Midnight In America

For some of you, the title rings a bell. For others, the younger ones in America who don’t know their history too well, it’s an appropriate twist on the following, because, morning has long since come and gone, if it ever arrived as advertised in 1984.


This blog post is going to submit a number of videos which reveal that Fascism is alive and well and on the march in America thanks to its Number One Cheerleader In Chief, Donald Trump. Take note that in a couple of these videos, the Fascists actually proudly & emphatically announce, before and during their Racist Tirades, that they are Trump Supporters. One can imagine Good Germans doing the same thing to Jews prior to Hitler making it Official that Jews were Fair Game for discrimination & harassment.

This first video is Bill O’Reilly’s Thug/Goon Reporter, Jesse Watters, harassing the President of Hampshire College, Jonathan Lash, at Lash’s home. Watters sneaks up on him in the dark on private property. He, the Cowardly Bully Prick Watters, follows the President of Hampshire College to the door of Lash’s house and then proceeds to prevent Lash from closing his door by placing his foot between it and the jamb.

Quickly, as a relevant aside, my take on Flag Burning is that I simply don’t give a shit about The Flag. It has no meaning for me. If people want to ascribe meaning to it, that’s there business, but since it has no meaning to me or for me, I would never bother to burn it.

However, for those who do burn The Flag in protest, The Flag obviously has, or I should say, had meaning for them. Otherwise, why would they be motivated to burn it? Those taking umbrage with the Constitutional Right to burn The Flag are fucking hypocrites. They also ascribe meaning to The Flag, claiming it symbolically represents The Constitution and the values & principles upon which America was founded, but so many so-called Patriots who pathetically drape themselves in Old Glory don’t have a fucking clue about proper etiquette concerning The Flag, hence we see it plastered all over automobiles, on teeshirts and it’s often used as a Tattoo and all too often I see those who hang it outside their homes leaving it out in all manner of weather which is contrary to proper Flag Care & Etiquette, so do me a favor you fucking bloviating jingoistic hypocrites and shut the hell up about your feigned indignation concerning Flag Burning. You and your ilk metaphorically burn The Fucking Flag each and every day, just as you shred The Constitution under the guise of protecting it.

America, if nothing else, acknowledges, respects and legislates protection for Private Property more than any Nation in The World. Yet Jesse Watters, concerned about the Flag Burning at Hampshire College and the President’s decision to take The Flag down until tensions settle, disrespects Lash’s Private Property Rights & Right to Privacy and thus disrespects one of the most distinguishing features of America The Flag is allegedly supposed to represent. Does anyone see the contradiction here? I do. It’s hypocrisy.

Those who have turned this Hampshire College Flag Issue into a spectacle, namely Fox News & Jesse Watters & Bill “Loofah” O’Reilly, don’t REALLY give a shit about The Flag and what they purport it represents. They are just using the spectacle as grounds to cowardly bully people who they consider to be defenseless Cupcakes. They’re metaphorically throwing rocks at toddlers in their playpens just as Trump was wont to do in his Youth and still does, as far as I’m concerned. Bill O’Reilly and Jesse Watters are the Media Spokesmen for Trump’s coalescing Brown Shirts. It’s coming together and into focus. The Tide of Fascism is rising in America. You better start preparing and you better have a Plan of Action on how to deal with it, because IT has a plan on how to deal with you. Many Jews, most in fact, never thought it would get as bad as it did in Nazi Germany. That attitude sealed their fate entirely. Don’t take the same approach. This is something you nip in the bud immediately. Never Again is not a Jewish Slogan exclusively. It’s a Universal Slogan that applies to all Humanity. It’s happening again and there is still time to stop it, but that time is running out. Don’t think it can’t happen here. If it’s going to happen anywhere again, here is where it would happen and it’s happening now.

Ché Pasa at Ian Bitch’s latest blog post here articulates it perfectly as follows.


Here are three more videos in a sea of Fascist Moments already and many more to come as the Great Leader, Donald Trump, consolidates his Power. The last video concerns the Ronald Gasser shooting of Joe McKnight in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Gasser has a history of Road Rage and I believe the Fascist Zeitgeist Trump is engendering emboldened Gasser to take his Fascist hostility to The Next Level. Gasser is representative of the Fascist Pricks I have dealt with at Clusterfuck Nation over the years. They are Cowards through and through. This is their style. They goad you into a confrontation and then they pull out their pistol at the last minute. Their plan all along is to shoot an Undesirable, and you’re going to see a lot more of this until you come up with a plan on how to confront it and deal effectively with what’s engendering it.

Man Who Shot and Killed Joe McKnight Has a History of Road Rage Incidents

The man who shot and killed Joe McKnight has a history of road rage incidents, according to reporting by the New Orleans Advocate. Ronald Gasser shot Joe McKnight through an open window of his passenger car, while both were stopped at an intersection, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, in what was described as a road rage incident.

However, the Louisiana law dealing with justifiable homicide, including “Stand Your Ground” as well as a section dealing with defense of property, including a motor vehicle, will be very much at the center of this case.

A person can justifiably use deadly force in Louisiana “who reasonably believes that he is in imminent danger of losing his life or receiving great bodily harm and that the killing is necessary to save himself from that danger.” A person can use also deadly force against some attempting “unlawful entry” into a car if that person “reasonably believes that the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent the entry or to compel the intruder to leave the … motor vehicle.”

McKnight was unarmed when he was shot and killed. Factual questions about whether he was attempting entry, or whether McKnight’s actions would provide Gasser a reasonable belief that deadly force was necessary to save himself or prevent McKnight from entering his car, will be tested. The Sheriff’s office noted that the shooting happened through an open window of the passenger side, and one could make a persuasive argument that rolling the window down is not the action of someone with reasonable belief of fear (versus someone yelling at another).

Another factor that will be investigated, because it could go to evidence of credibility on Gasser’s claims on who was the aggressor: Gasser’s history when it comes to road rage incidents. At yesterday’s news conference, when asked if Gasser had any legal history, referenced something that happened a decade earlier, without further details.

Last night, they did release those details, and it was directly related to road rage. In 2006, Gasser was issued a misdemeanor summons for simple battery, after he was accused of punching a man at a gas station.