Hooray For Justice!!!


Well — it finally happened as I said it would. Adnan Syed has been granted a new trial. Kudos to his attorney Justin Brown and to Rabia Chaudry, Susan Simpson and Colin Miller for their impeccable legal inquiry & analysis related to Adnan’s case. Without their magnanimous effort, it would not have been possible. For those visiting this blog for the first time because of the recent news of Adnan being granted a new trial, on the sidebar to the right you will find the category “Hae Min Lee Murder.” Everything I’ve written & recorded at this blog related to the Hae Min Lee murder case can be found by investigating that category.

I fully suspect The State will not retry Adnan. It has no case, and if it was idiotic enough to retry him with the same case, Adnan will have no problem being exonerated. My personal wish is that The State would retry Adnan again with the same evidence, because then, and only then, will Justice be complete. What do I mean? What I mean is, it’s not complete Justice unless Adnan is exonerated. What The State will more than likely do instead is choose not to retry Adnan but rather offer him the dreaded Alford Plea. I won’t blame Adnan for taking the plea deal if The State offers it, and I think The State will, but it would mean Adnan has to admit guilt instead of being exonerated. And that’s not complete Justice. The State gets to save face rather than being held to account for its miscarriage of Justice.


I won’t belabor the great news — it speaks for itself. As I mentioned, if you’re interested in the details of all this, please read, and listen to, all the material per the aforementioned category. What I will say in closing is, it’s incredibly stark irony that an innocent man, Adnan Syed, has spent the last fifteen years in jail for a crime he did not commit whilst the inhuman creatures who planned & perpetrated 9/11 walk free and have been rewarded for their treason.