will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the International Rescue Committee and the United Nation’s refugee agency (UNHCR.)

According to Pichai, Trump’s controversial order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. affects 187 members of Google’s staff alone.

“We’re concerned about the impact of this order and any proposals that could impose restrictions on Googlers and their families, or that could create barriers to bringing great talent to the U.S.,” he said in a statement. “We’ll continue to make our views on these issues known to leaders in Washington and elsewhere.”

Google is not the only tech company to speak out against Trump’s order.

Facebook, Apple, Lyft, and Uber have voiced varying degrees of alarm, Fortune’s Tory Newmyer reported Sunday.

More at link behind title.

Isn’t that special. They really care. Really, they do. Isn’t it obvious?

If that isn’t special enough for you, how about the funding for Black Lives Matter? All this money, and look how The Rich are using it — to stoke Civil Strife that will ultimately lead to the breakdown of society and Civil War — turning Brother against Brother, Sister against Sister, Mother against Father and Father against MotherParents against their Children and Children against their Parents and on and on its goes until Total Societal Fragmentation rules the day. I’m telling you folks, we need to Deport The Rich. Nothing can change for the better, we cannot evolve, as long as The Rich are rich and in charge. The Rich are like a cancer. They must be removed from this Realm entirely, non-violently of course, otherwise they just keep coming back again & again. You can change the entire System in which we operate by the hardest, but if The Rich remain, they will usurp it and co-opt it to their own diabolical ends via their tried & true diabolical means they’ve been using since the Dawn of Civilization.

I Take Your Milkshake. I Take Your Fish. I Take Your Everything. There Will Be Blood.

The fact I had to use The Washington Times as a source for this information underscores the very basic and obvious fact that The Mainstream Media is Propaganda. No other Mainstream Media Outlet has covered this. I can guarantee you these Liberal Foundations would never fund my wife’s business model because it’s completely contrary to their unstated mission.

Black Lives Matter Cashes In With $100 Million From Liberal Foundations

For all its talk of being a street uprising, Black Lives Matter is increasingly awash in cash, raking in pledges of more than $100 million from liberal foundations and others eager to contribute to what has become the grant-making cause du jour.

The Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy recently announced the formation of the Black-Led Movement Fund [BLMF], a six-year pooled donor campaign aimed at raising $100 million for the Movement for Black Lives coalition.

That funding comes in addition to more than $33 million in grants to the Black Lives Matter movement from top Democratic Party donor George Soros through his Open Society Foundations, as well as grant-making from the Center for American Progress.

“The BLMF provides grants, movement building resources, and technical assistance to organizations working advance the leadership and vision of young, Black, queer, feminists and immigrant leaders who are shaping and leading a national conversation about criminalization, policing and race in America,” said the Borealis announcement.

More at link behind title.

Speaking of The Rich, the beloved Obamas are now full-fledged members of that ignominious Ruling Clique. They’ve left all The Little People behind for much more luxurious climes as I knew they would and if you didn’t, you’re an imbecile.

Get a First Look at the Palm Springs Home Where the Obamas Vacationed After Leaving Office from People.

It's Good To Be The King & Queen. Fuck The Little People — We've Hit The Big Time!!!!
It’s Good To Be The King & Queen. Fuck The Little People — We’ve Hit The Big Time!!!!

Here’s some more irony. My wife is doing this, she’s engaged in an endeavor to integrate Refugees into American Society via an education that will render them independent, objective, inquisitive, productive, critical thinkers, and yet, like me, she believes America and all of Europe and The West need(s) to end Immigration, legal and/or illegal, now. Not because we loathe Immigrants and Refugees, but because to continue this trend is to destroy this planet and the human race and most, if not all, life on the planet. This insane economic paradigm of Endless Growth has to end. NOW!!! Hyper-Mobility is part of this Endless Growth Fantasy. Immigration fuels Hyper-Mobility and Endless Growth. We have to Retract, not Grow. The time was yesterday, but since we didn’t act yesterday, the time is NOW or NEVER.

