Maura Murray Was Abducted By Aliens

As A Postman, Barney Hill Came To Realize That, Like Himself, The Aliens Always Ring Twice

I’m seriously thinking this may be the answer to the Maura Murray Mystery. It’s the only explanation that fits at this point.

For those of you who have been following my coverage of the mystery surrounding Maura Murray’s disappearance, you may have noticed I have removed all 53 of my blog posts (well, 52 authored by me and 1 authored by the consistent, steady, incomparable Joe M as a Guest Post) dedicated to the case from public view. Yes, 53 blog posts. And they were no ordinary, dull, boring, baiting, sensationalistic blog posts you see at another popular venue covering the disappearance of Maura Murray, the name of which I will not mention, at least not mention directly.

There are several reasons I have removed the blog posts. One of those reasons is because of the harassment, stalking and threats I received as a result of delving into Maura Murray’s disappearance. Why has there been such a vitriolic reaction to my presence in this case? You have to ask yourself that question and then try to answer it. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past eight months before, after much deliberation, I decided to remove all 53 blog posts from public view and reach out to the NHSP before escalating the matter legally so we can blow the lid off all of this once and for all.

However, as part of that process, an interesting revelation manifested. My removal of the blog posts served as a serendipitous Trial Balloon of sorts. In WordPress, when you make blog posts “Private,” they can no longer be publicly viewed unless the person viewing the blog posts has administrative rights to the blog. I’m the only one with administrative rights to my blog, or at least that’s what I thought until this unintentional Trial Balloon was released.

Up, Up And Away In My Beautiful Balloon

You wouldn’t believe how popular my blog became, or has become, after I removed the blog posts. Suddenly, my stats revealed a plethora of people from all over the world trying to access the blog posts related to the Maura Murray disappearance now made “Private.” My stats were revealing something that had never manifested previously. These people are using the exact urls in their attempts to access all the various blog posts. That never showed up in the stats previously, or certainly never to the extent it’s showing up now. Perhaps, when-you-can’t-have-it-you-want-it-more is what’s at play. I don’t know. Maybe there’s a technical explanation. Maybe not. But it does defy the pattern and behavior of searches and hits at my blog prior to me removing the blog posts from public view.

However, whilst that’s interesting & noteworthy, what’s downright disturbing and actually quite alarming is the fact that someone, or a group of people perhaps, has/have been able to view these blog posts despite me making them “Private.” If you aren’t putting two and two together, that means, logically & necessarily, someone other than me has administrative rights to my blog without my permission. It means a Hacker has access to my blog in its entirety, and that Hacker, a psychopath by virtue of such malevolent behavior, has made it clear to me that it has unfettered access and is taunting me. Let me explain with illustrations.

Here’s what WordPress has to say about making posts “Private.”


That’s fair enough, isn’t it? It’s pretty straight-forward & easy enough to understand. There’s not a lot of wiggle room, or any, with that explanation — it’s rather definitive and cut & dried as explanations go, leaving no room for exceptions. Well, no room for exceptions except for the universal exception of Hackers, who are Terrorists when you get right down to it.

Look closely at the list of blog posts viewed the day following me making all blog posts dedicated to Maura Murray “Private.” Three views should look familiar. If not, I’ll point them out to you.


As you can see, or I hope you can see, the “Private” blog post MM Troll Meet-Up was viewed twice even though I’m the only one with administrative rights to view it and the blog post The Curious Case Of Tommy Conrad was viewed once. The only way those posts could have been viewed is for a Hacker to have administrative rights to my blog, and let me tell you, it is one highly-skilled Hacker.

I know what you’re thinking — you’re thinking it’s some kind of technical glitch and I thought the same thing, so, to assure myself, I floated another Trial Balloon to test the atmosphere of this. I changed the url for the MMM Troll Meet-Up post from to in case WordPress was/is wrong and the person was guessing the url and somehow, miraculously & serendipitously, circumventing WordPress‘s controls.

Here’s what appeared the next day in stats after sending up that Trial Balloon. The Hacker saw I made the change to the url and taunted me by viewing the MMM Troll Meet-Up blog post twice. This Thing was bragging, is bragging, that it has free reign to do whatever it wants at this blog. This Thing is a full-blown Psycho. I say Thing, because whatever it is, it is not human. An Alien, perhaps? I’ll get to that later.


