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That’s The Southeast right now and there is no end in sight. The Southeast is in the midst of the worst drought in its history and it’s sparked massive, rampant Wildfires, set by Terrorists Arsonists, that cannot be controlled. Consequently, The Southeast resembles some of China’s most horribly polluted cities such as Beijing.

The Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal (The Art Of?), has been trying to silence The Media about The Crisis because he doesn’t want it to impede Business Growth in Atlanta and Georgia in general. If that’s not Fascism, nothing is. Like The Corporate Whores The Press is these days, it’s pretty much complied with Nathan Deal’s coercive admonition to downplay the Coalescing Catastrophe.

Atlanta Or Beijing? It's Hard To Tell The Difference.
Atlanta Or Beijing? It’s Hard To Tell The Difference.
Atlanta Or Beijing? It's Hard To Tell The Difference.
Atlanta Or Beijing? It’s Hard To Tell The Difference.

Under a Donald Trump Presidency, I expect this Censoring Mentality to expand further & farther as one Coalescing Catastrophe after another blights The American Landscape. This is why I say YOU are The Media. I am The Media. We ALL need to be The Media, because The Media are Psychopathic Liars who will, quite literally, lead you into The Gas Chambers and The Crematoriums.

I can’t tell you how disconcerting this is. It’s Apocalyptic. Georgia’s, North Carolina’s and South Carolina’s, Alabama’s and Tennessee’s beautiful, majestic Mountain Forests are burning to the ground and The Southeast is, consequently, shrouded in a thick fog of Toxic Haze. It resembles a scene out of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Remember the inexplicable fires at night and the relentless chill from no sunlight? The trees falling periodically, but consistently & unexpectedly? It was a Dystopian Landscape almost entirely bereft of Life as we know it. The Road is here. I can’t wait for the Cannibalism to begin. That will be a lot of fun.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Yeah, I know, you’re saying to yourself & to me that The Southeast is burning under Obama’s Watch. Yes, it is, but because of what Howard Zinn refers to as The Washington Bipartisan Consensus, it matters not who is in The White House, The Burning, and much more burning to come, is Baked Into The Equation. If what The Southeast is experiencing, unprecedented drought & wildfires, is the result of Climate Change, manmade or not, the response, both domestically & globally, is inadequate and I’d dare say non-existent. In Georgia at least, there is no doubt in my mind The Climate is changing. Georgia, every year, is increasingly covered by a quasi-permanant High Pressure Dome that acts as a buffer against The Jet Stream. The Jet Stream has to bend around it. The Jet Stream‘s curvature & trajectory is influenced by this massive High Pressure Dome over The Southeast. The result is, The Jet Stream cannot penetrate The Southeast‘s atmosphere and since The Jet Stream brings The Weather, The Southeast, under this now quasi-permanent High Pressure Dome, has no Weather. It’s just extremely Dry Heat ALL THE TIME. Think of a Pressure Cooker. Nothing gets in or out and the heat & pressure gets turned up until the contents deliquesce to mush. That’s The Southeast. Hell.

The Democrats‘ “answer” to the Rape of Gaia is insulting, opportunistic buffoonery. Saving The Environment, preserving The Environment, is not an Investment Opportunity for Wall Street even though The Democrats treat it as such. Wall Street is The Rapist. Wall Street is the catalyst and the grease & lube for Environmental Degradation on a massive, global scale. Wall Street has to go, and, come on, PEOPLE, The Democrat Establishment, which is pretty much The Republican Establishment, is all about Wall Street. The Washington D.C. Establishment and The State Houses, what Trump calls The Swamp (which he’s not draining by the way), is effectively The Southern Branch of Wall Street. It’s by and for Wall Street. It owns The Government. Government is a Division of Wall Street and Wall Street is Hannibal Lecter when it comes to The Environment. It is raping and dismembering our Mother Earth that gave birth to us all, including Wall Street. Wall Street is engaging in sadistic Matricide and all of you who voted, voted for it.

Breath, Breath In The Air. Don’t Be Afraid To Care…..