That being said, we, as a Society, still have an obligation to make some form of amends to the people we have displaced and turned into Refugees as a necessary consequence of The Rich, who rule America and The World, destabilizing and failing their countries of origin. Integrating Refugees into American Society or any Host Society and opposing and resisting the destabilization of countries and the purposeful failing of Nation-States are not at odds with one another, rather, they are quite compatible because both behaviors emanate from humanitarian principles. It is incumbent upon us, to the best of our ability, to prevent and alleviate unnecessary suffering. If everyone lived by that Principle, The World would be a much better place. We could finally evolve. But The Rich don’t want that, and that’s why we must Deport The Rich once and for all. A little place of their own. An Island, perhaps. The Island, we can call it. Lord of the Flies come home to roost to the people who deserve it most.


If Liberals really care as much about the health of Planet Earth as they claim they do, they MUST support less mobility, not more. They MUST support Retraction versus Growth. They MUST support an end to Immigration. They MUST support an end to destabilizing and failing Nation-States that creates Refugee Crises. Since we know the Liberals, and certainly not the Conservatives either, won’t support any of that, we know that they’re Flaming Fucking Hypocrites. I do not stand with them in protest because their protest is false and for all the wrong reasons. Bernie Sanders and the entire Democrat Party (and yes, I call it Democrat Party and not Democratic Party because these Scumbag Hucksters are anything but Democratic) and the entire Liberal Political Establishment are Two-Bit Hustlers who have sold The Little People down the river. How the hell can Privileged Pricks in Europe seriously protest Trump’s EO banning Refugees? Get out of my face, you Imposters!!! You’ve had FOREVER to do the right thing and instead you prepared & paved the way for a megalomaniacal demagogue like Trump. You have no remaining credibility. You are not only part of the problem, you are THE PROBLEM.

Already we see with the recent American Special Forces attack in Yemen, Trump is continuing the agenda of Full Spectrum Dominance. Why are American Forces in Yemen? Has America declared war on Yemen? If not, what is America doing there? I’ll tell you what America is doing there. Per the agenda of Full Spectrum Dominance, America is destabilizing and failing Yemen and in the process creating yet another Refugee Crisis and now Trump is at the helm and has ordered his first Hit as the Newly-Minted Commander-In-Chief. Trump has now been officially baptized in the Blood of War Crimes. Moloch smiles. How beautiful. How admirable. Trump can now unleash The Special Forces’ Orks to mindlessly annihilate anything that moves and then decorate these Orks with medals, posthumously or otherwise, for murdering innocent children, women and men and conveniently calling it unintended Collateral Damage. And that makes America better than the Terrorists how? You think you can say, “well, unlike the Terrorists, we didn’t mean to do it,” and that makes it alright? Shut the fuck up!!! American Special Forces engaged in War Crimes in Yemen last weekend but since it hasn’t been declared a war, all the evil, sycophantic lawyers in place to exonerate The Rich of any wrong-doing in perpetuity will tell you there is no War Crime. Bullshit. That attack in Yemen is one more War Crime in an endless litany of War Crimes where no one has been held to account and charged and prosecuted. There can be no progress without properly reconciling the past and administering proper Justice.

This man, who will be buried with the highest Military Honors and who’s superiors ordered his actions, will be rewarded….


….for his “successful” mission as part of a covert Special Forces Operation that murdered, In Cold Blood, this precious little girl and The Media, both Liberal & Conservative which are really two sides of the same coin, has remained largely silent. This is your country, America. Your deafening silence amidst such Evil Carnage in your name implicates you in it unless you speak out against it and resist it. Your silence makes you a War Criminal too.


It’s not just Liberals who are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, it’s Conservatives too. I’m singling out Liberals because they pretend to be the opposition to Evil yet they’re Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. I solicited a Conservative, Jordan Spieth the young famous golfer, for the initial funding of my wife’s Montessori School and he and his team of Public Relations professionals ignored me altogether. Spieth, like me, is a fellow alumnus of Dallas Jesuit College Preparatory School who’s motto is Men For Others, so I thought for certain, as a Man For Others, Spieth would seriously consider our proposal. Yeah, right!! It didn’t happen. They didn’t even bother to respond. We even offered to name the school after Spieth’s younger sister who is developmentally challenged. We chose Spieth because he has come into a great deal of money in a short period of time and as such a sycophantic army of professional Money Grubbers hadn’t yet fully coalesced around him, but I guess we were still too late, because, as it turns out, Jordan is already giving to much more worthwhile causes like the vaunted Wounded Warrior Project despite its dubious reputation. It makes sense. Let’s further support & reward War Crimes by donating to a corrupt organization that pretends to help the Orks/Grunts responsible for murdering little girls like the one above rather than donating money to a Montessori School, or a string of Montessori Schools, that integrates and assimilates Refugees, created by the Orks’/Grunts’ actions, into American Society so they can be fully-functioning, productive, intelligent, critically-thinking, objective, independent, inquisitive & concerned American Citizens. It makes total sense if you believe up is down and left is right. Insanity. It’s proof that Jingoism and Xenophobia play to & titillate the Reptilian portion of the human brain and I’m not sure how to overcome it. The audience is Malformed & Misinformed. Any hope of evolving has to address the chains that bind them, and by virtue of that, the chains that bind us even though we can see it.

