The Feast Of Fools


For those amongst you who, like me, feel you are in some Alternate Reality considering the “election” of Donald Trump, perhaps there is a Silver Lining to this Nightmare. What if this is actually a contemporary version of the ancient Pagan Ritual referred to as The Feast Of Fools? I mean, why not? Nothing else seems to make any sense of this Brave New World. The Talking Heads haven’t a clue. They’re scrambling — feeling around in the dark for some semblance of their previous reality, and they’re coming up with nothing but air. Toxic, polluted air, in fact.

Maybe it really is The Feast Of Fools. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but it’s as adequate an explanation as I’ve seen or read anywhere else. If you have a better one than has already been offered, I’m all ears, but I doubt you can top this.

Considering that, what is The Feast Of Fools? As I mentioned above, it’s an ancient Pagan Ritual that goes way back before the Abrahamic Religions took root & hold and usurped and transformed & muted many of these practices. In this case, it’s a shame this Pagan Ritual was diminished and neutralized altogether, because we need it now more than ever, and maybe, just maybe, because I’m an optimist afterall in case you haven’t noticed, that’s what Trump’s “election” and inauguration is all about.

Let me explain. It has to do with what ultimately became the holiday we know as Christmas and it involves the Pagan Holiday of Saturnalia and the celebration of The Winter Solstice. I’ll let the book my wife placed on the coffee table this past week explain better than I ever could. It’s entitled The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas by John Matthews.

The Kalends were not the only celebrations that earned the condemnation of the Church. In the eastern provinces of the Empire, during Saturnalia, it was customary to choose and crown a mock king, who ruled over chaos rather than the order that was such a central aspect of Roman rule. Lots were cast and the chosen person became the Saturnalicus Princeps, who assumed the role of Saturn throughout the festival. His task was to behave as foolishly as possible, insulting guests, chasing women and girls, and wearing outlandish clothing. Even the hiding of coins in puddings dates from this period, as this was one of the methods used to select the kingly fool.

The origins of this part of the Roman festival are obscure, though it may have been adopted by legionaries stationed along the Danube from an older, local tradition. If this is the case, it may be that the King Fool originated from a time when, in much of the ancient world, kings reigned for a year and were then ritually slaughtered to ensure good fortune for the coming year. In Scotland during this time barley bannock cakes were baked and one deliberately burned. These were passed around in a bag, and the person who chose the black bannock was designated as the Fool. At one time this may have decided his fate as the Year King marked for sacrifice, his death ensuring the return of light and fertility to the world.

Seriously, I think this is The Feast Of Fools. Trump is certainly a Fool and he’s now King. He’s the King Fool. Let’s look at the criteria and see if Trump fits the bill.

1.) His task was to behave as foolishly as possible. I think this goes without saying. Trump is doing exactly this.

2.) Insult Guests. Yeah, Trump earns perfect marks for this as well. He not only insults guests, he insults everyone with the exception of his Man Crush, Vladimir Putin.

3.) Chase women & girls. What do you think? I say The Donald earns not only a perfect grade, but extra credit as well. Grab That Pussy!!!

4.) Wear outlandish clothing. Considering his bizarre facial expressions and oddly animated body language coupled with his silly Make America Great Again ball cap atop the orange indeterminable mammal that is his hair, I’d say he earns yet another perfect score for this characteristic.

The Silver Lining if this is The Feast Of Fools, and I think it is because I have no idea what else it could be at this point, is that the King Fool is slaughtered after his one year reign thus ensuring the return of light and fertility to our increasingly denuded world. What a great ritual, don’t you think? What were they thinking putting an end to such a logical practice? I mean it.

Do you feel better now? I knew you would. It’s a time for celebration, not lamentation. I’m happy I could make your day.

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  1. Great comment from Ché Pasa per Ian Welsh’s blog post here. Dugin is right, another way is the way, meaning societal evolution will not come about via the Democrats or the Republicans or the Communists or the Fascists or the Capitalists. Except in Dugin’s case, he wants to take you back. I want us to move forward, or hell, I’d even settle for sideways just to get us moving because standing still will be the death of us all.

    I’m so fucking tired of this political Left-Right ideological bind. I found a new blog recently, the last few days in fact, and there is a lot of good material there, but it’s decidedly partisan and the commentary seems to be overwhelmingly locked into this political Left-Right ideological bind. They’re still looking to the Democrat Party to defend them and they, for the life of them, cannot understand what I’ve been saying at this blog forever, which is, The Clintons, The Obamas and The Democrat Party screwed you. They never had your back. Instead, they put a knife in it just as The Republican Party is going to do to The Little People for the next eight years or more. And don’t pretend they won’t have it for the next eight years or more, because they will.

    People are so ridiculously stubborn. They refuse to see it any other way than the way they’ve been entrained to see it their entire lives.

  2. A couple of great comments from Hugh at the same link above to Ian Welsh’s blog. He and Ché Pasa are speaking my language. Truth To Power.

