Balless & Pay For Play


Those are your choices in the next election. As far as the effect either one will have on your life & livelihood, it will be the same either way. It’s already been determined, by and large — your fate. It’s baked in the cake, so to speak. So, you can choose to laugh or cry, but don’t be so naive as to believe you can choose your fate since it’s already been chosen for you.

I’m making significant progress on True Crime, Inc.. The About the Author section and the Preface have been completed and I’m moving on to Chapter 1: The World’s Oldest Profession this week. This book is going to contain some excellent, thought-provoking material. Some of the chapters, aside from the one I just mentioned, are as follows:

  • Alternate Reality Games (ARG)
  • Simulacra & The Simulacrum
  • Unsocial Media
  • Hot Evil vs Cold Evil
  • Millenials, Narcissim & Psychopathology
  • The Perfect Storm
  • The Gamers’ Playground
  • Everything, Inc.
  • Can LE Keep Up?
  • Where are the Criminologists & Academia?
  • Trolls R Us
  • Egregores

That’s a loose, dynamic list for now. It’s subject to change as I drill to the heart of the matter. Here’s a taste of the Preface for your edification.


And that’s just it. What seems unfathomable now isn’t unfathomable in the future, and what was unfathomable in the past is now not only fathomable, but actually quite normal and commonplace. Reread Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, or read it for the first time, and tell me Ray wasn’t precociously prescient. So much of the dystopian scene & setting in that excellent classic is actual reality today. All Bradbury was doing was connecting the dots of the trend curve he was observing when he wrote that book in 1953. For example, a pill to quell and/or inculcate any impulse — pills that can effectively tune you in or tune you out with a bevy of side effects that require yet more pills. Twenty lane superhighways with non-stop traffic 24/7. Walls that serve as television — we’re almost there. Before you know it, paint will be embedded with LCD crystals so your walls can become animated with mind-controlling & mind-numbing propaganda in perpetuity. We’re so close to it, you can practically touch it. The burning of books has happened in one form or another and now, more than ever before, I, and you too, can walk in Guy Montag’s shoes. To know, as he did, is more a curse than a blessing, and ignorance is bliss when there’s no personal accountability for the implications of it.

You don’t have to burn books when you can instead flood the market with a tsunami of vapid, vacuous and vain compilations disguised and sold as literature. It’s increasingly difficult to find one with any substance or originality any longer. It has the same effect as having no books at all. Too much of nothing is nothing. Biographies of VIPs have become all the rage, for example. They’re ubiquitous. The increasingly mindless line up to get their autographed copies. The Masses, those who still read, gobble this trash up. Many of these Vanity Fairs are miraculously & inexplicably Best Sellers, whilst excellently written books with True Substance that challenge you to think go unnoticed & unread.

What must have seemed unfathomable in 1953 to most people, is now our reality. In 2016, sixty three years after Bradbury wrote his book that was an extrapolation of current trends at that time, we are living Fahrenheit 451 and many of us don’t even realize it. That’s precisely the point & message of True Crime, Inc.. It’s happening now. It’s a process. It’s fomenting. It’s gathering momentum and only a handful of extremely vigilant & observant individuals can see it for what it is and report on it. Will anyone listen or take heed? Probably not. They didn’t with Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, so I don’t have a lot of confidence they will with True Crime, Inc.. But this book must be written and this message disseminated for posterity’s sake, if for no other reason.


In the meantime, enjoy some election coverage I’m providing below. Remember, I am not politically ideological, so I don’t care who “wins” the election for POTUS. They’re both a big fucking joke. If you think either are legitimate, you’re a braindead joke. My vote is for HAL 9000 for POTUS, and if we can’t have HAL, then an eggplant will suffice. Either will be a vast improvement compared to the Bobbleheads The Establishment serves up to us as our “choices” every four years.



The following are images of a naked Donald Trump some Yahoo crafted. I suppose it’s a form of irreverent art. The creator refers to the mannequin as The Emperor Has No Balls. It is pretty funny, I have to admit. However, imagine the reaction of The Press if this was done to Obama? Somehow, no doubt, the creator of something similar directed at Obama would be labeled racist. The beauty of being the first “Black” POTUS. If anyone criticizes him, they’re racist — automatically, even though BHO isn’t Black, or at least not Black by my standards. Hell, he’s more White than me, if you can believe that.



