The Rediscovery Of Sophie Scholl


Perhaps many of you have no idea who Sophie Scholl is and you’re too lazy to look the name up, so I’ll tell you. She was more of a “Man” than most of you combined. She was a brave and noble soul who lived her life according to principle. She stood up to, and spoke out against, the Nazis in Germany, and for that, she was executed — beheaded, actually, which she accepted fearlessly and without remorse or regret because she went to her death knowing she did what was the honest & righteous thing to do. Scanning the horizon in America, and I’d say the West in general, there are no Sophie Scholls to be seen anywhere, and that doesn’t bode well considering the Fascist Dark Period we are entering for the next who knows how long. Everyone’s either apathetic and resigned to their fate or they’re lap dogs to power, corrupted or otherwise, and let’s face it, when is power ever not corrupted?

Here’s my favorite scene from the excellent movie, Sophie Scholl: The Final Days, made about Sophie Scholl and the non-violent activist organization she was a proud member of in Nazi Germany, The White Rose. Keep in mind, Sophie wasn’t Jewish, but she was human and she understood that the Nazis were inhuman and what they were doing was inhumane in every conceivable way. Something that couldn’t be said for most Good Germans.

Hillary Clinton is deafeningly silent. Obama is practically a cheerleader for Trump. The Democrat Party has finally been exposed for the charlatans they’ve been for so long. They, all of them, are feckless by design. What’s coming benefits them, but not YOU, I assure YOU. They win either way, and YOU lose either way until YOU realize that the ONLY way is another way than what THEY say. They all know it’s better for them, it’s in their best interests, to join it rather than fight it. They never had your back, except to put a knife in it.

And alas, The Last Refuge, or what we’ve been taught & told is the last check & balance on power, The Fourth Estate (The Press), is quite the opposite of The Last Refuge. It’s propaganda aimed at normalizing, rationalizing and justifying the carnage that’s been and the carnage to come. Hardly anyone within The Press, especially the Cable News Networks, with the exception of a very few, is holding the line and speaking out about what’s transpiring before our very eyes in broad daylight. That’s for a reason — the reason I’ve always stated at this blog. The National Security State controls The Media‘s messaging, so you will never, and I mean NEVER, get The Truth from it. It is a lie. It’s All Lies.


Some people get it. Very few, admittedly. Chris Hedges, for example. He once belonged to The Mainstream Media and did its bidding as a New York Times war correspondent, but now he’s repented and has spent the last fifteen or more years speaking out against the steady march to Fascism in America. The problem I have with Hedges is that he still firmly believes in reform as in a reformation of The Social Democrats when that possibility has long since passed. If we’re to fight this, we need a new Movement and a new Party, one not underwritten by and beholden to Wall Street or undermined and usurped by The National Security State. We need a Party for The People. The People’s Party. It will be decidedly Anti-Establishment, if you can stomach that. Falling back into the clutches of The Democrat Party as an answer to this Rising Tide of Fascism is walking headfirst into a slaughter. It will be The Sound of SilenceThe Silence of the Lambs if Michael Moore has his druthers. Don’t Be Fooled Again!!!

Before I digress too far, here’s what Hedges, in his excellent book Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle, has to say about The Democrat Party, The Political Establishment in general and The Fourth Estate. I agree with him completely. I couldn’t have said it better myself. So I didn’t and I’m quoting him instead.

Washington has become our Versailles. We are ruled, entertained, and informed by courtiers – and the media has evolved into a class of courtiers. The Democrats, like the Republicans, are mostly courtiers. Our pundits and experts, as least those with prominent public platforms, are courtiers. We are captivated by the hollow stagecraft of political theater as we are ruthlessly stripped of power. It is smoke and mirrors, tricks and con games, and the purpose behind it is deception. ~ Chris Hedges


Some of you may think The Military wouldn’t turn against you or The Police will protect you if things got that bad. Think again. It always, and I mean ALWAYS, is the exact opposite. Sophie Scholl is being interrogated by The Police in that video. That Cretin interrogating, an inhuman inhumane coward & bully, is The Gestapo, and who do you think comprised The Gestapo? That’s right, its members were largely recruited from The Police, and get this. Who do you think became The Police after Germany lost the war and surrendered, at least in West Germany? That’s right, those who comprised The Gestapo. See how that works? The Police are not in place to protect you for your sake. They’re in place to protect you as a product or a piece of property for The Rich. So long as The Rich need you, and they still do because there is still some blood left to suck, they will provide a modicum of protection just as a Rancher protects his Livestock.