    That last comment is pertinent because someone at Nomadic Politics blog yesterday was bragging that Obama created 2-3 million new jobs without any consideration as to the quality of those “jobs.” I guess being a serf is now considered having a job. Nothing can change for the better if people can’t be honest with themselves. I had the following to say today at that blog and it was met with derision. In fact, I was banned for depositing it. Why? Scratch that, I know why. The question is, how can we overcome such recalcitrance? I don’t know if we can, but I’ll be damned, I’m going to keep speaking Truth To Power until I take my last breath because it’s WHO I AM!!!!

    The following comment was in response to an assertion that people calling into their Congressman is what reversed the decision to dissolve The “Independent” Ethics Office.

    Yes, but in regards to the legislation that REALLY matters (meaning the vested interests of The Rich), all the protests and calls and petitions have no effect whatsoever. Remember, the same thing was done when Obama was bailing out the Too-Big-To-Fail crooked finance behemoths during his first year in office, and yet, all of that effort to prevent it was for not. It fell on deaf ears. And no, we are not better for it, meaning bailing these bastards out has only made matters worse for The Little People.

    It’s time for this to be clear to everyone who really cares. The Emperor has no clothes. That Emperor is the American Government regardless of which “Party” is in “Power.” It hasn’t served The Little People for quite some time now, if ever. The Constitution is a Paper Tiger at this point. Its purpose now, and maybe it always was the purpose, is to keep The Little People down and in line. The Rich, or The Oligarchs if you will, have found ways around it. Sure, THEY pay lip service to it for show, but THEY know it doesn’t apply to them.

    It’s time for Evolution. Not Revolution. Evolution. And that Evolution will not come from within the System. Watch the great documentary Poverty, Inc. It explains this mechanism thoroughly. It explains why no solution to what ails us can come from The Establishment. It’s called The Social Fact, and until we recognize this mechanism and are cognizant of it, all of our fragmented efforts will be misguided, wasted and for naught.

    Join me in moving beyond. It’s the only effective way forward.

    • Here’s the comment I made at Nomadic Politics blog that broke the Camel’s Back. Why are The Democrats so hellbent on covering this issue up? By virtue of the fact they are, it makes them complicit and it proves Hugh’s excellent point. It also proves we’re fucked, the few of us who are capable of stepping outside of the fray and seeing this for what it really is, because we simply have zero influence. This “Nomad” character says as much with his taunting comment to me. That smugness will come back to haunt him and his fellow “Democrats” tenfold, but to folks like this, it doesn’t matter. They’re programmed to do what they do, and nothing can change that program. Westworld comes to mind, except, tragically, these “Hosts” never awaken.

  3. FYI, one of the things I noticed during my short time at Nomadic Politics blog was, every time I visited, my friends in Mountain View did as well. That blog has a visitor app that shows who’s visiting the blog at any given time and every time I visited it, without fail, Mountain View was right on my heels. It’s not a coincidence.

    • Ironically, my banning took place under the aegis (I like this word so I’m going to use it a few more times until I put it on the shelf) of a blog post about Empathy. Do these people not think? Obviously, they don’t, otherwise they’d realize their contradictions. Their Empathy is rather lacking considering they are still taking shots at me long after my banning. Empathy implies decency — it’s a good will gesture borne of conscience. The banning and then post-banning pummeling are examples of the exact opposite. It’s cowardice, which is, ironically, the trademark of Donald Trump, the very person they’re decrying at that blog. I guess it takes one to know one. They hate in Donald Trump what they hate about themselves. It’s pure projection.

      Empathy, in and of itself, is worthless. It’s part of a process. In fact, I firmly believe it can become an obsession. Some of these so-called do-gooders become addicted to it, so they help inculcate an environment where they can get their empathy fix whenever they want it by enabling the creation of victims in perpetuity.

      The excellent documentary Poverty, Inc. above alludes to this. Empathy’s important, but it falls short and can even become a detriment if it becomes your addiction rather than a motivation to mitigate suffering that can be alleviated by empowering people rather than turning them into helpless dependents.

  4. Here’s the alleged proprietor of Nomadic Politics blog. Interesting. He has the funds to be nomadic and is allegedly a graphic artist, but he spends the majority of his time on the blog. Markos Moulitsas Zúniga & Daily Kos comes to mind. It’d be interesting to turn this rock over and see what’s under it.

    FYI, I’m one person at this blog. It’s just little old me with no contributors and no followers and no financial backers. It will never be a popular blog. I am wary of any blog that reaches a certain level of popularity. It becomes strategic propaganda at that point. Is anyone financing this guy? Is he on someone’s payroll? Maybe. It wouldn’t surprise me and it would explain why he banned me so quickly. Perhaps his backers told him to ban my ass before the sheep got too disturbed. Blogs like that are like corrals and the blog proprietors are the shepherds who choose various commenters as mods to be their sheep dogs. It’s quite pathetic, actually. The Hive Mind, yet they think they’re clever & intelligent when clearly they can’t think for themselves, so they congregate in a clique so they can feel smugly superior.