Take special note that this Psycho Hacker viewed it not once, but twice — for psychotic emphasis, I suppose. You have to be asking yourselves, folks, who or what would go to these lengths, especially when you consider I removed the blog posts from public view. One would think that would be pleasing to my myriad detractors — to remove the blog posts from public view, but this Psycho Hacker transcends that common & expected reaction. No, something else is motivating this Thing, and that’s precisely why this Thing is a Psycho.

Also, as I mentioned above, once I made ALL of my blog posts dedicated to Maura Murray “Private” my stats revealed a ridiculous, highly anomalous number of unique ip’s trying to access the blog posts with the precise urls of the respective blog posts. Prior to making the blog posts “Private,” the link path to various Maura Murray-related blog posts was most always by keyword, but suddenly, the favored link path was via specific urls. Bizarre!! For someone who has been labeled a Troll, my material related to the Maura Murray Mystery sure is popular, wouldn’t you say? Why else would so many people be frantically trying to specifically access blog posts they could no longer view? Unless. Unless those blog posts contain the closest thing to The Truth any of the REAL TROLLS surrounding the Maura Murray Mystery (pretty much everyone actively engaged & vocal about it are Trolls in the truest sense of that term despite their feigned concern) have ever posited. I believe the “unless” is a certainty, in fact, and I’m sure there are a handful of you reading this, very few admittedly, that agree with that assessment. That “few” does not comprise the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit — I assure you.



Are you wondering who some of the people are who are specifically attempting to access, via specific urls, Maura Murray dedicated blog posts at my site that have been removed from public viewing by making them “Private?” I’m glad you asked, even if you didn’t. Here’s one such person, and before you object, no, it’s not a Google Bot because my tracking software filters out Crawlers & Bots and, if you look closely, the person is using an Android-Enabled Smartphone, so it’s not a program generated from Google Servers. This is most unnerving & concerning to me — that someone from Google is actively interested in and engaging in the Maura Murray Mystery on Company Time. It gives the appearance of a Conflict of Interest, and as I’ll soon show, that appearance of a Conflict of Interest may in fact be an actual Conflict of Interest.


Remember in that last sentence I said I would show you that HUGE Conflict of Interest? Well, the time to show you is now, without delay. One of the most vocal and BIGGEST Trolls actively engaged in the Maura Murray Mystery had this to say at Reddit, a Den of Trolls in and of itself, about my blog and its viewership.


For those of you who aren’t aware, this PRICK is one of the people responsible for amplifying my doxing and, remember I have the proof and I assure you I never forget, he openly called for me to be hacked and for my identity to be stolen. Well, here we are.

As to this PRICK’s assertion that no one reads my blog. That may be true, or it may not be true — it all depends on your perspective. This blog, since its inception nearly three years prior, has received nearly 170,000 total views and nearly 50,000 unique visitors. Of the total views, the 53 blog posts dedicated to the Maura Murray Mystery received 30,000 views. Certainly that is paltry when compared to the other more popular venues, but it’s not necessarily immaterial either. However, I’m convinced the views related to the Maura Murray Mystery blog posts would have been many times greater if I was not Sandboxed by Google for my blog posts dedicated to Maura Murray. Let me explain. I mentioned the name Maura Murray many times in most every one of the aforementioned 53 blog posts and I tag the name Maura Murray as well. As you all know, or should know, tagging keywords is beneficial in the search indexing process and every one of my Maura Murray blog posts is tagged with the keyword or keyphrase Maura Murray. And yet, when you conduct a search on the name Maura Murray, Catcher In The Lie doesn’t show up AT ALL. You can scroll through Google‘s search results page after page and you will not find Catcher In The Lie when you type in Maura Murray despite the fact I have 53 blog posts dedicated to the topic tagged with the keyword or keyphrase Maura Murray and the fact I have 30,000 views. WTF? It doesn’t add up. Or does it? In case you don’t believe me, the following, for your edification, are the respective pages when you do a Google search on the name Maura Murray.

Page 1
Page 1
Page 2
Page 2
Page 3
Page 3
Page 4
Page 4
Page 5
Page 5
Page 6
Page 6
Page 7
Page 7

Most people don’t look past the first page with a Google search, so not that it matters anyway, but it is ironic, considering what I’ve mentioned and underscored. On Page 7 above, there’s a link to “” What? Really? I can’t get indexed for a search on the name Maura Murray after everything I just revealed to you, and yet this “” does? Give me a fucking break!! I’m calling BULLSHIT. I’m calling PURPOSEFUL BULLSHIT especially when, as you see above, Google in picturesque Mountain View is reading my blog and trying to access specific blog posts related to the Maura Murray case at my blog. I believe I’m being purposefully Sandboxed by Google when it comes to the Maura Murray Mystery. I’m being blocked out. Why? That’s the million dollar question you need to answer. Maybe in answering it, you may also solve the mystery of Maura’s disappearance.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about being Sandboxed.