In Donald Trump’s America, it’s only going to get worse, much worse. He has promised to gut Government Regulations across the board, including pesky Environmental Regulations administered & enforced by The EPA. You know, regulations that try to keep our air & water clean & healthy. What a bunch of BULLSHIT, right? Who the fuck needs fresh, healthy clean air & water? Not the Chinese — and , not The Americans either, according to our Great Leader, Donald Trump. And let me tell you, The Rich don’t fucking care. They can hop in their Private Jets, skipping Anal-Probing Security along the way, and Jet to the few remaining spots on The Planet that still have a semblance of clean air & water. Like Patagonia or Paraguay. Just ask The Bushes or Ted Turner, they’ll tell you — or maybe they won’t, so I’m telling you instead.

As a sign of things to come, look at who Trump chose to lead the dismantling of The EPA transition at The EPA. Myron Ebell, Director of The Competitive Enterprise Institute and titular head of The Cooler Heads Coalition. Here’s what The New York Times has to say about Myron (my Grandmother, before she took her last breath, told me to never trust a man named Myron) Ebell.

Myron Ebell — Would You Trust This Guy To Babysit Your Children? People Who Voted For Trump Would. I Call Them The Lobotomized. There Is No Hope For Them. They Are Damaged Beyond Repair. They Don't Have The Capacity Or The Inclination To Disregard Their Own Feces.
The Banausic Myron Ebell — Would You Trust This Guy To Babysit Your Children? People Who Voted For Trump Would. I Call Them The Lobotomized. There Is No Hope For Them. They Are Damaged Beyond Repair. They Don’t Have The Capacity Or The Inclination To Disregard Their Own Feces. Instead, They Prefer To Dine On It Daily As Guerdon For Their Uncritical Loyalty.


Trump’s Climate Contrarian: Myron Ebell Takes On the E.P.A.

Mr. Ebell, who revels in taking on the scientific consensus on global warming, will be Mr. Trump’s lead agent in choosing personnel and setting the direction of the federal agencies that address climate change and environmental policy more broadly.

Mr. Ebell, whose organization is financed in part by the coal industry, has been one of the most vocal opponents of the linchpin of that policy, the Clean Power Plan. Developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the plan is a far-reaching set of regulations that, by seeking to reduce carbon emissions from electricity generation, could result in the closing of many coal-burning power plants, among other effects.

Mr. Ebell has said that the plan, which has been tied up in the courts since it was finalized in 2015, is illegal. In the interview in Paris last year, he said he hoped whoever was elected president would “undo the E.P.A. power plant regs and some of the other regs that are very harmful to our economy.”

Say goodbye to The EPA. Who needs it anyway, right? What good has it ever done? That’s the thinking of perverse Rapists who seek to eliminate it altogether after thoroughly gutting it and rendering it feckless the last two decades. We’re going to see a return to the days of Tetraethyl Lead (see this excellent article from CounterPunch titled The Man Who Poisoned Us All — it’s a MUST TREAD since Donald Trump will now be The New & Improved Man Who Will Poison Us All ) and you can forget about removing Chromium-6 (see this excellent article from PBS titled What is Chromium-6 And How Did It Infiltrate America’s Drinking Water?) from drinking water or any other pollutant. Industry, what’s left of it, and Wall Street will have a Green Light to turn America into The Toxic Waste Dump they always wanted it to be before John Muir & Teddy Roosevelt teamed up and introduced the notion that we are Stewards of the Environment that provides for us if we provide for it.


As I type up this blog post, my lungs ache as though I’ve smoked a carton of cigarettes a day for the past two weeks and my eyes & throat burn from the toxic fumes. Are my lung cells beginning the process of catastrophic, chain reaction mutation that leads to cancerous tumors? Perhaps. One thing you can be certain of, if that is the case, The Rich are celebrating because there is nothing more satisfying to The Rich & their Protectors & EnforcersThe National Security State — than the death of anyone who approaches The Truth. They even told me so in an email not too long ago. I’ll paste it below. They’re taking bets as to when I’ll knock off, and note it says “a bunch of us,” meaning it’s a whole group or organization of people. Your taxpayer dollars hard at work.


