If you recollect, I mentioned Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin in the blog post The Rediscovery Of Sophie Scholl here.

I said the following about him.

If you don’t know who Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin is, you should. Here’s a pertinent article from Ricochet to get you started, but beware, the oddity that is Dugin and Duginism goes Deep. Very Deep. Dugin is Putin’s Rasputin and he has Putin’s ear. Here are the highly relevant choice quotes from the aforementioned article. Keep in mind, with the recent “election” of Trump as POTUS, which isn’t Official yet folks, Dugin is on record as saying “we now control Washington D.C..” Wrap your head around that. The Rediscovery Of Sophie Scholl — it needs to happen real quick, like, let’s say, before January 20th, otherwise any rediscovery of Sophie Scholl will be the Making of Martyrs. ~ Cold N. Holefield

Well, it’s time to learn about Dugin, and more specifically about Duginism. It explains Putin. It explains Russia in its current state of existence. It explains much more. If you feel as though, within the last several years but certainly the last several months, you’ve entered into an Alternative Reality, you’re not alone. I have been canvassing many many people when I’m out and about and most of them, the sentient ones at least, feel the same way. “Something’s happening here — what it is isn’t exactly clear.” I’m trying to make it more clear. So, without further adieu, I bring you the following YouTube video. It’s lengthy, but it’s an incredibly detailed, comprehensive & intelligent analysis of Duginism. After watching and researching on your own, you cannot rationalize away the fact that many Americans, and many in the West, are being used as dupes in their own destruction.


It is important to provoke all forms of instability and separatism within the borders of the United States. It is possible to make use of the political forces of Afro-American racists. ~ Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin

I love that last quote, don’t you? And here I thought it was Soros who funded Black Lives Matter when, in fact, it very well could be The Russians. I think we should follow that Money Trail, and, if it leads back to Russia, my blog post entitled Careful Of The Snipers here is not such a Wild Idea afterall. Actually, it would be quite fitting with Duginism.

In that video, the host speaks to how Duginism aspires to make use of Useful Idiots and Stooges within the targeted countries. Is Millerman below a Useful Idiot, or is he a Purposeful Plant? You make the call. If he’s an unwitting Useful Idiot, what a bargain for Dugin & Putin. With Useful Idiots like this, they will rule the world in record time, and they’ll manage to do so with minimal bloodshed.

What about Alex Jones? Is he also a Useful Idiot, or is he a Purposeful Plant? Again, you make the call. I can’t help but laugh when I watch this video. What strange & bizarre Bedfellows. It’s comical, but Tragic Comedy because of the Tragedy to come.

Here’s Dugin, as part of his Katehon Think Tank, attempting to transform America into a nation of mindless Ranchers incapable of, and unmotivated to, higher thought — docile but rugged Men of the Earth who mind their own business and tend to their herds & flocks, leaving the thinking to Russian experts like Dugin & Putin. Oh My God!!!!!






This Says It All, Doesn’t It? Straight From Dugin’s Think Tank Website Which I Will Not Link To By The Way. I Hope He Sues Me For Displaying His Imagery. No Doubt Any Number Of Useful Idiot “American” Lawyers Would Be More Than Willing To Aid Him In That Endeavor, Traitors That They Are.

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  1. The irony is so stark, it’s Pure Satire. Tragic Satire, considering The Holocaust to come. I just returned from visiting relatives on my wife’s side who reside in the Deep South. They are fervent Trump Supporters and they’re fervent Catholics. I cannot discuss any of this with them. They will not listen. They are incredulous. But, they’ll listen to Alex Jones, who, as Dugin has indicated, is now The New Truth.

    The irony is, they have no idea that Dugin & Putin are manipulating them, and they have no idea that Dugin, who is yanking their chain, is an Occultist who employs Black Magic and Chaos Magic. Yes, there is a distinction between the two Magics. Study up on your Magic because it’s in full force. As I composed this blog post yesterday, all manner of electronic chicanery manifested at my humble abode. My computer shut down at least six times and concomitantly the power went out in the house momentarily with each shut down. I asked the neighbors if the same happened to them. It didn’t. It was just our house. I could go into a long story about how there is something to this Magic, that I’ve experienced it firsthand myself, but I’m afraid it would fall on deaf ears. Regardless, as I mentioned, Putin’s Rasputin, Dugin, is steeped in it. He’s got the power. You overlook this element at your own peril.

