Careful Of The Snipers

Washington D.C. In A Few Months Or Years?
Washington D.C. In A Few Months Or Years?

This is a note & a warning to the Protesters before The Russians in affiliation & association with America’s National Security State shut my Internet Connection down for good. As your Blue Revolution takes shape and progresses as we approach Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States in January, beware of what occurred to The Maidan Protestors in Ukraine on February 20, 2014. Fifty Protestors were gunned down that day by Cowardly Snipers (what Sniper isn’t a coward?) safely perched in buildings all around the Kiev Square. Here’s a video covering the chaotic, confusing events that comprised that fateful tragedy that sparked the Ukrainian Civil War which is still ongoing.

This is what I believe is being planned for America, and here’s why.

The Ukrainian President in power when The Euromaidan manifested was Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych. He was a corrupt, fabulously wealthy Ukrainian Oligarch (much like Donald Trump replete with Gold Palaces coupled with an arrogant, entitled attitude only The Wealthy Elite possess and exude) who was effectively Putin’s Boody Boy in Ukraine. Putin helped put Yanukovych in office via hook or crook, and I’d say, more crook than hook. Putin considers Ukraine a Client State harkening back to Soviet Times. Unlike Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, The Past is not The Past for Vladimir Putin. The Past is The Present is The Future for Putin. To Putin, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, as well as most every American politician, is a Pussy. Lavrov said as much in the following interview with Christiane Amanpour, and I have to say, I agree with Lavrov. Most of them, if not all of them, are a bunch of Pussies and a bunch of Cowards just as you & Putin are, Lavrov.

Here’s where it gets interesting and this is the presaging and The Tell. As you know, Trump has expressed Stomach-Churning Man Love Sycophantic Admiration for Putin and just the other day, immediately subsequent to Trump’s “victory,” Putin announced he is eager to work with Trump. Surprise Surprise!! NOT!!! It’s a known fact that the two have spoken to one another during The Primaries. Wrap your head around that. Trump’s not yet even elected POTUS and Putin is “talking” with him via telephone. Hmmmmm. But it gets even better. Many, except Insiders and a select few of you who pay attention who aren’t Insiders, don’t know this but Trump’s initial Campaign Manager was Paul Manafort. Who is Paul Manafort, you ask? This Washington Post article explains it nicely.

Paul Manafort’s Complicated Ties To Ukraine Explained

What he actually did in Ukraine: The Times reports that Manafort soon became a “significant” influence in the country beyond helping make over a politician and his party. Manafort persuaded the Ukrainian government to change its grain policies in a way that benefited a U.S. agribusiness giant, and to consider deals with Exxon and Chevron for oil exploration. He also got involved in some lucrative side deals with Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, but many of them fizzled, and some of the actors he worked with are under scrutiny by U.S. investigators.

But his main job was politics. And The Post reports that Manafort tried to crack the whip with the Ukrainian politicians he was counseling:

Manafort and half a dozen businessmen, lawyers and political analysts involved in Ukraine at the time brought discipline and focus that the Yanukovych-led campaigns had lacked.

He got Yanukovych to comb his hair better, to stay on message during public appearances. … He drilled them on talking points and told them what suits to wear.

“He tried to control everything,” [a former member of Yanukovych’s party] recalled. “How people who represented the party would be dressed, the words they said, their makeup and the stylists. Every small detail.”

Yanukovych won election in 2010 but fled to Russia in 2014 amid protests and riots over his decision not to sign a trade pact with the European Union, a decision many in the country saw as influenced by Russia.

Even with Yanukovych out of the country, the Times reports Manafort kept working in Ukraine with the president’s former chief of staff to help keep the pro-Russian party in the political game. It worked. The party ended up being a significant influence in parliament.

It’s apparent to me Putin wants for America what he wants for Ukraine and every other “Nation” around The World. He wants them to be Client States ruled by fabulously wealthy Oligarchs who pay homage to him and Russia. He wants the assigned “Rulers” of these various designated  Client States to Kiss his Ring, so to speak, and, of course, provide the necessary kickbacks & skim owed to him for his “protection” of their various corrupt interests. In otherwords, a Global Mafia Syndicate with Vladimir Putin as Don Corleone — Michael, not Vito. He’s now in the process of settling “all family business.”

