Deport The Rich


This is exactly what I plan to do if and/or when you elect me POTUS in 2020. Donald Trump says his First Order of Business once he takes office will be to repeal Obamacare. My First Order of Business will be to Deport The Rich, and then we’ll nullify the Unjust Legal Interpretation issued by The Supreme Court in the crucial Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case.

What is considered “Rich” will be decided as we approach 2020, but let’s just say it will be individuals with significant Assets & Holdings. Not Net Worth. Net Worth allows people like Donald Trump to offset their tremendous Asset Holdings with Debt. Surfing a Sea of Debt has become an Art Form amongst a number of the “Rich” these days. It allows them to Live Like Kings & Queens in perpetuity basically for free since they will never pay that debt back — instead, you’re paying it back in the form of higher interest rates than The Rich would ever be required to pay. It’s a Rigged Game in favor of The Rich, and my Presidency would put an end to it once and for all and for good.


Why Deport The Rich? Because THEY are Traitors, that’s why. Donald Trump told us over and over again, like a Broken Record, that his Rich Friends have decided, en masse, to park “their” Wealth (which is really The Nation’s Wealth they’re calling their own) offshore in other countries. In otherwords, they’ve taken their ill-gotten gains, like The Gangsters they are, and they’ve invested in other countries, not America. They are Traitors, and if you elect me POTUS in 2020, I promise I will rid the country of these Traitors who have held us back for over two centuries now.

Where will we Deport The Rich? I don’t know. How about Russia, for starters? Somewhere in The Middle East perhaps, like Dubai, or better yet, how about Mosul or adjacent to a Gold Mine in The Congo since they have an addiction to Gold? Where we Deport The Rich is a matter of semantics. The important thing is that we deport them as soon as possible so America can be all it can be and Humanity can begin the process of evolving socially — something The Rich are hellbent against.

Yes, this necessarily means Donald Trump will be deported. The Clintons will also be deported. And, if Obama cashes in and his Asset Holdings exceed several million in the next several years, he and his family will also be deported.

All That Gold Adoring Donald Trump's Palaces Is Mined In The Congo By Contemporary Black Slaves At Gunpoint
All That Gold Adorning Donald Trump’s Palaces Is Mined In The Congo By Contemporary Black Slaves At Gunpoint

We will completely reformulate a plan for Capital Formation. As it stands now it is in no way a rational, equitable, efficient process. Wealth must be prevented from concentrating. Wealth Concentration is inversely proportional to the degree of Egalitarianism in a Nation. We will turn America into a sustainable, thriving & prosperous country with the lowest Wealth Disparity Quotient in The World.

This means, of course, an end to Wall Street & Wall Street Rule. No more Goldman Sachs. No more Citibank. No more Big Banks. No more Too-Big-To-Fail Corporations. No more Corporate Media Monopoly (Bill O’Reilly will be out of a job and will be deported). No more Fox News. No more CNN. No more Breitbart News (A Goldman Sachs-backed Propaganda Outlet stoking a Fascist Resurgence). No more Propaganda, period. You will become The Media. I will become The Media. Together, as hundreds of millions of Points of Light & Enlightenment & Empowerment, we will collectively become The Media. We will finally be liberated to seek out Human Potential. We will finally be Free.


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  1. A follow-up on Moon of Alabama blog. As I mentioned in another post, I do not believe it is authored, or sponsored, by a guy named Bernhard from Hamburg, Germany. I believe it is a Satellite Publication of Steve Bannon’s & Donald Trump’s Alt Right. Even if it isn’t, the commentary certainly is. You may as well be reading commentary at Breitbart News with the exception of a few like Ron Showalter. Moon of Alabama blog is a blog devoted to Russian Admiration & Russian Apologia and since Trump has been running for POTUS, it’s been Stumping for Trump for a year and a half now.

    Great comment by Ron Showalter rebutting this obvious Moon of Alabama propaganda. FYI, many moons (haha) ago, I was banned from Moon of Alabama because, like Ron, I challenged the Propaganda and Group Think Hive Mind there.

    Ukraine will be a Russian Client State once again in two years or less. Putin will do to it what he did to Crimea and Trump will applaud and congratulate him.

  2. Great information in this Bill Moyers’ video, but Freeland is a sell-out. She says she’s for Capitalism. I’m not for Capitalism. I’m for Free Enterprise. There is a HUGE difference. Capitalism will ALWAYS concentrate wealth and result in the opposite of Free Enterprise. Too-Big-Too-Fail Corporations owned by Billionaire Plutocrats are an impediment to Free Enterprise. They usurp all creativity & innovation. They impoverish The Majority. They oppose empowerment. They oppress, rape & destroy. This is not hyperbole. Deport The Rich. Read the comments to that YouTube video — we are not alone. Your day is coming, you sadistic, greedy Motherfuckers. The National Security State is owned by The Plutocrats. The National Security State is in place to protect The Vested Interests of The Super Rich, and if that means murdering you & your family and engaging in horrific acts of terror, that’s what it will do and has done. Wake The Fuck Up!! Donald Trump is a Plutocrat. They talk about Russia and its Oligarchy in this video. Well, with the “election” of Donald Trump, considering he was Putin’s choice, America is now Russia. You are so fucking screwed and THEY got you to vote for your own screwing.

    • Freeland, after writing this book and then caveating it with apologia for The Rich, was appointed as Canada’s Trade Minister in The Trudeau Government. She has been relentless, and quite arrogant, in trying to push The TPP down Canadians’ Throats. The TPP can & will only benefit The Rich and further impoverish those who aren’t. Such hypocrisy, deceit or naïveté on her part. A mixture of all the above, perhaps.

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