A Thug’s Life


I must have missed the coverage in The National News of this brutal beating of a 61-year-old man who tried to break up a fight between two females outside of his house in Baltimore. Maybe because there wasn’t any coverage of it or any outrage whatsoever. That’s sad. That’s pathetic. It’s tragic. It’s telling.

Police: Dundalk Man Attacked by Group of Juveniles (Click Link For Full Story & Video)

I’m told I should have empathy for the Thugs who perpetrated this heinous act. To those who say I should have empathy for such Thuggery, I say FUCK YOU!! I have no empathy for such cruel & sadistic behavior. If you do, and you try to persuade other people to have empathy for this, you are truly FUCKED in your head.

Where are Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon and Erin Burnett and Wolf Blitzer with their 24/7 non-stop coverage of this event like they feel compelled to do with their coverage of Police Shootings? That’s right — they’re no where to be seen. Such violence doesn’t interest them because it doesn’t fit their Agenda. That can be the only reason — they have an Agenda and this Brutal Beating doesn’t support it.


PEOPLE, shut The Lamestream News off and out. It’s All Lies. It’s Agenda-Driven — all of it including Fox News. Fox News isn’t an alternative and The Truth. Instead, it’s a Brand selling you the Same ‘ol Shit in disguise. Think for yourselves.

The Thugs who perpetrated this act are beyond repair. They cannot be rehabilitated. They cannot be saved. They are permanently damaged. They have been formed this way and you can’t unform what has already been formed. The most you can hope for is to prevent these damaged Thugs from damaging anyone else. That’s at The Root of this. There are good people in these impoverished communities who want to live good & decent lives but the Thugs get to those with potential early and turn them to the despotism of The Dark Side. How do you prevent that? Not by empathizing with the Thugs and rationalizing & excusing their Thuggery. You prevent it by identifying and isolating the Thugs and encouraging the Community to understand that they cannot support these Thugs any longer. The Thugs must be ostracized and shunned, not appeased and placated. All of this needs to be done in collaboration with LE and the politicians — the exact opposite message being disseminated by The Agenda-Driven Lamestream News, especially CNN. Watch The Wire — it’s all there and makes for great discussion about the mechanism(s) that perpetuate(s) this embarrassingly destructive tragedy that’s gone on for far too long.

The messaging has transformed dramatically in 40 plus years, hasn’t it? By design? I believe so. And it coincides with The Welfare State. Face it — The Democrats ghettoized you and put you on The Reservation. The Proof is in the Pudding.

Wake the Fuck Up!! This messaging through “music” and illegal drugs plus welfare has decimated Blacks and kept them from assimilating into the larger culture. It was brought to you, and is brought to you, by The Alphabet Agencies to include the CIA. Obama is CIA. He does not share your plight. He never has. He is an Elitist White Man in Black Skin. He is pretending to be you whilst he’s stabbing you in the back and using you as Fools & Tools for your further destruction. See it NOW before it’s too late. They’re trying to stoke a Race War. Don’t cooperate. Resist. Non-Violently. Intelligently.

Where are you Colin Kaepernick and Nessa Diab? I’m willing to stand with you if you’re willing to address The Root of the matter. If not, you’re on your own, and I will tell you now, it will not end well. You’re being Set-Up. Don’t be Patsies.



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  1. Here’s another one they’re not showing in The Lamestream Media — until it’s Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Erin Burnett, Wolf Blitzkrieg or Gabbagoo Cuomo stripped naked & beaten by Thugs. It’s called Protesting and it’s happening in Charlotte as we speak. White folks are the targets.

    Let me ask you, PEOPLE, how do you think this ends? Who wins in a Race War? I’ll give you a hint — not White or Black. Who wins are The People who stoked it. Now I ask you — who’s stoking it? THEY are your enemy. They are OUR enemy.

  2. Not one person has clicked on the link to the story I’ve provided in this blog post. It reveals to me that most people aren’t interested in learning or challenging their involuntary perspectives. People think they have all the answers already. And where did they get all those answers? The Lamestream Media and its Red-Headed Stepchild and Partner-In-Social-Engineering-Crime, Social Media — to include Twitter & Reddit.

    Like I said, it doesn’t end well, and peoples’ Love Affair with Ignorance is The Juice that fortifies the calamity to come.

  3. “So help me?” What do you mean by that?

    Rabia’s traveling to Pakistan this week. She’s made many trips to Pakistan over the years. Guess how many trips I’ve made to Poland & Ireland? That’s right. Zero. Because I’ve assimilated. So too have my relatives.

  4. Sometimes, many times even, you will find more objective, impartial analysis from the commentary to an article than you will from the article itself. Such is the case with the following LA Times article concerning the shooting death of Charlotte’s Keith Lamont Scott. Take note of the Whitewash of this guy’s reputation. The LA Times is not alone in this persistent Agenda-Driven Propaganda — pretty much the entire Lamestream Media is onboard. I have screenshot a few salient comments from the article to serve as a counterbalance to the disturbing propaganda proffered by the LA Times author.

    The Lamestream Media is lying to all of us. It’s All Lies. Just as everything asserted in The Clown Show Debates (which I will not be watching, fyi) tonight will be all lies.

    Keith Lamont Scott: A Family Man, Good Worker and Ex-con — Whose Death Ignited a City

    Keith Lamont Scott had been arrested more than five times and spent more than six years in prison in one stretch. He was married to the same woman for more than 20 years and was a father to seven. He was regarded as a good security guard at a local mall, but died at the hands of local law enforcement near his home.