I’d say I’ve provided ample circumstantial evidence thus far that’s it’s highly probable Google is deliberately filtering out my website from Google searches on the name Maura Murray. That is rotten. That is censorship. That is Totalitarian. That is SOOOO Silicon Valley. The more my wife & I learn about Silicon Valley, and especially Google, it breaks our hearts because of what could have been. My wife is a Montessori teacher and it’s a well-known fact Larry Page and Sergey Brin were Montessori-educated. It makes my wife sick to her stomach to see what they’ve become and how they’re changing this world for the worse with their thinly disguised Totalitarianism cloaked beneath a veil of Libertarianism. How could two Montessori-educated children have gone SO WRONG? They are at the forefront of shaping a Dystopian Future inexplicably & regressively disconnected from the principles and values that emanated from The Enlightenment, and what’s most alarming about this world-shattering cataclysm washing over us is, via marketing & public relations, people are welcoming their evisceration with open arms and shouts of joy.

I’m currently reading an excellent book that highlights all of this in incredible detail. It’s a must-read for any intelligent, conscientious individual who is interested in and concerned about Humankind’s evolutionary future. The name of the book? The Internet Is Not The Answer. The author? Andrew Keen.

Anyone remember the following Super Bowl Commercial? I do. The irony, considering what I’ve just mentioned, is so thick & dense, you need a diamond-tipped saw to cut through it. Apple, as much as Google, is representative of Silicon Valley as is Jackass Dorsey’s Twitter & Kevin Cystrom’s Instagram & Peter Thief’s PayPal. Silicon Valley is precisely what Apple claims to be liberating us from in this iconic commercial, and never forget although I know you will and don’t care anyway, Steve Jobs, as a Low-Tech Parent, severely restricted his children from using electronics per this NYT article. Too funny!! He knew it stunts the positive mental, emotional and social development of children and thus he sought to shelter his own from it, but for the rest of you, he shoved it down your Little Ones‘ throats and helped screw the world up, and over, for good because there is no putting the genie back in the bottle. What he and countless others in Silicon Valley unleashed, they are now nurturing IT as IT fastidiously turns us into ITs slaves. It’s Science Fiction going live in Real Time right in front of your fucking faces and you can’t see it for what it is.

Anyhow, before I digress too much, here’s a pertinent and highly relevant excerpt from Andrew Keen’s excellent must-read book that underscores the point I’m making.

It’s not just Michael Birch who has seceded from time and space. Fukuyama may have thought that history ended in 1989, but it’s that other world-historic 1989 event, Tim Berners-Lee’s invention of the World Wide Web, that has unintentionally created another, more troubling version of the end of history.

“I recently took my 16-year-old daughter Adele to see a section of the Berlin Wall that has been preserved as part of a museum devoted to the division of the city, Germany and Europe. It was a bright Berlin morning,” writes the New York Times columnist Roger Cohen about revisiting the divided Berlin of Erich Mielke and the Stasi. “Adele, born in 1997, with just a toehold in the last century, wandered around. She examined these curious relics. Every now and again she checked her Facebook page on her device. ‘This just seems so ancient,’ she said, leaning back against the wall. ‘I mean, it feels like it comes from the 19th century.'”

At least Adele has a sense of the past, even if she misidentifies it by a hundred years. But for many of her generation of Internet natives, the only time is the perpetual present. As the Guardian‘s Jonathan Freedland explains, today’s networked generation, in their preoccupation with “trading Instagrams and Vines,” has created an intimate, always-on culture that will—like a disappearing Snapchat photograph—vanish forever and leave nothing to posterity. “The point is that a fundamental aspect of human life—memory—is being altered by the digital revolution,” Freedland warns. The savage irony is that the more accurately the Internet remembers everything, the more OUR memories atrophy. The result is an amnesia about everything except the immediate, the instant, the now, and the me. It’s the end of history as a shared communal memory, the end of our collective engagement with the past and the future. “Once we had a nostalgia for the future,” warns Mark Lilla. “Today we have an amnesia for the present.”

