The Clown & The Crook


On Voting

To vote or not to vote? That’s the question. And the answer is simple if you have anything more than a brainstem up top and just a smidgeon of temerity. Should you vote, should I vote, tomorrow, Tuesday, 11/8/2016, Election Day? We’ve been told repeatedly & incessantly by both “Presidential” Candidates and The Press and the Political Parties and the entire Establishment, to include The Entertainment Industrial Complex, that this is the most important election of our time, or something to that effect, so it’s imperative everyone who can vote, votes. Every day for three weeks now when I’ve conducted a Google Search, there’s been a pop-up created by Google telling me to vote and providing a link to early voting in my respective state. How kind & considerate of Google to think of me — and you. Google really cares. Really, it does. Really. And the same is true of Vice. Vice is running commercials, presumably at its own expense, emphasizing the importance of getting out and voting. As is typical of Vice, the commercials are bizarre and the message seems to be mixed, but the end result is, Vice is telling you to vote. Yes, you may be a heroin addict and Vice was created as entertainment for that budding subculture, but a vote is a vote despite your Collapsing Veins and disintegrating Grey Matter. SNL? Same thing. SNL has become highly politicized over the years as has most everything these days — running weekly skits about the political candidates for at least a year and a half now. In their latest show, they underscored and advanced the Get-Out-And-Vote message. So, as we see, the entire Establishment is behind this messaging.



And yet, considering we’ve been indefatigably lectured to that this is the most important election of our time and “our” vote is imperative, The Establishment has offered up, as the only two viable choices, a Clown & a Crook. The Clown & The Crook. That’s the theme of this 2016 Presidential ElectionThe Clown & The Crook. And, what’s bizarre — you can’t be sure, at times or most of the time, which one is which. Is Hillary the Crook, or is she the Clown? Is The Donald the Clown or is he the Crook? The whole fucking charade has been a massively embarrassing joke. The Emperor Has No Clothes. This Election Cycle has proven this as no other has. The Emperor is Butt-Naked and he/she/it doesn’t care. In fact, he/she/it is delighted to finally be free of its encumbering & suffocating garments. The Emperor has always been a Nudist at heart, and now America is, finally, the Nudist Colony for The Global Elite it always wanted to be. And we get to watch them prance around in their glorious, and stomach-turning & wrenching, Birthday Suits!! Isn’t it grande? Isn’t America GREAT? How can you Make America Great Again when it’s already as GREAT as it can possibly be? You can’t. This is As Good As It Gets. Love it or leave it — even though you can’t really leave no matter how hard you try. Look into it. The process is nearly impossible for most everyone. Once you’re an American, you’re always an American, and besides, the options aren’t much better if they’re better at all. No where to run to, no where to hide.

Me? I’m not voting despite The Establishment‘s disingenuous cajoling. To vote is to legitimate this charade. There is no upside to voting and plenty of downside. Let me explain. Who, in their right mind, would have opted for the choices for POTUS to be The Clown & The Crook? I would hope the answer to that question is “no one,” but I’m not so sure. Look at the Trump Rallies. They come out in droves to be blinded by the magnificent orange DayGlo light cast from The Donald’s Carefully-Coiffed Doo & Embalmed Cadaver. They, his faithful followers, really do think he’s Hung The Moon, or, they’re so delusional & desperate, they would support just about anyone or anything that whispered the Sweet Nothings of their Discontent into their waxy ears. And Hillary’s Faithful Followers dominate Social Media, specifically Twitter. There is no convincing this crowd that she’s a Psychopathic Crook who will do anything, and has done anything & everything, to attain and hold onto power. Her followers are just as zealously braindead as are Trump’s followers.

Neither of these candidates represent the interests of the people whose interests they purport to represent. They pay lip service to the interest of their followers, but they do not represent the interests of their followers. See, you’re the foil in all of this if you’re buying their schtick. You’re being used as a means to legitimate their illegitimate rule. Both Hillary Rotten Clinton & The Donald represent the interests of The Global Elite. You’re just a means to that end.

