Old Hickory & Aunt Jemima


That’s a prototypical version of the new twenty dollar bill per the Modern Liberals website here. It’s Harriet Tubman of Underground Railroad fame, in case you don’t know, and I’m sure a number of you don’t know and couldn’t care less (it’s couldn’t, Hillary, not could).

The Department of Treasury announced this week it has plans to move the seventh president of the United States, The Indian Slayer (versus The King Slayer) Andrew Jackson, also known as Old Hickory, to the back of the bill and in his stead will be an image of Harriet Tubman, but maybe not the image provided by the Modern Liberals blog. That would be too offensive even though it is historically accurate just as the image of Aunt Jemima was historically accurate before The Quaker Oats Company replaced it with a more “politically correct” and less offensive image of the Black Pancake Auntie. Per Wikipedia here:

Just as the formula for the mix has changed several times over the years, so has the Aunt Jemima image been modified several times. In her most recent 1989 makeover, as she reached her 100th anniversary, the 1968 image was updated, with her kerchief removed to reveal a natural hairdo and pearl earrings. The logo much more resembled a modern homemaker than previous designs and carried far fewer racial connotations. This new look remains with the products to this day.



Mind you, I didn’t think up the Aunt Jemima comparison. The commentator “BackRowHeckler” from the racist cesspool comment section of Kunstler’s blog, Clusterfuck Nation, did in the comments to this blog post.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 1.56.46 PM

If BackRowHeckler’s comment is offensive, and it is, so too is Modern Liberals depiction of Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill. Modern Liberals doesn’t get a pass because it pretends to care about Black people. That’s bullshit and a double standard.

I spend time at Clusterfuck Nation‘s comment section because I need to feel the pulse of the seething pent-up rage of the increasingly dispossessed looking for scapegoats in all the wrong places. And, I’m there to fuck things up for “them.” They are a Motley Crue, to be sure.

As you can imagine, they were up in arms and harping on and on about the audacious effrontery (according to them, not me, or not me for their reasons) of removing Old Hickory from the front of the bill and moving him to the back only to be replaced by an uppity slave who didn’t know her place.


Jeffrey Lord is Andrew Jackson reincarnated.
Jeffrey Lord is Andrew Jackson reincarnated.
A less somber, updated Andrew Jackson.
A less somber, updated Andrew Jackson.

Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill doesn’t offend me. I don’t consider it an affront. What concerns me is not only why some do consider it an affront and why they’re insulted by it, but also, the stark hypocrisy of those who chose to do it. I have to question their motivation, so, I crafted the following response to the issue that slices right through the racism of The Left and The Right. Please read it with an open mind. Read it several times over and let it sink in and then respond respectfully & intelligently if you so please. I encourage your constructive commentary.

Putting Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill is an incredibly insensitive, denigrating and racially-motivated act on the part of so-called Liberals. It’s a credit economy, not a cash economy. Cash is pretty much irrelevant these days to those who are “going places.” Bits and Bytes are what matter most. Don’t believe me? When was the last time Obama’s daughters broke out a twenty to pay for something? I bet the answer is, NEVER!!! In fact, I bet they have never seen or touched a twenty. And by virtue of that, they are most assuredly not Black except for the color of their skin, and in my book, the only book that matters, that doesn’t make them Black.

Those who still engage in cash transactions are the ones who have been Left Behind — they’re the permanently disabled underclass. And that permanently disabled underclass, enabled by the Liberals as much as the Conservatives if not more mind you, is significantly comprised of highly impoverished Blacks. Harriet Tubman on the twenty, considering the aforementioned, is an extremely sadistic, cruel, cynical slap in the face to the contemporary slaves the “Liberals” have created. It’s tantamount to perpetual metaphorical psychical waterboarding — rubbing it in your victim’s face every day in perpetuity. What a bunch of sick fucking bastards.

It’s not just this latest gesture. Don’t think the Eskimo Pie/Klondike Bar POTUS isn’t laughing his ass off forcing this impoverished class to pay premiums for what is essentially Medicaid that was heretofore a taxpayer-funded healthcare program despite its neglect and inadequacy as such. At least Nero murdered, albeit gruesomely, those he deplored, but not Obama & Co. He/They prefer endless torture and degradation — a very slow, but extremely painful, death lasting decades.




21 thoughts on “Old Hickory & Aunt Jemima

  1. This photo-shopped image of Obama (hair, skin color, ears) makes him look like a handsomer version of Steve Buscemi.

  2. I want to state, emphatically, that I have incredible respect for Harriet Tubman. She overcame much more adversity than Andrew Jackson ever did. He was born into privilege and she was born into bondage. She decided to swim against the current at some point in her life and never ceased once she started her liberty mission.

    I can empathize with her swimming against the current. I too, like her, and like you too, was born into bondage and I’ve been questioning it and fighting it since I can remember. Sure, it’s a different type of bondage, a Cold Bondage compared to the Hot Bondage Harriet experienced, but it’s a bondage nonetheless.

    When you swim against the current, you experience a great deal of resistance and friction. The dominant established Egregore attacks the Egregore you are fomenting with your psychical energy and sheer will. It seeks to eliminate any challengers. Harriet, and many unnamed just like her, Black and White alike, created an Egregore that changed the course of history and had a profound impact on the dominant, established Egregore. It’s taken the dominant, established Egregore nearly a century to right itself — and I don’t mean that in a positive way. The dominant, established Egregore is back in the saddle again and on solid footing. It seeks to make all of Humanity slaves, and for the most part, has accomplished that.