You don’t believe me that this is the way The Rich view The Little People? Hell, Trump’s most likely pick for Secretary of State, the Putin-Loving Rex Tillerson, has said as much. You know, the guy who said in a speech that when he deals with other nations like Russia or Saudi Arabia, he doesn’t do so on behalf of America and its interests, meaning he doesn’t give a damn about Freedom & Liberty if Freedom & Liberty stand in the way of profit. This is your next Secretary of State in Trump’s coalescing Transactional Administration. The Oval Office is now the set for Celebrity Apprentice and America is now a business and entertainment, not a Nation. But it’s fun & entertaining Fascism versus the stiff & serious Fascism of Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy. Here’s Tillerson in his own words.

Business Gets Schooled


by Peter Elkind

It was a strange thing indeed to hear Rex Tillerson, CEO of Texas-based Exxon Mobil, bemoaning his impotence at a 2014 panel discussion in Washington, D.C.  But such is the frustration of serving on the frontline in this war. Like other CEOs engaged in education reform, Tillerson sees high national standards as a “business imperative.” Companies simply can’t find enough skilled American workers.

But Tillerson articulates his view in a fashion unlikely to resonate with the average parent. “I’m not sure public schools understand that we’re their customer—that we, the business community, are your customer,” said Tillerson during the panel discussion. “What they don’t understand is they are producing a product at the end of that high school graduation.”

The Exxon CEO didn’t hesitate to extend his analogy. “Now is that product in a form that we, the customer, can use it? Or is it defective, and we’re not interested?” American schools, Tillerson declared, “have got to step up the performance level—or they’re basically turning out defective products that have no future. Unfortunately, the defective products are human beings. So it’s really serious. It’s tragic. But that’s where we find ourselves today.

Rex is right about one thing — “that’s where we find ourselves today.” According to Tillerson and his Fascist ilk, your children are Products and The Rich are the customers. And you retards have to nerve to believe and disseminate Fake News Stories like Pizzagate when The Rich aren’t shy about espousing what they’re doing and their opinion of YOU, The Little People, without resorting to Fake News. What Tillerson is talking about here, what he’s describing, is the True Flesh Trade. You are feeding your children to these Beasts who see them as Objects, as Products, to be used and abused and then thrown to the curb when The Rich are finished with them and finished with YOU.

Sophie Scholl

Here’s a segment about Tillerson concerning his relationship with  foreign nations, be they hostile to America or not. He is on record as saying he does not represent America’s interest when he does deals as CEO of Exxon Mobil with other countries such as Russia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, yet, I can assure you, all of those countries have the interest of their countries at heart when they do deals with Exxon Mobil. Of course, my contention is that America is now entering a Fascist Dark Period and that means that America’s interests are now Exxon Mobil‘s interests, not the other way around. In America, come January 20th, America and The Corporations will complete the merger and their union will be Official. No longer will The American Government be a subsidiary of The Corporations. Now, it will unashamedly be a Merged Division on paper and out in the open for all to see.

In the blog post I posted just subsequent to the Election entitled OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!! here, I prognosticated events that would unfold under Trump’s Presidency. Here’s the list in case you forgot. First on that list is the price of oil & gas. Below it is a chart showing the price of oil since the election. It’s trending up rather quickly, wouldn’t you say? Just as I predicted it would and just as I presaged the price of oil dropping several years ago. THEY know that I know, but THEY also know that YOU don’t know and apparently YOU never will because you’re just too fucking stubborn to see it.



Tillerson isn’t Trump’s pick, he’s Putin’s pick. If Putin was picking the Secretary of State, and he has, he would choose Rex Tillerson. Tillerson will ensure the price of oil reaches new heights again and Tillerson will see to it the sanctions are dropped and Drilling The Arctic gets underway as intended.


If you don’t know who Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin is, you should. Here’s a pertinent article from Ricochet to get you started, but beware, the oddity that is Dugin and Duginism goes Deep. Very Deep. Dugin is Putin’s Rasputin and he has Putin’s ear. Here are the highly relevant choice quotes from the aforementioned article. Keep in mind, with the recent “election” of Trump as POTUS, which isn’t Official yet folks, Dugin is on record as saying “we now control Washington D.C..” Wrap your head around that. The Rediscovery Of Sophie Scholl — it needs to happen real quick, like, let’s say, before January 20th, otherwise any rediscovery of Sophie Scholl will be the Making of Martyrs.

Russia’s become a gigantic, malign, lunatic-conspiracy-theory factory, and the ideology behind it is every bit as expansive, totalizing and destructive as the ideology behind the Soviet Union. The mistake too many make is to see modern Russia as just another authoritarian state, acting rationally in pursuit of its national interests – albeit a mischief-making one with nuclear weapons — rather than a new incarnation of the ideologically-driven Soviet colossus of yore.