“The Libertarian age,” Lilla argues, “is an illegible age.” But this isn’t quite right, either. It might be illegible for a traditional historian like Lilla, but not for a seasoned observer of networked society like the American media theorist Douglas Rushkoff. “I had been looking forward to the 21st century,” Rushkoff writes at the beginning of his 2014 book, Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now. But “looking forward,” Rushkoff confesses, has gone out of fashion in our networked age of real-time technology. Twentieth-century futurism, he says, has been replaced with a chaotic twenty-first-century “now-ist” culture that resembles Jonas Lindvist’s pointilist graphical image on the wall of Ericsson’s Stockholm office. Rather than futurists, Rushkoff observes, we are now “presentists” locked in to a mesmerizing loop of tweets, updates, emails and instant messages [and, I would add to that list, podcasts]. It’s the “narrative collapse,” he says, that makes sense of our hyperconnected world. It’s what makes networked society legible.

And so to rebel against this world, to think differently, to question Silicon Valley’s ahistorical confidence, means reviving the authority of our collective narrative. It’s particularly through the lens of nineteenth- and twentieth-century history that we can best make sense of the impact of the Internet evangelists like John Perry Barlow, who imagines the Internet as something like a fancy-dress rave in exclusive Marin County, where, perhaps not uncoincidentally, Barlow also happens to live.


The bolded portion of that excerpt from The Internet Is Not The Answer is poignant. As someone mentioned to some podcasters who will not be named, my blog, and my blog posts, read like a novel. I have crafted an intelligent, evocative, provocative, cohesive and cogent narrative around the Maura Murray Mystery — more so than any other VOICE that allegedly shares the same interest. But it appears there are cooperative & collaborating malevolent forces that are endeavoring, with all the Dirty Tricks they can muster, to squash this narrative and replace it with…….with what, exactly? Replace it, malevolently, with chasing-your-tail-in-circles obfuscation and misdirection, that’s what. The Genius of the Crowd that has gathered over the mystery of Maura Murray’s disappearance has collective amnesia. Each day is a new day where, collectively, they have forgotten everything that has been discussed and reviewed prior to the present. They start anew each and every day as though there is no past and there is no present and they can’t remember what they did a second ago or where they’re supposed to be or where they’re supposed to go. Lost in Space, and I believe that’s by design. My narrative dedicated to Maura Murray and the mystery of her disappearance and the phenomenon it’s become is a strong elixir to the amnesia that afflicts The Genius of the Crowd that’s gathered around the mystery darting to and fro like a School of Fish or a Slice of Lemmings. Someone, or something, wants it to remain a mystery in perpetuity, and that someone or something has incredible reach & influence. This mystery is much more than a local or regional matter. It’s Universal.

On that note, finally and without further adieu, let’s turn to the relevance of this blog post’s title — Maura Murray Was Abducted By Aliens. Was she? Of course she was, figuratively, as this blog post has just proven. If Maura Murray was abducted and murdered by some random Dirtbag (a Psycho who is also an Alien because IT certainly is not human) on Route 112 in New Hampshire that frigid February 9th evening in 2004, then most assuredly, as this blog post has underscored thus far, she’s been, or her memory and legacy and whereabouts/remains have been, abducted again by the Aliens who seek to mitigate, nay eviscerate, any coherent, cohesive, intelligible narrative dedicated to her disappearance. The narrative I have provided at this blog that no one must ever see or read — as if anyone reads anymore. Trolls are Aliens. They certainly are not human like you and I are human if you are in fact human, and without a doubt most of you are not. They have no feelings. They have no compassion. They have no empathy. Social Skills elude them. They seek to manipulate & exploit, and superficially acting amiable & even gregarious at times  is a means to that end, not an organic, natural manifestation of their character. All of that, and so much more, describes Aliens, or at least it describes Aliens as Popular Culture has come to define the concept.

Was Maura Murray literally abducted by Aliens from Outer Space. Well, as you’ve just read and I’ve revealed, Google, as a rather prodigious representative of Silicon Valley, is detached from time & space, so it can be considered to be from Outer Space. You need to read the book so you can better comprehend this concept. If you read the book, you’ll understand that the excellent HBO series, Silicon Valley, is only slightly satire. It’s actually a documentary as far as I’m concerned. I watched it before reading the book and I found/find it hilarious but I also thought it was mostly satire and hyperbole, until I read Andrew Keen’s book and now I realize it’s really not exaggeration. It seeks to make these real-life Alien Overlords, lovable. But once you read the book, you realize, like Adam Lanza, these Freaks are not lovable at all. Silicon Valley, the HBO Show, is public relations to endear these Autistic/Aspergerian Freaks to you. Sorry, I’m not buying it. I like the show, but I see YOU for what YOU are — Aliens, and, as I’ve shown above and will emphasize again below before ending this, they’re complicit in abducting Maura Murray, or more specifically, abducting and holding hostage any coherent, cogent, cohesive, intelligible narrative dedicated to the mystery of her disappearance by manipulating search index filters so all you’ll find is obfuscation & misdirection.