So far, nearly 200,000 acres have burned in The Southeast and, at this rate, considering the La Niña in The Pacific and its drying effect on The Southeast, it will only get worse. I fully expect that by this time next year, considering the dual deadly combination of the quasi-permamnent High Pressure Dome over The Southeast mentioned above and the drying effects of La Niña, well over one million acres will be burned and the fires will still not be extinguished. This means, necessarily, that many people will die prematurely of smoke-related illnesses to include lung cancer. The number of premature deaths could approach 100,000, but for certain it will be tens of thousands. According to a recent study, the Toxic Haze from The Indonesian Wildfires, in 2015 alone, may have already killed over 100,000 people. Since those fires were also purposely set, in Indonesia’s case to make way for Palm Plantations, it is considered by many to be a Crime Against Humanity. I consider the purposeful setting of The Southeast Wildfires to be a Crime Against Humanity and The Terrorists responsible for it need to be apprehended & executed. The Media will not tell you this. They only report such dire news when it’s not their own backyard. Why does The Media lie by withholding this vital information? Because it’s owned by The Too-Big-Too-Fail Corporations who also own you, and they don’t want to alarm The Sheep because The Sheep, meaning you, may get a little too smart for their/your own good and figure out what’s really going on.

The First Rule Of Fight Club Is: You Do Not Talk About Fight Club

Remember 9/11? Of course you do, who could forget? Approximately three thousand people were murdered that day by Terrorists who have never been properly identified & apprehended. They are still At Large. The Southeast Wildfires that may end up consuming over one million acres of Prime Mountain Forest including many State Parks, were set by Arsonists. These Arsonists are Terrorists, in fact. The Death Toll related to the Toxic Smoke from these Wildfires will murder many more people than those murdered on 9/11, but The Media won’t present it as such. It’s all about perspective. I believe The Arsonist Terrorists who set The Wildfires in The Southeast are the same Terrorists who planned & executed 9/11. I believe they are this malevolent & evil. The profile of these Malevolent Monsters is the disposition of the operative who sent me that email and the operative below who taunts me at Clusterfuck Nation. They are Donald Trump’s America. They are The Alt Right. They are The National Security State. They are Hell On Earth. They are The True Terrorists. They are Humanity’s Captors, and the only way WE can be free is to deal with them directly. WE have the numbers, and that’s why THEY spend so much time fragmenting us and fracturing us. That’s why they have developed so many methods and strategies to pit us against one another and to hide The Truth in Plain Sight.

This Comment Was Directed At Me. Donald Trump And/Or Steve Bannon Could Have Written It Themselves. This Is Donald Trump's America. Burn, Baby, Burn!!!
This Comment Was Directed At Me At Clusterfuck Nation. Donald Trump And/Or Steve Bannon Could Have Written It Themselves. This Is Donald Trump’s America. Burn, Baby, Burn!!!
Another Menstruation Comment Directed At Me At Clusterfuck Nation. This "Person" Is A Misogynist. This "Person" Is A Rapist. This Person Possesses The Character & Disposition Of Someone Who Would Set The Southeast Wildfires And Murder A Hundred Thousand People. This "Person" Is Donald Trump's America. Aren't You Proud To Be An American?
Another Menstruation Comment Directed At Me At Clusterfuck Nation. This “Person” Is A Misogynist. This “Person” Is A Rapist. This “Person” Possesses The Character & Disposition Of Someone Who Would Set The Southeast Wildfires And Murder A Hundred Thousand People. This “Person” Is Donald Trump’s America. Aren’t You Proud To Be An American?


We call ourselves The Fight Club. You don’t come to us for warm and fuzzy. ~ Steve Bannon to The Washington Post

There is still time to prevent it, but it’s a Long Shot because The Media is complicit with, and part of, The National Security State. There is an option for The Electoral College to choose another candidate than Trump or Hillary per the video below. Note how Brianna Keilar, doing the bidding of her Corporate Masters & The National Security State, scolds this person for trying to undermine the election when he’s merely exercising the sentiment of the “Founding Fathers” who set up The Electoral College the way they did, amongst other reasons, to prevent a President being elected to The Office of the Executive who was unfit to serve. Neither candidate, as both were fond of saying of one another, was/is fit to serve and that is the overwhelming opinion of the majority of people in America. Therefore, it behooves The Electoral College to vote for someone other than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The Media is scoffing at this for all the reasons I have stated above and all the reasons I have stated at this blog over the past several years.