    It’s now Full Spectrum Dominance which ensures that Cold Slavery is in full-force throughout The Realm. Now, it’s time to turn the Cold Slavery Hot again because Cold isn’t nearly as entertaining to the sadists at the helm of this diabolical Egregore. Soon enough, The World, its Realm, to which we all contribute when we don’t say no, will be one giant plantation, quite literally. This is what it wants, and this is what it will get. This diabolical Egregore, Civilization if you will, is giving us Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill. It has a very wicked, dark, incomprehensible sense of ironical humor. I’m certain, considering what I just said, Harriet would object to having her image placard anywhere, let alone on Blood Money, and yes, I know that term, Blood Money, is redundant because all money is borne of blood, as well as a tsunami of sweat and tears.

    As for great men and women, there aren’t any. Deprive the dominant, established Egregore of its easy pickings. It seeks to usurp what history calls “great people” and use them as symbols to help bring about what I’ve described above, especially Black people like Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman and Prince. Shit, I wouldn’t put it by The Establishment to have murdered Prince in order to usurp him and use him now, and for all eternity, as their bitch in bringing about the Global Plantation replete with both Hot & Cold Slavery.

    Anyway, forgive me if you don’t understand any of that. I’ve had a lot to drink — one too many Sazeracs. Yes, I’m a lush. My real name is Mike Thelush, but you can call me Cold Thelush if you like that better. Now, if you’ll excuse me, another drink and one after that awaits me and I am not one to ignore or deny the bottle. Until next time, which may be in another fifteen minutes or less, here’s to your health (imagine Mike/Cold throwing one back because that’s what I’m doing right now — I swear — because I wouldn’t lie even though It’s All Lies.)

    Here’s a quote from Harriet Tubman. I thought it was rather ironic considering The Quaker Oats Company and its Aunt Jemima product line.

    Quakers are almost as good as colored. They call themselves friends and you can trust them every time. ~ Harriet Tubman

    Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote a while back about “great people.” It’s applicable and pertinent.

    Of Mice And Great Men

    • Smoked salmon/tuna/turkey/chicken da *BOMB*. Spendy tho ($15/lb+++). Watch out for the cesium-laced (thx, FUK-U[shima]) Pacific varieties tho – better to go farm-raised Atlantic, with their anti-biotic (carcinogenic hydrocarbon) toxins…

    • Adapt or die, methinks? *THEY* certainly must believe so, with their incessant methods of mass ocean/land clearcut (military BUZZ [as in, haircut])…

  3. Since you used the term 8 times I figured I’d define it for those too lazy:


    Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a legal entity) and the meme.

    • Yo sockie – wuddup, *DAD*? I see you’re still devoid of spreading the knowledge… Just a hypocritical critic.

  4. Your* piece on great men is excellent and conforms with my own thinking. That is why I warned Janos and Fodase** about referring to Trump as their “glorious leader.”

    * I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that this piece is, in fact, yours.

    ** Where the hell has he been lately……. maybe he caught Zika?

    • I wrote it, I promise. I don’t copy & paste other people’s work without giving full credit and reference to said work unlike some over at CFN like wpa. In fact, I even give credit for inspiration.

      Not sure where fodase is. I do get hits from Brazil quite frequently at my blog — like every day or every other day. Or Buck Stud — where did he go? Did one of his carvings fall on him?

      I think they, if they’re real and not socks, need a little vacation from that place every now and then. Not Janos, though. No vacations for him. He’s nearly all day every day — even weekends.

  5. We’re watching The Party starring Peter Sellers tonight and then a couple of Better Call Saul episodes. Great stuff! Cold Slavery has more perks than Hot Slavery, for now, but that’s not saying much since Hot Slavery has no perks.

    • Oh My God!! For those of you who haven’t seen The Party, if you’re interested and probably none of you are, it’s excellent. It’s a wildly satirical Roast of Tinseltown. Blake Edwards & Peter Sellers deliver a well-deserved skewering of Hollywood. I laughed so hard, I was quite literally crying and I couldn’t breath. I give it not two thumbs up, but three. I’m borrowing an extra thumb because it was that good.

      And Better Call Saul is also a masterpiece that is rivaling its progenitor, Breaking Bad. It’s great everything — writing, acting, camera work and musical score.

      • Last time I got movie advice liek (heh) that, it whuz for Chauncey (prolly ’99 or so – Being There). So, I might have to look into this lil’ *ParTaY* (partaketh) you got goin’ on!

  6. You are correct, messing with pictures on bills is just bread and games for the masses.

    I heard a clip on the radio yesterday of a statement Obama made while in Germany touting the benefits of international free trade. Give me a f*#$@# break, man.

    How many Americans have to work longer and harder than they did twenty years ago to earn $20.00? How much less bread/milk/healthcare/electricity does that $20.00 purchase than it did twenty years ago?

    • Exactly, Joe, but The Peeps still gobble this propaganda up. How is America any different than the Soviet Union and Pravda, considering? It’s the Soviet Union with a few extra perks, but those perks are quickly disappearing. We fought the Cold War all those years only to become an improved version of The Enemy. America is Totalitarianism with Starbucks & Hollywood. Whatever lipstick they put on it, it’s still soul-sucking. This System is a powerful Dementor replete with unethical actuaries.

  7. Whuz it you? Whuz it me?
    Did I watch too much TV?
    Is that a hint of accusation in your eyes…

    What have we done!

    • It all started when we were born. That was the first big mistake. And then it was all down hill from there. Or something like that. Of course, the song has to be updated to include The Net in addition to TV. What will they add next to that growing list of Mind Pollution we breath daily? Virtual Reality? I bet, if we don’t blow up first.

      • What do you do to make ends meet?
        Make ’em mad? Make ’em sad?!…

        Or make ’em me, or make ’em you…
        Make ’em do whut U want them to…

        Sorry, on a frenzied PF ‘bender'(kick?)…

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