Seriously folks, wrap your head around this. Of all the people Trump could have picked and/or used to run his campaign, he chose Vladimir Putin’s Western “Political Fixer,” Paul Manafort. That is too crazy & bizarre to be a coincidence, and since it’s not a coincidence, you should be extremely concerned.

Trump was always unwaveringly confident he was going to be the next POTUS. Sure, I know, he has to put on an air of confidence as a way of being in order to achieve the economic success he has, but the confidence he exuded in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle goes beyond a lifelong, honed image. It’s as though he knew. And if he knew, how did he know? What did he know? We need to know what he knew & knows, don’t you think? In the absence of transparency, we have to engage in conjecture & theorize, and in doing so, you look for holistic patterns. Look at the unique ripples and wave patterns in the water. Study the perturbations. An image will form. It’s an image of TREASON. A half a century ago, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were executed in The Electric Chair for far, far less than what Donald Trump has already done in regards to his relationship with Russia & Vladimir Putin. If America doesn’t apply the same level of Justice it did in The Rosenberg Case, then America murdered Ethel & Julius Rosenberg In Cold Blood and America is allowing a Treasonous Traitor to not only walk the streets free & clear, but it’s “elected” him The President of the United States.

The Rosenbergs In Their Coffins
The Rosenbergs In Their Coffins

McCarthy is rolling in his grave. Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and the message of this most recent 2016 Presidential Election is that all of them, living & dead, fought and sacrificed needlessly and in vain. Russia has infiltrated America at every level and it now controls The White House. Remember, I have documented at this blog that the Far Right in America, and not a few Mainline Conservatives, have sycophantically aligned themselves with Vladimir Putin. I consider such behavior treasonous and I consider these people traitors. If any of them are Veterans, they need to have any Medals they received clawed back and their honorable discharges need to be revised and designated as dishonorable discharges. Or else, posthumously exonerate The Rosenbergs and admit you were wrong in murdering them.

I have to laugh when I think about the movie Red Dawn. Red America, once upon a time, was seen as the bulwark against a Communist Invasion during The Cold War. Look at Red America now. It really is Red America — meaning they’re fucking Communist Sympathizers who have elected Vladimir Putin, a fucking Communist, as the next President of the United States. This is no surprise to me. My last stint in Corporate America was with a fucked up company that manufactured farm equipment to include Combines & Tractors. The majority of the people who worked for this company were straight off the farm, and let me tell you, they were Communists through and through. They didn’t give a shit about Profit (The Bedrock of Capitalism) — they only cared about their status within The Party (The Company) and The Perks (their bonuses) just like The Party Bosses in The Soviet Union. They went so far as to hide information from Upper Management so they could further their careers and receive their exorbitant bonuses. I was ultimately shown the door for trying to bring this to the attention of Upper Management and this company, to this day, still operates, at least its North American Division, at a loss or a substandard profit for the very same reasons I brought to their attention even though they made some key changes shortly after they booted me, meaning they took what I said to heart, but, of course, shooting the messenger is standard issue. So yeah, Red America really is Red America, and don’t think Vladimir Putin doesn’t know that and isn’t playing it for all it’s worth. That’s why he and Manafort had The Donald don The Infamous Red Ball Cap with the logo Make America Great Again. What it really means is, Make The Soviet Union Great Again and The Heartbeat of America, Red State America, is doing just that, and is now effectively The Heartbeat of the former Soviet Union coming back to life in a grotesquely perverted form.

