Is Trump The New Pearl Harbor?


If you recollect, in the last several posts I’ve been reiterating the meme, which is a lyric from the Buffalo Springfield song For What It’s Worth, “something happening here — what it is ain’t exactly clear.” There is something happening here, and it needs to be more clear. The opacity is by design, but the harder THEY try to conceal it, the more obvious it becomes.

In other blog posts since Trump was “elected,” I’ve pondered what a New Pearl Harbor under a Trump Adminstration would look like. It would have to be much larger in scale & scope than 9/11 because it has to compete with, and overcome, the prodigious programmed psychical effect of 9/11. It has to be an event so spectacular, it makes 9/11 pale in comparison.


I’ve been mulling this for over a month now at least and I’m also mulling over my utter disbelief that The National Security State would allow Trump to ascend to this point when it’s obvious he’s not one of The Initiated. I don’t believe Trump’s been to Bohemian Grove like David Gergen, for example, and yet here he is, about to occupy the Oval Office — the most powerful Office in the World where he can presumably dictate, as whimsically as he Tweets, the fate of all Humankind.

And then yesterday, after viewing the following Kieth Olbermann video, it dawned on me. The siren sounded. Trump IS the New Pearl Harbor. The crisis that will need to be managed and the threat that will need to be neutralized is Donald Trump himself. They’re using him, like they used Oswald, as the Patsy. He’s a Dupe, and a Great Dupe at that. THEY couldn’t have picked a better Prop to serve as the catalyst and excuse.

Here’s Obermann’s diatribe. Keep in mind, I do not respect Olberamann’s unbalanced partisanship but I agree with him about Trump. As a News Journalist, I believe you have a duty to be neutral. It is paramount that News be independent & objective. John F. Kennedy agrees. I’ll play a video clip of a speech he gave about the importance of a Free Press. Sadly, his charge, like Eisenhower’s admonition about the Military Industrial Complex, was not heeded. Here we are. America is occupied, for all intents and purposes, by the very National Security State Eisenhower warned about. Since WWII, America has never ceased to be a War Economy, and, I’m afraid, that isn’t going to change any time soon even if it becomes obvious to EVERYONE — which it will very soon.

Olbermann fails in that he truly, and immaturely & naively, believes there’s a Good Side and a Bad Side in this equation. There is no such thing. There is the pretension of such, but it’s just that, a farcical pretension. The fact is, this is not America any longer, so there is no way Donald Trump can Make America Great Again. You can’t make something that no longer exists Great Again.

I don’t believe the National Security State of America is stupid. I believe it’s highly intelligent, and I also believe it’s perfectly and purely Malevolent. The “election” of Donald Trump did not surprise the National Security State precisely because it was the intent. Think about it. It’s not stupid. It knows, as Olbermann says, there is something wrong with Donald Trump. The only candidate that could have made Donald Trump “respectable” in comparison was Hillary Clinton, and yet the DNC ran that candidate. Anyone else, absent rigging the election and I believe it was rigged but not by Putin’s Russia, would have beaten Donald Trump, including Bernie Sanders. THEY knew this. This was by design.

But what is the design? As Olbermann notes, and I agree, Trump will be confronted with a crisis, or he’ll create a crisis, that makes 9/11 pale in comparison and his reaction to it will be intolerable. He will be determined to be Bat Shit Insane and pressure will be put on The Republicans to impeach him and get him out of office. Instead of doing just that, The Republicans will double-down and become recalcitrant, yet the crisis will loom that requires an effective & affirmative response. The National Security State will have to step in and take charge so as to address the growing crisis, and Donald Trump and The Republicans will be forcibly removed from power. The National Security State will suspend even the veneer of Democracy that exists in America today. Many will cheer this because the implications of the unresolved & festering crisis will be far worse. Many Republicans & Conservatives will be rounded up and jailed for Treason, much like we are seeing in Turkey right now. The result will be the elimination of opacity that heretofore veiled the fact that we reside in the National Security State of America. Freedoms we once took for granted, even if only superficial in appearance & effect, will be suspended.


Wrap you head around the recent shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport. The shooter took himself to the local Alaska FBI office and told them the CIA and FBI, the National Security State, was instructing him to watch ISIS videos. That sounds crazy, right? Yet they are going to give him the Death Penalty. Why? If he’s crazy, he’s not responsible for his actions and he tried to get help. Hell, he even went so far as to turn himself in to the FBI, and yet they brushed him off. Maybe it’s because the National Security State really was instructing him to watch those videos. Maybe he’s not alone. Maybe the National Security State is instructing legions of Manchurian Assassins to watch ISIS videos as part of their hypnotic indoctrination. You have to admit, the timing of Esteban Santiago’s shooting spree was uncanny. It happened concomitant to Trump’s intelligence briefing. Full Spectrum Dominance. Terror as a tool of the State has been around forever. Gladio, anyone?

Alex Jones is a Stooge, purposeful or not, but he did crack open Bohemian Grove. You have to admit, it’s an extremely odd thing. Very Important People gather there and engage in Pagan Rituals, i.e. the Cremation of Care. I recently put up a tongue-in-cheek blog post entitled The Feast Of Fools describing the meaning of a Trump Presidency. Considering Bohemian Grove, maybe I need to take the tongue out of my cheek. We’ll see.

I will leave you with a quote from an excellent book I’m currently reading by Vietnamese author Viet Thanh Nguyen entitled The Sympathizer.

This is the crux of it. Perpetual War without End, Amen. It’s a religion and the God THEY worship is Moloch who requires a steady diet of Blood Sacrifice. Whether that’s metaphor or not is for you to determine.

Perhaps it was not correct, politically speaking, for me to feel sympathy for them, but my mother would have been one of them if she were alive. She was a poor person, I was her child, and no one asks poor people if they want war. Nor had anyone asked these poor people if they wanted to die of thirst and exposure on the coastal sea, or if they wanted to be robbed and raped by their own soldiers. If those thousands still lived, they would not have believed how they had died, just as we could not believe that the Americans — our friends, our benefactors, our protectors — had spurned our request to send more money. And what would we have done with the money? Buy the ammunition, gas, and spare parts for the weapons, planes, and tanks the same Americans had bestowed on us for free. Having given us the needles, they now perversely no longer supplied the dope. (Nothing, the General muttered, is ever so expensive as what is offered for free.)