    Black Magic on Red Square

    In Russia, there are more faith healers than professional doctors. It’s a symptom of decades of chaos and authoritarian rule.

    – by Marc Bennetts –

    TUESDAY, 5TH MAY 2015

    Alexander Dugin, a 53-year-old bearded Moscow-born philosopher and political analyst dubbed “Putin’s Brain” by the US-based journal Foreign Affairs, predicted with eerie precision the events in Crimea and east Ukraine years before the 2014 Maidan uprising in Kyiv. Dugin – until very recently a professor at the prestigious Moscow State University, and a staple on state-run television – has also called for the mass slaughter of Ukrainians and the “destruction” of the United States. He has expressed his admiration for elements of the ideology of fascism.

    Although these days he refuses to speak publicly about such matters, Dugin has a long and documented involvement in the occult. In the 1980s, he is reported to have been a member of the Moscow-based “Black Order of the SS”, a group of intellectuals fascinated with both mysticism and Nazism, as well as – according to former members of the circle – experiments with drugs and sex magic. Later, Dugin took his interest in the occult to a new level. In the early 1990s, he became editor of the Eurasian magazine Elementy. The front cover of the magazine’s second issue featured a portrait of Baphomet, the goat god who is also the symbol of the US-based Church of Satan. Dugin frequently wrote about the occult within the pages of Elementy, as well as praising the “spiritual and transcendental side of fascism”.

    In 1995, during an unsuccessful attempt to get elected to parliament, Dugin took part in a pre-election concert – described as a “black mass” by participants – in memory of the British occultist Aleister Crowley, notorious for his sex “magick”. During the performance, Dugin’s supporters read aloud from Crowley’s Book of the Law (“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”). Dugin is also reported to have met with figures from the Ordo Templi Orientis, a worldwide occult organisation that once boasted Crowley among its ranks.

    Dugin’s press secretary declined to forward my request for an interview with her boss on the theme of the occult when I contacted her. “He is a devout Orthodox Christian,” she told me, who had only become interested in the occult out of “intellectual curiosity”. This may well be so – after all, Dugin also has a well-known interest in Chaos Magic, the post-modern, technology-friendly magical tradition that inspired writers such as William S Burroughs and musicians such as Genesis P-Orridge of the British band Psychic TV. Nevertheless, it appears Dugin’s occult studies continue to have an influence on his apocalyptic thinking: just two years ago, this hardline Russian nationalist thinker lectured in Moscow on the necessity of curtailing the “illusion” that is the planet Earth by bringing about the “end of the world”.

    It’s impossible to determine if Dugin’s occult interest has had any impact on Kremlin policy. But if the occultists aim to alter perceptions of reality through mantras and magical techniques, then Russian state-run television has sought to do the same through swift and bewildering video montages, half-truths, and appeals to conscious and subconscious fears. The results – a rise in anti-Western sentiments and fervent support for Putin – have been startling. Russia is awash with occultists, but the Kremlin’s propagandists may well turn out to be the most skilful sorcerers of them all.

  2. Can you believe this Treasonous Motherfucker?? I get booted off of Twitter for showing proof of someone threatening to rape and murder my wife & daughter, and this Piece of Fucking Shit is praising a fucking Communist who wants to destroy America.

    Hey Jack Dorsey, you Scumbag, how come you haven’t kicked Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump off of your crappy Social Media Platform? Same applies to The National Security State since it’s had its hooks in Twitter since its inception. Look how far America has fallen. Former Reagan White House officials, Hugh Hewitt for example, in bed with the Communists.


    Hmmmm…..The Fourth Way. It sounds vaguely familiar. Like, let’s say, The Fourth Political Theory.

    When I think of the intersection of Dugin and Hewitt, this song comes to mind. How do you like it now, Dutch?