Here’s another excerpt from The Internet Is Not The Answer to underscore the Silicon Valley as Alien Overlords theme.

“Warning: Two-Tier System.” Protesters in San Francisco’s Mission District waved such a construction-style sign outside of Google buses. “Public $$$$$$$$$ Private Gains,” another sign said. Others were less polite about these mysterious buses whisking their expensive cargo of privileged, mostly young white male workers down to Silicon Valley. “Fuck off Google,” came the message from West Oakland.

Rebecca Solnit’s drawing attention to the “Google Bus,” which rides on public infrastructure and stops at public bus stops but is a private service run by private companies, has become the most public symbol now of this economic division between Silicon Valley and everyone else.

“I think of them as the spaceships,” is how Solnit describes this new feudal power structure in Silicon Valley, “on which our Alien Overlords have landed to rule over us.”

Take Us To Your Leader
Take Us To Your Leader — And We Did

I know, I know, you thought the title was about the REAl Aliens, if there is such a thing. I doubt there is — such a thing. There may be something, and that something may want us to believe it’s The Greys and it comes “here” via spaceships, but the complexity of this something most certainly could never be comprehended with our limited intellectual capacity. If this something even is a something, it could exist all around us and even in us and we wouldn’t be able to detect it with our senses, so perhaps, spaceships and The Greys are a way it can let us know it’s all around us and in us and we in it, or, it’s just fucking with us because it can. I think it’s the latter, if this something exists at all, and if it does maybe it abducted/absorbed Maura into another dimension. It would certainly explain how she was there one moment and quite literally, in the span of a few seconds, gone the next moment. I try to keep an open mind, and since we know, or I know, this mystery will most likely never be solved for all the reasons I’ve stated in this blog post and many more, the theory that Maura Murray Was Abducted By Aliens is as good a theory as any other, and, in fact, I’d say a better theory than asserting she’s a waitress at a Crepe Restaurant in Quebec.

Speaking of Trial Balloons, approximately six months ago, prior to a certain author publishing his book related to the Maura Murray Mystery, I affixed the following tag about Betty & Barney Hill to one of my blog posts. It’s my way of tipping my hat to Stanley Kubrick who was notorious for doing such things with his movies. It’s like a Treasure Hunt for the extremely vigilant and uber-astute.


And what do you know, one of the Aliens who I believe is obfuscating the mystery surrounding Maura Murray’s disappearance or in the least is amplifying that obfuscation and misdirection by entertaining every and any Red Herring, took it and ran with it in his book as a humorous foil & literary scenery setting and filler. I’m sure it was just a coincidence and I didn’t inspire him in any way, or else it’s a case of brilliant minds thinking alike except there is only one brilliant mind in this combination and it’s not the mind of the guy quoted below. So many coincidences, so much time. Here’s one of Google‘s (Alien Overlords‘) preferred voices when it comes to the Maura Murray Mystery. Too funny.


In conclusion, I initially removed all 53 blog posts dedicated to the mystery of Maura Murray’s disappearance because I wanted to distance myself from the harassment, stalking and threatening that accompanied it, but once I did so, I realized that removing the posts doesn’t affect that behavior — that the stalking, harassing, threatening and now the hacking continue unabated, so the worst thing I can do is suffer this in silence. Any expert will tell you to make yourself and what you’re experiencing as public and visible as possible because the Psychos who engage in such behavior want to isolate you, and there’s no better way to do that than by having their targets/victims isolate themselves. The Dude (me) will not abide.

Pursuant to that, I’ve created a new blog that contains all 53 blog posts, and counting, dedicated to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Maura Murray and the phenomenon it’s become. Here’s the link.

This new site will also serves as a serendipitous Trial Balloon. The keyword or keyphrase Maura Murray is the title of the blog and is in the blog’s url. As well, every title of every blog post is preceded by the name Maura Murray and every blog post is tagged with the name Maura Murray. In the next week to two weeks, if the new blog does not pull up as one of the first items on the first page when you type in the name Maura Murray, we will know for sure that Google is purposely & strategically Sandboxing my narrative. As an experiment, type in a Google search the title of this blog, Catcher In The Lie, and see what you get. I get the following. In no more than a couple of weeks, when you type in the name Maura Murray, my new blog should be one of the first items on the first page if there isn’t any strategic & purposeful meddling/filtering.


