Basic Human Decency

Even though the YouTube video above speaks for itself, I’m providing it as an illustration not so much for what Michelle Obama says, but for what she doesn’t say. I agree with everything she says in that video, but I also believe she, like her husband and like Bill & Hillary Clinton and like Donald & Melania Trump and like most everyone, if not all, in the Mainstream Media  & Alternative Media and inside The Beltway & The State Houses, is/are diabolical, lying, power-hungry, hypocritical psychopaths who will say and do anything for social status, fame, fortune and power. ANYTHING!!!

For example, where is the same opprobrium for Bill Clinton and his despicable behavior towards women? Does Basic Human Decency not apply to The Clintons or The Obamas? Apparently not, otherwise Anderson Cooper & CNN would be, side by side with their Jessica Leeds‘ interview, showing the interview with Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey. There would be so many interviews revealing & underscoring the Dirty Little Secrets inside The Beltway and The State Houses across this once great land called America, a new network would have to be created to cover it all 24/7 in perpetuity. We could name it RNNRape News Network.

Hey Anderson Cooper, You Pussy, Why Don’t You Interview Juanita & CNN Give Her Story Equal Billing? Never Mind, We Know Why By Virtue Of This Blog Post.

Seriously, folks, it’s that bad. It’s this bad. And all of it has been enabled by a corporate-owned and operated Mainstream & Alternative Media, and yes, the so-called Alternative Media, perhaps at one time somewhat more independent & objective than the Mainstream Media, has now been pretty much consolidated and is corporate-owned as well. Breitbart, anyone? You really think Breitbart isn’t Corporate Propaganda? Get real, you Fucking Rubes. Think about where you get your news and where you visit to comment and discuss these matters, if you do any of that at all. Every single place you visit on The Net, with few exceptions like this venue, have a carefully crafted Corporate Agenda. It is not the Free Press.

What I do at this blog is as free as you’re going to get, and I’ll make a promise to you — I will never sell out if this blog suddenly hit the Big Time. I’m 52-years-old and I’ve turned my back on, and I’m thumbing my nose at, The Establishment who’s purpose it is to enslave Humanity and destroy Human Potential. There is no going back for me. I will never go back.

But I digress even though what I just said is necessary & relevant. It’s at The Crux of all this Insanity. Our Institutions, and really, if you think about it, they’re no longer “our” Institutions and maybe they never were, have failed us. These failed Institutions include Education, Healthcare, Government (Federal, State & Local), The Military and The 4th Estate/The Press. Or, perhaps, maybe they’re not failures as far as their basic mission is concerned. Not their stated mission which is mere lip service, but their unstated purpose, and that unstated purpose is to fail us — to ensure we fail to meet our Human Potential so that The Elite can enslave us and train us to do their bidding in perpetuity. This is not an outlandish notion or idea, and if you allow yourself to view it from that perspective, the Insanity you see unfolding before you suddenly makes sense, the only difference now is, THEY can no longer hide it or conceal it. The veil has been lifted and The Emperor stands naked before us. The problem is, most people aren’t accustomed to seeing, so even though The Emperor is butt naked, they still see a fully-clothed rendition. Such is the power of multi-generational, strategic, Behavioral Operant Conditioning implemented by the Social Engineers who create our Realities.


Getting back to Basic Human Decency, give me a break, Michelle. You are no more concerned with it than Vladimir Putin. If you were, you would have consulted your husband to refrain from destroying Syria via his backing of Islamic Goons against Assad’s, albeit tyrannical, Secular Government. Islamic Goons who would slice the heads off your daughters and mine if given the chance. Nearly half a million people, many of them innocent men, women and children, have perished in the Syrian Civil War which continues unabated in part, and I say in large part, because of your husband’s policy of providing money, arms and intelligence to the “Rebels” who have proven time & time again that they are Untrustworthy Barbarians with a curious proclivity to defect, with all that military aid America’s provided them, to The Islamic State — America’s purported enemy. Purported is the operative word there. If I were POTUS, first, I never would back sadistic thugs, period, anywhere or anytime, but certainly no longer once the sadistic thugs showed their True Colors by “defecting” to The Islamic State. I put “defecting” in quotes because I’m of the opinion these sadistic thugs were always in league with the goals & aspirations of The Islamic State and they’ve fooled America now many times over to the point it’s a pattern.