    The complicated tapestry of his life came to an end Tuesday when police in Charlotte, N.C., shot Scott outside a condominium complex amid a murky set of circumstances that sparked riots, fueled the debate over police tactics and became the latest Rorschach test for the nation’s view on race.

    At the center of it all was Scott, a relatively unknown man in life and a nationally trending topic in death.

    He was 43.

    Scott was born in South Carolina, and his mother, Vernita Scott Walker, still lives in the Charleston area. She said her son was a family man and told local television station WCSC that he’d suffered in recent months after being involved in a motorcycle accident in November.

    “He had some issues with his brain, and he had two broken hips and broken pelvis … and his nose was broken,” she said. “It caused him to stutter his words, and sometimes he couldn’t remember what he said.”

    Before that, neighbors said, he was a proud father who would watch his son play football at the local middle school in Gastonia. He would, if the weather was nice, detail his truck with an older son. On Facebook, his daughters and a niece posted a video of him playfully dancing at a family function to the Chris Brown/Usher slow jam, “New Flame.”

    “RIP killer Keith u will be forever loved and missed frfr love you uncle,” Tylicia Shameer Gladden wrote above the video, which had more than 20,000 views and had been shared more than 264 times. A cousin, identified as Kellie Doll, started a GoFundMe campaign that, as of Saturday afternoon, had raised $4,685. Funeral plans have not been disclosed.

    His family has largely avoided giving lengthy interviews about Scott since the controversial shooting. But on social media, they’ve been active — highly critical of law enforcement’s version of events.

    Police have said Scott was armed at the time and in possession of marijuana; family members contend that he had only a book, which they say he was reading while waiting at a bus stop for his son to return from school.

    In a video Scott’s wife, Rakeyia, recorded of the moments before his death, she told police he wasn’t armed, wouldn’t do anything and had just taken medicine for his TBI — traumatic brain injury.

    Crissy Ferguson, who knew him for about two years when the Scott family lived down the street in Gastonia, said he was a friendly presence who had an unmistakable baritone – “a radio voice” – and was generally approachable.

    “He was real jovial,” Ferguson said. “He could have his intimidating looks on some days. But he was usually laid-back.”

    Ferguson said Scott’s motorcycle was a source of pride for him. But since the accident, she said, he had to walk with a cane.

    Scott had worked at the Eastridge Mall as a security guard for about a year.

    “He did a good job for us,” said general manager Lance Sturges.

    “Our security folks are customer-service-oriented and ambassadors, and they have to have the gravitas to work with big and small situations and enforce the rules and regulations. He did that,” Sturges said.

    It’s unclear how Scott ended up in the Charlotte area after traveling a path that had him living in South Carolina and Texas for several years.

    But the years in Texas seemed to carry with them, for Scott, a penchant for brushing up against the law. His time there included his longest prison sentence – a stretch from March 2005 to April 2011 for aggravated assault, according to Jason Clark, spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

    Clark said he also served time for evading arrest.

    His lawyer in those cases, Gloria Yates Early, said Scott argued that he had been acting in self-defense when he shot a man near a convenience store in San Antonio. She said Scott thought the man – who Scott said had been following him and his family for a week – was armed. Scott went to talk to him and ended up drawing his handgun and firing it 10 times, striking the man.

    Early said Scott believed the man was going to harm him or his family. “I don’t know what went wrong and why he did it, but shots were fired and no weapon was retrieved from the other guy.… But the man lived.”

    Early said Scott was working at a job at the time the case was proceeding, but eventually lost it because of his absences for court appearances. Then he missed a court appearance and had his bail revoked, landing him back in jail.

    He was sentenced to a little more than a year for that conviction.

    Scott’s legal troubles in South Carolina weren’t as severe and took place in the 1990s – around the time he married Rakeyia, on March 25, 1996, in Charleston. He was 22 and she was 18. The convictions ranged from check fraud for amounts under $50 to carrying a concealed weapon, though not a firearm.

    Early said that, despite his legal problems, he always maintained a deep love of his family and especially his wife. “He really loved Rakeyia and she really loved him, and he really loved his children,” she said.

    When he was shot and killed Tuesday, his daughter Lyric Scott was recording a live video as she raged against the police – knowing at the time only that her father had been shot. Simultaneously profane, angry and sad, the teen stalked up and down along the yellow police tape trying to find out more about the shooting.

    About 15 minutes into the hour-plus video her voice turned high-pitched and hysterical – repeating a truth she wished she could deny.

    “My daddy is dead. My daddy is dead,” she said. “They shot my daddy. They shot my daddy.” Then she began to sob uncontrollably.

    At a news conference after police released dashboard-camera and body-camera videos of the shooting on Saturday, Scott family lawyers gathered with Scott’s brother-in-law, who addressed earlier questions from reporters about Scott’s character.

    “Of course he was a wonderful person; of course we loved him dearly. But that shouldn’t be the issue,” said Ray Dotch, who stood with his sister, Rachel Dotch. “We shouldn’t have to humanize him in order for him to be treated fairly. What you should know about him is that he was an American citizen who deserved better. That is our position, and it should be yours.”

    The guy had a Rap Sheet a mile long for violent assault with a deadly weapon being one or several of the charges. He had a gun illegally and he was brandishing it cocked and ready to shoot when the Police told him to drop it. Family Man, my ass.

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