Big Mac Attack
Big Mac Attack

Anyway, I digress. As we saw with The Coward who shot the Protestor in Portland, this is what Putin has planned for you when you protest Donald Trump’s inauguration en masse this January as part of what is quickly becoming America’s Blue Revolution. The Russians, in cooperation with The Alt Right & The National Security State, will position snipers in various buildings around the Protest and pick off both Protesters and Police. In the confusion & chaos The Police will kill hundreds of Protesters as a defensive reaction, and The Civil War will be on. What that Shooter did last night in Portland was a Trial Run. It is the strategy of Cowards. They are Thugs. They do not want a REAL fight. They don’t want a FAIR fight. They consider you “twinks” & “cupcakes” and if you’re shot down and brutalized and raped, it’s fine by them. They don’t respect you. They think you’re pushovers who can be, and should be, easily abused & exploited.

These Actually Look Pretty Damn Good, Don't They?
These Actually Look Pretty Damn Good, Don’t They?

Most of the Protesters will never read this because The National Security State has been taking extraordinary measures to make sure this blog never comes up on a Google Search. Someone from Google visits every day to make sure the filter’s working properly. The only way you can get to this blog is to know the exact url or type the name of the blog in a search or someone provides a link to you. For those who do read it, pass this around. It may save some lives. The Past informs The Present and The Future, and the events we saw in Ukraine several years prior that led to its still ongoing Civil War are eerily similar to the events unfolding in America today. It’s not a coincidence. And remember, The First Lady, or The First Lady come January, Melania Trump, was raised in a Communist Country. More coincidence. A Russian Spy? You Never Know. Putin plays The Long Game, and, perhaps, this is his Game Winning Drive, and I’ll be damned if Trump isn’t an American Version of Yanukovych. Both are arrogant, pompous pricks who lead absurdly gaudy, opulent lifestyles.

So yeah, heed my words, Careful Of The Snipers. They’re itching to pick off some “twinks” & “cupcakes” from their safe perches half a mile or more away, brave men that they are.

Victor Yanukovych's Palace
Victor Yanukovych’s Palace
One Of Donald Trump's Many Palaces
One Of Donald Trump’s Many Palaces

3 thoughts on “Careful Of The Snipers

  1. You need to be aware of the extent of The Evil with which you are dealing. How Evil are they? The following article reveals how evil they really are & Google and ALL Social Media are complicit in hiding The Truth from you by censoring what you see & read. It’s about Total Information Awareness & Dissemination. It’s about managing your perceptions. It’s why Google, from an Android Smart Phone, monitors my website every day to make sure most every one never reads this blog.

    Google Bullies, Censors MintPress & Over Abu Ghraib Photos

    On March 12 Google AdSense contacted MintPress News threatening to disable our Google Ads if we did not remove gruesome and now infamous photos of American soldiers torturing Iraqis in the Abu Ghraib prison.

    These same photos have been published by hundreds of news organizations across the world since they surfaced over a decade ago, including, which recently had its Google AdSense account restored after it was suspended for not removing the same Abu Ghraib photos. The Abu Ghraib photos published on MintPress appeared alongside this December blog post, originally published by The Anti-Media, detailing classified evidence that American soldiers had raped young Iraqi boys in front of their mothers at Abu Ghraib.

    MintPress complied with both instances of Google’s unfair and seemingly Orwellian demands to censor us. We had complied with the first take-down request as of Nov. 14, when we removed and replaced the “violating” content. In response to the most recent warning, we opted to blur the Abu Ghraib photo in question, as well as several others that we independently determined to be in “violation” of Google AdSense’s ambiguous and vague terms of service. This approach allows us to retain the important photos, without the threat of loss of revenue.

    In forcing independent media outlets like MintPress to remove the photos from Abu Ghraib from their websites, we believe Google is attempting to control the narrative of the Iraq War and the crimes committed against the Iraqi people for the sake of oil and war profiteering interests.

    Google has shown both a desire and a propensity to cooperate closely with the establishment corporate community that influences federal government decisions in complying with unconstitutional requests to access the personal data of American citizens. Google’s seemingly strategic enforcement of its AdSense policies seems to be yet another instance in which the web giant is behaving to appease the corporate establishment that drives our nation to war.

