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  1. Speaking of fairness and integrity and It’s All Lies, I cannot withhold The Truth. As it turns out, my superstition and paranoia were unfounded. All inquiries have been made. Actually, only one inquiry was made to make this determination so the attorney and private investigator were unnecessary. I reviewed the Campus Police Report of my daughter’s accident and it turns out, per a consensus of witness testimony, it was my daughter’s fault. Yes, that means my daughter lied to us. She will be held to account for her lie. We will be having a Sit Down this Thursday evening to discuss the details and consequences.

    So, it wasn’t a Hit, thank goodness, and thank goodness she’s alive. If the vehicle had been a pick-up truck or suv she would probably be dead right now. It was a Dodge Neon with a low hood. The flipping is what saved her. It could have killed her, but she had a higher probability of landing just as she did than if she was hit by a vehicle with a high hood.

    She was an idiot, plain & simple. She was jaywalking and she followed the people in front of her who were doing the same thing instead of looking at traffic for herself as though she was between five to ten years old. My father’s sister was killed when she was seven doing just that — running across the street after her friends, but the problem is, my daughter is ten years older than that and SHOULD know better.

    Everything else I’ve said in this post is still pertinent and true to form. It’s important to keep the record straight and come clean whenever new facts arise. That’s what I’m doing with this comment. And, my daughter will be held to account for her mistake. She was almost held to account with her life, and part of our discussion this Thursday will involve the admonition to her to take refuge in the fact that she’s been given a second chance and she needs to fully understand that and learn from her mistake and understand fully the behavior that engendered the mistake.

    Imagine if everyone was held to account for their mistakes, and, in addition, imagine if people were held to account for their malevolence, legal or illegal. Like threatening to murder someone. There was a Liberal Freak who was arrested last week for threatening to murder Donald Trump, yet The Colonel has never been held to account for threatening to murder me. It’s a Double Standard, but when you’re a member of the Intelligence Community and/or part of the Political Establishment and an integral member, in good standing, of the Military Industrial Complex and National Security State, as I’ve mentioned in the blog post, The Law doesn’t apply to you.

    Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill Donald Trump

    The family of Dominic Puopolo has close links with Bill and Hillary Clinton

    A homeless man whose family are believed to have been friends with the Clintons has been arrested by police in Florida, after producing a video in which he threatened to kill President-elect Donald Trump at his inauguration ceremony.

    Dominic Puopolo, 51, was detained at a local branch of Subway in Miami and reportedly admitted to officers he had posted the clip on Twitter.

    In the video, Mr Puopolo said he intended to assassinate the President-elect using a Wesley Scopes Booth high-powered rifle during Mr Trump’s ceremony in Washington DC on Friday. He repeatedly referred to himself as ‘Jesus Christ’ as his messages became more incoherent.

    Mr Puopolo appeared in court in Miami following his arrest, and his defence lawyer recommended he be given a full psychological evaluation to determine his mental state.

    He was charged with threatening to harm a public servant and awaits trial. His bail was set at $1 million, once medical professionals deemed his was stable enough to be released.

    According to the Miami Herald, Mr Puopolo’s mother Sonia, a pro-Democrat activist, was among those killed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when American Airlines Flight 11 was flown into the Twin Towers in New York.

    The Puopolo family is thought to have been friends with the Clinton family, and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly read the eulogy at Mrs Puopolo’s funeral.

  2. I had a rough afternoon yesterday after it was revealed my daughter had lied to us (to my wife & me). I was completely demoralized. I felt betrayed. I had a hard time sleeping last night, but I finally managed to get to sleep, and today I’ve awoken with an entirely new & enlightening perspective.

    I now see my daughter’s lying in a positive, versus a negative, light. Her lying is not a weakness, but a strength. Just look around you. Who are the most successful people in the World? That’s right, The Liars. If you’re a consummate, serial liar, this World is your Oyster. It’s a guarantee of your success, so in this sense, my daughter has learned well and she will be highly successful if she doesn’t get run over again by a car or a train or she doesn’t walk off a cliff or head-on into a bullet. Look at her Mentors — all the CEO’s and their sycophants in upper management in all the corporations the World over and the Talking Heads in the Mainstream Media and Donald Trump and the Pope and The Colonel and any Politician or any of the Top Military Brass — they’re all consummate, serial liars and they have been rewarded for that talent accordingly.

    It’s All Lies — so the sooner you young folks learn that and learn to lie as well as the greatest liars in the World, the sooner you will realize Success. Hell, at this rate, my daughter will be a perfect candidate for the Intelligence Services, or POTUS. She could even be the first female POTUS if she learns to lie well enough.

    To say I’m proud is an understatement. Fuck the restrictive Ten Commandments. You follow them, you’re guaranteed to fail. You purposefully and skillfully break them, and you will rule the World.

  3. A further update on the details of the accident. After an intense Come To Jesus with our daughter, it turns out that although she was jaywalking ever-so-slightly, the witness statements are erroneous. It appears the report has been fudged to fit a fabricated narrative, so, the lawyer & private investigator will be involved afterall, and if it is determined the report was concocted and the witness statements don’t match what the witnesses actually saw & said to the officer, the college itself will be sued and criminal charges will be brought.

    Of course, it doesn’t mean it was a Hit, per se, but my daughter swears she was looking and this car came out of nowhere and was speeding — 35mph in a 20mph speed zone, and that speed is indicated on the report.

    I’ll keep you updated as events unfold. The driver’s actions are suspicious & disturbing. His lack of compassion and basic human decency is repugnant, to say the least. How could you not get out of your car and check on the person you flipped eight feet into the air, and threw fifteen feet into the middle of the intersection, with your car?

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