Since your interests are not represented by either candidate, there is no upside to voting. But there is a huge downside, and that downside is that you will be made the Scapegoat for the failures of the candidate who becomes the next POTUS. When the shit hits the fan, and I assure you it will within the next decade or two, THEY, meaning The Establishment, will tell you it’s all your fault — that you voted for it — that you got the leader you deserved. I will not be made a Scapegoat. I refuse to take any responsibility for this charade and scam America calls its Electoral Process. You should do the same. If enough people didn’t vote, it would send a message to The Establishment and to The World, that The American People, if there really is such a monolithic thing and I don’t think there is, by and large, are being held captive by an Occupying Force and they, we, will not legitimate that Captivity by voting for our wrist & ankle restraints.

The following Michael Moore video about The Millennials is a prime example of the massive contradictions that have been ubiquitously displayed in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle. Moore says The Millennials are going to be unjustifiably blamed for everything thus underscoring, in part, what I’ve just posited about how voting in a rigged charade of an election is setting yourself up to be scapegoated, but then he implores The Millennials in Michigan to go out and vote because Michigan could be a crucial Swing State that could decide the election. He states, perhaps not in this video but in other interviews he’s given, that The Millennials could be the deciding factor in this election if Michigan proves to be THEE crucial Swing State. So, his imploring The Millennials to vote because their vote could be the deciding factor is setting The Millennials up to be The Scapegoats when, not if, the shit hits the fan, thus demoralizing them in perpetuity. Some Revolutionary this guy is. He’s feeding The Next Generation to Moloch by imploring them to vote. I’m doing the exact opposite. By purposefully not voting, you are sending a message to The Establishment that you will not legitimate their illegitimate rule over you and over the entire planet and all life on it. THEY are not YOU, despite their disingenuous rhetoric to the contrary. You are their Donkeys and/or Mules if you abide by their emphatic admonitions to vote.

On Polling

How many fucking Polls are there now? Too many to count — and each one as fraudulent and as worthless as the next except in the sense they sell The Anointed One and make it look like a Horserace even though the race has already been won.

I suggest, highly suggest actually, that they start naming these polls like they do College Football Bowl Games or Pro Sports Stadiums. Hell, I’d even settle for naming them in the manner in which they name Hurricanes.

In fact, why coerce people to vote at all or even go through the archaic motion of voting when we have all these Polls to tell us who the Winner is. Let’s just leave it to the Polls. On November 8th, we can have A Million Polls conducted, maybe more, and then we can take the average of them and that will be the Winner. Yey! Think of all the gas we’ll save by precluding people from driving to Voting Booths and creating Traffic Jams.

What’s not to like about this plan?


Yeah, I know that’s hyperbole, but not by much. I’m convinced Polls are used as an aid to legitimate the process and get people worked up and psychically involved. Polls are self-serving. They will tell you what you want to see or hear. There is no way to eliminate bias from the sample or from the questions. You get what you want out of it, and if you don’t, you can claim it was poorly designed, but only if it doesn’t provide your favored results.

What Polls are effective at is selling you the candidate that’s already been selected & anointed by The Establishment. Sure, the Polls will be used to make The Race look “tighter” than it is or make it seem as though it’s a Race when it’s no such thing, and to make it look like your vote really will make a difference, but the candidate who is leading just prior to The Election, regardless of how small the margin is, is The Anointed One. Hillary Rotten Clinton is The Anointed One. She is the next POTUS. She has been for quite some time. The Donald knows it and that’s why he’s been “wink-wink-nudge-nudging” to his Friends across the fabricated aisle the entire time he’s been playing his “followers.”

For those of you who say, “nonsense, Cold, the Polls are legitimate and the process is legitimate — just look at all of the composite models, those that track and average out hundreds of polls, they still point to a Clinton win, and … more importantly … the Electoral College is stacked in her favor,” I say, EXACTLY!!! Thank you for underscoring, and proving, the point I made earlier. There is no longer any need for formal voting on “Election Day.” The Polls have it covered.


Pollish is the New Polish (my Babushka-Wearing Grandmother is rolling in her Kielbasa-Adorned Grave).

On November 8th, the Winner per the Composite Models (brought to you by the same people who developed the Climate Change Models) will be The New POTUS (meet The New POTUS — same as the Old POTUS — just a different Shade of Grey).

