The Peaceful Transition Of Power


Over the course of the next several days, President-Elect, Donald Trump, will be meeting with Barack Obama and The National Security State to ensure what is often referred to as The Peaceful Transition of Power. Don’t be fooled by this euphemistic term. It is not peaceful. It is a threat. It is coercion. If a President-Elect happened to have an autonomous, independent, objective bone in his/her body before entering these transition meetings, he/she exits with replacements for those bones. A President-Elect goes into these meetings as one person and exits as another. What happens during these meetings is incredibly substantial & psychically-altering. I’ll discuss more about that shortly.

The REAL POWER behind the False Throne that is The Office of the Executive is The National Security State. I keep telling you, and sooner or later, and I believe it will be sooner because of The Quickening, you’re going to realize you don’t live in a Democracy or a Democratic Republic. America was invaded 53 years ago by an Occupying Force and it’s been held captive ever since. That Occupying Force is The National Security State. It, and it alone, determines the course of events. It creates the Realities we discuss & analyze, and while we’re discussing & analyzing the most recent Reality, it’s fomenting several more Realities to take the current Reality‘s place. And, it’s pretty much doing this In Plain Sight because it has succeeded the last 53 years in malforming you and misinforming you. You cannot change anything EVER unless you realize that this is The Root of it ALL.


I watched this process closely when Obama won the 2008 election. One man went into these meetings and another man came out. It’s as though he was replaced with a Clone. The transformation was that stark. Most people don’t pay attention to these subtleties & nuances. But, think of me like a Shaman — your ShamanThe Shaman of The Resistance. The Resistance to this Malevolent, Human Potential-Destroying Occupying Force that begins by learning to see things that are there, that have been here, for quite some time, but because you have no previous benchmark in which to compare, you haven’t been able to see it heretofore. I want to help you see it, just as the Native American Shamans helped their fellow Tribesmen see the conqueror’s ships that were right in front of them. The Natives couldn’t see the ships in the Harbor because they had never seen anything like it previously. They had no perceptual benchmark. The Shamans were able to see the ships by studying the ripples in the water and the alterations in the wave patterns and tracing it back to its source and studying the phenomenon until it became clear & distinctive. That’s me. I see the ripples in the water. I see the unique wave patterns and I’ve traced it back to its source. Now all I ask of you is that you trust me as I guide you to see the same. Open your eyes. Open your mind. Release your malformative programming and ignore the misinformation emanating from The Deep State-Controlled Media. You will see The Ships too if you allow yourself. It’s A Tall Order, I know, because you have been malformed & misinformed to reject such notions. The Occupying Force doesn’t want you to see what is as Plain As Day.


What actually happens during these meetings is anyone’s guess. But there is no doubt a substantial transformative process takes place. If it doesn’t take place with Trump, you can be sure he will be neutralized sooner rather than later, but I doubt it will come to that. What happens during this process is so powerfully persuasive, it can’t be resisted or overcome.

So, what happens? The Misinformers in The Deep State-Controlled Media will tell you it’s just simply the sharing of rather benign & innocuous State Secrets, but it has to be much more than that considering the About Face Transformation that takes place. The ripples, People. The unique wave pattern. The transformation is the ripple & the waves.

Some have claimed that the newly elected POTUS meets The Aliens or The Greys for the first time. That sounds rather far-fetched to me, but hey, You Never Know. It certainly would explain such a stark turn about.


Perhaps it’s similar to a Harry Potter Moment where The Deep State escorts the President-Elect to The Pensieve and shows them all that is, has been and will be and the experience is so overwhelming & breathtaking that the President-Elect is changed forever.

Or, maybe it’s as simple as The National Security State Goons strap the President-Elect to a seat in a clandestine theater somewhere deep in the bowels of The White House with a device to keep his/her eyelids open similar to A Clockwork Orange, and force the President-Elect to watch the REAL Zapruder Film of JFK’s assassination over and over again until he/she Cries Uncle.


If I had to guess, I say it’s something more akin to the last theory, but I don’t know. We should know, though, because what prevails from this process is a usurped & coopted former individual who has been transformed into a mere medium or instrument of degradation & destruction. They are given their orders, and the message is, if you don’t follow them, you will be destroyed. And those orders are, obviously, to rape Humanity & the Planet. The message is, keep people alive only to exploit them, and then discard them like you would a  husk from an ear of corn. The goal, it seems, is to degrade, torture, denude and ultimately destroy all Life on Planet Earth, and that’s why I say You Never Know about the hyperbole above related to The Greys and Harry Potter. I mean, seriously Folks, something’s happening here, and what it is isn’t exactly clear. We need to make it clear.


What is already clear is that we are being held captive by an Occupying Force. That Occupying Force is The National Security State. If there’s something with more power and influence beyond that clear-as-day fact, we need to know. We need to find out. We can handle The Truth. We want The Truth. Or, does the buck stop with The National Security State? Either way, The National Security State is not our friend. It is The Enemy of Human Potential & Empowerment. It is The Enemy of all Life on this Planet and all Life in the Universe. The sooner we all get on this page together, the sooner we see those ships in the harbor and sink them, setting ourselves free to finally evolve socially and achieve our incredible & extraordinary Human Potential.