I’m fairly certain most people who held their noses and voted for Hillary or Donald would have no problem with The Electoral College electing a compromise candidate such as John Kasich who was, by far, the most qualified of all the candidates who ran in this election. Am I right? Or am I right?

I had a YouTube video of Michael Baca in this spot but Google, who owns YouTube, has expunged any mention of Michael Baca and The Hamilton Electors. More proof that Google is The National Security State, as if you care. It’s pretty much been proven in the last several days that most sheep people prefer Fake News to Real News. That means America is doomed and there is no chance for a Soft Contraction. There will necessarily & absolutely be tremendous suffering & gnashing of teeth, and nothing could make The Bannon/Trump Fight Club Alliance happier. Here’s an article from The Denver Post instead.

Colorado Presidential Elector Seeks To Block Donald Trump From The White House

That’s all for now. Remember, folks, if you don’t know by now you should, It’s All Lies. We’re awash in a Sea of Lies. They are frightened of what will happen if we all come together on the same page and see this System for what it really is. They will lose their power & influence quite literally overnight. They know they will be deported to Mosul or The Congo, and they have proven that they will do ANYTHING to prevent that and keep you captive in servitude to their every whim & fancy. Break the chains they’ve used to bind us and Drain The Swamp & Wall Street FOR REAL.



5 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s America

  1. Interesting discussion at Ian Welsh’s blog per the following link. I consider Ian and the majority of his commentators to be Containment. They serve the same purpose FDR served, and that is to help salvage America for rapacious Capitalism by declawing it for a bit, but the claws always grow back, and when they grow back, they grow back stronger and more fierce. Call it Scar Tissue.

    However, there are a few astute, clear-headed commentators at his blog who appear to have an independent streak and are quite capable of rendering objective, critical thought & analysis refreshingly bereft of the typical Establishment Claptrap Propaganda you read at most every venue on and off The Net. Here are two such comments.

    Yes and yes. America, its System of Governance, was created by The Landed Gentry for The Landed Gentry. It was created as a Democratic Republic for the Plutocracy. The Mules, you and I at the time, had no say in the matter, just the illusion of such. Just as SOME Jews hold the notion that Gentiles (The Goyim) are likened to Mules who must be treated humanely in order to maximize productivity, so too The Plutocracy took a modicum of care to ensure The Mules, meaning those who were not permitted to vote, in otherwords, The Little People or The Goyim, were placated somewhat so they wouldn’t become too restless & disenchanted.

    I will also add to Hugh’s analysis that another reason overlooked for how & why The System was devised the way it was, has to do with Foreign Relations at the time. This budding Plutocracy of Landed Gentry knew Foreign Powers were hellbent on infiltrating The American Plutocratical Experiment and usurping it from the inside out, so they devised numerous mechanisms to prevent this. Hamilton proved their thinking & motivation correct since he did try to grease the skids for a usurpation by European Vested Interests from the inside out.

    That being said, some of the mechanisms the budding Plutocracy put in place can now be used to our advantage to prevent Putin from reigning supreme in this most recent election and to prevent a Fascist Populist from seizing power which is now unfolding before our very eyes. I mention it at the end of this blog post, and ironically, these Electors refer to themselves as Hamilton Electors. Perfect. Not that anyone will listen. The National Security State and The Media it controls have made it impossible for the majority of people to think independently, objectively & critically about these matters, so most people will never hear about this option, and those who do hear about it, will never consider it because they’ve been so brainwashed and they are supremely arrogant in their display of emphatically recalcitrant ignorance.

    Hobbes has Risen from the Dead.

  2. Some Food For Thought. It’s pertinent. The Media has engendered this, imo, and as I’ve asserted here many times, The Media is owned & controlled by The National Security State. The National Security State, when you look at the pattern that’s emerged, that’s been facilitated, enabled & encouraged by The Media, the past two decades, is hellbent on inculcating Demagoguery in America. In otherwords, Full-Blown Fascism.

    Ceaser implies Obama is a quasi-demagogue. If so, I wonder how he characterizes Trump, who, to me at least and I would think to any sane & rational person, is Obama’s quasi-demagoguery on steroids.

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