And here’s an excellent documentary underscoring what frauds The Clintons are. They say & preach one thing, and do the exact opposite. So clever & cunning. They take you all for a bunch of Rubes just as The Donald does. How anyone can zealously support either of these Freaks is beyond me. You simply have no intellect whatsoever if you think, first, your vote matters, and second, even if it did matter you believe one of these two is a viable option to “lead” America. It’s an absurd notion to think either one could “lead” something as complex as America. The most they could ever be is a face for The Beast, but not much else. And regardless of which one ascends to The Throne come November, what an ugly face it will be. I suppose that’s appropriate considering The Nature of the Beast to which the face is applied.


11 thoughts on “Balless & Pay For Play

  1. I have to thank you for introducing me to your colleagues. Heretofore, I didn’t even know this guy existed. Now, I realize just how talented & special he really is — just like you. Yes, you. Because you’re also so very special, as are most “Professional Writers.” Fortunately, I’m not a “Professional Writer.” No “Roxanne, you don’t have to put on The Red Light” for me, thank you. I don’t do “special.” And, to top it with a cherry, this particular “Professional Writer” is also a fellow Millenial, and this, dear friends, is how “Writers” think & feel, especially the “Liberal” variety.

    What this fella is saying by rewteeting this is that Aetna should shut its mouth and enjoy the economic windfall of the ACA (Obamacare). This is how vacuous, immoral and unethical these arrogant jackasses are. The ACA, in collusion with The Obama Administration, was written by & for Big Healthcare, Inc. to include Big Insurance, Inc.. This guy is using your fleecing as a positive selling point of corrupt legislation that leaves poor Americans even poorer. Unbelievable, but not surprising. They are this bankrupt. Ideology blinds & decimates.

  2. Hey, Everybody (using my best Harry Caray impersonation), especially those who are working on something really big that will be announced soon enough, look who’s interested in Cyber Harassment. Why, it’s the Numero Uno Cyber Stalker, Harasser & Threatener, YOU KNOW WHO. Do you want to know how many views at ITs blog you’ll find for me? That’s right, zero. Do you want to know how many podcast episodes I’ve listened to after Episode 20? That’s right, zero. But here we see 221 visits, and counting, from a creature, along with his Friends, suddenly interested in Cyber Stalking & Cyber Harassment. And that’s just the last month or so. All of ITs visits combined from all IPs is well into the thousands for YOU KNOW WHO. I’m telling you, folks, they Take the Cake when it comes to irony. It’s the nuttiest thing I’ve encountered on The Net yet, but I’m sure there are still surprises to come. The Net thinks up new ways to surprise you every day. It never disappoints in that regard.

  3. Some have surmised that this avatar at Clusterfuck Nation is a National Security State Bot. I think they may be correct. Take note of the Tweet I screen-printed in the comment above. Dan Diamond. If it’s not a Bot, it’s a Psychopath for sure. Maybe the one, or one of the ones, who’s been stalking & harassing me. I can only imagine the number of psychopathic gmails I’ve received in the past several weeks since I stopped logging into that account. A Sick Society (what Society isn’t sick?) produces very Sick People — and Psycho Bots as well. Remember, folks, the National Security State runs The Show. The rest of us are props and actors. You can check out of The Theater any time you like, but you can never leave. NEVER. Until you die, but maybe not then either. Who can really say?

  4. Here’s the National Security State Psycho Bot at it again. “Extrapolate.” The Shitbird, or Shitbirds, who’s/who’ve been stalking me & harassing me has/have made it clear it/they reads/read & comments/comment to Clusterfuck Nation. Psychopaths (versus Gorillas) in the Midst.

  5. I can’t wait to see Susan Simpson in a veil and covered head to foot & circumcised. If your friends in the Muslim Brotherhood have their way, that may happen sooner than anyone thinks. The purpose of The Separation of Church & State is to keep religion in its rightful place. The Muslim Brotherhood, believing Allah’s Law stands before any manmade law, isn’t “down” with that.

    It’s biding its time, growing its numbers, chipping away at government and the legal system, until one day, maybe thirty years from now, it gets the upper hand, and then, there is no more freedom to practice religion. Then, there will be only one official religion and anyone caught practicing anything else will be punished severely. It’s what the MB tried to do in Egypt just as I predicted they would, by using the Left as a foil to create a power vacuum where they could swoop in and fill it with their thuggery. It’s in process in America now.

