The Hypocrisy, The Hypocrisy

Have you heard the Good News? He has Risen. Really, he has. Isn't it obvious? Just look around or turn on, & tune in to, The News. Take in all the LOVE. It's for ALL OF THIS that he died. Surely it was worth it. All of this overwhelming LOVE, everywhere you look, in honor … Continue reading The Hypocrisy, The Hypocrisy


Taxonomy & Trumponomics

This blog post was originally published on January 2, 2017. I'm republishing it with these additional notes because it's coming to fruition before our very eyes just as I presciently announced it would. They were discussing it on Morning Joe Blowjob this morning, at least in regard to a Border Tax, tantamount to a Tariff Tax, … Continue reading Taxonomy & Trumponomics

Deferred Emoluments

Much ado has been made about Trump being in breach of The Emolument Clause of The Constitution. I think the concern & scrutiny is warranted, but I also think The Establishment, and The Mainstream Media as the Soap Box for The Establishment, are being a bit, or more than a bit actually, hypocritical in their application … Continue reading Deferred Emoluments

Screw The Polls

CNN, in its vendetta against Trump in retaliation for him calling it a Fake News organization, is incessantly trumpeting (pun intended) Trump's Approval Rating entering office. They are quick to point out that he enjoys, or they enjoy reporting it at least, the lowest Approval Rating of any POTUS since Approval Ratings have been measured. … Continue reading Screw The Polls

Is Trump The New Pearl Harbor?

If you recollect, in the last several posts I've been reiterating the meme, which is a lyric from the Buffalo Springfield song For What It's Worth, "something happening here — what it is ain't exactly clear." There is something happening here, and it needs to be more clear. The opacity is by design, but the … Continue reading Is Trump The New Pearl Harbor?