    FYI, I’m not “outing” this guy. He prefers to not remain anonymous. He has provided this “profile” at his space for all to see.

  5. Another great comment from Ian Welsh’s blog. Keep them coming. FYI, this would not be welcome at Nomadic Politics blog which is apparently, or at least effectively, an extension of the Democratic National Committee.

  6. This is too rich. The irony is so stark you need a chain saw to cut through it. Hey Ed, have you looked in the mirror lately? Not only will you see your unseemly bald pate if you do, but you’ll also see a Flaming Hypocrite. Pot Kettle Black. Take the plank out of your own eye before you pluck it from Putin’s, you Totalitarian Censorious Pig.

    FYI, I’m speaking to the prick who banned me from his blog for no good reason other than I was different. I wasn’t with The Program. The Program is Propaganda. The Irony Du Jour is, this Clueless Buffoon just released a blog post about Russian Propaganda when he and his Commentariat are, effectively and for all intents and purposes, engaged in DNC Propaganda themselves. I loathe The Democrats as much, if not more than, The Republicans. Red Pill versus Blue Pill. Either pill is a False Reality and the people who subscribe to it are absolute Recalcitrant Morons. Arrogant morons, in fact, which are the worst kind of morons.

    Here’s Nomad’s (Ed Goff’s) latest blog post about Russia Direct. He might have had a good point if he and his Commentariat weren’t guilty of the same thing.

    Russia Direct: The Rebirth of Journalism or Just Another Cynical Putin Ploy?

    Here’s a quote from that blog post I’d like to dissect.

    The gravest threat to journalism in an authoritarian state is the process of self-censorship which offers the less cynical-minded an illusion of independence. That illusion can affect journalists too. Despite their most noble intentions, they can easily become the tools of the state. Just as easily as they can become lapdogs to corporate masters. Whether that’s true in Koshkin’s case, time will undoubtedly show.

    Can this Clown be serious? He and his Commentariat are cocooned in their little Hive/Echo Chamber and when a “stranger” comes along with some different ideas, they ban the traveler. I’d call that outright censorship and I’d call them Authoritarians for doing it, and yet they have the audacity to project what they’ve done onto another doing the same thing, i.e. Russia Direct. Too funny. But they can’t see it and they refuse to see it. They’re Walking Contradictions and as such, they simply have no credibility. In fact, they have no more credibility than Donald Trump, the guy they despise so much.

    This quote kills me as well for its hypocritical irony.

    The PRI interview becomes more interesting when Koshkin is confronted with specifics. Why did Russia Direct the use of the word “incorporation” to describe the military intervention in Crimea? Koshkin explains that this phrase is used by the experts (Putin’s selected experts, that is to say) and it is a matter of “straddling between two extremes.”
    Is objective truth really just a matter of semantics? “Incorporation” is a legal process, invasion of a sovereign nation with soldiers and military hardware is an illegal process.

    Of course, he’s right about Koshkin using dismissive euphemism to describe Putin’s Naked Land Grab, but then he refuses to see that Hillary & Obama & The Democrats, as well as The Republicans, are guilty of the same fucking thing. Libya, anyone? It was illegal as far as I’m concerned. Those who ordered it & perpetrated it are guilty of the same thing The Nazis were guilty of per The Nuremberg Trials: War of Aggression. Same for Iraq. Same for Syria. What the hell do you call an official policy of Regime Change? Look at what happened in Egypt. It was prompted by an American Strategy of Regime Change. Many people were murdered and many people suffered. For what? A Military Dictatorship, that’s what. At least Crimea was largely bloodless. Ukraine’s another story, but America had its hand in that as well so it all can’t be blamed on Putin. Remember, Ed, Hillary voted for the War of Aggression on Iraq. If you read my blog, I was always against it and I still am. I was against the War of Aggression against Libya too and the War of Aggression still ongoing in Syria. How about you and your Commentariat, Ed? Are you for or against Wars of Aggression? Was Nuremberg a Show Trial that meant nothing? Was it hypocritical and in vain? Take the fucking plank out of your eye, you Fucking Dildo.

    Here’s one of his Commentariat Bimbos waxing on about America’s wonderful economy under Obama. This amidst the news today that Sears is closing a slew of stores and is nearly defunct as in no more, and Macy’s is laying off 10,000 employees and closing a bunch of stores as well. Have you no shame? Obviously, you don’t. Pathetic, but not surprising. But hey, Ed’s blog is quite popular. He generates quite a readership, so it must be good. Right? Riiiiiiiggghhhtttt!!!!

    While I was there at Nomadic Politics blog grabbing all of this for this comment, look who followed me. They always do. I’m very popular with them. They’re like my own Personal Assistant. My very own Stalker. I feel so privileged.

    Hey Mountain View!! I love you guys. You’re the best. I mean it.

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