Defending The Indefensible


Defending The Indefensible is the story of our times and more specifically the story of this 2016 Presidential Election Cycle. This is what it means to be Presidential in America now and forever more as long as America exists in its current unsteady state. A Nation of Laws is not necessarily a Nation of Principles and/or Values. A Nation of Laws increasingly detached from Principles/Values, is a Tyranny of Jackasses exploited by Sadists.

If you vote, you’re a Jackass because you are voting for more abuse — you are Defending The Indefensible. If you vote, especially in this election but any Presidential Election really, you are complicit in America’s demise. Neither one of the candidates, The Narcissist & The Psychopath (guessing which one is which is a fun & challenging exercise), are worthy of respect and/or support, but no matter, many of you, or most all of you, will support one or the other regardless of what I say, because, afterall, who am I? That’s right, as my About page indicates, I am no one, I am a Nobody, and therefore, because I’m not famous like Donald Trump, I can’t do whatever I like to women — like, you know, grab their pussy.

How do you grab a pussy anyway? It’s not like it’s an appendage like an arm or, gasp, a dick. But hey, Don Draper knows how to grab some pussy and his character is a fan favorite amongst Liberals, so I fail to see why they’re so offended by Trump’s remarks when their very own Bill Clinton not only no doubt spoke words similar in intent & sentiment to The Donald’s misogynist comments, but actually quite literally acted on those comments. Where is the outrage for such behavior when it’s one of their own? Where is the outrage over Trump’s comments for the majority of conservatives who called for the impeachment of Bill Clinton when he was POTUS for similar behavior and lack of character?


I’m convinced that Hitler could run for POTUS as either a Republican or a Democrat and despite his horrific reputation for genocide and aggressive, preemptive war, the supporters of either party would find a way to rationalize and excuse Hitler’s abhorrent, repugnant and megalomaniacal behavior. The tragedy in all of this spectacle that is the 2016 American Presidential Election Cycle is that sometime in the next decade or two, if this trend of Defending The Indefensible continues, that scenario may manifest entirely — where the Polity is persuaded, because it is collectively for all intents & purposes a Jackass, to support & vote for a True Megalomaniac, and then, it will be too late. It’s precisely what happened with the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Values and Principles were increasingly compromised in the Germans’ support of Hitler’s Megalomania — and we all know how that ended. No, Clinton and/or Trump are not a Hitler-type, but they are paving the way and so too are you if you support the further degradation of the political process in America which is essentially a sham and a joke at this point. Just remember, when that time comes, you can’t say “no one told me.” You were told — and you arrogantly dismissed the warnings. You will reap what you sow — a maxim that has never proven false.


About Trump’s “lewd” comments caught on the Hot Mic, Trump & Bill Clinton are Two Peas In A Pod. Trump’s right — when you’re famous you can do whatever you want to women, if you’re so inclined and both Bill & Donald are most definitely inclined to do whatever they want to women. I wonder if The Donald, similar to Bill, likes to use cigars in creative ways on women? Maybe while they’re lit, even. Nice (or not so nice). If that’s your thing. This is The Elite mentality. The rest of us, the Peeps they refer to as The Small People or The Little People, are toys to them. They can do anything they want to us and they do. They can even make you vote for them and make you think they’re your salvation.

Speaking of that, is there a technique to “grabbing Pussy?” Remember in the good old days how some men were experts at removing a woman’s bra flawlessly & seamlessly even if the bra had seams, and believe me, in those days, bras had plenty of seams as some of you may or may not recollect. Maybe there are men who have perfected the art of “pussy grabbing.” They’re real experts — Craftsmen, if you prefer. I wonder if many of the males who support Trump, that Basket of Deplorables, are “pussy grabbing” experts & aficionados? If not, they should be if they want to emulate their Great Leader.


For those of you who proclaim that Hillary Rotten Clinton is running for POTUS, not her husband, I say to you, if Hillary is the next POTUS, so too is Bill. They are a Political Tag Team. They are as ONE. A Pure Symbiosis. This is why they’re together still after Bill’s history of abuse & rape with women. It’s not a Marriage — it’s a Political Arrangement they call Marriage, but that doesn’t make it a Marriage. With Psychopaths, Power & Ambition Trumps (haha) Fidelity. In fact, Fidelity isn’t even a concern so long as the Infidel follows the London Fog motto: Limit Your Exposure. Bill’s done a terrible job of limiting his exposure over the years, don’t you think? Or maybe he’s done a great job of limiting his exposure and what’s been leaked to the public is only the tip of the iceberg. You Never Know. Except we do — read my Who’s Afraid of Virginia Roberts? post here for a taste of what’s not been made public about Bill on CNN & MSNBC or Fox News even, let alone The New York Times & The Washington Post.