That pattern, to me at least, means it’s a ruse. You people are supposed to be intelligent. I’ll give all of you the benefit of the doubt that you are. If so, that means you are complicit with The Islamic State. You know what I’m saying is true and yet you persist. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that necessarily means you support The Islamic State for all intents & purposes if you keep engaging in a practice that only serves to strengthen it. Where are the impeachment proceedings, people? Where is the trial for Treason. The people responsible for making these decisions in Syria and in Libya are Traitorous & Treasonous War Criminals just as surely as any politician who supported the invasion & occupation of Iraq is. They lack Basic Human Decency. The blood of half a million Syrians and countless Libyans & Iraqis is on them. It is by their orders, by their hands, by their pen, by their tacit approval that so many have needlessly and tragically perished in Syria & Libya & Iraq & Afghanistan. And yet you have the temerity to talk about Basic Human Decency? Get out of my face. Get off my television. Get off my computer screen with your hypocritical, feigning concern for Basic Human Deceny. You have none. Your husband has none. Donald Trump & Melania Trump have none. The Clintons have none. The Establishment and all its Courtiers couldn’t care less about Basic Human Decency. Such a notion is anathema to them and it.

The Barbaric Thugs Pointing The Guns? The American-Supported “Rebels” In Syria. Nice.

Whew!! There, I said it like no Political Pundit or Talking Head ever would. I have no sponsors or editors to compromise, water down and neuter my WORK. As a former CPA who surrendered his CPA Certificate as a form of protest against The Elite, I walked away, and turned my back on, that Command & Control way of life nine years ago. I could no longer in good conscience be their Errand Boy and DIRECTLY & WILLINGLY enable and support this Diabolical System The Elite erected to enslave Humanity and destroy Human Potential.

My life is now devoted to The Liberation of Human Potential, to The Empowerment of the Individual, to The Building of True Sustainable Community, to The Encouragement and Fostering of Collaboration & Cooperation Balanced Constructively with Competition and, most of all, to A Non-Heirarchical, Egalitarian World Awash in Mutual Respect and Adoration For Those who Adhere to These Values and Principles. That’s Basic Human Decency — not the BULLSHIT you and you ilk are proffering, Michelle.


Remember, folks, It’s All Lies. You know it’s true, even though It’s All Lies. It’s time to be honest with yourselves. Honesty requires sacrifice. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. It’s a tough road to hoe. Believe me, I know. The Goons continue to cajole me to get back to work. Sorry, Goons, this is my WORK. Just because I’m not remunerated for it like your Corporate-Owned Talking Head Whores, doesn’t mean what I’ve been doing at this blog for the past three years isn’t WORK. What a philanthropist I am (since this has been free to all) compared to The Filthy Rich who pretend they GIVE with their Pet CharitiesCharities set up and run by their wives and sons and daughters and friends where 80% of the proceeds collected go to “administrative costs (salaries & perks)” and yet they call it Giving. Yeah, right, they’re Giving alright — Giving back to themselves with the added benefit of a tax write-off.

They really are this sick & twisted. The sooner the majority of us see this, the sooner we can try to change it. But I assure you, you can’t change it through voting via an Election System that is rigged in their favor. It doesn’t matter whether you vote for a 3rd Party Candidate, or not, they have that covered. Do you really think they would let a 3rd Party Candidate be POTUS? Get real. The first step in any of this is to protest the corrupt electoral process by not supporting it any way and that means don’t vote for your enslavement. That means don’t vote. If everyone didn’t vote en masse, I guarantee you The Establishment would lie about the results because it would be too embarrassing to reveal to the rest of the world that 90% of Americans declared the Electoral System too corrupt to vote in good conscience. And then what? Let’s cross that bridge when and if we come to it, but for now, take that most basic step, exercise some Basic Human Decency, and tell The Establishment — NO MORE. Tell The Establishment it’s DONE. OVER. And maybe, just maybe, if that miraculously happens, A New Day Will Dawn — but I kinda doubt it.

This Is Google’s Slogan This Week When You Pull Up A Google Search Page. I Click NO THANKS. What About You?