America Is Dead


America should have died long ago, about the same time The Soviet Union did, but the Cancer Patient found some miraculous Chemo that put its Cancer in remission for a while. That’s the key phrase — for a while. The effects of the Chemo have come back to haunt the patient. The Patient‘s various vital organs have been ravaged & decimated, and this past Tuesday, The Patient, meaning America, finally passed away for good.

What was that Chemo? Debt. It served America well for the past thirty some odd years. It kept America alive, and at times America even looked robust, even if it was merely a Boob Job & Botox masquerading as vitality. The Soviet Union didn’t have such a creative imagination, so, when it contracted The Cancer all Hegemons do, it had no Chemo to extend its Life.

When The Soviet Union took its last breath nearly thirty years prior, America was there to help pick the carcass clean. To the victor goes the spoils, as they say. Larry Summers and Wall Street set about to divvy up any choice meat that was left and prepared an environment where The Maggots, otherwise euphemistically referred to as The Oligarchs, could thrive. Ultimately, The Maggots turned into Flies as is their nature and The Flies banished Wall Street from the carcass that was now Russia. A great Fly arose from the Feeding Frenzy and was anointed The Lord of the Flies. His name is Vladimir Putin, and his goal is to transform the planet into a paradise for Flies and Insects of all varieties with Flies at the top of that Pyramid.


Even though America has been decaying for quite some time, the REAL ROT has now begun since, officially, America is Dead. The Lord of the Flies has unleashed its hordes to deposit their eggs on America’s Corpse and within a few short months The Maggots will form and start devouring the remaining, rotting flesh. Donald Trump is not only a Pig, he is Piggy. The metaphorical Glasses on his face, representing the Glass & Steel Tower that is his home in Manhattan and a symbolic representation of the Height of Civilization, are shattered and with those Glasses goes anything positive Civilization had to offer such as reason & logic.

The Protestors are The Zombie Apocalypse. They’re dead, America Is Dead, but they just don’t know it yet. As I type this, The Maggots are coming to life. The eggs are hatching. The Lord of the Flies is smiling. The Feast is about to begin. His Revenge will be delicious and satisfying. The only way to avoid it is to burn The Corpse and the entire environment that sustains & nurtures The Lord of the Flies and his Subjects, but now that The Lord of the Flies has The Launch Codes, there’s no chance of that. What is now Nature, must take its course and the cruelty of it is, even though America Is Dead, even though we’re dead, we still have to watch and we still have to feel the pain & agony as The Maggots rip into & devour what remains of our dead, decaying flesh.


When I first heard the news on Wednesday morning that Trump “won,” I considered what music would aptly accompany his inauguration. My first choice was Green Acres, but yesterday, my spirit darkened, and I believe the following is more appropriate & fitting music for the occasion. There will be horrible, dreadful gnashing of teeth in the months and years ahead. Torture & pain & sadism on a scale Humanity has never witnessed before. Everyone the world over will realize what it’s like to be, or to have been, a resident of the cities of Aleppo & Fallujah because The Third World is coming to a First World Theater near you — your Home Theater, in fact.