This is understating the threat. Russia’s behavior is a product of an ideology, there is a method to its madness; the ideology is, I fear, as insidious as communism, fascism, or Islamism; and must be taken just as seriously. It’s not traditional Russian imperialism, although certainly it has its roots in it. It’s best described as Duginism, after its best-known theorist, Alexander Dugin …

What Russia needs, says Dugin, is a “genuine, true, radically revolutionary and consistent, fascist fascism.” On the other hand, “Liberalism, is an absolute evil. . . . Only a global crusade against the U.S., the West, globalization, and their political-ideological expression, liberalism, is capable of becoming an adequate response. . . . The American empire should be destroyed.

And voilà, Dugin’s predictable endorsement:

But Trump … He is a sensation. In fact, it is a real change from the usual display. The Republicans, as well as the Democrats, are the representatives of the US ruling elites. It is a special part of society, being quite far from the ordinary Americans. This elite considers not America, but the world, not society, but unbelievable sums of money serves not people, an abstract utopia of the world government and global financial oligarchy. The American elite is not even American. Thus, there is Donald Trump, who is tough, rough, says what he thinks, rude, emotional and, apparently, candid. The fact that he is a billionaire doesn’t matter. He is different. He is an extremely successful ordinary American. He is crude America, without gloss and the globalist elite. He is sometimes disgusting and violent, but he is what he is. It is true America.

… He is trustworthy: the black peacekeeper promised to change everything, but was unable to change anything, nothing at all, and Hilary Clinton, with a quickly aging poker face, doesn’t promise to change anything, maybe Trump will be able to get America’s natural borders back.

Maybe, that redhead rude Yankee from the saloon will get back to the problems inside the country and will leave humanity alone, which is tired of American hegemony and its destructive policy of chaos, bloody rivers and color revolutions?

Trump is a leader. Most likely, he is fake, but even if he is not fake, he has no chance of winning, as the globalist elites and financial oligarchy control practically everything in the USA.

But we want to put trust in Donald Trump.

Vote for Trump, and see what will happen.

Wow! This guy along with Putin’s Army of Cyber Goons has/have persuaded Red State America that Trump is their “Man.” If you’re one of the people who supports Trump and voted for him, YOU are a Motherfucking Idiot. You have been played and you are carrying water for The Kremlin. Where have you gone Joe McCarthy, our Nation turns its lonely eyes to you. It’s 180 degrees from the days of Joe McCarthy and The Red Scare. There is no in-between with YOU fucking Red State Idiots, is there? It’s either For or Against. Nuance & complexity escapes YOU. Pathetic. Sophie Scholl had more bravery & nobility & dignity & integrity & intelligence in her pinky finger than the whole bunch of YOU combined. What a bunch of cowards and bullies YOU all are. No, the “Men” are not in charge now, or won’t be in a Trump Presidency — the Cowardly Bullies will be in charge, and that’s why it’s imperative The Hamilton Electors prevent the coalescing Trump Transactional Putin Puppet Administration from seizing power, because Lord knows, The Establishment, replete with its Courtiers as Hedges advises, won’t lift a hand to defend America, or what’s left of America, if anything.


Sophie Scholl



2 thoughts on “The Rediscovery Of Sophie Scholl

  1. The two following comments are from Provocateurs/Trolls at Ian Welsh’s blog. The comments are from this blog post. They are The Gestapo. Grind their faces into the dirt, but first you have to SEE THEM, and cowards that they are, they hide amongst The Genius of the Crowd.

    Recognize The Enemy. Understand The Enemy. Defeat The Enemy. Total Defeat.

  2. The following comment is, to me at least, the purpose and goal of Moon of Alabama blog. Syria is instructive. Russia would like nothing more than to turn America into Syria as it exists right now — in a state of perpetual Civil War, with Russia backing the American Oligarchs and the Brown Shirts (The Alt Right & The FBI & a certain percentage of The Armed Forces & control of The Nuclear Codes). If Trump is inaugurated, there is a very real probability Russia’s plans for America may come to fruition. Like I said — the cities will burn and there will be no Democrat Party to get your back except to put a knife in it. Start thinking this way or else, when the time comes, you’ll be caught with your pants down or your skirt up, and you’ll stand no chance whatsoever.

    Donald Trump is being set up by Putin’s Russia to be America’s Bashar Al-Assad. Trump will engage in all manner of atrocities against The American People in order to hold power just as Assad has done and is doing in Syria. This is a Coup, folks — The Final Putsch of The Oligarchs. It is The Point of No Return. What happens in the next month means EVERYTHING. Hugh at Ian Welsh’s blog has it right. His comment is below the Moon of Alabama blog’s Russian Cyber Goon’s comment.

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