A Day That Will Live In Infamy


Well, folks, today is the day. Today is the True Election, and if The Establishment has its druthers, and it will because it always does, The Hamilton Electors will be thwarted and The Electors, overall in their entirety, will vote Donald Trump in as POTUS.

Once those votes are cast, once the final Elector casts his/her ballot, I predict The Hamilton Electors will have failed in their effort to uphold The Founders‘ intent, and The United States of America will exist no more, if it still exists at all. By this time tomorrow, you will be a Serf in the Oligarchic Tyranny now gleefully referred to as The United States of Russia. The Kremlin will be rocking in Celebration. The War is Won and The Rich surrendered America. Never Forget. Never.

Although, remembering is a rather woefully impotent measure of/for posterity because any chance of changing your designation and ultimate fate is lost forever and Life as you knew it is going to change drastically and for the worse. Your Standard of Living has been degrading for years, but it’s about to descend further to a whole new level of degradation. As Frank says, “you ain’t see nothing yet” because “the best is yet to come and won’t it be fine…..” to Vladimir Putin and all The Oligarchs the world over including the treasonous & traitorous so-called American Oligarchs. You Basket of Deplorables, and yes that is exactly what you are along with the treasonous traitor (Hillary Clinton) who first called you it, certainly did pick “a plum,” but in this case, from the Tree of Death not the Tree of Life as the song goes.

The Mainstream Media has downplayed The Hamilton Electors since the movement first began. That tells me the movement was spontaneous, organic and independent of meddling by The Establishment. I say “was” because since its inception it’s clear The Establishment is engaged, on all fronts, in usurping the independent, organic movement from within while denigrating it & marginalizing it & dismissing it via The Mainstream Media. It’s clear The Establishment wants Vladimir Putin as POTUS with his Dancing Orange Poodle, Donald Trump, as his foil American Spokesman.

And just a quick note on all the hullabaloo about the Russian hacking of the emails. It’s a huge bait & switch strategically meant to distract. By offering you a little bit of Truth and calling it the entirety of The Truth, The Establishment via The Lapdog Press can contain the worst of it and hide it from your already Grossly Cataracted Eyes.

Mural On Restaurant Wall in Vilnius, Lithuania — A Country Putin Will Annex As A Client State In The Next Several Years As Don The Con Does & Says Nothing
Mural On Restaurant Wall in Vilnius, Lithuania — A Country Putin Will Annex As A Client State In The Next Several Years As Don The Con Does & Says Nothing

Take note that The Mainstream Media has given no shrift, not even short shrift, to Greg Palast’s investigative reporting. Why? Is what Palast has investigated and reported on not worthy of further validation & investigation? I think it’s a story worth covering. I think there is something to what Palast is proffering. Any investigative journalist worth their salt thinks the same, but the problem is, there are no more investigative journalists, because, in case you didn’t know, that’s not a “job” anymore. If you consider yourself an investigative journalist, no Mainstream Publication will hire you. If you consider yourself a Propagandist, there are plenty of “jobs’ out there in The Mainstream Media writing & reporting Puff Pieces so long as you don’t mind working for Peanuts. Otherwise, if you want to be an investigative journalist, it’s a hobby. The Fourth Estate, if there ever was one, is now dead and gone for good, or for worse.

Sorry, but a brief Musical Intermission is necessary & proper since it’s nearly Christmas and I mentioned Peanuts. Here’s my favorite Christmas Song of all time. Enjoy it before The Sturmabteilung (The Brownshirts) confiscate it and burn it.

Here’s a link to Palast’s blog and specifically his article about The Rigged Election.

The No-BS Inside Guide to the Presidential Recount — Sorry, No Russian Hacker Hunt

Ben Franklin, in 1787, exited Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after he and a group of equally wise & erudite individuals known as The Founders convened in what is referred to as the Constitutional Convention, which, by the way, was held in strict secrecy. Upon exiting after excruciatingly tedious deliberations, but finally achieving the noble task at hand, Ben Franklin was confronted by a concerned & inquisitive Philadelphian. The following exchange ensued.

Mrs. Powell to Benjamin FranklinWell, Doctor, what have we got, a Republic or a Monarchy?

Benjamin Franklin to Mrs. PowellA Republic, if you can keep it.

Well Ben & Mrs. Powell, THEY couldn’t keep it. It shouldn’t be a surprise — you really didn’t think THEY could, did you?


2 thoughts on “A Day That Will Live In Infamy

  1. It’s over. Stick a fork in it. The Goose that is America is Cooked. The Electoral College has spoken. Keep a list of all those names. In several years, when you’re looking for someone to blame, that list, as well as many other names added to it, will be front & center. The hell that is about to be unleashed by these Fascist Creeps, the blood of it, will be on their hands and they will have to be held to account for it. They are not Good Citizens. The Founders are rolling in their graves. The Electors allowed themselves, some of them proudly so, to be Pawns for the Fascist Putsch by The Rich. Trump is officially the new QOTUS — Quisling of the United States.

  2. It’s Water Under The Bridge at this point, but noteworthy nonetheless because it speaks to YOUR President’s character.

    Why the Silence about Donald Trump’s Mob Ties?

    I found this quote rather ironic considering Trump’s unquestioning & unconditional love & admiration for Putin who is a born & raised Communist, in case you didn’t know. A Communist who got Religion — the worst kind of Communist there is, as bad as a Capitalist who’s gotten Religion.

    Roy Cohn, Trump’s mentor, was a powerful but disreputable lawyer who made his name in the 1950s as the chief council for disgraced Republican Sen. Joe McCarthy’s communist witch-hunting committee.

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