    Further, Google AdSense’s threats targeted our ad revenue over photos of war crimes committed by our military during the Iraq War and of the exacerbation of the Syrian civil war through the United States’ involvement in arming Syrian rebels. This sets a disturbing precedent for journalists trying to do the very job our corporate media has failed to do in working to inform the public about the gruesome realities of failed U.S. foreign policy driven by corporate interests for war profiteering.

    Indeed, it wasn’t long ago that corporate media was falsely peddling the “weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq” narrative, and we sincerely hope that Google, with the vital role it plays in serving the news and information needs of the American people, is not following suit.

    Here’s what a commentator at Clusterfuck Nation had to say about America’s Brave Fighting Men who are ready to unleash their raging terror upon The American People.

    “Twinks?” I didn’t know what a “twink” was before I saw this. I had to look it up. Let me just say, volodya, those Combat-Trained & Ready Veterans sure know what to do with “twinks” as is witnessed by the article linked to above that Google has censored, by the way. Do you understand the messaging, PEOPLE? Your Big Brave Soldiers are fucking rapists who raped Iraqi Boys in front of their mothers and they have similar things in mind for you Protestors once Trump gives them The Green Light. I don’t know about you, but The Rapists who perpetrated these heinous acts and the Military Officers & Intelligence Officers who gave the orders for this to take place and facilitated it and The Politicians who voted for The Iraq Invasion that enabled this, all of them should he hung just as The Nazis were tried and hung at Nuremberg. The fact they haven’t been is extremely telling. The Nazis are fucking here and they’ve been occupying America since 1963.

    What kind of people perform such heinous acts as raping Iraqi Boys in front of their mothers? Evil People, that’s who. Monsters. People who do not deserve to exist in this realm or any realm, and yet we have volodya taunting us with threats of more of the same, except this time against Americans. You better wake up REAL QUICK people and get yourselves ready to meet this threat because it is now VERY REAL. These Evil Motherfuickers need to be put down once & for all. The Past is not The Past. The Past informs The Present & The Future. You cannot move forward unless The Past is properly understood and reconciled. Psychopathic Criminals, those who are “leading” America, will tell you otherwise, and why do you think they would do that? Because if you did as I say, they would be exposed for what they really are; Evil, Malevolent, Psychopathic Criminals.

    These people are the same people capable of gunning down 20 children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School without blinking an eye. They’re the same people capable of murdering 49 “twinks” at an Orlando Night Club. These people are the same people who are capable of murdering 3,000 people on 9/11 without batting an eyelash. They are Pure Evil Incarnate. The Cowardice of these Evil Motherfuckers is so off the charts it needs another word to describe it.

    They are this Freak, nsa, from Kunstler’s comments section. I’m telling you, PEOPLE, there are no honorable people in positions of power any longer if there ever were. America is run by Psychopathic Criminals and it’s going to get worse, much worse, if you don’t wake up now and see it for what it really is. Tune out The Media, or better yet, protest every Media Outlet and strangle it until The Media Monopoly is smashed into a million pieces. The Media is propaganda put in place to keep you stupid. It is the opposite of empowerment. Take back The Airwaves, so to speak. You are The Media. I am The Media. The Corporations & The Wealthy Elite should not be The Media, because, as we know, they are Psychopathic Liars.

    • Speak of The Devil. Hello Friend (NOT). The National Security State, which comprises Google by the way, is well aware of who/what threatened me, my wife, my daughter and my son. It is in complicity with the person, or persons, who did it. It has been observing me for quite some time. It has given its blessing to those responsible for threatening my family. It’s part of the same Cloth that perpetrated the raping of Iraqi Boys in front of their mothers. It’s In Charge and its goal is to keep you Malformed & Misinformed so it can exploit you for all Eternity.

  2. Here’s the comment implying, in Max Cady Fashion, the rape & murder of my wife & daughter. In A Just World, this person must die. That’s not Freedom of Speech. It’s a threat to rape & murder my wife & daughter, and the person who issued the threat is cut from the same Cloth “nsa” from Clusterfuck Nation is cut. It is the same Cloth The Alt Right is cut from and it’s the same Cloth from which The National Security State is cut. These are not honorable & noble people. They are Inhuman Pond Scum.

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