It’s odd — the timing of things. Late last week I posted a Trump-esque “lewd” comment at Clusterfuck Nation. I will quote it below for your edification. It preceded the MSM’s Breaking News concerning Trump’s latest “lewd” comments to Billy Bush caught on the Hot Mic. My comment was obvious and intended satire. I’m just an Average Joe — unremarkable in every way and I’m not famous. What’s also satire is Trump, and The Clintons, in their entirety and the fact that so many Jackasses take them seriously and are actually Defending the Indefensible by voting for one or the other Fraud. That’s satire as well, and yet I’m not laughing. I wonder why?

Me, on the other hand, you can’t get much more handsome. I have to wear a disguise in public so women won’t strip my pants off and blow me right there on the spot. Still, even after implementing such clandestine & draconian measures, that’s not even fully effective — they’re also attracted to my irresistible musk. It drives them nuts and makes them so moist they have to wear extra protection for it not to show. ~ Cold N. Holefield

That’s it for now. If you really want to take a stand and make a difference and you want to try to miraculously do that via voting, pencil my name is as your choice for POTUS. Make a statement. A vote for Cold N. Holefield is a vote for Liberty.

Please participate in the following polls. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. And remember folks, It’s All Lies. You know I’m right if you’re honest with yourself, and if you’re not honest with yourselves, well, then I know I’m right even though I already know I’m right.


5 thoughts on “Defending The Indefensible

  1. You know, many, many people have asked me if I watched the debate last night. I didn’t. I just can’t do it. I tried for about one minute and then shut it off. Instead, we watched a couple of episodes of Mad Men and the first episode of the following series on Netflix.

    I cannot contemplate how people who take themselves too seriously can watch these debates and think they can glean anything meaningful from them. You may as well be watching porn. It’s All Lies. You know it is — so why do you watch? Perhaps it’s the same reason I like to look at photos and footage of the aftermath of a destructive event like a flood or an earthquake or a manmade event like the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. There is something fascinating about examining the fingerprints of destruction. Except with the debates, the destruction is a comedy, and that’s where I draw the line. How can so many people not only laugh at their own demise, but support it by voting for Frauds? I don’t get it. Or maybe I do and just don’t want to admit it to myself — that people really are this stupid and reprehensible.

    Like my brother-in-law Peter. He watches the debates because he hates Hillary Clinton and he wants to see Trump rape her. He doesn’t know why he hates her, he just knows he hates her or is supposed to hate her. I suppose he’s yet another member of that overflowing Basket of Deplorables. As I mentioned in my last blog post, that basket isn’t large enough for all the Deplorables — they’re too many to count and they comprise Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and most every politician you can list or can’t list. Peter is the Rock upon which this Calamity is built. A mind is a dangerous thing to have and not exercise or use…..or something like that.

  2. When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. ~ Donald J. Trump

    Confident. Incorrigible. Bully: Little Donny was a lot like candidate Donald Trump

    From the link behind the title:

    Dennis Burnham was four years younger and lived around the corner from Donald. He inherited his own impression of his neighbor from his mother, who warned that he should “stay away from the Trumps.”

    “Donald was known to be a bully, I was a little kid, and my parents didn’t want me beaten up,” said Burnham, 65, a business consultant in Texas.

    Once when she left Dennis in a playpen in a back yard adjoining the Trumps’ property, Martha Burnham returned to find Donald throwing rocks at her son. “She saw Donald standing at the fence,” Dennis Burnham said, “using the playpen for target ­practice.”

    So, I wonder what happens when, as POTUS if he’s miraculously annointed, Trump throws rocks at Putin and his Playpen? Bye Bye Birdie.

  3. So true, Lavrov, so true. And The Donald is one of them. I wonder if Lavrov likes to grab pussy? Nah, he likes to beat pussy, not grab it. In Russia, where they put vodka on their cereal rather than milk, grabbing pussy is for pussies.

    You can’t write this shit — it writes itself. All I can do is present it as The Master of Ceremonies.

    • And speaking of cowardly pussies, there’s nothing more cowardly and pussy-like than Alphabet Agencies spying on and harassing their own fellow citizens rather than taking on The Russians who have been poking them in the chest for eight or more years now. You hear that, ASSHOLES? You’re a bunch of Fucking Pussies who shy away from a real fight and instead choose to pick on defenseless people like the bullies you are. Pathetic.

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