    Now is the only time it can be stopped. Not thirty years from now when it’s too late without massive bloodshed on American and French soil. France has it right. Women have fought tooth & nail for more than a century to wear what they want. You are not wearing what you want. You’re wearing a uniform that covers your entire body because you believe all men are rapists who want to ogle you and molest you, and perhaps that’s the way Muslim men feel as well if you think that way. Were you raised to believe that’s the way all men think and feel about women? If so, that’s a pretty pathetic culture — one that belongs in your ancestors’ country of origin, not here in America or in France.

  6. In the next couple of weeks I will be writing a blog post about Twitter. It will be quite informative & enlightening. I’m also considering using my real name versus my nom de plume for True Crime, Inc.. One reason I may use my real name is because I want to sue the person who created the Twitter account below and Twitter. My research into Twitter has shown that personnel at Twitter may be engaging in Gang Stalking at that platform and they enable harassment & stalking. The claim needs to be investigated thoroughly. It’s not surprising when you consider the accounts that get suspended versus those that don’t. For example, Twitter is inundated with Porn accounts, many of which connect to apparent Eastern European Sex Slave Traders selling their Sex Slaves‘ services. If the claims have any merit, Twitter needs to be held to account for all of the above and for letting the following criminal steal my idea and claim it as their own. I believe there’s a strong possibility the person, or persons, responsible for this is/are the person/people who operates/operate the avatar “dannyboy” that posts over at Clusterfuck Nation. Do you agree that the person who did this should be exposed and held to account? It’s as low as low gets, and so too is Twitter, if the claims have any merit, considering its abysmal behavior in allowing it and a myriad of other unethical and illegal behavior to perpetuate.

    If there are any Class Action Attorneys out there, please let me know if you’re interested in picking up this Class Action case against Twitter. I’m not alone — Twitter has done this to many people and it’s time it’s held to account. Personally, I think Twitter needs to be shut down at this point. If the claims are true, and I think there’s a strong possibility they are, it’s an unethical, fraudulent entity enabling unethical & illegal activity to flourish and maybe, perhaps, engaging in it directly as well.

    I will also add, the person who stole my idea and claimed it as their own on Twitter is UnAmerican. If it’s someone in LE or one of the Alphabet Agencies, it stands to reason. They are, by their very nature, UnAmerican & Undemocratic. Do you really believe the “Founding Fathers” would have approved of the creation of such an Abomination? I know they wouldn’t have, and I know they must be rolling in their graves — the graves these organizations spit upon daily.

  7. I’m giving Twitter a chance to prove me wrong. I Tweeted Jack Dorsey and requested he take the Twitter account down that usurped my creativity and claimed it as its own. I’d actually like Jack to do more than that. I would like Jack to provide me with the ip information related to that account so we can trace it back to the source and sue them. We’ll see if Jack responds and acts. I doubt he will because I doubt Jack even uses that Twitter account even though it’s in his name. My guess is an Admin Assistant posts to that account for Jack or it’s automated.

    FYI, I’m growing my beard out like you too, Jack. I’m half way there and I just got some fancy new glasses as well. With a ball cap on, I’m starting to look like Fidel or Che.

  8. I’ve sent a couple more Tweets to “Jack” since I can see from my analytics he, or his assistant, has/have read the first one and looked at my profile twice. It has to be his account that’s checked my profile out since my account is locked and I have no Followers and I’m following no one. Let’s see if “Jack” does the right thing. I’m going to find out who you are, Psycho Freak, and I’m going to sue you for that Twitter account and perhaps have you prosecuted if you’re responsible for the majority of the harassment. I’m not going to let this go.

  9. Still no word from Jack Dorsey. I’ll give it a day or two longer, and if I don’t hear back from him and/or the accounts set up to mock me and harass me and stalk me and steal my creativity are not suspended, then I have to assume he and Twitter are complicit. Jack’s not about thinking — in fact, quite the opposite, he and his cohorts are about dumbing the entire world down.

    Anyway, I’ll have a blog post up today or tomorrow entitled Nuns’ Lives Matter (NLM). Maybe it can start a movement, although I kinda doubt it, considering. And yes, Trump is right but for the wrong reasons, Hillary, and The Clintons in general and the majority of the Democrat Party and its supporters, are in fact bigots and every bit as racist as The Alt Right. That will be part of the blog post. Ideology will stymie you every time, yet people still flock to it, in one form or another, in droves. They can’t help themselves. They must be told what to think because thinking for oneself is just too difficult and trying.

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