  3. And, of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this Russian Propaganda website again. Whether the Shithead/Shitheads who run Moon of Alabama blog are Useful Idiots or Purposeful Plants is irrelevant to the effect. The effect is the same either way, as is the intent when the effect is brought to the attention of the perpetrators. Moon of Alabama blog has been listed as a Russian Propaganda outlet by the controversial website project, http://www.propornot.com.

    Keep in mind, that website project parses what it means when it labels a website a Russian Propaganda site, and as part of that parsing criteria, it indicates that if the blog proprietor posts or reposts known Pro-Russian false news and allows commentary that engages in the same behavior, it is considered a Russian Propaganda site. Moon of Alabama blog does an excellent job of pointing out the obvious lies and bias endemic in American Mainstream Media, which is, afterall, just another form of more sophisticated propaganda compared to its Russian counterpart, but it allows Russian Trolls, if the proprietors aren’t Russian Trolls themselves, to dominate the commentary and spread unbalanced Pro-Russian disinformation and misinformation.

    Here’s a portion of the “List” from http://www.propornot.com revealing Moon of Alabama blog as a Pro-Russian propaganda site. I agree with the assessment as I have observed this blog for many years now and I have watched its evolution. Duginism is on full display, especially the commentary which is replete with all manner of Russian Trolls & Rabid Islamists.

    Here’s Moon of Alabama blog’s latest praise of Vladimir Putin. This is not balanced reporting by any means. In my opinion, it is pure Russian Propaganda. The author, or authors, is/are the worst sort of sycophant(s).

    Master Judoka Putin “The Gracious” Outclasses “Lame Duck” Obama

    Perusing the commentary, I could find only one sane comment that isn’t Russian Propaganda. I’m posting it for posterity. I agree with this commenter completely.

  4. I plucked this partisan, frothing spittle of a comment from Kunstler’s latest blog post. This Freak personifies the sadistic rage & hostility of the average Trump Supporter (yes, I know, to call a Trump Supporter average is redundant). Trump’s ascension is an abject lesson in how Nazi Germany was possible. It has always been a question for me to answer as my life has progressed — how a Nation could do what was done in Nazi Germany. I’ve lived half a century, and I now have the answer. It’s not as difficult as it seems. It’s like striking oil when oil was first discovered & exploited. Tap into the well and it comes gushing out with no effort on your part.

    I mean, who is this “nsa” person? Erik Prince? Probably. Or maybe one of The Colonel‘s Special Ops Goons/Thugs? Plausible. No doubt, it’s a member of The Order of Malta (like Rudy Giuliani) or the more powerful Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre (like The Colonel who’s great friends with the FBI Director and has the Director‘s blessing to threaten American Citizens with murder presumably using American military personnel to perpetrate the petty vendetta). Their God must be so proud. It’s why I left the Catholic Church & religion behind. I will not associate with Cowardly Goons.

    And remember, I’m no fan of Obama and have called him & his ilk out many times at this blog, but the disgusting filth displayed in the following comment is beyond-the-pale horrible. It reflects the worst of Humanity. It’s someone who never should have been born. It’s a prime example of one of the reasons I support a woman’s right to choose because this Freak is obviously the result of rape. It’s someone who doesn’t deserve to exist in this realm or any realm. It’s a mistake.

  5. Fuck off, Pond Scum. Whoever, or whatever, you are, you’re a Piece of Shit. I do not wish you a Happy New Year. I don’t wish you and your commentary a Happy Anything. The whole lot of you are either Purposeful Propagandists or you’re Spineless Cowardly Water Boys for Tyranny. What a Douchebag Zelnicker is. Hey John, how the fuck can you do someone’s taxes when you clearly don’t realize when you’re swimming in a sewer? I’ll do my own taxes, thank you, if you’re an example of a tax professional.

    • With all the back slapping going on in the commentary to that blog post at Moon of Alabama blog, you know they’re wrong. The Truth is rarely if ever identified by more than one or two people concomitantly, relatively speaking, and it never involves back slapping. Back slapping circle jerks by the hive minded is the aegis of dimwits & provocateurs.

      At this blog, Catcher In The Lie, you will find no back slapping, no dimwits and no provocateurs. Catcher In The Lie seeks to approximate The Truth by exposing the Lies. By charting the Lies, The Truth is the Dark Matter that fills the void between the Matter of Lies.

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