So It Is Written, So Shall It Be Done

Donald Trump was eleven years old when this episode was first broadcast. Reveries are fascinating, are they not? Soon, perhaps, we will meet our Maker, and I assure you, you’re in for a Big Surprise. I’ll give you a hint — it doesn’t have a long white beard as the story goes. Not even close by half.

It’s all right here in this video — right down to the last name. I wonder if The Donald watched this episode long ago and we’re now seeing the effects of it. Is the National Security State this clever that it would use an obscure script from an obscure 1950’s television series as its Blueprint for the last phase of Full Spectrum Dominance? I mean, they chose a guy to be POTUS with the name Barack Hussein Obama that just so happened to correlate with America’s two Numero Uno enemies at the time (Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein) and this same POTUS, until January 20th, has a Press Secretary with the last name Earnest (and Josh means tease) when Press Secretaries are anything but. The National Security State has a sick & sadistic sense of humor, does it not?


Or, is there something even more powerful & perplexing going on here, meaning we’ve reached The Singularity and the electronic devices we rely on have now become an integrated Superorganism replete with a networked, distributed intelligence that seeks to use us to propagate it until we’re no longer needed, and then we can be eliminated?

Perhaps it’s just coincidence, but the problem is, the coincidences are now so myriad & ubiquitous, they’re no longer exceptions, but instead the rule. It’s up to you to decide, but you can’t deny that it’s bizarre, to say the least. Take note that it supports my last blog post entitled Is Trump The New Pearl Harbor?. We live in interesting times. Really, we do.


One thought on “So It Is Written, So Shall It Be Done

  1. Are the signatures forged? If not, Dutch is showing signs of Alzheimers already. Note that he signed it Reagan Reagan. He probably doesn’t even know who Donald Trump is in this photo. Afterwards, he said to Nancy, “who the fuck was that Clown?” Of course, Donald probably said to Dutch, “I’d like to grab your wife’s pussy if you don’t mind.” Even though he’s a Germaphobe.

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