We’ll see. In the meantime, if you’re one of the few decent people reading this, if there are any, spread the link to the new blog far and wide so people can have an alternative narrative to the obfuscation & misdirection perpetrated by The Usual Suspects (The Trolls) obsessed with Maura Murray and her disappearance.

I’m not holding out hope that the new blog will be indexed fairly, though. The following is not a good Omen. These are the three people who first viewed my blog when I announced it over the weekend in the previous blog post and provided the link. I can clearly see the communication flow from Bethlehem (where Christ The Savior was born, mind you) to Palmer/Monson to Mountain View. Nah, there’s no conspiracy to suppress. It’s all in my imagination. Do any of you care to guess who resides in Bethlehem and Palmer/Monson? I know. There’s what you see, and there’s Behind The Scenes — where we’ve been told repeatedly & emphatically, “there’s a lot going on.” A lot, indeed.



2 thoughts on “Maura Murray Was Abducted By Aliens

  1. Here’s an excellent US News article authored by Robert Epstein, a Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology in Vista, California. It underscores what I discuss in this blog post about Censorship by the Totalitarian Silicon Valley, which, as you know or should know, is comprised mostly of undeveloped adolescent psyches who believe The World is their Sandbox and they get to choose who plays in it or not.

    FYI, if anyone is interested in developing and marketing a new Search Engine that isn’t funded & influenced by any of these creeps and the Intelligence Services, let me know. We need alternatives, and no, DuckDuckGo ( Duck Duck Go: Illusion of Privacy ) is not an alternative, it’s merely been presented as such by the Intelligence Services. It’s yet another Net to catch the more clever Strays.

    If you were a Scumbag and you had a friend or friends who worked at Google, you could get them to exclude a website you hated from Google Searches. Sure, that would make you a Coward & a Cheater & a Liar, but who cares? No one, that’s who. Wikileaks could release yet another Clinton email in a few days where Clinton’s Team discusses hacking into the controls of Trump’s plane compromising the braking system so it careens off the runway and not one of her “supporters” would care. In fact, they’d applaud it just as she applauded with glee as Colonel Gaddafi was raped up the ass with a bayonet at her behest and tortured mercilessly before he was finally murdered.

    Several months ago I received a cell phone voice message from one of the very popular Opportunistic Trolls obsessed with the Maura Murray disappearance. I saved it. I still have it and I plan on keeping it for posterity. The Troll told me, “you’re going to sink, Mike.” If this Troll was referring to Google and its treatment of my website, what a prescient statement/threat that was, because it’s coincidentally come to fruition.

    The New Censorship

    How did Google become the internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?

    Google, Inc., isn’t just the world’s biggest purveyor of information; it is also the world’s biggest censor.

    The company maintains at least nine different blacklists that impact our lives, generally without input or authority from any outside advisory group, industry association or government agency. Google is not the only company suppressing content on the internet. Reddit has frequently been accused of banning postings on specific topics, and a recent report suggests that Facebook has been deleting conservative news stories from its newsfeed, a practice that might have a significant effect on public opinion – even on voting. Google, though, is currently the biggest bully on the block.

    When Google’s employees or algorithms decide to block our access to information about a news item, political candidate or business, opinions and votes can shift, reputations can be ruined and businesses can crash and burn. Because online censorship is entirely unregulated at the moment, victims have little or no recourse when they have been harmed. Eventually, authorities will almost certainly have to step in, just as they did when credit bureaus were regulated in 1970. The alternative would be to allow a large corporation to wield an especially destructive kind of power that should be exercised with great restraint and should belong only to the public: the power to shame or exclude.

    If Google were just another mom-and-pop shop with a sign saying “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone,” that would be one thing. But as the golden gateway to all knowledge, Google has rapidly become an essential in people’s lives – nearly as essential as air or water. We don’t let public utilities make arbitrary and secretive decisions about denying people services; we shouldn’t let Google do so either.

    More at link behind title.

  2. For those interested, I have a new blog post up at my new Maura Murray website. Here’s the link, but keep in mind, your viewing of that blog post and that blog, and this blog, is strictly forbidden by your Alien Overlords. You view at your own risk — the risk of being informed, and an informed person, a thinking person, is a dangerous threat to the Status Quo.

    Maura Murray — The National Security State

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