Screw The Polls


CNN, in its vendetta against Trump in retaliation for him calling it a Fake News organization, is incessantly trumpeting (pun intended) Trump’s Approval Rating entering office. They are quick to point out that he enjoys, or they enjoy reporting it at least, the lowest Approval Rating of any POTUS since Approval Ratings have been measured. Of course, the Approval Rating is measured as the average of a bevy of Polls. Yes, Polls. Are you kidding me? These are the very same polling organizations that, for the life of them and maybe the life of us all, couldn’t predict a Trump victory in November, not even the Exit Polls (which were correct and an indicator that the election was rigged, fyi).


Despite that, the Mainstream Media, and especially CNN, remain recalcitrant and continue to use Polls as though they’re a valuable source of information just as surely as they religiously defend America’s Intelligence Community instead of objectively & independently investigating it. Polls are not a valuable source of information. I have zero faith in them unless they are Exit Polls. Exit Polls are a different methodology altogether. You can’t play with the questions or the sample — it’s a simple question of who you voted for and there isn’t much room for manipulation.


Trump is correct when he calls CNN a Fake News organization. Where he’s incorrect is in making that statement as though Breitbart is not a Fake News organization or Alex Jones’ Infowars is not a Fake News organization or any Mainstream Media organization as well as most Alternative Media organizations. Most News is Fake News if you consider Propaganda to be Fake News — and I do. In fact, Propaganda is worse than Fictitious News because a fictitious story, meaning it’s made up entirely without a shred of Truth, doesn’t pretend to be legitimate. If you subject a fictitious story to scrutiny, meaning you do your due diligence in determining its verity, you quickly realize it’s bunk.


Not so with the Mainstream Media and the more popular Alternative Media organizations. They market themselves as trustworthy, legitimate News Organizations when they are anything but. They are Propaganda. They strategically decide what to cover and how to cover it in order to manipulate your perception of the World including what facts to divulge or not divulge and always drawing the wrong conclusions so that you will do the same. It’s Misinformation, or Disinformation if you will. They want to do your thinking for you, and you know what, they do. Most people just take their word for it, even the ones who think they’re rebellious and turn to popular Alternative Media for their carefully-crafted perception of the World. It’s not rebellious, you Rubes. They have it covered. The Alternative Media, to the extent it was ever an independent & objective source of News & Opinion, has been largely usurped and coopted by The National Security State. As I’ve said before, you cannot be popular and generate a certain level of traffic without it being condoned & ordained by The National Security State. Name an exception. You can’t, because one doesn’t exist.


Many, many people have asked me if I’m attending The Inauguration or if not, will I be watching the festivities. I will be doing neither. If something happens, I’ll hear about it and turn the Fake News on that will give me the prepared-in-advance script of what happened and why, but other than that, I have never watched one Presidential Inauguration in my half a century and I’m not about to break that streak now. Fuck It and Fuck Them!!


In fact, this is a message to The Aliens. If you’re reading this, and I think you are, please, and I know I’m not alone in this request, Rapture all of these Assholes attending The Inauguration. Every last one of them. Take them away from here — far, far away. We don’t care where. Anywhere but here on Planet Earth will do just fine. As well, while you’re at it, all the World over please take every last psychopath and despot and thug/goon and the sycophants who serve them. This necessarily includes the entire Global Oligarchy and the Minions who keep them rich and in power and do their bidding. You would be doing Humanity a huge service. Show us you’re benevolent. If you do nothing, you are inherently malevolent because no benevolent entity could sit idly by and watch the malevolence the Global Oligarchy is engaging in on this increasingly misused & abused planet we call Earth. Intervene now before it’s too late if you are in fact benevolent & merciful. Otherwise, screw off and go buzz some other planet, you voyeuristic douchebags. Make yourselves useful or get the fuck out. That’s an order.

FYI, for anyone interested, Netflix now has The Dick Van Dyke Show. I’m thoroughly enjoying it right now. Great material. Very talented people all the way around. Rose Marie & Morey Amsterdam are relentlessly hilarious. Such talent!!