Wounded Warrior Project Spends Lavishly on Itself, Insiders Say

Today, the charity has 22 locations offering programs to help veterans readjust to society, attend school, find work and participate in athletics. It contributes millions to smaller veterans groups. And it has become a brand name, its logo emblazoned on sneakers, paper towel packs and television commercials that run dozens of times.

But in its swift rise, it has also embraced aggressive styles of fund-raising, marketing and personnel management that have many current and former employees questioning whether it has drifted from its mission.

It has spent millions a year on travel, dinners, hotels and conferences that often seemed more lavish than appropriate, more than four dozen current and former employees said in interviews. Former workers recounted buying business-class seats and regularly jetting around the country for minor meetings, or staying in $500-per-night hotel rooms.

The organization has also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years on public relations and lobbying campaigns to deflect criticism of its spending and to fight legislative efforts to restrict how much nonprofits spend on overhead.

About 40 percent of the organization’s donations in 2014 were spent on its overhead, or about $124 million, according to the charity-rating group Charity Navigator. While that percentage, which includes administrative expenses and marketing costs, is not as much as for some groups, it is far more than for many veterans charities, including the Semper Fi Fund, a wounded-veterans group that spent about 8 percent of donations on overhead. As a result, some philanthropic watchdog groups have criticized the Wounded Warrior Project for spending too heavily on itself.

Some of its own employees have criticized it, too. William Chick, a former supervisor, spent five years with the Wounded Warrior Project. “It slowly had less focus on veterans and more on raising money and protecting the organization,” he said.

More at link behind title.


That’s it for now. Sorry this was such a short post. I’m juggling many different priorities right now, so these blog posts have to remain short until I can devote more time to them. In the meantime, here’s some great music for you from two excellent bands/sources.

This first song is Sing to the Mountain by Elephant Revival. I’ve included some of the lyrics because I would like to think that I do this at my blog. In fact, I know I do and hence this song sings to me. Kindred Spirits.

Go and sing to the mountain
Go and sing to the moon
Go and sing to just about everything
Cuz everything is you

And let your voice go
Let it pierce through your soul
And let your voice go
Let it pierce through your soul

The following is from an excellent album entitled Acoustic Africa Putamayo (2006). If you don’t have this album, I highly suggest it. It’s perfect for a small group setting sharing drinks, and other social lubricants if you prefer, and intellectually discussing what I discuss here at this blog. It’s beautiful music.



One thought on “The Hypocrisy, The Hypocrisy

  1. Case In Point. Take a gander at this vacuity that represents Opposition. I could never, and will never, stand in solidarity with disingenuous, purposefully & arrogantly ignorant Morons like this. These are The Liberals, and they are why the House of Cards is coming down ( as it should). They neutralize and eviscerate any chance at meaningful Resistance and any chance at evolving as a Society. They round you up and bring you back into the Holding Pen called the Status Quo.

    She loves Twitter. Too fucking funny!!! Twitter!!!! If there is one thing I can point to responsible more than anything else for giving us Donald Trump as POTUS, it’s Twitter, and this Rube loves it. Yeah, call the GOP Senators and leave messages. That’s the trick. That’ll do it. They’re shaking in their Jackboots, no doubt.

    SNL can’t write worse satire than this, and what’s sad about it is, this Freak isn’t even trying to be funny. Her entire existence is a Big Fucking Joke and it’s (The Joke) on her.

    The following Screen Capture is from the Censorious Pussy Ed Goff’s blog, Nomadic Politics, yet another blog in a long litany of astroturfing Liberal Bastions. Yeah, you’re a Big Giant Pussy, Ed, and I’d be happy to say it to your face if you weren’t in Turkey. What are you doing in Turkey, Ed, reporting on The Empire 24/7 from abroad? Who pays you to blog, Goff?

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