Sensible Procreation & Abortion Legislation



Men and women have a right to procreate, but with rights comes responsibility. Men & women, if they choose to procreate, must do so in a responsible way in order to alleviate unnecessary suffering in the world. The goal of any legislation should be to minimize suffering and eliminate unnecessary suffering.

Pursuant to that, a man who is siring children by many partners without raising them is an irresponsible procreator and should be sterilized so that he can no longer bring unnecessary suffering to the world.

Likewise, a woman who continues to pop out children by many partners, or just one, with no thought to how they can be responsibly raised should also be sterilized.

Same applies to abortion. A man who irresponsibly knocks women up resulting in the need for more than one abortion should be sterilized because he is an irresponsible procreator.

In turn, a woman who needs more than one abortion is a woman who has not learned, or doesn’t give a shit, and is an irresponsible procreator and she should also be sterilized.

Yes, abortion should be a right and is a right, but with rights comes obligation and responsibility. All too often, or always as a matter of fact, those who brazenly claim rights forget the most important latter part of that equation.




5 thoughts on “Sensible Procreation & Abortion Legislation

  1. I realize this isn’t related to the April 1, 2016 post, but I would like to relay to you that I’ve greatly enjoyed the process of separating myself from a certain other subject–let’s call it ” the circus” for the sake of promoting continued mental dissonance–which was the topic of many recent posts here. I say “process” because I still find my eyes wandering sometimes. True to form, since I vowed to stop posting about the circus, the commenter at Rennerworld who uses the name “Joe” and attempts to imitate me has also stopped posting.

    The fun never ends.

    • I’ve noticed it about myself as well, Joe. Staring into The Abyss for too long can have deleterious effects and those effects aren’t necessarily noticeable until you stop looking and review it all in retrospect.

      Still, The Abyss, like a jilted lover, beckons and implores me to reconsider and always finds a way to get me to stare in other ways. Everywhere I look, there is The Abyss, stalking me, tempting me, building me up, then tearing me down — over and over again until there’s no molecular elasticity left and I’m reduced to nothing but a husk.

      I’m at its mercy and enjoying every moment of it because it sure beats crying over spilt milk.

  2. My father’s mother told my mother to use a coat hanger when she was pregnant with her third child. Nice lady, my grandmother. She wasn’t too fond of me — I had the dark hair of an Irish bastard and I was already pushing the envelope at an early age.

    Grandmom preferred my cousins (my father’s brother’s kids) who are Lithuanian/Polish Aryans. This grandmother had a son, my Uncle Steve, who was not quite right in the head. He was what they called “slow.” Rumor had it they locked him in the closet when they entertained because they were embarrassed by him. I always wondered if his mental deficiency was the result of a coat hanger. You Never Know.

  3. A quite succinct and logical interpretation/conclusion. I hear echoes of the JHK fascist sockie crew chanting, “overpopulation/illegal immigration”…

    Contemplation – something nobody seems to do any of, any MOARZ.

    • So, does Ozone Pete or Tripp Meister bother with JHK’s skreed NE-Moarz? I wouldn’t doubt ‘he’ drove them away…

      “She bravely waves the boys good-bye *again*…”

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