America — Always Improving Democracy, Because, As You Know, Or You Should Know If You Don’t, If It’s Not Broke, Break It And Pretend To Fix It.

On Russian Interference In The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Once again, this is a device to legitimate The American Electoral Process. It’s concocted to make the Kabuki Theater of American Elections appear REAL & VALID when it is no such thing for all the reasons I mentioned above and more.

The Anointed One, Hillary Rotten Clinton, with Donald Trump’s gracious aid via his helping to sell her to the Captive Public by allowing his Clownish Self to be juxtaposed against her Crooked Self, and The Establishment Minions have crafted the perception that The Russians are going to manipulate The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election via Extraordinary Hacking Skills. As an aside but it’s still pertinent, the initial cartoon to this blog posts says it all, doesn’t it? Hillary Rotten Clinton is riding the monstrous, golden wave of Donald Trump all the way to The Oval Office. She couldn’t have been sold to the braindead, Captive Public without Donald Trump as the “alternative.”

How Was I To Know??

Just as Trump is a foil, wittingly I now believe, to sell Hillary Rotten Clinton as the lesser of two evils, so too are The Russians a foil. You have to know that The Establishment is not sincere in their contention that The Russians could possibly manipulate The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. If The Russians are such a concern, how could there not be more opprobrium & consternation concerning Hillary’s Private Server Scandal? She went out of her way to make it appreciably easy for The Russians to hack her and avail themselves of all manner of State Secrets since she’s a High Profile Government Official. If Hillary & The Establishment are so concerned about Russia hacking anything, especially The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election results, then Hillary Rotten Clinton and The Establishment never would have allowed a Private Server in the first place. They simply don’t care. And they know they can convince you not to care. Do you see the contradiction? As the Wikileaks Clinton Emails have revealed, these Psychopathic Politicians will feign one thing and say one thing in public, but play an entirely different tune Behind The Scenes. I have known this forever and have espoused it many times at this blog, so the Wikileaks revelations merely validate what I have always contended.

And, just for the fun of it, let’s play along with Hillary’s & The Establishment‘s concern of Russia’s meddling in the American Political Process. Considering Hillary’s non-chalance, and aloof arrogance I’d say, concerning Cyber Security and the fact that she is already above the law since there will be no legal repercussions for her grossly-negligent (at least) behavior related to State Secrets, it stands to reason that this aloof, beyond reproach attitude will be even more prevalent when she is POTUS because she will have even more power, not less. Consider the Nuclear Launch Codes and the implications of those codes falling into the hands of The Russians, or, the process of generating those codes falling into the hands of The Russians. I know, I know, all the experts will tell you that’s impossible, but I dare say, in this Brave New Cyber World we live in, nothing is impossible any longer. Nothing is foolproof. If Russia hacked into America’s Nuclear Launch Process, it could feasibly prevent a retaliatory strike by America if it (Russia) decided to implement a limited First Strike. Considering Hillary’s grossly negligent behavior & attitude in regards to Cyber Security, following the logic The Establishment has been using in regards to The Russian Cyber Threat, one possible outcome of Hillary as POTUS is the defeat of America by Russia. A Limited Nuclear Strike without the ability to retaliate would bring America to its knees and it would have no choice but to capitulate to The Russians or stand the chance of being annihilated altogether. Remember, this scenario is based on the contradictory logic used by The Establishment that has anointed Hillary Rotten Clinton as POTUS. It’s been hoisted by its own petard of contradictory logic which is, by definition, illogic.


That’s all for now. Remember, if you don’t already know you should by now, It’s All Lies. I don’t plan on listening to, or watching, or reading about the election coverage tomorrow. I’m tuning it out entirely, and when I tune in Wednesday morning, bright and early, I know I will see what I’ve said here. The Anointed One giving her acceptance speech and those who voted in this Charade will be made the Scapegoats for the calamity to come.

Please participate in the Polls below (haha — I know). The results are meaningless and not indicative of anything since I can’t possibly construct a representative sample and develop unbiased questions — just as The Professionals can’t but pretend they do.

UPDATE: I was wrong about The Anointed One. See my blog post OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!! here. THEY fooled me. THEY fooled most everyone. We are in Uncharted Territory. Anything’s possible. Well, almost anything.